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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Down to the Wire I’m your host, Cole Young. A lot has happened since our last episode and we got a lot to cover, and a lot of wheels to spin, including the Super Bowl. So with us this week, we have Brandon Kameny. Brandon, thanks for being here, I appreciate it. Thanks for having me, I appreciate it. I’m huge sports fan love talking about it. And yeah, love it. Glad to be on. Awesome. Well, that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. So, let’s spin that first wheel and see what we got. Alright Alright first time is Super Bowl recap for two minutes. So to put it simply that Super Bowl was rough. One of the highest over-unders in any game there any Super Bowl 57 point over under and, the teams combined for 16 points, it’s hard to watch. Yeah, I mean historically like these were two of the best offenses of the past five years in the regular season we had Todd Gurley, Tom Brady, Jared Goff, Aaron Donald on the defensive side we had all these superstars and the game went out and kind of fell flat on its face, at least the offenses did, and yeah lowest scoring Superbowl Yeah, lowest scoring Superbowl in history. Yeah lowest ever. There was Tom Brady started off the game first throw was a pick, and you know, we got to that, and then Rams took over and they just kind of, yeah, well Brady didn’t do so hot 262 and interception. Goff didn’t do much better 229 interception, but the biggest thing for me was Todd Gurley, you know when we talked about this in our previous episode I made I you know said Todd Gurley need to get involved in this game after in the NFC Championship he had, I think four carries for 10 yards and so they had to get him going and he showed glimpses, like he had one good 16 yard run, but ended with 10 carries for 35 yards and I honestly think that contributed to their loss they were relying too heavily on their past game and Goff was not, you know, he wasn’t there for it. Mm-hmm. But I mean they had what they had a player who his this season he’s one of the best runners one of the best pass catchers out of the backfield and they just they didn’t use him as they should they should have he should have had a huge great but it was just down low and that’s it’s Sheldon school board,. Exactly. and you know, I was I was looking forward to seeing that Rams defense and they did show up don’t consume at a great game. I think they had what was it 12 quarterback knocks downs and Sue came up with a sack as well. But I think it says a lot saying that the highlight of the game, was punter Johnny Hecker, breaks the Super Bowl record with a 65 yard punt. Superstar. Anytime the highlight was Super Bowl is a punter breaking a record it’s that kind of says something in itself. Something, something special. That’s all the time we have for that one. Before we move on to the next one I just like to say I did point out in our last episode that teams that wear white jerseys in the Superbowl usually win, and I was right. To move on to the next topic. What do we got? And we got to the NBA for five minutes So a lot has been going on in the NBA, one of the biggest stories has been Anthony Davis. You know trying to figure out where he’s gonna go. The Pelicans want a lot for him. The Lakers basically offered their entire starting lineup for him, and they said no they still want more. Lakers backed out of that. So what are your thoughts? You know, where do you think he’ll land do you think the Pelicans will get what they really want, or they’re gonna have to settle for something a little less? I think that honestly it’s gonna come down to him ending up as a free agent at the end of the season I don’t think they’re gonna be able to get anything for him. I think that they’re asking too much I mean just today I saw they fired their general manager after all this mess of like the trade deadline, they were supposed to make a bunch of moves, yeah, like you said the Lakers offered him then what like for them Lonzo, Hart. Hart. Yeah Yeah, but I mean at that rate if that’s not gonna get them to budge I honestly don’t know what anyone’s gonna get Anthony Davis for. Understand Yeah Well, and also the Pelicans said they were gonna sit him, so they keep him healthy until they trade him, which on their part it’s smart, but you know, you don’t want to see that and the NBA came back and said they will fine the Pelicans $100,000 per game if they do that. So obviously they backtracked on that but I think I saw he you know he had a minor injury. So it’s kind of interesting to see how that’s gonna develop Yeah, and do you have any you know predictions on where he’s gonna land? I mean, I’ve seen a lot of rumblings about the the Celtics maybe cuz they have they have a ton of draft capital they have a ton of young superstars, they want obviously they want to entice Kyrie Irving to stay there, because you know he could be leaving in free agency. There’s some speculation. He could go to New York play for the Knicks, but I think that if he’s gonna be anywhere other than the Pelicans, I think it’s gonna be the Celtics that’s my my prediction. Another interesting thing that’s been going on the NBA, it was, I think it was three games in the past two weeks, have been interrupted by bats. There’s been bats in the arena’s, and one of the games there’s a video the Spurs mascot caught one in a net and you know, there’s that old video Manu Ginobili swaddling out of here. Yeah I it’s honestly ridiculous that we’re talking about it, but it’s the Department of Health released a statement you know, they said if you’re at that game go get yourself checked out for rabies, basically. So yeah yeah, it’s very interesting and a weird NBA topic but I mean since yeah, you said Manu Ginobili did it is it is it a San Antonio thing? Maybe it’s more more common. Maybe there’s more bats in Texas because the San Antonio bats, it sounds I mean, hey it works. Well a long line still sticking with the NBA D’Angelo Russell has been a big name that’s been bouncing around recently. He just became the youngest player to hit what was it? Five thousand three-pointers?Five hundred. Extra zero in there my bad, but it’s incredibly two years old I’m 22 years old and you know and he’s out there and I do have my own TV show Scoring three-pointers and that’s incredible his numbers. He’s been averaging a bunch of points a game it’s it’s crazy to think that at one point he was on the Lakers and you know, the Lakers were upset that he got traded, because they were trying to make room for Lonzo Mm-hmm, but he has come out and said being traded from the Lakers was the best thing to happen to him. And obviously it’s showing, based on the stats. Definitely, as soon as he got to Brooklyn he just bought it into a like emerging superstar the kid the I mean the kid he’s old with me um, he I mean he was more decisive, he was more ball dominant, he shot more obviously it shows with his higher stats and everything. But a lot of people unfortunately whenever they think of D’Angelo Russell they don’t think of a Brooklyn Nets star. They think of the person who filmed Nick Young Saeng Ichigo’s girlfriend. Exactly. Maybe that’s his vendetta for scoring all these points he’s trying to erase that make people know him for his points, instead of this make it make a new name for himself. And I think I mean so far so far so good. He’s He’ll he’ll be an all-star in the next two or three years, definitely. Has he not been an all-star game yet? I don’t think so. But hey deserves it. He deserves it. He deserves it, especially with the East being as weak as it is. He has a kind of a straight shot to the top. That’s true. That’s true. Who do you think? Who do you think’s gonna take at home this year? Do you think it’s gonna be Warriors again? I don’t see the Cavs making it that far like they have in the past years Let’s say the Cavs is winning more than 20 games. Wow. That’s hot. Hot take, better to hear first. I mean, I’m a Bay Area guy. So I got to say the Warriors. I mean if they’ve already won two in a row and let’s see, I mean, I think they’re gonna take it. Who do you think, who do you think it’s going to be from the East? You think the Celtics are gonna be up there? I think it’s gonna it’s gonna come down to the Celtics, and the Sixers. Or you know what, the Bucs. The new team. They have, they have Yannis up there. They can, they can do it I could see them in it. I’d like to see that. Well I heard they were making moves for Davis as well. So yeah them two together, that’d be scary. That’s a powerful scene That’s too long seven footers so you can play like guards and who can shoot like crazy. Yeah, so, that’d be that’d be interesting I feel like that’d be an interesting matchup. Yeah, definitely. I’d like to see it. All right. Well perfect timing move on to the next subject. Let’s spin the wheel There we go. And spin it. And we got the AAF for two minutes. So the new Football League that’s gonna occur in the offseason of the NFL just started off this past weekend, and personally I loved it. I thought it was awesome. Oh, yeah, and I I think you know, I think there’s a future in it I think my favorite part of it. It was the San Diego fleet quarterback It was Mike Perchick Berkovichi used to be a quarterback at ASU on his first drive just gets absolutely leveled by a d-end helmet pops off and favorite part about it. No flag no flag Yeah, exactly. And I think that’s gonna separate it from the NFL as well. Yeah, and I’ve I’ve heard rumblings about it being like kind of a Developmental League kind of like how the NBA has the G League that like guys can teams can pick and choose guys from there then the NFL teams will partner up and affiliate with different AAF teams and then eventually these guys who maybe missed out on the draft, missed out on the NFL coming out of college, they can get their second chance that they’ve been looking for, and make it big if they want to, or if they can. Absolutely. I think I definitely see it being you know Like the CFL decane Football League or even the Arena League where like you said NFL teams can see these guys, that otherwise might not have a chance. Yeah, you know they have their college tape, but that obviously doesn’t always do enough. Yeah. So, I think it’ll definitely be a good it all could also be a good like second chance thing for players. You know people that were in the league, maybe they had legal issues, injury issues ,stuff like that, but I think overall I think it’s gonna have a good future and watching it was incredibly entertaining. There was a lot of interceptions, trick plays, big hits, little flags, it was amazing. I loved it. It was it was awesome. And I think it’s it’s big, it’s entertaining, it’s fun, and another league that’s making a comeback this year or not this year but in the next few years at the XFL and I think of AAF has a good chance to beat or to best the XFL because it’s high high intensity, it’s crazy football, it’s really good like good game play not a ton of penalties, but it doesn’t have all the gimmicks that you see the XFL with like they had all their nicknames on the back of their uniforms, it was run by Vince Mcmahon the guy who runs WWE. So if that tells you anything. If that’s any indication what it’s going to be it, that’s it. And that’s why I fell apart in like five years and so they’re bringing it back hopefully they can tone it down a little bit with all the Perfect timing. All right, and we’ll move on to the next subject. Let’s spin the wheel and see what we got. Good and here we go. So we got the NFL offseason for four minutes. So free agency seasons rapidly approaching lots going on already biggest blockbuster pick up our trade already was the Denver Broncos picking up Joe Flacco. And I don’t agree with that pick up whatsoever. They’ve been having quarterback struggles at Case Keenum, you know didn’t really produce well for them last year, but I don’t believe that Joe Flacco was the answer to that question. Yeah, I got a great people. I mean he’s people say he’s elite, but I personally that’s a heated debate. I don’t that’s that’s let’s not get into that But I mean Joe Flacco he the guy has a Super Bowl so I mean they can they can use the draft pick this year on a young quarterback, and Flacco can mentor him and then they can kind of factor the guy into the equation kind of how the Ravens did with Mark Jackson so maybe that’s just gonna be Joe Flacco’s calling for the rest of his career. He’s just a, but he did in one season he got pushed out by a rookie and I feel like that says something in and of itself. Yeah, and I also believe there was other quarterbacks that could’ve been picked up there was you know, Nick Foles is a prove, he’s a Super Bowl MVP I think he would have fit their offense well ,and even Teddy Bridgewater on the Saints who was a solid quarterback until he had almost a life-ending injury, but he’s coming back and he’s proved himself So I I definitely don’t think they made the right call with that. Yeah, I definitely think there are better options out there Elway if he’s looking for the next John Elway I think Joe Flacco might not be problem is. There’s a lot of, there’s a lot of free agents that might become available, too. So I want to get your opinion kind of where you think these people are gonna go I think the biggest one right now is Antonio Brown. What do you think is gonna happen with that? Well, I mean Antonio Brown, he’s been he’s been obviously super controversial. He’s called out his teammates, he’s called out his coaches, he’s gone on tirades on the sidelines and I think that he’s gonna, he’s gonna get trade in the offseason. He’s already demanded a trade. I think that it’s gonna he’s gonna go to a team with a lot of draft capital and my team the Oakland Raiders, they have three first-round picks and I mean if the shoe fits it might happen. I’ve heard a lot of rumblings that he’s interested in San Francisco, though he wants out into that environment. Yeah, he wants a it’s a it’s a good environment. Jimmy Garoppolo is in there once he’s healthy they have a really promising team, as much as it hurts me to say. Yep, it seems good and then another guy that has popped up recently is Odell Beckham he could, he’s been, he’s been on the up and down off the trading block back on the trading block he’s been sending some cryptic tweets lately. People are thinking that maybe he could get traded before the draft. Who knows. Who else? Le’Veon Bell? I think he’ll get picked up somewhere I saw a little things that the Texans might be interested in and if that happened and he got back to the level he was in that’s a dangerous offense, with Deshaun Watson him DeAndre Hopkins that’s and that defense as well. That the Texans already had a great season but then throw one of those prominent running backs of the past couple years in there and that’s you know, that’s gonna be a dangerous team. Oh, yeah, just a read option, speed option with Deshaun Watson living on bills. Just deadly that’s yeah. Yeah. It’s and Hopkins on the outside with that speed. That’s a that’s a dangerous team. That’s yeah I mean they could have what the Steelers had in Antonio Brown Le’Veon Bell on that exact spot more versatile since Dashon can run around a little bit more than, and one that hasn’t explicitly been stated and it might not happen this season, but one I’ve been kind of noticing I’ve been thinking how long Aaron Rodgers is gonna stay in Green Bay He’s you know, he’s voiced his disapproval of being in Green Bay recently they fired Mike McCarthy really his only weapon on offense now is Davante Adams. It’s They had a rough year, and so I don’t think it’ll happen this season but I definitely think next season Aaron Rodgers might not be in that green yellow. Yeah, I mean they’re they’re gonna need to keep make some changes to keep him happy. I mean it started with McCarthy getting fired and it’s you know, what maybe that’s the start of a new beginning for Aaron Rodgers over there in Green Bay. Who knows? Maybe they’ll pick up some guys in the draft. I mean and even though you know he has aged he’s had some injuries here and there, but I still think he can play at that level that he does he makes crazy plays happen out enough. He’s hands-down the most talented quarterback in the NFL. I I would have to agree with that maybe in the history of the NFL. Yeah, dude special All right, that looks like that’s all that time. We have this week for it down to the wire. Thanks for joining us. I’m Cole Young. Brandon, thank you for being here with us this week. Yeah. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. Of course, any time. Well, thanks for watching and we will see you next time, on Down to the Wire.

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