Emails Show Discussion Of Withholding Ukraine Aid After Trump Call | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Trump 2020 even if everything not perfect he still a better president then any one else running especially a Democrat the Biden and Hillary Clinton are criminals and traitors to our country

  2. Theres something not adding up. Why would the president want a foreign nation to search dirt on a domestic enemy?
    Especially since that enemy is biden and we are assuming biden would be elected? Like the assumption is biden would be the dem nominee or something…

    Its like ths future is being written for us.

  3. Its called Executive privilege. If it was an impeachable offense every…every president would have been impeached. I can't believe people are still falling for this B.S. narrative, honestly I can't believe the media is still pushing it. The I.G. report is out, I suggest at least reading the 12 page overview. When the legal report finally comes out, you will all realize that you have been played. I don't care about Trump I care about the impeachment process and the Constitution of the United states. Please read the report and get educated, M.S.M has an agenda…and it's not to educate you. NDAA 2013 ,signed by beloved Obama, read it.
    [quote]2013The newest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has an amendment added that negates the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (SMA) and the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1987. These laws made propaganda used to influence foreigners and US citizens illegal.[/quote]
    I did it for you…

  4. If Ukraine soooo corrupt , Why ask them to find truth on biden or any American ? Trump think he can outsmart the peoples ….lol

  5. I'm glad Trump was investigating both Bidens, they need to be in jail. What? Can't investigate corruption if they are running for office? Lesser of evils is the republicans!

  6. Most of us would not want to be accused in a legal system where they assume you are guilty and just keep bringing legal action until they find something that sticks. The good news is they have 5 more years to fail at this, perhaps at some point they will give up and do something more productive?

  7. Joe Biden and his immediate family should be investigated. His son is on board an overseas oil company that has connection to Ukrainian government? Come on. If Trump's son was in that position, what would you guys say? Do whatever you want with the impeachment fiasco. But you should focus much more on the suspected corruption Bidens case.

  8. Aren't y'all sick of this yet? Just vote for someone else instead of Trump in Nov 2020 if you don't like him. The only thing I can see from all of this crap is congress hasn't passed very much wasteful and useless legislation.

  9. Let. It. Go

    The far left STILL just can't accept that he's their president and there's NOTHING they can do about it. He's going to be for ANOTHER four years. So please, just let it go. For your own mental health. Whatever's left of it lololol

    Trump 2020!!!!

  10. Fortunately the democrats don't have majority in the Senate. Otherwise they would vote on anything. They would say:" A day has 25 hours, we got the evidence. It is clear!"

  11. So One line in one Email , is smoking hot evidence..But he has already been impeached for this apparent crime??? Why was he impeached if they are getting so excited for such flimsy evidence after they treated him like he was guilty?? This stinks of misuse of power, these Democrates are a piece of work and need to get back to actual issues facing their country.

  12. If only Pelosi was not too eager to vote for impeachment, so she can have an impeachment to w/hold, these new evidences would have been included… haste makes waste..

  13. This isn’t related to the video but here are some facts: Liberals are Americans too, conservatives aren’t fascists, LGBTQ are people too, taking away guns is unconstitutional,Trump is rich like Bloomberg and Bernie, Fox News is just CNN but favors conservatives just as CNN does liberals,climate change is real whether is human made or not, the earth is round,vaccinations don’t cause autism. These are just a few facts I could list. I am not liberal nor conservative, I’m am in the middle.

  14. It was "lock her up"
    Now it's "lock him up"
    It was "her emails"
    Now it's "his emails"
    It was "I wouldn't warn our enemies"
    Now it's "waste more than 60 million during a missile strike because I warned them"

    It was a perfect phone call… yeah, perfect for impeachment.
    Reminds me of the Nixon tapes except now it's the Trump emails. He is going to look so natural wearing orange.

  15. Far bigger crime was CIA having spies in the White House, waiting for the moment to entrap the president for their Democrat masters…

  16. hahahahahahahahaha , "russia if your listening, could you find hillaries 33,000 deleted emails?". irony is fun, they never found her deleted emails. but we found his deleted emails hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  17. Big deal! Nit picking Dems will never quit. This timing crap means nothing except a farce to continue the antagonism against the President. This hatred is tearing up the country.

  18. You know what they used to do to liars backn in the days? They'd RIP their tongues out. The people defending the criminal in the White House are ridiculous.

  19. This is all nice…..

    I personally, want no open dialogue with the Gov of United States… Even more so, I don't want to vote or partake in the 'fall of man'……. Ill take 666, as the valuation of Heaven, every living soul named in the Bible, of Jesus Christ, etc……..

    Ill go 'straight to the East'…… I am not interested in the debates and causes, that interest or the US is involved in.. Same goes for their Wars…I personally would wage a War, on drug cartels from Latin and South America, right after I waged one, here on the streets.. I would use the US Gov or Military to do it….. I would publicly execute all drug users, from petty users to addicts and dealers… All of them…..

    Point is this, America waste a lot of money, just to have debts from within it's own society.. I would be the 1st nation to force everyone to have digital identification and or to be chipped at all times…. I would end crime, drugs, the 'available capital' to spend on drugs and that could go into corruption or hands or accounts of the corrupt….. I would wage open War, before the World.. Let China, Japan, South Korea, etc.. observe as Civil Unrest breaks out… I would segregate society before the War…. Telling people, who are not willing to sacrifice for the sake of this War on Drugs, to move elsewhere… But I would wage war on drugs and corruption.. 1st at home… then abroad……. South of the boarder…

  20. For those who say this President did nothing wrong has some serious issues!! He should be removed from office!!!!!
    Shame on you leaders who seek to protect your pay-check by staying in office

  21. Your President of your country appears to be as good at getting away with crime as he was with running a casino, or running a university, or avoiding bankruptcy, or staying faithful to his wives, etc etc.

  22. Holy crap. It's golf.
    Gentleman only ladies forbidin. First house speaker who is lady….. She litterally runs everything with Dems majority. However. Senate next step. She can not call rules for that court room. She can not.

  23. Perfect call if your trying to become the first President impeached in his first term . Guess giving the damming evidence against yourself turns out to be a really bad plan .

  24. another nothing burger..If these email are true then let the receiver testify, not chucky shummy publicity stunt again. same as mueller yet again

  25. Mark of the beast boys, trying to pretend they are men, but they are missing one key aspect, their soul….. They sold their souls, these 666 branded children… They think that they will go unpunished for this… When nature, history, all of creation, the beacon sounding out into the Universe, etc… all provides the same eternal decision….. Burn them…..

  26. This is not news. We’ve already known this. The liberal media pointing to fake evidence of a crime that didn’t happen.

  27. Can you imagine if God was here and was running for election..(being the “Ultimate Liberal” that he is)..Republicans would be spitting in his face calling him an Evil Socialist! 🙄 Typical Republican blindness, they can’t see the hypocrisy of their rhetoric V’s actual Religions teachings!

  28. Yes the aid was released AFTER Trump knew he'd been caught exploiting Ukraine. If these were legitimate concerns about actual corruption in Ukraine why release the aid at all..

  29. What if Biden committed a bank robbery in Ukraine would trump be allowed to investigate it ??? Trump is required to investigate corruption before giving aid to any foreign countries. If he suspected Biden was corrupt he would legally have to investigate it to be sure this new aid wasn't being taken by the wrong people. He was investigating 2016 for good reasons. If Biden is innocent than there is nothing to worry about.

  30. How dumb are they to confess in writing?! They say to delay hundreds of millions of dollars which caused people to die and don't tell anyone! In writing? Seriously did they really think that would not leak? All of them have to go!

  31. Nasty Nancy keeping her impeachment article inside her handbag. Why? Then she wanted Trump go ahead with Union Speech next year Feb.

  32. From what I know about history and foreign relations none of this is a big deal. This doesn't even rise to being the giant nothing burger the Russian collusion story was.

  33. I love how evidence keeps coming out everyday even w him obstructing justice and he's still sitting in the WH. This is Russia gate 2nd term all over again.

  34. I like to ask one question to all democrats,
    If Trump's son took million from Ukrainian oil company and Obama asked for investigation, should Obama be impeached?

  35. So the Republicans saying we shouldn’t believe one line out of an email , but we should believe one line out of a PERFECT phone transcript? 🤔

  36. There is nothing wrong with holding up aid to dig up dirt on Biden. It’s not impeachable, it’s not a CRIME. Holding Aid to get a country to do something is not a Crime. It’s not a CRIME. Ask Dershowitz

  37. "…I can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not get arrested!…" Famous last words from an Orangutan-on-Steroids in the White House!

  38. The call was a perfect call i did everything putin ordered me to do! Russia find the Emails! Trump is putins puppit!!

  39. well if you heavily redact emails and documents then thats what officials, if the white house is so sure that the other emails / documents will vindicate Trump then release them all, what is misleading and inaccurate is declaring Trump innocent when you clearly dont want to release all the evidence to the house and congress

  40. Get this crook out of office already! How much more evidence do you need? GOP members don’t want witnesses. Why? You know the answer

  41. So it’s okay for Obama to not give military aid to Ukraine and he’s allowed to install his Vice President sons, as well as Nancy pelosi son to another energy company board of directors in a $3.4 million pay to play program over 5 years, but it’s illegal for Donald Trump to withhold aid temporarily in an effort to combat that same corruption from the former presidency. Its incredible how corrupt the news media is. It’s pure fiction.

  42. More hearsay? Adam have more concrete evidence you not worthy of seeing? Definitely was corruption though and everyone seen it but oddly won't investigate it. Strange isn't it. Especially since he confessed on video everyone knows of Biden's corruption. Right!
    And the mean orange man crushing our economic records is guilty of being the one that gave Ukraine the means of defending themselves since the last administration wouldn't. Y'all remember though. What dosent add up is the last president allowing cartels to get a hold of m249 saws while Pelosi pushes for open borders while setting up tents and handing out syringes. Hope the kids are watching their step with all the diseases spreading over there. Ask your people to recycle those signs littered after protesting for me. Save some trees. The people y'all vote for told us major cities will soon be under water so you may want to get the word to Obama's in his new beach mansion. You do believe the scientists they never named or given public recognition for discovering the timeline of our impending doom? Of course you do. Would have made a better cover for Time but nobody's perfect except Greta unless asked a basic question that's not on her script. Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen.

  43. Democrats scream "No one is above the law," but then say Biden cannot be investigated because he's running for president

  44. These democrats used to be really decent people before , just like me you , After they went into the white house , they became MULES , these democrats deep inside are crying out for help , they are neuralogically being controlled out of their will , and they cant do nothing , its too late , those people have a switch on them , if they dont follow , than they push that switch!!!

  45. Trump voters can care less people, a crook is a crook end of story, it'll catch up to o him in time, his demise is coming

  46. And Joe Biden, former VP and presidential candidate, is on video, admitting to the world he held up aid to Ukraine for his own personal gain. But media silence is deafening.

  47. The difference between a Trump supporter and a Democrat is the Trump supporter doesn't care if he did withhold aid. The economy and not paying more into NATO is good enough for them…

  48. Who is everybody? Watch it, you might be thinking the whole Country, or, the whole World, he might be talking about 5 people, or, no one, or, those that he has a hold on, that have to agree with him.

  49. The Impoundment Act was written in 1974, because Nixon was abused his power too. That means when the Executive Branch withholds funds they are to let Congress know. Congress's job is to appropriate funds and they have the sole responsibility to do so. Trump did neither and just add that to the list of Laws Trump breaks. Also there are at least 20 ml. $$$$ that weren't released. This mofos are sitting up their in the people's House getting rich. Corporate Dems/Republicans are the same coin different sides. Vote Progressive for real change Bernie/Tulsi 2020. Med4all, 15.00 minimum wage and Free Public College(instead of 12 years it will be 16 yrs) or Trade School( usually 2 years). This government hasn't worked for the People in decades. We're not accepting crumbs and trickle down, we're demanding what we deserve and taking it. This isn't a Republican or Democrat issue this is the Oligarchy (the rich) vs Democracy (the people). I will never understand why people vote against their best interests. Retired Progressive here and I will never vote for a corporate Dem ever again. I'm tired of the rich shoving Corporate Dems down our throats. I will fight for my grandchildren and their children and everyone's children. It's time to eat the rich.

  50. I still have no idea what was wrong with the Ukraine phone call. He's the president, what did he do wrong?
    Wasn't that call about that corrupt Biden and his Son closing deals with millions of dollars on issues he had nothing to do with or whatever.

    I…I dont get it

  51. 90 minutes with held is very minor compared to Joe Biden video of a bribe to Ukraine. You Democrats are trying to run with a nothing burger. This issue has no legality.

  52. Trump did a service to our country when he asked the Ukraine to look into Pedo Biden's corruption. Trump's impeachable offenses are supporting red flag laws, signing democrat spending bills, bringing in muslim refugees, continuing Obama's NSA domestic spying and allowing muslims access to our military bases.

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