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ENG SUB) *막말주의* 중학교 친구랑 결혼하면 생기는 일 [무엇이든 물어보살 47화]

ENG SUB) *막말주의* 중학교 친구랑 결혼하면 생기는 일 [무엇이든 물어보살 47화]

[Gangnam Station’s new selfie spot [Instagram @kbsbosal_official] [^^v guest] [and flower guest] [and group guests are welcome] [Two birds with one stone / Take pictures and get your concern solved] [Can apply on the spot] Ey~ You’re here, fairy. [Perk]
I’ve been here since a while ago~ [You came together with me]
By the way, are you good at English? [English out of the blue?]
Suddenly? [The gaze of a talented person]
I’ll give you an English quiz. Try to answer it. Suddenly? I’ve never even studied abroad. [Cannot lie]
My English scores were bad too. [Cannot listen]
What do you think this is in English~ 4! [Confident / I know that much~]
Isn’t it 4 from 1 2 3 4? How about this? Ear! [Wait..] [Peek] Get off! Ruler.. [Sad ruler] [Very upset] [Returning back to reality / too late]
What are you doing? [The concept of deep dirty love]
Of course I know~ Why are you upset over that? [Three words]
If you add them it’s “Let’s date!” It’s apparently what kids these days use. [Suddenly happy]
Are you asking me to date you? [I only have you, fairy]
Then are there other women here? Aside from you, fairy? [RIP fortune-teller Dongja’s left shoulder (~2020)] [Valentine’s Day chocolate] [Curious]
What is it that you’re gonna give? [If you eat it]
We’ll start dating from today~ No, I’m diabetic. I have high glucose. [Fortune-telling sweet giant]
Fortune-telling sweet giant! [Everything solved, broken shoulders(?) tiny person]
[I also want chocolate]
Ask the tiny person who solves everything! [My shoulders hurt hurt hurt] [Ask if you’re curious / nom nom] [Give me too] [Can’t eat until the song ends / Plays with the mouth] [Chocolate] [Eyes only on the chocolate] [The taste is still vivid with the eyes closed [(I have it in the mouth) Saved it on the left cheek] [Sweetness from both sides] [Dizzy / nom~ nom] [Teasing] Ah, so sweet. [NOT an ad / The sweetness even melts the lyrics (the flute does everything)] [Please give me the chocolate quick, I’m feeling dizzy] [Chocolate sponsoring inquiries [email protected]]
How sweet! Mm~ So sweet. [I’ll endure it just a bit and eat it after the opening] [All mine]
With Valentine’s Day coming [Doesn’t know it’s gone]
[During the shoot]
it’s Valentine’s Day after 4 days. So that is why I tried what the young.. [Low glucose] ..generation does when confessing. I did it a lot with ‘bbi bbi’ before. [Reply 3040 Can you remember? 17317071]
They do this kind of confessions these days. [Succeed in the confession in any way]
Anyways, whether it be this or that method [And go see cherry blossoms for this spring]
I hope you all succeed in your confession. It’s the female giving the male chocolate on Valentine’s Day, right? Yes. [Chocolate? Candy? What to give to the fairy]
It’s the guy giving the girl candy on White Day. [The sign of love / Doesn’t know much since he’s from the age of giving stick yeot]
That’s a lot. [Anything]
Did you receive anything these days? Well.. these days? Not these days.. – Before..
– You received a lot when you were an athlete, right? – When you were in Yonsei.
– That was.. Yes, that was the time.. [That’s too long ago LOL] 25 years ago. [Before the mountains changed for about 3 times]
About 27~28 years ago. The chocolate must have melted. [28 year-old melting chocolate(?)] [Set aside the past memories for a while]
We are.. [Ask the Bodhisattvas is being a popular topic]
pretty a popular topic these days. [Someone falsely altered the show screenshot]
There even was an incident wherein someone falsely altered the show screenshot to promote a website. For real. [Never expected this] [It’s currently down due to the report of one of the viewers]
We thankfully got a report of it from a viewer and took measures. [Report cyber crimes on 182]
– This is very illegal.
– Yes it is. Anyways, viewers. I hope you don’t get affected by such crimes. [There hasn’t been this kind of variety show in history / Flipped the variety show field with a small view rate]
I bet there aren’t shows that got this popular despite a view rate of 1% in Korea. – KBS Joy has now become the show of the citizens.
– Of course. [KBS Joy the show of the citizens, Ask the Bodhisattvas does its best]
Apparently, there are many people who feel joy. So let’s start the day happily as well. [Glucose up! Mood up!]
I ate chocolate so I feel so good suddenly. [Start of work]
Come in, first guest! [A young couple who looks close] Go in first. [Wow~ So cool] [Moisturizing the vocal chords before the guest comes in] [The guest is coming] [I’m also a guest]
Hello. Hello. [Oh my goodness!] [A baby guest]
Come over here~ [Here comes the grandpa god]
What concern brought you here? [An unfamiliar man!]
Do you not like the powdered milk? [Daddy T.T]
He’s crying. [I want to say hi..]
The baby has big eyes.. [with the baby too..] [They are very difficult to approach]
Want to shake hands? With me? Do you recognize me? [Despite trying to make him laugh at his age 45..] [Cries / Oh no] [So scary T.T / Crying after seeing the fairy] [Brave baby / Peaceful, big eyes] [You might cry despite that look.. (I’ll just not talk to him)] [The return of cold fairy]
Your name? Kim Min-ji. [Lim Jae-sup 30 / Kim Min-ji 29 / Lim I-jun 2]
Lim Jae-sup. You got married early. What do you do, Jae-sup? [Tell us your occupation / The husband is an office worker]
I am just an office worker. I run a business. – A business?
– Yes. – Separately?
– How cool. [What is your occupation, baby?]
How about the baby? – He stays at home.
– Do you play at home? [Lim I-jun / 2 years old / Job : Eat, act cute] Wait, but Min-ji’s face.. [What about her smiling face?] [Plot twist]
You seem to get hurt a lot and cry often. [Shocked] [What is this.. I have goosebumps] [Completely intrigued]
That’s true! [Ask the Bodhisattvas’s trustability +100]
Okay~ Oh, that’s true. [Very proud]
It’s true! [Then it must be her concern]
What brought you here? [That’s right]
My husband [Nervous] – He speaks without thinking..
– He just says it straight? Yes! [I’m sad at how my husband talks to me] [Caught ya, spill all the beans]
Tell us everything you were hurt from. [I’ll scold you]
Tell us so he’ll get scolded nation-wide. [Shaking] [A recent incident]
This happened recently. [The husband’s way of talking #Happened in the parking lot]
We went to the parking lot of an outlet mall. My husband had to take out the stroller from the trunk. I was blanking out. [She couldn’t hold the baby because she was blanking out]
I was spacing out while staring at someone doing something. [Yelling]
“Hey! Why aren’t you holding the baby! Get your mind straight!” [The husband’s thunder-like chastising]
He was yelling loudly in that parking lot. [People whispering / The husband is scolding the wife]
But people were passing by. [He could have said it in a better way]
So I felt embarrassed. Since when did Jae-sup.. start to keep distance with your wife? [Oh dear] [The husband’s way of talking #Happened at an outfit store]
If a husband wears bad clothing [A wife would want to style the husband nicely]
the wife would get bashed, right? [Thinking about it, his style is a bit out of date]
It’s an old custom, but.. So I went to buy him clothes. And he said this to me. I was looking through clothes and he said “You want to spend money again” “so you’re @#[email protected]#$” That I’m crazy because I want to spend money. [Do you say that to your wife?]
Crazy? Crazy because you want to spend money? [Got hurt]
Yes, that’s how he hurt my feelings. [I heard it too~] Then does he tell you he loves you often? [Well, that..]
Now.. – Not much, right?
– Just.. [Not properly]
If my wife says so.. I say ‘I love you’ very often. [How about the husband?]
A lot. [The husband says]
And he goes, you’re emotionless, it’s a habit. [Hurt]
– He said that.
– Even if it’s a habit and it’s emotionless, you should say it often. Why do you judge it when you don’t even say that? [Are you a judge or what?]
The emotion or habit? [Attacked] [In fact]
I really cry a lot. I tend to easily cry. But when I cry, my husband says [Talks without thinking]
There we go again. That’s a habit. [Looks far away (She’s about to bleed in the heart)] [Sarcasm]
What a… good father. [Why do you cry often?]
Then there must be a reason why you cry a lot. [Cries out of the blue]
I’m not sure if it’s because of work or hormones. [Cries more after her delivery]
I’m not sure, but I sometimes cry while putting my baby to sleep [Here comes an actual father]
Baby blues are very serious. [Lee Soo-geun / The father of two sons / Major : Raising children , Minor : Taking care of Baby Blues]
If you don’t take care of your wife now it may really become an illness, for real! [The wife only has the husband to lean on]
But if the husband that she has to lean on keeps chastising for her doing something and crying [Relates due to Baby Blues]
– she won’t be able to cry in front of her husband either because of that.
– That’s right! She has no place to cry! [So that happens when you give birth?]
You won’t know. [Stares]
This is a hardship that only women know. I’ve experienced it. [Seriously cute]
My wife is crying when I see her. [Having a dilemma inside]
She was laughing a moment ago, yet her cries. [Staying silent because he’s afraid the baby would cry / (Should I talk to him or not? Should I? Or not?)]
Do you get it? So even if you feel tired at this point, [Quiet~ / Maintaining mute mode / Approaches a bit]
if you be more considerate of your wife with your tone, [Silent]
if you speak more kindly, [Successfully touched]
your wife would bear it better. [Wow… I did it…] [It was just a hand shake] [Got back to his senses]
– Do you speak that way with your friends too?
– Yes. Do you talk like that? [The way he speaks is the same for everyone]
I tend to speak honestly. [Curious]
Then how did you date? [That’s just his way of speaking]
– How was he when you dated? You must have known his personality.
– Yes. But you just liked him. [Then and now, I still like my husband]
I still like him a lot. [The eyes of truth] [What’s with the sweetness / Suddenly?] I still feel butterflies in my stomach. Seriously.. [What do you want us to do?]
So what do you want us to do? [Fact check despite the sweetness attack]
– So it means you got married despite knowing his personality.
– Yes. [Then you agreed to his personality]
– Then you have the responsibility to endure it somehow.
– Yeah, understand it. [Is that so?]
That’s because he’s confident. [Born with a sharp way of speaking]
That’s because he was like that and he still is. [The fairy fortune-teller seems to get along with the husband well]
– I mean..
– You two seem to get along well. – What?
– You two seem similar. [Somehow I don’t want to be the same as him…] [I see why]
He speaks straightforwardly like this the way Kim Gu-ra and Seo Jang-hoon do. [Tsundere]
But he takes care of me at the back. [The icon of straightforwardness]
You became the icon of straightforwardness. I envy you. [The life of a variety show person / Congrats on getting a character]
What a sure character. [Draws the line]
I am straightforward but what I always think is.. to be warm.. [Instinctive straightforward talking]
Hey you @#$! That’s not it! [Warmness made of effort]
Cheer up. You seem the most beautiful. [An endless fight with his innate personality]
Speak up! You will be happy. Are you showing off? You can do it~ [Although he’s very straightforward with words]
You’ll be kicked out if you speak informally. [he’s a warm fortune-teller who endeavors]
You can dream when you’re 80 or 90 years old. [Please be good to me this year too~ (A warm, endeavoring fortune-teller)] [Having heard that, you’re a bit different from my husband] Anyways in my opinion your way of talking that you claim you’ve been doing ever since, the words or phrases such as [Re-enacts the same]
“That woman is crazy over spending money again” comes from middle-aged couples or something. [Where did it go wrong..] [Let’s go back in time]
How did you two meet at first? Middle school [Friends since 15 / Early birthday]
We sat next to each other in 3rd grade. [Love birds]
That’s real love. [We were just friends from 9th grade]
We were friends in high school and college, and started dating after I finished my duty from the army. Started dating? [15 years]
We were friends for a long time and it’s hard to say sweet things.. You did when we were dating? [Then why not now]
Back then.. – At then.. I was..
– He was so sweet. [She was his first girlfriend]
It was my first time. Yeah, he was alone for a long time – Then you married your first love?
– Yes. [She is the only woman in my life]
After the army [But she dated a lot of guys!]
But she dated continuously [Why are you talking about that..]
She dated different people [Tattle?]
We broke up twice when I was in the army. [Revenge on wife’s past?]
– He was just a male friend.
– So he says bad words? [Revenge for life?]
Is he taking revenge on me? [I’ve waited my whole life] [I have that feeling / I know why he says bad things!] Do you talk like that with friends too? [A mouth hunter that says things freely to friends]
I am quite honest. [With my husband]
We sat next to each other. She kept dating other people [In between something like a married couple and friends] [Why he says bad things]
There was a reason [Friendship is so natural / You guys treat each other like ‘friends’]
It’s because you were friends from the beginning. Yeah, right. [Totally] [Talking to a friend continues]
So it passes on.. So naturally friends talk.. without being careful and fiercely. [It’s hard to change all of a sudden]
And you guys turned out to marry each other [You were friends]
But you have to change now. [That’s what I’m saying]
You are a mother and a father [You are parents now]
There are people watching you from around now [What I’m most worried about is my child]
My kid will grow up eventually and mom gets scolded from dad, [When did I!]
He always thinks that he’s in a higher position than me. [A cute couple]
He knows that. So when I-jun grows up [Mom=Who always gets scolded / I think that my child will ignore me later on]
Mom gets scolded every day? [Dad is a bad person / Bbo-aeng]
Mom is someone that I can look down on.. [Great with kids / Sharing candy]
Tell him to touch it not eat it. [Going directly]
Not just for Min-ji, [Rumbling]
It’s all right. [Calm down / Wow Star candies]
Just for you Jae-sup, [Talking harshly]
We listened there are points that are too harsh but some are not that much. [Look at that] But she doesn’t like it, you talking like that. Then you should be softer [If there is some point that is really important to you]
If you want to point out something then write her a letter. Write a letter. [Tears]
With a letter [BGM starting]
[Song: Onions (1983)] Write it in a letter. [Are you crying mom?]
Min-ji, I’m sorry don’t stare at one place for a long time [With soul]
Please work on the things that you should [Talking harshly could touch her mind]
Write her a letter from the start. [Consulting with passion / Touching BGM]
If you write, then it’s not direct it doesn’t hurt her feelings too much. [Stop talking bad things to her and write letters]
Do you think that too? Yes. [A divination sign]
We don’t give out love horoscopes for married couples [My star candy]
Your marriage life Leave it, don’t worry about it. [I’ll take care of it so look at the divination sign]
Hold hands together and open this much for me. [Hori bottle god’s words who protects families] [It came] [What kind of words] [Habitual exclamation]
There is something. Make it get hotter. [A hot divination sign]
Make it get hotter. [Hehe / Suspicious smile]
[Talking straightly]
It might sound erotic [We’re caught]
It might sound erotic but think of it. What this means is [Loading the explanation]
– It’s a great thing.
– For each other. Be attractive I like you so much and I think you’re charming but you say hurtful words to me. Will she blush? [Saying good things to each other will make each other hotter] [This book is excellent~] [Courage at the end]
– Go now.
– Good luck with your kid. – What is your name?
— I=Jun. [So pretty]
– Bye? See you again~ [Baby with nerves / Eye contact with the Taoist fairy without crying]
Your face is so fluffy? Isn’t it? [I touched a baby without making him cry!]
Your face is fluffy~ So fluffy~ Bye~ Have a great life~ Thank you! [Wish the three people say in pretty words to each other!] [What do you think of the divination sign?]
How about the sign ‘Make it hot’? [Umm.. That is] [Quickly~!] [Mellow] Trying from today [What are you saying~] [Shy]
A second child.. Like this. [We were tired from infant care,]
We made a precious memory and solved our problem. Thank you~ Have a great success~ [Dangling]
Have a great success~

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    리액션도 그렇고 진심으로 사랑하시는거 같은데
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    아낌없이 사랑 해줄수 있는 사람이 되어야 된다는
    조건 가정하에 된다는거야..
    이 케이스는 남자가 여자를 아낄줄 모르는거 같네.

  20. 울 신랑이 그러는데….
    20년 되니 그냥 나도 똑같이 해줌.
    본인이 이젠 상처 받음…
    아이들 앞에서는 정말 조심해야 함.
    서로 존중하는 모습을 보이는게 좋음.

  21. 여기 결혼한사람몇이나있을까..
    친구같은연애하다 결혼하면 저런경우 많아요 저도 그렇지만…;
    근데 저는 막말하는순간 와이프가 무섭게쳐다봐서 깨갱합니다

  22. 산후우울증 정말힘든데 내새끼 낳아준와이프가 애기키우고있는데도 집에서 쉬고있다생각하고 돈번다고 유세떠는 남자들이 산후우울증을 만들게하더라
    그리고, 본인 부모 보고배우는것이많던데 엄마두고 아빠가바람나서 내엄마가 불행히 살아온거보며 아빠를 증오해오면서도 그걸배우더라. 부모들서로가 행동잘하고 살아야할듯

  23. 남자분 여자분이 복덩이네요. 더욱 사랑해 주고 아껴주시길…말이 마음속을 후벼 파는 겁니다.

  24. 여자분 넘무이쁘고 고급스럽게 생기셨다 절대 저런대접 받지않아도 될분인데 ㅠㅠ 여자분이 너무 아깝다 증말루 …..

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