D’Souza: Donald Trump didn’t cause the division in America, it caused him

D’Souza: Trump didn’t
cause the division. It caused him. He’s the result of it. [Audience applause] D’Souza: We have been nominating
one Boy Scout after another for two decades: George H. W. Bush and Mitt
Romney and John McCain. There’s no doubting
the kind of rectitude or clean-cutness of these guys. Look at Romney. He’s a squeaky clean character. If I were writing a
recommendation for Romney, it would probably begin,
“Not since Jesus Christ…” [Audience laughter] D’Souza: He’s a really
squeaky clean fellow, but, as we all know,
when Romney stepped into the arena, the Left went, “There’s a guy that we know
how to beat into a pulp. There’s a guy that we know
how to drive under the table.” That’s the one thing
you can’t do with Trump. [Audience applause] D’Souza: You really can’t
even mud wrestle with him because he’s the world’s
best mud wrestler. [Audience laughter] D’Souza: Wrestling with Trump is a bit like wrestling with a pig. Not only does
it get everyone dirty, but the pig likes it. [Audience laughter and applause] D’Souza: I think it’s interesting
that a lot of my old buddies from the think tank
world, some of them now in the #NeverTrump mode, say, “Dinesh, you have to admit that Trump has a lot of human flaws.” I say, “I do admit it, however it is important
to notice that even some of his notable flaws, flaws from a human point of view, are also political strengths.” Consider the case, for example, of Trump’s notorious egotism. It is, in fact, Himalayan. [Audience laughter] D’Souza: He makes
Obama look modest. [Audience laughter] D’Souza: But think about it: you are the president today, and you are being flayed and eviscerated and lambasted on every medium every second of every day. They literally stop a Broadway show or interrupt the Emmys to blast you. You know what? In that situation, in my opinion, Trump’s ego is his own personal wall. [Audience cheering and applause] D’Souza: It insulates him. [Audience cheering and applause] D’Souza: It enables him to
move relentlessly forward. The same is true with
another notable Trump flaw. Notice that Trump has this
quality that if you attack him, it doesn’t really matter how irrelevant, unimportant, or picayune you are. If you attack him, he’s
going to attack you back. He has to do it. He’s emotionally not
capable of not doing it. [Audience laughter] D’Souza: Admittedly, from a
a human point of view, this is not what we
attempt to teach our kids. We try to teach them restraint, to pick their battles, and so on. From the point of view
of a Christian community, from the point of view
of young people on campus who are having their heads beaten in, from the point of view of
a party that has nominated one Boy Scout after another and has discovered, time after
time, that our own leaders turn out to be invertebrates… [Audience laughter] D’Souza: From the point of
view of that party, it’s really nice every now and then to have a leader who actually
will give it back to them, who understands the
importance of that. [Audience cheering and applause] D’Souza: Our side needs
to toughen up. We need to toughen up not because we are
immoderate people, but because we are in
an immoderate situation.

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  1. My family complains about Trump’s “flaws” …they follow the restraint model – I’m an Aries male – I follow the “ where’s a sniper when you need one – Oh good! Here comes our President!” model.
    We are in a war! TOUGHEN UP RED TEAM! This is no time for it’s not whether you win or lose it’s how you play the game. NOW IS THE TIME FOR IF YOU AINT CHEATING YOU AINT TRYING!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. This has been the most revealing 3 years in American history. . . There's been a lot of costumes and masks removed.

  3. The NEWS MEDIA is the only ones that are causing the DIVISION in this COUNTRY! They ( demorats and the left)
    What would happen if everyone just STOPPED all the Name Calling, the Racist Divide Basically ALL THE
    H A T E towards everyone and everything, what would happen?
    i can’t even imagine it…

  4. Democraps and their media lackeys are sly, Machiavellian scumbags – only someone like Trump can deal with them. The Paul Ryan types just ran away …

  5. America got the president they deserve. Yet liberals are to stupid to realize this. Hey liberals, how does Trumps cock taste now?

  6. When those try to lead the nation to the right path , there will be obstructionism, as if the lord leads all nations forward he has obstructions , it gives u strength to beat ur advisors

  7. Amen, Mr. D'Souza! The very things MSM calls "flaws" about President Trump are the same reasons we voted for him in 2016 and will again in 2020. We never again need a leader who speaks pretty but never accomplishes a thing. We need leaders for the next 10 or 20 years that say it like it is and by God get the job done!!!

  8. Trump has exposed the hatred on the left and on the right. He has made tribalism acceptable again. This is a predisposition deep in all of our brains. No wonder it is spreading around the world. It was always just below the surface, if not overt.

  9. That is a god-given fact about Donald Trump. If you have the courage to attack him he has no fear about being an equal-opportunity offender.

  10. Left, right, conservative, republican.
    All predictable.
    Trump is really neither of these things which is why it's hard to tell what he might do in a political sense.
    The one thing he can be considered is, a New Yorker, you can't tell if he's gonna jab or give you a cross.

  11. Trump didn’t cause the division…. the division caused him. Very true.

    But what caused the division? And before you say Obama… He was ALSO a result of the division. That’s a fact you can take to the bank

  12. Damn Skippy Trump is the best thing that's ever happened. No far from perfect, but he does not cower when a DemonRAT farts. And that is why I voted for him & will do so again.

  13. This is exactly right. Democrats called George Bush every ugly, vile name they could think of. Bush would respond by claiming that Democrats mean well and have good intentions, but they just disagree on the issues. NO! The Democrats don't mean well. They DO NOT have good intentions. If they did, they would stick to the issues instead of calling Republicans racists, sexists, Nazi's, etc. President Trump understands this and fights back. The rest of cowards in the GOP need to do the same. The only way to stop bullies is to stand up to them.

  14. MSM and the brainwashing mk ultra in our gov. operation mockingbird never stopped!!! you better wake up! just because it’s said on TV doesn’t make it TRUE!

  15. We needed a rebel and got one in Donald Trump.

    I'm amazed at President Trump's ability to endure.

    He's the personification of the phase "Never again!" and actively goes after those who hate. "Not on my watch!"

  16. Truit…as usual Dinesh 'encapsules' the problem, good-naturedly makes us take our medicine. Feel better already. He's generously polite an advocate responsible living, given distinction a congenial attitude towards all. Spokesman truth is some things can't be sugar coated sickly-sweet, flattering to any selves ego-tripping, rather rock solid logic aids in knocks the silly out. Go Dinesh!

  17. Right on, Dinesh!! Awesome as always, sir.

    Except that none of those, Bush or Romney etc, are squeaky clean or a boy scout. GHW Bush was a top pedophile, murdering, child trafficking, lying, globalist monster.

    I love Trump’s flaws. Yeah, flaws from the UN (GLOBALIST) pov 😀 He is a human being! And you have to have massive ego, sense of personal power & balls to even manage to function as US president these days!

    The only things I dislike about Trump is his lack of understanding about the environment, wildlife etc. Otherwise, he is primo! Best president ever! ❤️👏👏👏 #MAGA

  18. I’ve been calling him a symptom for years. He was a businessman, not his fault he isn’t Jefferson. It’s our fault for having a rigged and corrupt system. Hail Victory!

  19. Obama's was the only one to spread the hate but he was the most out in the open about it. I voted Trump because of Obama's racism.

  20. AMAN Mr. Dinesh. The Republican party has been spineless for decades. They haven't learned a thing when there hands come back as nubs from reaching across the isle. Politically the left must be defeated. They, the left have lost there way, and not a one of them knows nor recalls what the oath they took means any longer. (To protect and defend the Constitution) That goes for a bunch of Republicans as well. Yes Trump is brash and unapologetic. A United States of America has the right of being so. The blood of our fathers, sons and daughters have kept the world freer because of our sacrifices. The moms and there sacrifice can never be overlooked either. As long as Trump tries to keep promises with all the push back he has from So Called Republicans and the socialist left. The man and his family has my respect thus far.

  21. .
    Leftists don't play by the Rules of Queensbury.

    They're not objective, reasonable, fair or intellectually honest. Their orthodoxies are culturally radical, anti-intellectual and authoritarian.

    They have no interest in dialogue or debate. Their goal is to win at any cost, and they're willing say or do absolutely anything to achieve it.

    Know thy enemy.

  22. Minnesota Governor supports terrorist group called CAIR which is a known sponsor of terror, Call the Governor and tell him we Americans don’t support terrorist/ CAIR groups in America 651-201-3400

  23. there is only so much money so peace will never happen , learn to control your lawyers, courts, medical field, and politician and then might be enough money

  24. It's the media that create the division. They've turned journalists into opinion piece writers because it riles up the reader (or viewer). Why do they do this? Because it translates into better ratings. The more hatred the media can create by pitting people and groups against each other, the better the ratings. The media are like the conniving weak kid at school who whispers lies between the two tougher kids in order to start a fight, hoping to attract an audience.

  25. President Trump is America's Pittbull, if you're nice to him he kind back, but if you're mean or mess with him..he will bite your hand off chew it up and smile all the while.

  26. Neo Nazis of the 21st century are the leftists. Including, but not limited to the euphemistic
    "Democratic Party" of America." They ARE the Nazis they accuse conservatives of being! And if they get just a Infinitesimally small chance to brainwash you, they will jump in with both feet!

    President Trump is not just a man. He IS THE VOICE Of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of the true American people. The people that will cast the neo nazis OUT and rebuke them every step of the way! But never underestimate a monster! Keep vigilant and TRULY informed. Because, as Dinesh states, "the left have a big megaphone." Keep yours at the ready AND FIGHT BACK AMERICA!

  27. My biggest fear is that in 2024 the republicans will completely forget every single lesson President Trump has taught them and go right back to fielding spineless, cow towing, milquetoast candidates and we will be right back in the same position again. Because honestly I don’t think the Republican establishment has learned a damn thing.

  28. Thank God for putting Trump into the office to clean up the mess from all others before him. I pray for our president, may God use him to rid the wickedness from our nation.

  29. If Religious Freedom means anything to you as a Christian ? You better Vote for & Pray that Trump wins in 2020 . Or you are almost guaranteed to lose it .

  30. We needed someone who says what we're thinking. We needed someone who can't be intimidated or bribed. We needed a champion for justice in the midst of hopelessness. We need Trump!

  31. You know the old adage:
    Nice guys finish last. In today's politics at least, there is no bigger truth then that.
    Republicans need to fight fire with fire if they want to win in today's political arena…

  32. In an age of outrage culture and ridiculous political correctness making headway, of course someone like Trump is going to prevail. The average person is sick and tired of these radical idiots insisting on telling everyone how to live their lives, and politicians pandering to them

  33. Trump didn’t create the swamp. He mudwrestled many of them out of it. Trump also looks at people as AMERICANS FIRST. Capable of anything they set their minds to, regardless of the PAST.

    The demoKKKrats see victims and victim hood of all MADE UP American evils, since dmoKKKrats are too ignorant to learn true American history!


  34. Apparently the Democrat winning message going into 2020 is socialism, open borders, green new deal, sanctuary cities, reparations, and free college! They're not even hiding this! LOL

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