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Dr. Ihsan Yilmaz – Turkey's Current Challenges in Foreign Policy & Domestic Issues

Dr. Ihsan Yilmaz - Turkey's Current Challenges in Foreign Policy & Domestic Issues

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. NAsil iki yuzluluktur bu, ulkeni karalayacagina adam gibi gel fikirlerini burada paylas, ama bu laflari turkiyede kuramazsin ezikkk

  2. rumiforum masonic bir kuruluş. 1999 yılında kurulmuş pehhh
    Mevlananın adını istismar etmeyin köpekler.

  3. People like you will and can not manage to insult or blame Turkey. Because everything is clear like the sun. An Armenian who is ethnically Catholic but actually an atheist (Etyen Mahcupyan) became a consultant of prime minister. But you are claming Turkey is becoming Islamist, as it is a crime! However the group you are involved with are saying they are "servants of Islam". You are claming Erdogan said "They made the regulations about selling alcohol according to religion". Where is it? When he said that? It is 100% lie. He is so stupid to make that comment, ha? You idiot! They are always saying that these regulations even more strict ones are present in European countries. You are not finished with your lies! Stores gradually stopped selling alcohol! Another lie! You are talking just nonsense. You and people like you talk about the things that westerners want to hear. That is all. Your people lost, man. Terribly! Just make this speech in Turkey and we will both see the response of the people, especially the people in your group (cemaat)!

  4. Düpe düz ülkesini gammazlıyor, karalıyor bu adam.hem de ünv profesörü.tabi paralelcilerin üniversitesinde.ABD de : türkiye islamlaşıyor ,imam hatipler çoğalıyor diyor…Türkiyede din iman Kur'an  diyor bu haşhaşiler..

  5. Dr. Ihsan Yilmaz you really failed to slander and insult Erdogan. He is an amazing and loving man of god. Who is extremely successfull economically, politically and in many extents. He saved Turkey from being undemocratic, corrupted millatary owned franchise to well-structured nation and changed the country to great country that has his say in the world. Developing and was developing like jetspeed. So, i suspect such guys who tries to make happy some western Anti-turkey hippies online, though i don't mean Rumi Forum or its like but the online community.

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