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(ENG SUB)[EP01] GOT7 출첵라이브 1부 (GOT7 Inkigayo Check-in LIVE Ep.1)

(ENG SUB)[EP01] GOT7 출첵라이브 1부 (GOT7 Inkigayo Check-in LIVE Ep.1)

Through Youtube SBS KPOP PLAY Live broadcast all over the world Check-in Live! Come & Get it! Hello, this is GOT7 Personal greeting Say hello in your own style What camera is on my direction? I’ll do it first Yugyeom is expected Hello, I’m Yugyeom Not so bad We have to compliment each other OK! compliment each other I’ll cheer up for you Genius of GOT7, I’m Youngjae Wang Jackson of GOT7 I’m MC, Jinyoung With some sense~ -Hello, I’m Jaebum of GOT7
-What a senseful! Uh… well… Hello, this is BamBam of GOT7 It was not enough to compliment How could you tell him like that, Jinyoung! Hello, this is Mark of GOT7 Following the last ‘Eclipse’ activity GOT7 has come to this show for the second time Please check if the Agasae have appeared. Are you joining us now? Call their name, name! Agasae, how are you? Come a lot! I thought you said go away (Gaseya is similar to Gaseyo-Korean meaning “go away”) As long as it’s a live show Please leave us a question with your email address We will answer in real time We will also give you our autographed CD It says ‘not for sale’ Autographed CD, autographed CD, autographed CD! Stay calm, please! First step, let’s go Yugyeom, what is it? -Is that album unboxing?
– right! It’s already signed This is our album Seven handsome guys! Jaebeom brother~ Hey, stay focused. BamBam! Look at BamBam’s Bracelet! Mark, Mark Youngjae His jaw line is so sharp that I’d be almost cut -Are there more items?
– of course -CD?
-The CD is here Simple Little bit … what should I say? It seems like illustrated magazine! Do you have a photo card? The photo card is here. Yugyeom’s photo~ Yugyeom and BamBam Yes, it’s over This autographed CD is for you~ Please explain the new title song and the album You participated in making a new song. He’s in charge of the introduction. Yes, this album is … Why were you sighing? I need to… no I need to think about it My brain isn’t working right now Yugyeom is like our avatar right now … ‘My name you call’ Based on the name Honestly, you have no idea. Do you? Based on the name In the dark When you called my name We shine It’s an album that means that. ‘My name you call’ was written by Park Jin-young PD and Jae-beom. Sorrowful sexyness It’s a song with sorrow and sexyness JB made two songs in this album. -How is your feeling?
-‘Pray’ and ‘Thursday’ How about working with Park Jin-young PD? Uh… It sees like a press conference. In fact there was no special episode because it was a Text job You made ‘Pray’ and ‘Thursday’. How is it? Good Is it good answer? Yeah? Are you having a good attitude? Do you have any points for listening? Simply Why should people listen to ‘Thursday’? Just, something … Good song to hear on Thursday! Can’t we hear today? Today is sunday.. so can’t we listen to the song? *They are making fun of Jaebeom 🙂 Can we hear the song only on Mcount…? I think you just made a mistake … haha I’m MC of that program … Sorry It was a big mistake. Today is Sunday, so why don’t you listen to Pray? Praying ~ Start making big mistakes today as MC Original life was … Growing through mistakes! You guys participated in the lyrics. Let’s go to the next corner Let’s move our body I have to relax I think my head will work well when I have blood circulation Since we have pre-recorded this early morning, Please refer to it Is that a fit? Suit and glasses I pre-recorded and my eyes are too swollen. That’s why -Do you wanna be MC?
– why? You’re so good at talking Okay, keep quiet Then we will proceed to the next corner This corner is for versatile GOT7 members Who is the best? Who is the God?
We can find out at this corner! Let’s shout “Olympic” together GOT7 Olympics! Are you pretending? Best pretend? *Jackson confused because of
Korean pronunciation Do you put ‘Gat'(korean traditional hat)
on the God members’ head? stop! Do not know in moderation! The Olympic of GOT7 consists of three events! Jumping power flexibility Quickness There are three events in total Wait What about flexibility if pants are not flexible? Show your passion Just tear your pants Like Yugyeom! Yes, my pants were torn on that stage. This costume is the last one today Because we have to wear different costumes I don’t care if it’s torn Because I have to wear a Crash & Burn costume. Aren’t you wearing red underwear? I’m in red underwear, of course I got it It’s really red. So it’s okay to tear my pants I’m Christmas now Camouflage Shall we begin now? Anyway, Let’s begin the first event The first event is ‘jump’ It’s a standing long jump!
But they say the original is not enough fun. They upgraded(?) it. Anyway, Let’s go. What is the gift for the winner? A big applause. Really? Didn’t you give us some presents last time? No Motivation I’ll give you a pretending applause 🙂 No penalties for loser? If you lost… you’re just a loser. I will give you the title Loser. The standing long jump.. backward! Easy! The distance is measured from the tip of the toe If you put your hands behind … No, it’s forward… You can put your hands behind you. If behind is OK, the distance might be longer! No, there is no such thing. Everything is up to my opinion. If you jumped, and put your hand very nicely.. The record is here! Really? So.. the most important standard is… nice looking? How do you measure your record? I don’t jump What…? Here’s your name tag. Here is your name Jinyoung very clearly! This is because fans might forget my name Jinyoung You’re talking nonsense Who forget your name I am MC to do this There’s no saying that MC isn’t participating in this script. MC has greater authority. Give me the script! Nice quickness! Then.. Let’s begin the first event. Who do you want to start with? Jackson has a name tag already. Why did you put it on your chest?
It’s for use on the ground. Jackson was the Olympic player for fencing. So he decided to be the demonstrator! Demonstrate? What demonstration? I think he will be good at this game. Please care for your pronunciation ‘ssi’… Demonstration : Sibeom (korean pronunciation) Yes sir Jackson, show us! Do you want me to do really? He would be the winner.. but the first jumper? This is not really easy Isn’t it important to make this cool? Can I jump and land like this? It doesn’t matter. Then, is funny thing OK? Is this really the Olympics? We are doing games now. -By both feet? of one foot?
-You can do whatever you want. We had very fun time at last show. Let’s do it Don’t just walk Try it, try it Just do it Isn’t there a countdown to the Olympics? 3, 2 … This is the first time, so you can jump as a practice. 1, 2, 3! You can do that way. If you do that, you will be a loser. This is not practice! 3, 2, 1! You can put a name tag on it. Right here? No, around your knees. here? Really? Yes, that point is right. Jackson, you need to know moderation. Jackson can point to the next person. You come out! Mr. BamBam, come here. You have to put a name tag. Look at the camera Look at that camera over there No practice game Backflip! This is scary 1, 2, 3! hand! Okay there If you do that, you’re number one. Was it too frog? Point out next player. Are you Jaebum? okay Oh, me? Jaebum is expected Unusual posture I’ll do it, 1, 2, 3! I knew it! Oh, cool I’ll make a penalty. Good good By MC’s authority~ Is there a penalty? Meal, meal! buying coffee. What if I don’t drink coffee? Then drink another You eat merona Drink water, water! Youngjae! Then Jinyoung doesn’t jump? Yes, Jinyoung doesn’t. Do you want Jinyoung to jump? Jin Young doesn’t have to, but Park Jin Young has to. Jin-young brother(JYP) come here? *Actually they have the same name 🙂
(Jinyoung and JYP) JYP is coming back soon. Please make him participate in this corner then Good, good JYP has long arms enough to reach that mirror. Like this Sorry, sir… Should I run backwards? Yes Yes -A little scary?
-Yeah, it’s a bit scary Youngjae, you can do better than Jaebum Of course, can’t you go beyond that? Challenge accepted 1, 2, 3! Hand~ Reach out more! Oh, so funny Yugyeom, name tag. Why is this here? Let’s do it last Why? Let’s start with Mark Awesome Youngjae! Very good physical ability! Mark, just jump and touch the mirror How can I touch the mirror? Youngjae really went away That’s passion be careful Okay, lay down OK~!!! Passion! passion! Can’t go anymore How is Jinyoung? Don’t you really do? No, I’m OK Yugyeom didn’t jump yet. Touch the mirror. Or get out of the room Go to the bathroom Can I reach it? Yes – Really?
– Huh You can’t walk. The slides are fine but I can’t walk. Slide to the parking lot 1, 2, 3! Go to the mirror! Now will the last lineup be done by you? Jinyoung, just try Demonstration, demonstration! 1, 2, 3! The sound of bones Still better than JB So.. what gifts do you have? GOT7’s jumping God is Mark. What is that Too great. Please take this Genius World Record! How do you feel about being number one? I received some help from Jackson I was helped … I will work harder in the future So, what is the prize or…? Applause, clap! Please clap. Yes, no process required. There is good conclusion. Applause to devoted JB! This is also difficult Yes, it’s hard to do like this bad. Let’s go to the flexibility game We have talked about this game already. Player 1 put his legs first… Okay, just do it. It’s very easy to understand if you look at once. For our fans… Are you sure? Okay, you guys become MC~ It’s a famous game. Because it is the Olympics Two people Two people like this Two people like that Confrontation each other. Tournament format Rock Paper Scissors Why did you make match list like this? It’s just.. my decision. Oh yeah Let’s do it So you don’t care about the producer’s opinion? Just Jinyoung’s opinion I volunteered MC because of that. Is it a tournament? Yes tournament. Today our color is Tomato
(Word play : tomato=tournament) Rock Paper Scissors! Go back You have to go back Oh, am I going back? Rock Paper Scissors! Oh, at once! Oh~ like that? Rock Paper Scissors! One more step I have never played this game Rock Paper Scissors! Good teamwork Jackson, fencing I think it’s a little torn here Thigh, thigh Rock Paper Scissors! go Rock Paper Scissors! Take off shoes Possible.. There’s a limit on my leg length Everyone, look at the muscles Chicken, chicken leg? Jaebeom, Win! It’s rather rock paper scissors game than flexibility. Is it a match? Yeah? What’s the match? Between those who win! -Winner and winner match?
-Yes, it is. Then sit down Already you have won once. Then Youngjae and Bambam Is this a flexibility game? Looks like rock, paper, scissors. We’re not doing a great Olympics. It’s a funny Olympics. Rock Paper Scissors! What are you doing? Then just do it like this~ What are you doing! Rock Paper Scissors It was natural The first part is meaningless. Last is important Rock Paper Scissors The person who is torn his pants is first place. I can tear it Rock Paper Scissors High fashion Like a bridge Bam Bam’s leg looks like… There’s a tall man who comes after the store opens. Yes, please stretch your legs Circus? Yes, Bambam won No, I think Youngjae can do it Youngjae, try a little more But this is too … Youngjae Okay, let’s try it I don’t think this is a flexibility game I can’t do it more. OK, Mark! This side team is winning constantly. Oh, yes. BamBam and Yugyeom should have been together But it’s your choice Rock Paper Scissors One more step Wait, what is this? Like this, like this Obviously your feet were here What are you doing now? Yugyeom just did this okay okay right? again! I won anyway! Why go more? Do you have a problem with your feet? What is it? Ripped up, so you’re the first. Hyung, fighting Then this is the end of the game I will help you Really rip it Be cool! Can this show be continued if I ripped off my pants? Wait, what color is your underwear? Blue, navy Anyway, our recording is over Expensive panties Let’s do it quickly It’s done! Okay, give up Three people rock, paper, scissors, one up by default. Wait, you have to look at the camera. BamBam lost -They took it over there.
-Oh, did they take it? I won by default I won by default Aghase fans, we’re sorry for distracting. In fact, we are distracting. We hope that our fans will organize the subtitles later.. Fans are already used to this Let’s start! I think it’s on purpose. How do you decide the outcome Wow, look at the length of your legs. Very long legs! BamBam, let’s go! Go down! Accepted? Accept! Accept! I’ll lock you like this Like a pond skater. I really wanted to win this game. I worry that melody will howl in my ear whole day. Rock Paper Scissors! Oh, Jaebeom hyoung! Almost tear! Thank you for watching GOT7’s check-in Live part 1.
You can enjoy the next episode on this channel.

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  1. There’s a reason why they put bambam right next to JB and gyeom on the other end. Separating they’re problem children is a must but didn’t help.

  2. 25:14 I just caught that when Youngjae sneezed, Jackson put his hand on his back and said "Bless you" in English, and Youngjae responded "Thank you" in English back. Awwwww, they are so kind to each other.

  3. why do i feel like something was off with jaebeom. he seemed to be maybe tired or even sad?? jinyoung apparently asked him is he was okay and he just nodded. :((

  4. Jinyoung apologized bec. the situation became a mess Bambam added that they are really like that, and fans should work on organizing the subtitles then Jackson said we all are used to that HAHHAHA TRUE

  5. If its my first time to know got7. I can really say that JB and Jinyoung are really married HAHAHAHAHAHA tngna 😂😂

  6. I thought no one can beat how mess super junior but here we have our Junior mess group got7 and I'm so proud of them 😂😂 idk what I'm watching is comedian show or what 😂😂

  7. Moments when I can't stop laughing 😂 :
    Most of it because of Jackson ❤ he's really funny 😂
    And last 25:31 Jaebum said "no, I can do it" but ahahahah
    And bambam at 12:16 is so cute I can't omg ~~~

    Psst, I'll do this at part 2 too hahaha

  8. 아닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진행 겨우 한문장읽었는데 한사람당 세마디씩 날라오니까 진행이 안되넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  9. i will keep watching this vid just to see jinyoung casually holding jackson's hand…. their bromance is gonna be the death of me i swear!!!

  10. i was here for Jackson but then this JB dude really came for my heart… i was not prepared… this mf breathes sexy.
    (im an army btw)

    – oh also, every video i see of them, they look super fun and good people 🙂 Ahagses fighting!

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  12. I'm a straight guy who is not into KPOP that much…and I say this, they are SO handsome, and very attractive. They just ooze sensuality. They must make millions of girls go crazy!

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