– Hey there fruit lovers. It's Hot Sauce Challenge time. Little Apple and I are
gonna test our mettle against a variety of hot sauces. You ready little guy? – Ready as I'll ever be I guess. I don't normally do spicy. – Well this first sauce
won't be much of a problem. This here is Grandpa Lemon's
Sleepy Time Hot Sauce. It's a level one on the spicy scale. Put a little of that on
your chicken wings there. What do ya think? – Mm, it's good. Not too spicy. (burps) – Big burp for such a little guy. Yeah this hot sauce ain't nothing in terms of spiciness. – Is that sweat I see on your forehead? – Me, oh no. No, no, no, no, no. I'm fine. I'm super tough when
it comes to spiciness. Let's kick it up a notch and do the next one, shall we? – Sure thing. This one was suggested
to us by Baby Carrot. It's called Come on Baby
Light My Fire Hot Sauce. I like the label. – And I like the hot sauce. – Grapefruit, are you standing
in a pool of your own sweat? – Of course not. This is a mere level three spice, bro. And I told you, spice does not affect me. What do you think of this sauce? (burp echoing) – Sorry, chicken wings make me burp. – That was kinda cool. There was a little smoke with that one. These must be getting pretty hot. Not that I can tell because again, I'm impervious to spice. – Then this next one
shouldn't be an issue. It's called Orange You Glad You Had That Water Handy Hot Sauce. This is a level five spice. – Good ol' Orange and his puns. You wanna glass of water? – Nope, I'm gonna do this one unaided. No water. – Oh, totally, me too. – Nom nom nom nom nom. (Apple burping)
(Grapefruit screaming) Whoa, that was pretty spicy. – Bro, you just went full dragon on me. If I had eyebrows, you
would've singed them off. You telling me that was
only a little spicy? – Yup, yup, yup. Go ahead and try it. – Oh yeah, sure. I'm not scared. Mm, delicious. Yeah. – Are you crying? – I'm not sure. I think I might actually be
bleeding from my eyeballs. – Well, we've got one more sauce to try. – There's nothing above a level five. Apparently there is, a level six. – Six? That's never been done. – Until now. I give you Ghost Pepper Apocalypse. You scared? – Actually I'm not sure. I might've just pittled myself, but that can also just be
a pool of sweat or blood. – Here we go. – Wait, bro, you said chicken wings always make you burp, right? – Right. – So put it on something else, something that doesn't
make you burp, you know? – Oh, totally great idea. Yeah, who would've known what would happen if I put it on chicken wings. Yeah, I'll just put it on this burrito. – A burrito? – Yup. (playful music) Oh that is pretty spicy. – A lot of beans in that burrito? – Well I'm sure. It is a burrito. – Huh, okay then. Well here goes nothing. Grapefruit's gonna chow
down on some ghost pepper. Little Apple, aim for the sky
light, aim for the sky light! – Yo yo yo fruit lovers,
Little Apple here. – With your boy Grapefruit. – And today we're doing
a one-bite challenge. Care to explain, Grapefruit? – Gladly and if you're
not already familiar, a one-bite challenge is
all about eating stuff in just one bite. So Little Appel and I are
gonna be pulling things out of our mystery box. Whatever we pull out, we
gotta try to eat in one bite. – Sounds easy enough. – For me maybe, but I
feel like you're gonna be at a disadvantage here, little guy. – I'm not so sure. My mom is deceptively huge. – Whatever you say, Little
Apple, whatever you say. I'll go first. Okay looks like we pulled
out a chocolate chip cookie. Mm, this should be a close
one, but I think I can do it. Here goes nothing. – Will he, will he? He did! – (burps) Tada! – Alright, that's one
point for Grapefruit. Now it's my turn. Let's see what the mystery
box has in store for me. A normal-sized apple. Huh, well this will be interesting. Also weirdly cannibalistic. – Considering it's larger
than your entire body, I think it's safe to say
you won't be able to. – Did it. – What the, Little Apple,
how did you do that? – Pretty easy. I just unhinged my law like
a snake and went to town. (burps) Your turn. – You really wanna continue? You're not like full? – Me, no way. I'm just getting started. – Huh okay, well I'm gonna
reach into the mystery box to grab a loaf of bread. – Good luck with that. – Don't count me out just yet. Another rule of the one-bite challenge was that I can do anything I want to the food before eating it. Well there's a lot of air in the bread. I just gotta press it. – Whoa, smart. – See, ain't nothing to it. Easy peasy. (burps) – Okay, my time to shine. Next up for me is a watermelon? – Tough break. I figured we should include
at least one impossible one just to keep things a little. – Did it. – What the? (Apple burping) – Man, those things aren't very
good with the rind included. – Little Apple, you just
ate an entire watermelon? – Yeah. – Man I gotta stop glancing
away when you eat these things. I feel like I'm missing out on
some pretty incredible stuff. – Okay, so it looks like we're all tied up going into the final round. That means it's time for a lightning round where we each eat as many
things as we can in 30 seconds. – Mm, sounds fair. Bring out the food carts. – Okay, 30 seconds identical menu. – Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is a lot of food. I don't think we can eat all of this. I'm getting pretty full. – Me too, but just get
through as much as you can. Ready? Go. (intense chomping)
Done. – Are you kidding me? Dude, did you even eat the cornucopia? – Woohoo, I win. – I'm not even mad. I'm speechless. – You gonna finish that by the way? We shouldn't let the food go to waste. – No go right ahead. Wow, wow. Yeah, I'm just gonna leave
before you decide to eat me too. – Yo, we got dessert here or what? – Hey there fruity toots. I'm here with Grapefruit and Little Apple. We're gonna do the Eat
It or Wear It challenge. Take it away, Grapefruity toot. – If that nickname sticks,
we're gonna have words Orange. Now then, here's how this works. We've got four mystery bags. Orange and Little Apple
are gonna go back and forth choosing bags; whatever's in
the bag, you gotta eat it. – And if we don't wanna eat it? – Then I get to dump
it all over your heads. Eat It or Wear It people. Let's do this. Little Apple, you're up. – Okay, well I'll go with number one. – 'cause that's how many
inches tall he is. (laughs) – Uncalled for, Orange. – I'm sorry. I meant to say Little Apple chose it because he's number one. – Thank you. – Then number one it is
and you've chosen mustard. – Mustard? I gotta eat that nasty
stuff all by myself? – Yup. It's either that or wear it. – Aw man. Well I guess I gotta wear it. Mustard really does a number on my tummy. – Where exactly in your tummy? Perhaps your small intestine? (Apple groaning)
(Grapefruit laughing) – Man, this could definitely be going better for me right now. – Alright Orange, pick a bag, any bag. – Hmm, I think it's three for me. – Then three it be. – What is it, what is it? – What? – Is that a dress? I didn't know we could
actually get clothing. I thought it was only food. – Yeah, same here. Well I guess this is an
easy call for ol' Orange. Eat or wear an article of clothing. Seems like a clearcut. – Man, this thing is
pretty stringy. (laughs) – Orange, you're eating that dress? – What am I supposed to do, wear it? Yellow is so not my color. (laughs) – Wow, I guess, I guess we move on. – Yeah I guess so. – (burps) Could've used
some sauce to be honest. – Okay, Little Apple, take your pick. – Well I'm going with bag number four. – Because in a room of four people, he'd be the fourth tallest. (laughs) – Orange! – Sorry, sorry, last one ever, I swear. – Here comes bag number four. It is applesauce.
(record scratching) – Excuse me? – What's the matter? Everybody loves applesauce. – Yeah, except for the
fact that I am an apple. – Oh, right. – I believe in you, Little Apple. I believe you can-nibble do it. (laughs) – Well I guess I'll have
to wear this one too. I can't eat that. It could be my grandma for all I know. – Wow, this got dark. (chuckles) Although I'm sure that
if that is your grandma, this is what she would've wanted. – To be poured on her grandson's head for a YouTube challenge video? – Moving on. Orange, there's one bag left. Are you ready to eat or wear it? – I don't know, that bag
doesn't look very tasty and it's so not my size. (laughs) – I meant what's inside the bag. – Yeah, that makes more sense. – Here we go then. Orange, you must or
wear this suit of armor. – What? I gotta wear my relative over here and he keeps getting
dope clothing to put on? – Easy there little guy. You had a fair shot of picking
those same mystery bags and I'm sure Orange will
let you wear his super cool suit of armor after he's tried it on. – Yeah I don't think that's gonna happen. (Orange burping) – Seriously, bro? – What, doctor said I
needed more iron. (laughs) (Little Apple and Grapefruit groaning) What up, fruit lovers? Today Grapefruit and I are
doing a very special challenge 'cause one of the Annoying
Orange fans came up with it. How cool is that? Nathaniel has suggested The
Princess Bride Challenge. – Oh I love this already. – If you've seen The Princess Bride, you remember the battle of wits scene where one cup is poisoned
and the other one isn't. – Wait a minute, we're
not battling to the death with poison, are we? – Of course not. Nathaniel has mercifully
allowed us to do it with salt. – Got it. So one glass of water will
be cold and refreshing. – And the other will have
a salty surprise. (laughs) – Whoa, easy on the salt there, Orange. Okay now to mix them up. – Yeah I totally lost
track of which one's which. – Speaking of which, look, a witch. – Huh? Hey, there's no witch over there. – Yeah, I'm a guy so
technically I'm a wizard. – Okay okay, you caught me. I just wanted you to look away to make extra sure you had
no clue where the salt is. Now the Princess Bride challenge begins. Pick your glass, Grapefruit. – Hmm, since the glasses look identical, I'm going to have to figure out whether you are the type
to put the salt water in front of me or in front of you. – Your salt logic is
crystal clear. (laughs) – You could've put the
salt water in front of me, but you probably knew I'd think that so you could've put that
salt water in front of you knowing my mental
capabilities are so vast. So that's my guess. I'll drink the glass in front of you. – Alright, bottoms up. – Looks like you got the salt water, huh? – No, it's just really bad water. I probably shouldn't have
gotten it out of the toilet. – Mine is the salt water. – Woohoo, I win round one! – What do you mean round one? Are you implying there's a round two? – Oh yeah, there's a
whole bunch of rounds. – Sorry to break it to
you, but I don't got time. Gotta workout now. I'm not drinking any
more toilet water, bro. – Oh don't worry, the other rounds have nothing to do with water. – What the? – You picked wrong again. Yeah, round two goes to Orange. – You planted a fake
barbell made out of salt? – Oh yeah, I planted a bunch
of salts all over the place. – When did you even have
a chance to do this? – When you were looking
at that witch, duh. – I am a wizard. – Wizard, sorry. – Thank you. – Whatever, I'm outta here. – You have fun with your fake salt stuff. I'm gonna, what the? – Yoohoo, you picked the wrong door. Orange winds round three. – I am through playing the
Princess Bride challenge, Orange. – I'm not sure you are. – Seriously? – Round four goes to Orange. And round five. (Grapefruit groaning) Oh come on, Grapefruit. Just 'cause you lost isn't
any reason to get all salty. – That's it, The Princess Bride
challenge is over, Orange. What the, how many salt things did you place in this kitchen? – More than you think, honestly. – What is happening? What is this witchcraft? (screaming) – Wow, that was rude. It's wizardcraft, not witchcraft. – Sorry about him, he's
really sore about losing. But take everything that he
says with a grain of salt. (Orange and Wizard laughing) – What up, what up, what up, fruit lovers? Little Apple and Pear here and today we're gonna do the Been Boozled challenge. Take it away, Pear. – The Bean Boozled
challenge works like this. Inside this canister are
a bunch of jelly beans. Let's get one real quick. Alright so whichever jellybean we pick, there's a 50% chance it's really great and a 50% chance it's really awful. So take this one for example. According to the sheet here, it might be cheery cherry
or it might be boiled blood. – Ew, boiled blood sounds gross. – Hey, who are you calling gross? You got a problem with me? You got a problem with me? Draw me some arms. Come at me, bro. Come on! – Hold up, I think there
might be some mistake. – No mistake, you guys just
dissed on boiled blood. Now you've got my blood boiling. What's up? – See, I was under the impression that boiled blood was how you
tasted, not your personality. – Can't it be both? Come on, fight back you dweebs. Come out, come out, come out. – I mean I didn't expect him
to be a cognizant jellybean, but I mean should we eat him anyway? – What, no, of course not. – Go ahead and just try to eat me. You'll be eating a knuckle sandwich. That's what you'll be eating. Come on, come on. – Wha, Little Apple,
you just ate that guy. – What he was a jerk. Mm, tastes like cherry though. – Huh, didn't see that coming. – Did someone call for Cherry? – Oh hey there, you must be Cheery Cherry. – I sure am. (laughs) – Go ahead, eat me please. – You can't be serious. – That's what I'm here. (laughs) – I feel bad. You're so nice. Oh don't feel bad. It's what I've always wanted. (laughs) (record scratching)
– Dude! – What, I was supposed to stand here and listen to that dog
whistle of a laugh again? No thanks. (stomach rumbling) – What was that? Was that your stomach? – Uh oh, Cheery Cherry
tastes like boiled blood. Oh, yup, it's coming back up. (Apple retching) – That's what you get for judging
a jelly bean by its cover. – Ain't that the truth. – Alright, who's the wise guy that ate me? Lemme at him, draw me a sword. Let's do this thing. Come here, come here, come here! – Hey everyone. Today Pear and I are doing the McDonald's Roulette Challenge. If you don't already
know, here's how it works. First you go to a McDonald's drive-thru and then you ask for exactly what the car ahead of you ordered. – Wait, so whatever the
strangers in the car ahead of me order, I have to eat it. – Yup, yup. That's the McDonald's
Roulette Challenge for you. You might get lucky or
you might get yucky. You ready for this? – Well, as ready as I'll ever be. Here goes nothing. – [Cashier] Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order? – Yeah, I'll take whatever
the car ahead of me got. – [Cashier] You sure about that? – Yup, same exact thing please. – [Cashier] Okay, please
pull ahead to the window. – Aw man, this is exciting. I wonder what the car ahead of me got. I hope it's not too much food. I'm trying to watch my figure. – Hello, your order will
be ready in just a moment. – Oh wow, that's actually
your real voice huh? – What are you talking about? – Nothing. – You the guy that wanted exactly what the car ahead of you got, right? – Yup, that's me. – Well, you asked for it. – Ow. Little Apple, he slapped me. – Hold on, are you saying
the customer ahead of us got a slap to the face? – He sure did. Made some sort of nya nya nya noise at my employee for like 20 seconds and then burped as loud as
he could into the microphone. Wait, did we just seriously
get in line behind? – Hey best friends. (babbling) (Orange burping) – Okay, we're gonna try it again. Only this time, we're making sure Orange is not ahead of us in line. All clear, Pear? – All clear. Orange is nowhere in sight. – Good, 'cause I'm starving. – [Cashier] Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order? – Hi, I'd like to have exactly what the car ahead of me ordered please. – Okay, drive to the window. – Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I wonder what it's going to be. I could eat like 20 Big
Macs or 5,000 French Fries or come on. – What, who is in the car ahead of us 'cause it definitely wasn't Orange. – Hey, what gives? – [Marshmallow] Hi friends, yay. – Marshmallow? What on earth did you do that made the Drive-Thru
people slap you in the face? – I was just doing the
McDonald's Roulette Challenge. I asked for what the
person ahead of me got. – Aha, so it was the car ahead of you. – Sorry about your face by the way. – It's okay. Pain is just a reminder of how great the rest of your life truly is, yay! – Hey, what gives? – Well I don't know, I pulled up wanting to do the drive-thru challenge. And then he slapped me for no reason. – Uh oh, we might have a
challenge change reaction on our non-existant hands. – Hey, hey, who here was doing
the drive-thru challenge? – Me. – Me. – I was. – Yeah, me too. – What's the drive-thru challenge? (burps) – That's it, we're giving
this one last shot. Okay, Orange is over there. What's he doing anyway? – Looks like he's trying
to motorboat so hard he lift himself off the ground. – Wow, okay. Well anyway there's no
chance Orange can be ahead of us in line this time. Here goes nothing. – [Cashier] Welcome to McDonald's. – Hi, I'd like to order exactly what the person ahead of me ordered. – Please pull ahead. – Alright I have a good
feeling about this one. – Here's your burger. – Alright, it's a burger and it's huge. – Nice. See this challenge
wasn't so bad after all. – You're right, this was fun. Wanna split this thing? – [Orange] Congrats on finishing the McDonald's Roulette challenge you two. – Is that Orange? Where the heck is he? – [Orange] I hope you
enjoy your handburger. – It's pronounced hamburger, dude. – [Orange] Oh thanks, I
couldn't put my finger on the pronunciation. – What the? Hey!
– Orange! (Orange burping) – Hello and good morrow
my internet friends. I am Grapefruit. – And I'm (coughing) kind of sick. – Well today's challenge
ain't nothing to sneeze at. Today we've got the one chip challenge. Here's how it works. Each of us are gonna eat a
Paqui Carolina Reaper chip. Understand that these
things are hot, okay? – The box is seriously
shaped like a coffin? – Yes. – Oh man. – Fitting considering you've been coughing so much lately, am I right? – Yeah, good one. – When Orange isn't around, somebody's gotta pick up the slack. Lastly, we're each gonna have
a glass of milk standing by. Milk'll make the pain a little better. So whoever caves first
and drinks the milk loses. Got it? – Got it. Oh man, I'm scared. Maybe this'll clean up
my sinuses at least. – Oh yeah, you feeling stuffed up? – Yeah, that plus all
the coughing and sneezing has me feeling kind of. (sneezing) I'm sorry. – It's okay. I think a little dust from your chip may have gotten in my eyes, but it's really no big. (screaming) – Grapefruit, are you okay? – Where's the milk, the milk? – You knocked over the milk. – The pain, the pain! – Grapefruit, Grapefruit,
Grapefruit, Grapefruit. Calm down. Just open up your eyes real quick. Let me see what's up. – Okay. – How's it looking? – Maybe just close your eyes again. – Cool, good call. – Ah, relief. – So maybe we shouldn't
go through with this. I mean that was just a little dust. I can't imagine how bad it's gonna hurt if we eat the entire chip. – Yeah maybe I'll just
start with a little nibble. – I'll get the milk ready. Okay three, two, one, here goes nothing. (chips crunching) – That's spicy. – Yeah. – Really spicy. – I'll say. – I'm glad we didn't do the whole chip. – Same here. (Apple and Grapefruit screaming) (dramatic music) – Okay, there is no way
I'm doing the whole chip. – Agreed, that'll be crazy. – Insane. – Possibly the dumbest
thing we can possibly do. – Although. – Don't like the sound of that. – Well it's just, we're gonna look like real weenies if we back out. – I guess there are are a lot
of people watching this video. – I bet Passion's watching. – You're right. If I don't do this one chip challenge, it kinda wrecks the years of groundwork I've been subtly laying with her. – You've been laying
groundwork with Passion? – Yeah real subtle. She's gonna fall in love with me any day now, I'm sure of it. – I'm pretty sure she
doesn't even like you dude. – Nuh uh, I just told you I've been subtly laying groundwork. I could turn it up any time I wanted and she'd instantly fall in love. Would you just get the milk already? – Okay, jeez, fine. – Three, two, one, go. (chip crunching) – How do you feel? – Good, not great. – Same here. – Say is it me, or do you seem
a little more red than usual? – A little more red? Was that a size joke? – No. – Oh, well yeah I actually
feel more red than usual. – As do I. – Interesting. – Indeed. (dramatic music)
(screaming) – What up, fruity toots? We've got Pear, we got Grapefruit and we got yours truly. Today we're gonna do
the Baby Food Challenge. – Orange, if I may, I'd
just like to clearly state upfront that I am not a baby. I am not and I never have been. – (scoffs) You've never been a baby? – Correct, I was born this size. – Sure dude. – I'm serious. – Well then your mother must've been huge. – I would appreciate if we
didn't bring my mother's size into this, but yes, she
may have won a prize or two at state fairs in the mid 90's. (Pear groaning) – Alrighty then. Here's how the Baby Food Challenge works. I'm gonna airplane spoonfuls of baby food into these guys' mouth one at a time. – Orange, we agreed, no airplane noises. – Right. – Eh, you guys are just
plain boring. (laughing) (Pear and Grapefruit groaning) – That's fine, that's fine. No airplane spoons, but once
the food is in our mouths, you'll have to guess the flavor. Every correct guess is a point. Well let's do this thing. Pear, you're up first. – Here goes nothing. (playful music) Oh, this one tastes awful. – Well they're not all gonna be winners. What's your guess? – I don't know, it tastes
like no food I've ever had. Honestly it takes like a foot. – Wow, you got it. This is foot-flavored baby food. Nice job, Pear, our early front-runner. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Foot flavor? Where did you find such a
gross flavored baby food? – I don't know, probably at
the pooper market. (laughs) – Oh I thought we were gonna
be eating normal baby food like sweet potato or banana. – Yo whatchu talking about? One of my best friends is a sweet potato. – Yeah, my cousin's a banana. We're not murderous, Pear. We're just trying to do a fun little challenge video, got it? – Okay, I got it. – Good. This is a lighthearted
challenge video, bro. Try not to ruin everything
for once, would you? – Grapefruit, it's your turn. – Hmm, I'm gonna say this is chocolate cake flavored baby food. – Ding, ding, ding, you got it. We're all tied up. – Wait, wait, I'm sorry. He just got chocolate cake flavor? – You heard my guess. You know very well it was
chocolate cake flavor. – I had to eat a foot, and he gets cake? – Hey relax. I'm sure it'll all even out in the end. (Pear groaning) – I guess you're right. – Ready for your next
spoonful of baby food, Pear? – Fine. – Alright here comes the airplane. – Would you stop that? I'm not a baby. – Okay here you go. – This doesn't taste
good at all. (retching) – Whoa, barf city. – Ugh, what was that? – It was baby food. What'd it taste like? – I don't know 'cause
I barfed immediately. All I could taste now is barf. – You sir, are correct. – The flavor was barf? – And for that, you get a point. Hooray! – Who is feeding these
flavors to their children? – Yeesh, Pear. For someone who claims not to be a baby, you're sure acting like one. – That's it, Orange, give Grapefruit the baby food you just fed me. – I can't do that. He already knows the flavor, but I can give him this flavor. I think it's the best one of all. (laughs) – Fine, as long as Grapefruit understands what I'm going through. – Here we go. – Ew, this is gross. – You see. – I totally understand now, Pear. I'm so very sorry what I said. – Do you have a guess? – Yeah I'm gonna go with raspberry pie. – Sorry, it was actually strawberry pie. – Oh that makes sense. – What? He got strawberry pie? I just ate barf-flavored baby food and he gets strawberry? – Yeah dude, I hate strawberries. – Plus, he got it wrong
which means you win, Pear. – I do? – Yeah, you just won two to one. – Well I guess that's pretty cool. What's my prize? – A lifetime supply of baby food. – Oh come on. – Also it's barf-flavored
and you get it all right now. (Pear screaming) (soft music)

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