Elvis Presley News Report 2018: March

and today named Dean boo-boo here is the Elvis present news report for the month of March 2018 here is the trailer of the HBO documentary elders the searcher music it's a combination of country music and gospel as a child I was influenced by a time when the country was into racism and segregation he was a young kid he was not afraid to go and be exposed to it so you can learn even more about it the American just knew no white means he was snatched from the ordinary life of a young man into a place that no one else had ever been in our culture Elvis is a big business everybody was trying to get every penny they could out of whatever they could he's feeling that he's not in control he wanted to grow he wanted to evolve as an artist Colonel Parker the record company they would say to him you don't fulfill your contracts you won't do anything Elvis said I'm starting to feel the pressure I'm obligated I don't think there's a way out for me he felt trapped an artist like Elvis he's actually pretending when he's home to be normal that when he goes out on stage at night a soui actually hits this is the mysterious part about music the people who mean it are generally the ones who are processing some kind of let me connect to it no matter how frustrating the lapses in his career have been he remains an artist an American artist dream always was a searcher he said to me I want to be able to reach and feel what we all go through as human beings [Applause] the documentary Elvis a searcher had its world premiere at the 2018 South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin Texas on March 14 three days later there was a special screening at the guesthouse at Graceland here are some behind the scenes footage of how this prediction was made I had listened to the music of Elvis Presley growing up and loved the tracks that I think we're all used to hearing on the radio with this film I got to go deeper into the vault the cartoon Elvis was exactly what we didn't want the idea was really to concentrate on Elvis Presley the man in a full sense the full name when there is an artist that has so much done on young it's very hard to come up with a fresh look the choice of not using on-camera interviews gives the viewer this opportunity to take in Elvis's world by being in the space of Graceland by looking at archival stills and footage does not seen before you're seeing his world and when talking to Tom Petty or talking to Bruce Springsteen and not having a camera point at them I felt like I was getting a dialogue that felt different Elvis was a producer Elvis was an artist in the studio in a way that I really had never been familiar with people would be pleasantly surprised in this movie to see how much of a production role that he played in the music that he made as he did take songs that may have been written by someone else but he gave it a life that was uniquely based around his experiences that nothing else happened I would be satisfied that Elvis's story was told honestly and I'd like to sit with him and watch this film any info about the screening of the second part of HBO is welcomed as I cannot find that date anywhere yet this documentary is broadcasted on National Belgian TV in Europe on May 10 and 17 there has been speculation about how an Elvis hologram could be used in the near future from what I understand from EPE is that they are in favor of using a hologram for short appearances in commercials music clips and cameo appearances in movies EPE is not sure yet whether a complete 19 minutes music show can capture and keep the attention of an audience [Applause] since Saoirse show is programmed and scripted there will be no interaction possible with the audience Elvis's interaction and especially his charisma were a big part of his shows Epes decision concerning their policy on this subject will depend on how the Roy Orbison hologram show will be received this show will start in Cardiff on April 8 there is an official clip from the makers of Roy Orbison's hologram almost 30 years after his death Roy Orbison is once again in concert but this time in hologram form bass entertainment has collaborated with the singer's estate to create the Roy Orbison in Dreams tour but due to hit the road in the UK in April and here's a sneak peek of what to expect [Applause] do you April 21st 2018 is International Record Store Day for this occasion Sony Legacy will release a limited double LP with gatefold sleeve of red vinyl because of the 50th anniversary of the 68 comeback special they have chosen for the to sit down shows title of the set is the king in the ring pallid rounds in Dallas Texans are working run in touch happy birthday Ron Tut a copper bronze finish Alden solid-body electric guitar complete with Elvis's Wharf amplifier was being auctioned off on March 13 see the guitar laying on top of the piano this guitar was sold in 2012 for 35,000 pounds this year the estimation was between 15 and 25 thousand pounds but the guitar and amplifier did not reach the reserve and is still available for purchase the answer to the trivia of last month was Elvis wore this suede jacket that was shown during the Million Dollar Quartet get-together on the December 4 1956 the trivia for this month is when RCA Records bought Elvis's contract from Sun Records Elvis was at Sun in the process of recording his sixth single for that label never was released of that song they do know the Sunday you'll be digging into you here are the top Geographics for last month's reward I want to know if you hear the conspiracy theories around home alone what if people have said there's so many like crazy things about it do you know I'm talking about there's also the Elvis one this is one I kind of I gotta say it's I checked it out and it's pretty much that's one of the earliest ones they said Elvis is actually in the movie as an extra at home alone and if you see the scene where Catherine her hair is at the airport trying to change your tickets or plane tickets look at this tell me this doesn't look like totally Elvis right yeah man I was like at that point that's probably what he would wear like a turtleneck in a blaze I'm pretty good makes totals I didn't realize Elvis turn into Richard Karn have a good Richard Karn reference yeah hey know right next week Elvis of Arabia that's all for this month hope to see you next time until then ever happen Elvis Presley day

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  1. I will always love Elvis I think people should leave him alone. If he is alive let him be, he is a religious man and is happy serving the lord. God is good and is about love.

  2. I will always love Elvis I think people should leave him alone. If he is alive let him be, he is a religious man and is happy serving the lord. God is good and is about love.

  3. Por favor dá para traduzir esse vídeo em português, pois sou muito fã de Elvis, e gostaria de saber o que estão falando sobre Elvis , gosto muito de saber tudo de Elvis , pois não entendo nada de Inglês.
    Desde já agradeço muito obrigada.

  4. Hate to be sounding shallow, but…..yeah I’m can’t use those words. Best looking man ever. Ever.

  5. He never ceases to amaze me at the level of talent that he had. He is/was one of a kind. No one can equal him or take his place.

  6. Elvis gave more than he got back. He just could not find real peace and contentment in his personal life. It seems like he never really got over his mother's death it all came and gone maybe just to fast for Elvis. However, that is the way life goes just to fast.

  7. Still breaks my heart to watch him.I was camping in my friends back garden wen my brother came round crying saying Elvis just died.1977.still feel hurt.all these years later.

  8. Thank you, truly enjoy this video clip. Story. Two thumbs up. Love hear some more later, Elvis Forever. Long we keep his memories alive for years come.

  9. Yes he was born with blonde hair but it went to dark brown which his cherokke came out of him which his mom had that with her German background and he is one of the most handsome men alive


  11. i love his "if I can dream" but there seems nothing new is this "searcher" documentary….same news told through some new voices / new videos… nothing new really…

    oh yeah, an Elvis hologram will definitely keep and capture the audience's attention… they have to give it a try…. you have no idea how many people will buy tickets… i mean people still believe Elvis is ALIVE today for god's sake ,lololol…. imagine those fans paying money to see their KING in hologram form :)))

  12. Elvis loves God!! He believes in Jesus!!! Deal with it unbelievers!!! May God bless you Elvis!!! Love to you from East Tennessee!!!!

  13. I think that all the people that were friends were taking everything they could. I feel for him I can totally relate with him. it makes you want to leave and not come back. I pretty much raised myself. no parents abusive siblings. had adopted parent ya no I was in the wrong place. so I can imagine what he was going through. I still don't know where I'm suppose to be and find myself searcher for a place I can actually call home.

  14. There is Elvis and then all the rest. Thank you my friend for all the years of friendship and great entertainment!!!

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