D’Souza: Democrats patronize minorities by speaking Spanish

Pags: As we were watching
the debates the other night, the first sentence out
of the first guy’s mouth, Robert Francis “The Irishman”
O’Rourke, who pretends to be “Beto,” was in Spanish. I was floored by that. By the way, it was being
televised on Telemundo, so they were translating
everything anyway. He didn’t have to do that. Debbie’s a native Spanish speaker. Maybe I’ll ask her about this as well. Does that work, Dinesh? Does it work to patronize people who worked hard to get here,
who are in this country legally, who are citizens, who
happen to be Hispanic? Do you have to speak Spanish?
Did you hear Cory Booker’s Spanish? I speak Spanish better than Cory Booker. What are these people doing? They’re obviously
patronizing and kissing up. I’ve heard the term
“hispandering” being used. What did you think
when you saw that? D’Souza: I have to think
of it through my own compass. Imagine there’s an Indian American who’s running for mayor
or for Congress in America, and when this guy sees me,
he starts talking Hindustani. He knows full well that
I speak perfect English. You don’t need to communicate
with me in Hindustani. Even that would be bad enough, let alone if you have a white guy, who has changed his name from
Robert to, let’s say, Shiva, and he starts speaking
to me in Hindustani. This would be downright insulting. The whole thing, to me,
is a comic spectacle. Kamala Harris tweets
the other day, “I’m fighting for whatever
wakes you up at 3 AM.” I’m thinking, “At my age,
what wakes me up at 3 AM is a strong desire
to go to the bathroom. I’m really glad that you
care so much about that and are fighting for
my right to do it.” I think this pandering
has reached comic levels, and the guy who’s
sitting back with the popcorn laughing his head off
is one Donald J. Trump.

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  1. My husband came to the country legally. It doesn't appeal to him. Why would democrats be appealing to a group that doesn't have a legal right to vote in the United States?

  2. Remember, 70% of all non-white immigrants vote left, regardless of background or country of origin.

    Even if you stopped all illegal immigration, the Federal Govt. continues to bring in 1-2 million more each year.

    This is a demographics war and soon there will be no recourse but actual war.

  3. I was actually offended when the clowns started to speak Spanish. I was like wtf. They weren't even pronouncing the words properly.

  4. This may have gotten Beta some woke points from the psycho far-left, but that group is the most fickle out of all human history. You cant win with them, you can only win against them.
    What this behavior also produced is heaps of ill-will from the majority of the country. Smooth move Exlax!

  5. Yeah, when you are white guy
    who hates white guys , how does that increase your voter
    base ? I think they would rather vote or real Hispanic like Cruz than a wannabe like
    Beto !