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hello guys my name is Amit Sahni and I welcome you in distress 16 to July at the Hindu analysis video in the morning these videos come in the evening the mcq lessons they come so for these lessons religiously and the important Current Affair base it derived questions we discuss in the evening so explanations are also given PDF you and you can get my on my facebook group and this pocket news app I study ayah that is trending on Google Play you can download that and these are important food will courses by study IQ bio faculties is that the description is given below the video so you can access that and these are the important courses are regarding them you can inquire on these numbers you can call column these numbers and this is the websites address and here you will get the PDF send may request on this group and the telegrams link you will also find there you can follow me on Instagram – and this is all and these are the words that I found today use them in two sentences now again a setback for chandrayaan-2 it was getting hurdles into town 18 then they gave a window in January February this year but that time also it was not possible now again in July month when this window was given from 9th to 15th of July and in the July it was about to be launched by this baahubali the holy means if this is GSLV mark 3m1 just before 1 hour before the launch it was called off because some technical snag was there so that was the reason and president was also there to experience this launch there but it was not possible so again because GSLV has been experiencing difficulties since its inception so again this time we say PSLE is very very successful along vehicle but GSLV for the heavier ones and cryogenic we developed on our own and due to some technical skin snack and new window would make even further chandrayaan-2 so every time they need to calibrate these things and they need to see the conditions the rotations of the celestial bodies and all and it's not that much simple to relaunch it very soon so they will give a different window but it would be soon this time kc1 said that it would be the final move and we will not fail this time but again they had to call it off now regarding an articles today three important articles there are and very less informations are there apart from these are editorials so we will give some attention here so reads Parishad it talks about a perfect dilemma between the law and the justice in the context of 1 0 third constitutional amendment it was laid regarding that reservation to the economically backward class and there one side there is law and law says that it's a legitimate thing to give this quota to those economically underprivileged sections and practically it is for sure that it should be given because it's a it's a real difficulty it's a real disadvantage and these students they find it very very difficult because already they are struggling with their economic conditions and when they see that result Kotick candidates they get these seats in educational institutes or maybe in the case of jobs so it's a kind of a great psychological pressure so that is the case and it was a huge political pressure also but there is some issue or there are some issues here what are those this article would be important for GS paper – mainly and it's a very important topic for SI because it's a social situation because this issue is coming out of a social situation which is prevalent in India and the issue of reservation why it came the definition of it the understanding of it the reason behind that that is also very much relevant here again the hearing is due so Supreme Court has to decide about this constitutional challenge and it's a huge huge challenge because majority and some results sections and all so it's a very complex situation and because it is the case of political specification also so that's why it's it's a difficult task Supreme Court now you see two important articles are there one is article one four five that talks about the substantial logic behind any particular law whether it is complying with the Constitution values or not second is 1 4 2 1 4 2 would be much more challenging because one photo talks about the right of Supreme Court that anywhere if it sees that something is very much a substantial to decide about according to the law and according to the justice system so Supreme Court can take up any matter with itself and it can decide about the crucial case and the decree it would give after that president and the state they have the responsibility that they implement it in all senses so Supreme Court's verdict is to be implemented in its entirety so that is the case with article 1 4 2 so these two articles are a very very relevant these days in the case of Babri Masjid also this article referred to is very much important why because a lot of aggression would be there if the court would decide something against the majority opinion so political pressures are also there and as I told you that today the age is going on in India in a way that anything becomes controversial and social media is there so 142 is very very important because a lot of pressure can be there against supreme court's ruling so that's why the implementation would be very very important responsibilities of the state so that's the case so here when Supreme Court takes help from its own presidents and commonly accepted legal theories it takes up and to find some kind of a guidance regarding some matter so principled answers are there but the issue of equality is very important here to see because if you go into the news feed then it was introduced in the princely states first why this issue of reservation was introduced their socialist Gale omen wrote in these pages he said that whole history of the struggle for reservation has also been a debate about its very meaning and purpose so two things are important meaning and purpose what is the controversy because why it was brought up here because India society is not a eco society and when they have become that democratic country then equality is the basic concept without equality there is no human right there is nothing you can say about democracy so equality is important and there was no equality in our society they have got different layers and that is the reason that they had to bring some affirmative action to bring equality in the society in princely states when it was introduced the situation was such that almost all the government jobs means the public equipments they were coordinate by the higher caste in the privileged caste and their powerful people so that is why at that time government job was very much elite service and all people wanted that status and that was that that's why the that that category video for Babu's that was a status symbol there and those were all coordinate by higher caste there and those were not available for the so called SC ST OBC sections today so these sections they were not getting them anyway so that's why to a tool to assimilate deprived groups into public life this was introduced a promise against prejudice and a means of reparation means it was a kind of a compensation so that's why they call it a compensatory discrimination principle so this is the root cause and as I told you if we talk about observation if you talk about this question that is it justified or not to introduce the economic criteria there then we need to go into the very meaning and purpose of the reservation there I know majority of you people you not like this debate in this way because people are against reservation already and this mindset is very very imposed on our what we must say a public opinion so that's why but we need to go into the logic and we have to see all these things and a historical problem is also a reality what I must say if somebody is a chronically weak that it is all a result of the previous economic history of that family and the next generation that bears the burden of that and they need to make many more efforts and these are more than others to become economically some so economic criteria also has connections with the history and here there is a logic that economic scenario can can be changed you can become rich you can become poor that is changeable but caste labeling that is not changeable and because there was historical injustice to some groups so that is why the positive affirmative action was taken that was the reason although that's a different case that it was about to be there for just one 10 years and then it was about to be ended but why it was introduced there is the meaning and purpose and as I told you so we have to compare the situation today is that meaning real for today's scenario also yes it is because caste persists and today the time the kind of time we are observing this social layering is getting bolstered more and more day by day why because we just saw the case of that girl from Kanpur she is the daughter of a BJP MLA and she got married to a Dalek boy so it became a huge thing and they called it a comment that the way she married the little boy that was a current for her family why because the guy was Tullock and that is why they were opposing the marriage and the way she did that that was much more offensive for those people and the way they threatened her and then she took this way and that was actually very problematic because no family would want this kind of discussion in public this way so that is right it is problematic but the whole issue started with the caste problem so the caste persist if you go to the countryside villages small towns everywhere this is ingrained in our psychology so it is not moved although the politics has bolstered the issue of caste in this country but why it is that politics is not without any public opinion and public opinion has this theory in their mind they believe into us they'll live caste and anybody from an upper caste they have this a psychological issue in their mind and it is the true for most of the people I'm not talking about all of the people but most of the people and the majority of the population they follow caste and biggest evidence is the marriage system because there is a caste system prevailing in this country that is why the merit system prevails in this way and I'm more than 90% of the people they would defy those marriages they would oppose those marriages the witch which are outside of their caste so the real region still persists there and that is why it's a very complex issue and Supreme Court has recognized but this thing many many times you see they say that the petitioners against the economic criteria they say that it best men date is a quota that will apply only to citizens other than the classes that are already eligible for reservation means SC ST OBC categories they have got their resolution but that is a different basis and that kind of basis which is given here that is the economic idea that would be applicable to all of the people it must be applicable but it is not given to these already reserved categories although this looks bizarre to talk like that because they have got their own resolution but it is about the criteria that economic criteria that you are creating here how it can be only for the unreserved category because economic basis when you are putting here apparently then it is applicable to the poor people from those categories also but those are not given this advantage so that is the case and it has become so complex issue that many many petitions are there against this economic criteria that whether it is countering the important value that is there in Constitution and the the kind of affirmative action which was taken in the original constitution and that was to bring equality in the name of religion in the name of reservation so is this move is this economic basis is countering that basic structure that is the question so you have to understand it very carefully because it is a very complex issue so the writer says whether that idea is so intrinsic to the Constitution there is a region idea that departing from it will somehow breach the documents basic structure is that so that is the constitutional question that Supreme Court has to decide now so it's a huge responsibility with Supreme Court now and petitioners say that the power to amend the Constitution is there with Parliament we all know that and the laws are made by Parliament only so the power to amend the Constitution when it lies with Parliament then it necessary necessarily include a power to decide how to guarantee equal status for all persons and when you give reservation on economic criteria then there is a huge question that is it killing the idea of formative action with the support of reservation because economic criteria was not accepted in the starting debates that is the reason and if you are starting given the reservation on the economic criteria then affirmative action that has no value that is the case and if we go into the history then we find this here that the idea was always to deserve a caste monopoly in the public sector because those jobs were given to the privileged class only at that time and that is why the reservation came now so that was the affirmative action and the lits obviousness they were never given this access they were always denied the access to equal status and that is why it was brought up there and it is also not the case of merit because we saw when this reservation came till today if we go with the data public opinion and the what's up for words they made they'll use the reference story but what is the official data official data says that although there is the case of upliftment because of the reservation and in Group C and D services there are multiple jobs given to SC ST and OBC categories but their representation in the a class in B Class officer rank services these are not appropriate these are a very less in number if we saw the case of the UDC is a two hundred appoint also system so there the data tells us that tells us that at the level of assistant professor and the associate professor and those categories the reservation is only around one to two percent for OBC category so that representation is very very less and that's why it says that till now we have not raised it to those levels and there may be different problems and vacancies are declining that is again a truth so that is also a reason here and as I told you that even though the depressed class are educated and qualified means it is not the case of merit it is not a truth that these people do not have any merit and that's why they are not they are not being there they are not denied these opportunities by various means and that is right Constitution had to secure their rights and secure their particular quota there so that was the reason so the philosophy tell-tell tells us that justice tells you a different story and la tells you a different story and there is a difference between both of them because from justice laws should be made but today laws are made because of the public pressure and there may be a case of injustice ingrained in that idea so that is the case so when it was introduced the first amendment introduced in 1951 there are then also this this issue of economic basis was expressly rejected because the distinctive theory of justice was applied there and they said that economic criteria the economic conditions are not permanent but the caste is permanent and the description because of cost which is still prevalent thing in society that reason remains and that's right the reservation remains how to remove that we have no argument about caste removal today we have no debate we have no movement against caste system whatever who movement we see that is against the reservation system so we need to talk about caste that is the main issue of a theory of justice here in Kerala a vs. and M Thomas case also Supreme Court held that the reservation based on social and economic backgrounds far from being an exception ought to be seen as an intrinsic facet of the idea of equality means the the existing reservation system based on the social and educational backwardness that is to bring the idea of equality and there is no mention of economic criteria here and the existent system is a held by Supreme Court so there must be some very solid reasons for that we may think in a different way because the the educated class is the logical class and the students who are struggling hard for the government jobs and all their numbers are minuscule because majority is getting the private job there in all these cases cumulatively the already reserved categories they are finding it very very difficult because of the cast of regions and the merit system is the biggest evidence there that these regions still remain in the society that's the case ok so this is all about this article and you have to write an important means question on this basis that economic basis how much adjusted is that although it is going on now it is applicable now but the next hearing is due so what is the responsibility what kind of responsibility is there with Supreme Court now and what is the social situation how we can maintain the affirmative action and how can we maintain the equality issue in society and how much is defiled is the economic criteria you have to write a means question and you can write that the question within 300 words okay next a hand-to-mouth budget here the writer is criticizing the present budget she says that Nirmala Sitharaman our finance minister she relegated the numbers or the budgeting to the fine print in a break with tradition means it has not happened in the past that numbers are not given for these a budget allocations are for different schemes are all and they're usually presented as a part of the speech on the floor of the house and it does not matter how difficult the situation is how uncomfortable this situation is for the government they always give these numbers but this time it was not given and that is why it was heavily criticised and in many many announcements were there but not substance anybody observed there and that is why that is why they said that it was more of a political rhetoric than being a budget here some data tell us they say that they brought an interim measure in February months we all know about that and now this budget is in front of us so it fell short of the internet methods estimates also and there is a huge gap between these two numbers 0.9 percent GDP whooping 0.9 percent of the GDP and our GDP is huge and 0.9 percent of that number and that is the gap between the interim budget estimates in the present estimates it's a huge number c.j figures show that direct tax collection for 1819 fell short by seventy four thousand seven seven four crores while those of indirect tax collection fell short by ninety three thousand 198 crows and budget speeds saved the Modi government the embarrassment of owning up to this shortfall on the floor of the house because they did not give us many many numbers and they overestimated the text correction first and now they are falling short of it new budget estimates for gross tax revenue is ninety thousand ninety and nineteen thousand and nine hundred thirty six corrodes lower than what was projected in the interim budget and this is the situation despite the higher searches they have imposed on the people who are earning more than 200 rupees and the additional custom duties which they have introduced now so in spite of these additions there they are falling short of these numbers ninety thousand crore rupees gap was there so that is the reason that they are criticizing it heavily and if we look at this number of gross tax revenue to GDP ratio budgeted to slip from eleven point nine percent in 1819 to eleven point seven percent in nineteen twenty means that collection is declining that direct tax to GDP ratio is again declining from six one four to six point three means these numbers should have rising if we have done so great economic development in the last five years we have announced many many schemes there then these numbers should have gone up we had many many initiatives there and making India has turned up in a lot of things we can count on our fingers that were heavily advertised and all the claims by the government they say a different story but these numbers they say a different story these numbers should have gone up if the economy is grown then people should have a higher earning and then they should have paid more taxes but these are lower collections and we have robust systems now GST system is applicable now so these numbers should have gone too high but it is not the case so maybe these things look political innocence but this observation and this these are official numbers they are not telling a lie that is the reason and that's why this gap is apparent and where they are filling this gap that is again a very problematic move although they have made a target offer disinvestment but this is not always a wise decision and this is again a big question on there working means they are not able to collect proper revenue numbers then they are filling this gap with these disinvestment targets and they're advertising it as achievement but actually it is not achievement it is something of your own that state owns and you are selling those things and that is why this is a disinvestment and maybe it's earning for the present but what about the future you are selling your own assets so how you can heal it as achievement that is the thing that many experts are complaining of and they made a target of 90 thousand rupees last year this time it is 1 lakh 5000 crore rupees target of disinvestment means 15,000 to rupees more than the last one so that is the reason and they say that you are writing a growth story but on what supports are you writing a growth story from a support system of a disinvestment this is problematic and that is why she says that it's a hand-to-mouth budget and these revenue expenditure you see the salary payments pension and these expenditures are not creating any asset there for the future so you can call it day-to-day expenditures so revenue expenditures they are rising increase of fourteen point three percent over the revised estimate of the previous year and the capital expenditure the their growth is declining means the capital expenditure that creates assets but that is declining and the revenue expenditure is rising and the interest payments that is one third of the total revenue is an ellipse that is also rising means in the future this would be a big burden on us and we won't be able to invest much in our capital expenditure and you won't be able to invest much in our infrastructure so that is the reality but what government is announcing here that is also very bizarre they say that we will invest 100 lakh crore rupees in next five years 100 lakh crore rupees in the next five years means 20 lakh rupees ere all people are raising big questions against this announcement they say that how it is possible from where you will bring the money your numbers are telling a different story these are on a decline and you are talking about five trillion dollar economy and hundred lakh crore rupees investment in the infrastructure from where it is going to come because the domestic savings are for the lower side public investment is on a lower side private investment is struck so how you can invest hundred lakh rupees from where it will come will it come through the air all are asking this question from where you are announcing these numbers what are the sources your only source that is left that is the foreign borrowings and regarding that also there is a issue of sovereign bonds and that is hugely problematic even never imagined yesterday said that this is a very problematic move the poor ends through the sovereign bonds because it has not happened in the past even during the crisis of 1991 we did not go with the sovereign bond scheme we did not put imagistic last time when when we raised these bonds those were through SBI's wait so as be I was putting its stake there now the other state we are putting our stake there these are sovereign bonds by the Government of India so that's why in this age where so much uncertainty is there in the international scenario how you can go for these sovereign bonds so a lot of questions were there a lot of opposition members were asking these questions so that's why they clarified that we are just testing the waters we are not going for a full-scale money raising there so what is left now only FDI is left now i FD i is a kind of investment by the foreign investors and they would want a bigger return there so ultimately the thing is that we have made a plan of 5 trillion dollar economy can we achieve this target with around 9% of growth real growth numbers nominal who should be more than 12 to 13 this GDP growth rate can we achieve these targets with the help of foreign borrowings only no a big no and that is why it is the issue so we need to see that what they clarify here they say that only 10% of our borings if you would raise by sovereign bonds and other things would be dependent on the private investment there but not many hopes are there from the private investment scenario although the banking crisis is towards the progress but that is a very slow progress and you cannot rely on those things which are improving from a major shock so that's the thing so you can write an important article here also about the foreign borrowings issue next digital payments in this article the writer Padma Sri Akal Sampath she talks about emerging story of her online payment systems and specially in India you see ups introduced by NPC in India and on the basis of that what sub pay is putting its stick and they are not given the license still young till now but the condition that we are putting here that is of data localization but the writer says that it is not of much help because the plan of Facebook is huge and they would have metadata access there and our data localization issue that would be limited to the payments data localization metadata would be accessible to Facebook and Facebook has a huge plan they are clubbing these Instagram whatsapp and Facebook social social identification services into a different domain and by this clubbing they would be able to access a lot of areas social and financial in this country and you see their networks are huge Facebook is a new entrant here so it has not much experience PayPal as a service we all know PayPal has the biggest customer base and companies in China they are also running on this formula we chat has a big customer basis so Facebook also wants to come down here and what sub has a huge Network important and network external nullities are also there so they can use this network there so if they become successful here then then you you can you cannot imagine that there would not be any level playing field for Indian pairs there as we have seen in many areas like Telecom when zo came it was not a level playing field many many arguments were there and they said that it's a nexus between the government and the geo company and that's why many companies were suffering and this is the case we are observing that some business houses they are supported and in a way and here if what's up pay would be successful then it would create a huge imbalance there and again the issue offer the question of a privacy that remains this bibtex foray into financial services would be huge because you see you suppose a condition if you own a business where all the payments in this world they are done through your system how much Ritz you can become you cannot imagine because financial transactions they are like the way we are breathing the economy is breathing with these transactions so transactions are every moment and if these are done through your services then then that is the biggest business in this world so that is the case so especially payments these are very sensitive areas and the face book is relatively new but they are targeting India there they cannot gain a foothold in us because they have strict laws but here in India not great laws are there not great the limitations and restrictions are there so they are targeting in India and India is a huge country with 1.3 billion people if it has become becoming a successful story in India then they will apply it to other developing countries so India is very unique for Facebook and other companies like Alibaba that is from China I leave us only face there Tencent's WeChat which ads are there they are making real clear in China is a huge country but next target is India India has a huge population there so I always say that all the companies are focusing on Indian market there any kind of business and these kind of great businesses like you're earning based on that transactions which are happening in this country so what can be bigger than that and issue is of the previously bigger than the market approval the issue of privacy is huge because you see India is serious about giving local firms and advantage we all know they are claiming so but these steps are not in this direction it should leverage this immense opportunity that is the case that India should leverage this immense opportunity to the local pairs there the local forms there and with a right policy incentives local firms could capture large shares of the digital payment market being UPI are going on as we all know they should be appreciated but the same story would be repeated here as we see in that telecom sector and in some other issues and all these sectors the level playing field that is needed here but if we would allow what's a pay here it would be a totally different scenario because it is huge ok and the largest fallout of granting market approval to a global player player will be in the area of previously as I told you because the case as I explained that if whatsup agrees to set up a data localization in India that within India's physical boundaries it set up the data centers there they're also their localization requirements of the government would be limited to payments data only and as a result Facebook will still have access to metadata on all them in transitions which can be matched with the data that the company already has access to on Instagram messenger messenger and what's up for the same users so this metadata would be a huge issue and Facebook would be able to interfere in all areas like social financial of every individual in this country and it is it is going to be the best a repository of the data and they can play with your life literally they can influence you in there they can influence your life in a huge way and that is why when this issue of the biased internet service game then also it was a big thing means they will show you the biased information which will be useful for them and many cases are also going on on Facebook or the penalty is now put up on Facebook by America only and this camera general analytic at race we all know about that many data leaks were there so these kind of things are extremely derivative for citizens and extremely useful for companies like Facebook so we need to make sure that we bring robust policies there robust laws there so that consumers privacy and their production is safe and no company is able to to influence and manipulate their lives in this big way because Internet is something that we all are dependent on and important technologies are coming like quantum computing that is the future so these companies are able to invest in those technologies those researchers like an artificial intelligence machine learning these quantum computing and all these kind of things are coming and they will change this whole world and only these companies would be able to invest in those because they have a huge capacities so they can do anything with this world in the future so we need to remain very very cautious about about their moves and the moves of the government in which way they allow these companies we need to keep a watch on the government's move also because there can be nexus between the government's and these big companies and these parties they play vicious games with public they can do these nexuses for their election funding and they can do anything we have seen these things in past and things are going on which are really questionable so that's the way these things are important so this is all about this article and next information through Indian beaches in the race to cross the blue flag challenge blue flag challenge started in 1985 in France and what it is about it is about giving a kind of recognition to these bitches who are maintaining a particular standard and Marvin tell conditions are up right there and these are not polluted ones many criterias are there there are nearly 33 criterias and which must be met to qualify for a blue flag certification so 12 Indian beaches are in the race they have not got it till now they are in the race so please locate all these things on the map all these locations by the very capita in in which state these are what are their locations they can be asked easily okay some standards like what are disposal facilities and this friendly facilities first aid equipment no access to pets in the main area of the beaches so these are a compulsory and voluntary both kind of criterias and it is not by any government it is a non-governmental nonprofit organization feee that is given these a blue flag certifications but these are global important one next to trade deficit shrinks 8% in the June fiscal deficit sorry a trade deficit means more imports less exports but that gap is a decline where that means whether we have gone with lesser imports or more exports but exports are actually declining with some numbers and this fiscal deficit is also declining means we are importing less and major commodities which led to this decline in the import is like petroleum products rice cotton rayon fabrics made up gems jewelry's these atoms we imported less in value so that is why because of lesser imports this fiscal sorry to the trade deficit that is getting 8 percent decline here in the month of June if we compared with the last year's data so this is all for today we will meet again tomorrow thanks rod do comfort that particular in the in the yielding thanks

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  2. Cast movement and system is on fall, please look at the election results. Until we stop talking about the ghost of the past, the ghost of the past will always haunt the society to come. Until the day we start evolving under natural law we will never improve or move forward. it's as simple as it should be "Lion or a gazelle we need to run to survive".

  3. Dalit… 🤣🤣🤣..
    For your kind info lal salam news paper reader..
    He is not dalit…
    He is rajput…
    Listen to other side of media as well.. Don't propagate any particular agenda…

    And one more thing…
    Good luck to have such kind of daughter in your lap also..
    And may she ran with some kind of jihadi…
    And on this same platform you read the Constitution.. 😊good luck,.
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