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hello guys my name is Amit Sahni and I welcome you this dance video in the morning these videos come in the evening the mcq lessons they come yesterday is mzq lesson I was not there so it will be uploaded today due to some emergency conditions that could not be uploaded so these two lessons hardly one hour it will take and it's important to preparations were current affairs on a daily basis 25th of July itis and please follow these lessons religiously pocket use app is trending on Google Play and the Hindi operation is also there and regarding these courses description is given below the video you can find the link there you can find the numbers there and you can call on these numbers you can visit the site section where the chat section is available so regarding these courses you can get all the information PDF you will get here on this group and you will also get the telegrams link my telegrams link and you can follow me on instagram too and this is the telegram channels link regarding study IQ steadily I'm telling we all know about that and you get all these PDFs on a daily basis regarding all the courses regarding all the issues so these are the words that I found today and please use more and more verbal phrases and these idioms they are very important now some articles are important in this article that this rockin Ronnie he talks about a particular angle in this population control issue because the kind of force from the government's side or maybe some ministers side or maybe some particular groups side that is going in a way and they call it a population explosion but the Economic Survey says that India is going towards a population decline so within two decades we will balance all these things out so these are contrary opinions one opinion says the political opinion says that population explosion is going on and because of that our growth is not there so it is a kind of a denial for these responsibilities and in a way they are just giving an excuse for there are no performance you must say this because when the economic service is that in next two decades we will maintain these things and we are going towards a decline in the southern states the situation is like that that the replacement rate is not achieved means the fertility rate is less than two means not even their placement rate so they have maintained the issue and in the last 20 years they have balanced this particular thing so southern states are very much advantageous in this situation and whatever these people are saying including some people who have some influence on the masses like Bob Arum Dale and a particular minister he also tweeted regarding this population explosion and they say that the third child should not be given any voting right or something like that so in a way with this very sensitive and huge issue with this excuse they are targeting some people here and they know that where the corporation explosion is a sorry population growth is more so due to that reason some things are being said you see first reality first general understanding and the basic thing is that population is a major problem but only for today it is not for always problem is that we are not able to manage the present population effectively and things are becoming so stressful that the corruption problem the the non execution of some plans and mismanagement efficiencies use capacity issues and budget allocation issues due to all these factors some things are not manageable all the many nervous schemes are running but things are not perfectly manageable so that is the reason that in this stressful stage we are giving these excuses otherwise at the same time while saying that these things are excuses because at the same time we are talking about the demographic dividend and we are boasting and jesting are dumping are just a lot about this on all the platforms on the all international platforms we only talk about the demographic dividend issue but what we are doing for that that is much more important here writer says that the image that all the problems are America explosion is so ingrained in the minds of the people that it does not take much to whip up public sentiment which in turn can quickly degenerate into a deep class or religious conflict today the social shift is to intensive means people are targeting the minorities of the weaker sections and all and the way they have killed many people tying with the polls and all and these cows vigilantism all these issues are apparent in our society and these things are unique in a sense and uniquely dangerous and unprecedented because before that after independence we never heard of these kind of events that people are getting killed by the mob and mob is taking so drastic steps that it looks like there is no no law and order and there is no action on these people that's the bizarre thing about that so that is why any kind of ingrained thought any kind of misconception any kind of confusion any kind of frustration in the people's mind that can result into any kind of drastic situation so that's right we should not propose this kind of things and we should not exploit people's mind in this way because already a particular thing is spent on social media that Muslims are they are going towards a major population boom and they will outnumber Hindus and all and they will attack as I know all these nonsense things are going on and these are not true although the population growth is more in muslims population but it it is nowhere like that because muslims are hardly 15 to 20 percent in india and hindus are huge in number so you cannot say in this situation because we have evidences we have reports we have observations that our populations are towards a decline because already the economic situation is like that that everything is too expensive so the population is is having discretion that how we are going to survive so this is there with every mind and you see the region is different the population boom explosion is for some different reasons and the main reason is the poverty here Reiter is proven that why we should not move towards these kind of notions and why we should we should not introduce the public with these kind of immature thoughts why because the consequences can be dire you see they say that discrimination would be there and they will target some people physical attacks will be there social prejudice that is totally prevalent and apparent and this is the insidious way of tackling the things and people are taking law in their hands and they are not restrained in any way so that's why we need to go for some specific reasons here poverty is the biggest reason here even national population policy when that came in 2000 year when watch my she was there as Prime Minister even at that time when the corporation boom was going in its peak phase so even at that time we said that target free approach if you we would adopt we would not go for go like China where one time policy was mandated early executed we did not go for that and we said that family planning is important thing and it's a voluntary thing so family planning program in India is target free and voluntary in nature and it is prerogative of the clients to choose a family planning method best suited to them as per their productive right so it's a supportive way it never says it does not mean any way that go for population growth and go for a two three four five kids it never says that because it is automatically understood but where people do not understand the reason is poverty and how it is true you see who are tend to have more children because child survival is low son preference remains high so these are the real regions in the want of a son they go for five six seven births till the time they did not get a son so that's the big it is not the reason that they are going for some kind of planning or something like that that people start targeting these people so the poor they have insecurities they have economics in the curriculum Reagan securities they think that more the sons we will have and more they will support the family maybe this will not be true in the future but that's apparent that regressive thinking persists and that's the bigger reason and Family Health Survey for 1516 was the year when it was done because it was the fourth survey it was introduced in 1990s and for service 1516 and we have the latest data with 16 here so they say that lowest wealth quintile have an average of one point six more kids than women in the highest wealth quintile means Sport is the big reason poor people their fertility rate fertility rate means 15 to 49 a woman how many children she gives birth to so if she gives three then the fertility rate is three if she kills four then fertility rate is four so for poor people it is around 3.2 and for rich class it is just one point seven will just double so the insecurity is the reason that addressing thinking is the reason but why because you see there are so intensive levels of poverty in this country then these people are psychologically incapable of accepting any kind of planning or something like that you see this thing is for real you go to the most backward villages of UPB hardest RMP and you will see the condition that you make them understand you try to make them understand regarding any planning regarding any scheme regarding any issues of life regarding any understanding of the life they do not understand because they are mental development is not there and they have been living life in these superstitions and the dependencies are there and they are just hand-to-mouth so you cannot make them understand anything that's the reason big reason and they are not properly developed as a human being you you must say because it's unfortunate situation that they're malnutrition levels their brain development issues that their their education levels health levels basic lifestyle levels they are so unsupported in a way and extreme level of party they have made these people like this and this is so unfortunate so they are in that vicious cycle that they cannot understand anything and that those social ingrained thoughts like we should have a son we should have a more and more number of sons so that we will have some security so these things only are working for them so that's why we need to pull them out from that vicious cycle and then only we can make them and ascend something and before that if we start punishing these people like you will have not have any voting right you will not have any the scheme support and you will not get the food security anything like that then it is it is a bigger danger for their lives and in a way we are intentionally diverse eating their lives so we need to work on 41st then we can talk about the population growth because already we have towards the decline that is for sure we have reports for that and in 23 states of this country the population is towards our decline from now and means the growth is towards a decline and we will manage the situation within two decades so that is the case so always we talk about population explosion but we should look at this reality also means the bigger responsibilities to men is the porti first and if we can manage the poverty then it is apparent that when the education levels are high education levels are high basic health facilities are high and awareness is high then automatically at least they will come to a level a basic level where extreme never of poverty will not be there and they they would be able to come out of that isolation and they will understand about the family planning issue and this has a proof that where education levels are around 10 to 12 class standard if those are women this miseducated then they never go for more than two kids there are evidences two three maximum three so that means the education level health health level these kind of supports basic supports they help people to get out of the forty and due to this exclusion from the sorry this coming out of the from the poverty that supports the family planning issue and this is how we can manage the population growth so that's the better way it is not a good way to talk about this isolation and stripping of their all the basic support systems and taking of their voting rights and all this is already reserved and this is not political and intensively targeting people and it will have major consequences in the society so that is the case okay and the major issue of a demographic dividend that will also be realized only when we will manage poverty situation and these basic issues but the biggest obstacle in this achievement what is that that obstacle is that we need to take big steps today and it will take time 10 15 20 years time it will take at least and then the situation will be drastically improved but who will take these steps these governments every time when they come they have insecurities means four or five years later we will have elections who is going to give us words if some things are not visible so they only go for visible changes they will implement those schemes which are visible working if they if they invest money in education health and these scaling and all then these will give result and real results in a 15 to 20 years so it will take time but today they go for only simple schemes like p.m. Sonia Income Support Scheme yogena which puts a lot of economic pressure and they are not very much supportive they are not bringing any structural changes so if we need structural changes if we need the end of the party and if we need the proper management of the population growth then we need to go for big plan reforms and investment in these basic sectors but we are not able to that health sector around 1% budget so what you can expect out of that and why it is because they have political insecurities so that's the reason okay so this is important for GS paper one and two and a set of it it's a very important asset of it you may write that you can write a means question on that also next shifting target a shift in strategy concerns here it is giving a particular angle like in the last article we have a particular angle towards a population growth a popular opinion here again a popular opinion in the indo-pakistan relation and there is a particular specific angle to that what is that means the leverage geopolitical geopolitical geo-economic leverage that India and Pakistan have means both countries have their unique situations and normally we are talking about Pakistan's a bad situation that economic wanna be so bad that they are just on the brink of a crisis and no one is supporting them and they are heavily inserted like that but it does not hundred percent true although this jaffrey Jeff recently came when Trump said that Modi ji approached him for this mediation and it is it is the highest level of offensive thing for India because we have maintained this thing for decades that we do not need mediation here this is a bilateral issue and anybody proposing this a mediation would be a big time comfort there and here it is our prime minister who is being a legend but we are denying that so it's it's a very disturbing issue and how it is going to be shattered we do not know but when we talk about the situation then we talk on real issues and about the real situations they have a unique complex geopolitical situation here and America wants US influence but for that it needs a respectable exit from of granite respectable exit from Syria and it needs some local support there and the governments are not able to do that means Afghan government is not able to do that so Taliban support they are seeking but for Taliban they need to talk down to Pakistan just one a half year back they stopped all these economic support to Pakistan and all these things happen we all know about that so after that they again started talking to Pakistan because that key is of Taliban is there with Pakistan so that's the main reason that again and again they come to Pakistan and Pakistan get this gets this leverage there and it is never out of the picture once we discussed on our mainstream media that Pakistan is getting no support from there it is all inserted everywhere but this is not the real situation it has its own and leverages CPAC is going through Pakistan so China has it's a need that economic security would be there some strategic security should be there from this region if this area becomes unstable then it's not good for CPAC so China has its own particular concerns and that's why it wants a stable Pakistan America has a stable has this needed to have a stabilized Pakistan why because Pakistan only can control these Haqqani network Taliban issues and all and it can be a nice mediator there and America knows about that so that's the reason that they had forced military lines in and in peace with Pakistan if you know the history then it's totally apparent that they have a need for Pakistan and that's why they were supporting it economically so that it keeps a check on these groups and through Pakistan America has some kind of a dominance in this region but that is a destabilized and that's why they stopped this support but now again they know that they cannot do it do it without Pakistan so that's the reason and here again again and again it went towards Pakistan and you see the series of events Pakistan we demanded that bin Pakistan on the blacklist but it was not done and we said that IMF is not along to support Pakistan but ultimately it gave the IMF support financial support there although conditions are there but it gave some support and there was a acute economic crisis in Pakistan but anyhow they are handling the issue the Middle East countries there also is Pakistan so we cannot say that Pakistan is just out of the picture and it has nothing in its hand although the situation is not good but it is not like that we are posing in our country through the mainstream media this is not the real situation it has its own leverages and that's right we have a good political situation in this country and we have a we have a emboldened position politically government has majority and they can go for big decisions so that is the positivity from our side Pakistan has its own positivity is because the u.s. and Pakistan unique situation with Pakistan used with the u.s. Pakistan and China Pakistan so that unique situation so that leverage it has and it never goes away so that is the reason that maybe these countries do not want but they have this need and that's why they need a stabilized Pakistan there and different reasons America attempts always that it is able to use India against China but that's not so simple because we are a huge country we are a very powerful country now but Pakistan is a clear tool for America if it gives money to Pakistan then Pakistan is ready to be used that is for sure and mainly issue is this is this a blackmailing through these target these militant groups and all Haqqani network Olivar know and America is not able to contain them because America is not a local player there it needs some local support and that local support is Pakistan so that is the reason so again and again we feel that there is no support for Pakistan but it still there and it's obscure but still very real so we need to be very careful about that and now the question of mediation we know that it's a very offensive thing to talk about mediation from Indian side but the writer says that if it is going to be a possibility in the future we should not rule out that if it is going to be a possibility then it should be only to assist in the region so that the Pakistan's proxy war is ended in Kashmir and the area becomes peaceful and once the area becomes peaceful then we should go for the next step and what kind of next step the kind of step which was taken during the enraha this time in 1972 when this symbol on acousticians happen in Simla what was signed so that kind of a step we need today but for that the peaceful condition should be there so if we go for some third party mediation if things are not manageable then certainly this should be only limited for this proxy wars ending that's the case and maybe the mainstream media they do not highlight the importance of 90-72 situation but that was very much in fear of India and we had this leverage there so that's why we need to go on real terms and these in these nonsensical social media campaigning in India in this media that nonsensical debates which which go on all the times they should be stopped and we should work more on our capabilities we should show that we have our own control in these disturbed regions with mainly in the Kashmiri in the line of control issues and we need to reserve the option for more ambitious Spiritist rights like these Sergio strikes and all in response to major test attacks on our ability targets so we need to show that we have major capacities so we need a overhaul of our intelligence situation and we need to have a total control on these situations and we need to show that so that when internationally this thing is being discussed then they will have this reason that India's position is very strong there and they will be more in fear of India less in here of Pakistan and once they are less than here of Bacchus then Pakistan will be debilitated because it has nothing of its own so that at that day we can control the situation very easily and we can help his son to sign anything at that time but for that these leverages they should be maintained by India and they will be maintained when we will show our capacities today many vulnerabilities we have and human rights issues also we have it in the region so we need some robust steps there today it's all ringing the spirits situation is hanging and that's why nobody can say that India side is very strong there because we are struggling a lot there we are losing a soul I suppose there's some daily basis and Kashmir is not in our hand people are against us against the state and their religious angle is also there so that's the reason that we need to be very much realistic in these terms and we need to have this image that we are very strong in our position and then only we can contain times down there otherwise this hidden support for Pakistan will be there always okay and in the Afghan situation also we need to be very much active and in the Taliban process also we need to be a stakeholder if we are isolated in these issues then certainly we are out of the picture and nobody will see the case of a dominant position for India so that's the thing so this is all for this article and important 4GS paper – mainly ok next regarding a Sri Lanka a unique example Sri Lanka is the fourth country nation region which has got this status that it has eliminated eliminate the measles disease it's a virus based disease viral disease and vaccine preventable disease VPD the UPSC may ask you that which are in the list which are the vaccine preventable disease they will put all these names like the tuberculosis and measles and diphtheria you know measles and theories are the vaccine preventable disease but tuberculosis is any comparison to these two is not that all the vaccine was there DPT vaccine is there sorry here the for a tabular process vaccine can be there but we have seen many examples that it is not that much effective so that is a case so many trials are also going on for many wild disease like Ebola trials are going on in the Malawi country the malaria vaccine trials are going on so they may ask you about these recent details but in this case when there is a resurgence of this infection in 49 countries in Europe sorry in world they are having major cases more than one more five lakh cases and hundred deaths it's a it's a major concern and in the summer European countries also we have these cases means these are some things to be concerned for because developed countries but hundred deaths it's a big big issue and why this happened because vaccination it's a it says it's a kind of a the process when they need to maintain some continuity and they need to contain the virus and it is not very easy easy to contain the virus why it is a situation where a small country like Sri Lanka was able to contain that and many countries they are not able to contain the reason lies in the approach Sri Lanka's approach you see there are two doses of this vaccine and in both these phases Shinagawa and for about 95 95 percent of the coverage but for other countries globally on an average for the first phase 85 percent coverage and second phase only 67 percent coverage and that is the reason that some pockets were left out and the where the virus was prevailing and when this vaccination was not proper because some supply chain issues were there supplies were not proper and that's why these are isolated and left out groups they gave a favourable position for the virus and it persisted and it became very much registered to these vaccinations and the vaccination was not were not effective you see when this followed a polio campaigns are going on in India then many times they give these doses so that virus is not able to research and it is not getting any capacity against the vaccination and vaccination is successful it is effective so it needs to be effective but it was not effective globally but it was effective in Sri Lanka because they went for above 95 percent of coverage and they never left out any people's group so that's the example they need to apply in all these areas otherwise it's a major problem and once the vaccine fails in some region it's it's a it's a big concern for whole world because vaccines they should be affected there must be effective otherwise they will fail it just like the AMR issue antimicrobial resistance issue because the effectivity should act seals are having some regions like in fonio many many issues are there and they are changing some courses like oral polio vaccines and all these ideally accents issues are there in front of us so it's a very sensitive issue and consistently challenges we have bacterial disease in viral disease in both these cases we have challenges social unrest over a good as exhibit example and in the case of pol ii also we have made this thing possible and we have achieved a target and we are a poly free nation today because we had this will and we sure this will and we executed that will so that will we need to show in cases of TB HIV also in the cases of non communicable disease also but that will is not visible the way we showed it in polio case so all countries should learn from Sri Lanka here and that's the example here the Chennai is article which is there today for water harvesting and all you should read for yourself because it is all based on the data and all and not much to explain here but this these issues are important and this is an important topic 4GS paper one and three mainly three and do also because the policy execution is also important here next moon has got its manure and sorry the the Chandrayaan has its manure and first orbital boost it has got in GTO it will established what is eto geo transfer orbit geosynchronous transfer orbit why if it's some somewhere in the middle because directly it is not approaching the moon it will move like that and then it will be there at a position where it will enter into moon's orbit and it will keep rotating around it and then it will give a revolution around it not rotating revolution around it and ultimately it will oppose the moon and on 20th of august it will be on the surface of the Moon hopefully and 14th of August when it will enter the orbit of the moon so that's the case and you see they are controlling it from its tracks so they may ask about is tracked its raw telemetry tracking command network where it is it is there in Pina Bengaluru so that is the important region for prelims examination other details are much talk and we have repeated them many times regarding I see Emma and you move to eight the data collection data collection is a big problem in India today because the data's sometimes they are not efficient they are not perfect they are not true sometimes and collection issues are there so for this problem they are bringing a particular mu and ICMR and IMS these two institutions they are going for this and an end in dick your from national data quality forum okay what it is going to do it will establish protocols and good practices for data collection storage use and dissemination that can be applied to health and demographic data so this is set by ICMR regarding ICMR you can read that it was started in 1911 as alpha Indian research for an association and then in 1949 it became ICMR it is presided over by a Union Health Minister so these details are important and it has many other facilities it has its own labs and all and the research institutes 30 permanent research institutes in various regions of this country and regarding these specific diseases and infections it is taking steps and some unique like Henry go-to syndrome it was which was found in Karnataka villages and it is doing the research for this also so they may ask you the specific details regarding some institutions sometimes you may see go for that regarding RTI issue was asked the people are the first CIC of this country he also raises concerns he says that it will not be effective if they are pushing for this issue in the present form and they have passed this issue in Lok Sabha and in Rajab also if it is passed then forget about this institution it will not be effective anymore because when I was there he said that I was there we used to issue directions to the secretaries also and they were compliant because our body goes reverse locust we had security of ener but it will not be there if they are going to be dependent on central governments rulings and directions then certainly they will be under pressure and this will be a yes-man body for sure and first aim of Information Commission was to give the right to citizens that Jamaica Dakar Jamaica Queens right – no but that will that will not be realized any further because the security of tenure would not be there and they are changing these norms and the condition would be there with the central government power will be there with the central government so this is not good and many many experts are raising concerns against this issue additional thing is that they are not going going for major security scrutinies this thing is not well discussed in a Lok Sabha and the other house also so it is happening with many many sensitive issues like the you APA act that is a gain passed as an amendment bill and that was also not scrutinized much and concerns are there because David they can target people through that and with this you APA bill they can declare any person as terrorist so although we cannot say that they will go for any person but there can be some mismanagement and there can be some innocent people who are not the real targets and they can be targeted so scrutiny is important main issues of the scrutiny why it is not being there that issue next sugar mills they are going for a bigger buffer this year and they are saying that we will build 4 million ton buffer and effort with the fair and eliminatory price you see one is MSP and one is FRP MSP is more than the market rate okay minimum support price that is more than the market rate but FRP is not more than that it's just a fair and a remunerative price and that is decided by the minister there and sorry a camera committed in economic affairs there CC ei goes for these final issues regarding the payments and regarding their prices or not CAC P suggest that but cabinet Community and Economic Affairs they take final distance so it has taken two decisions and these are well combined sugar industry regarding this FRP they have maintained the same levels and they are going for bigger the first now estimates suggest that the country will produce thirty two point nine five million tons of sugar in the current marketing year and this is against the annual domestic demand of just twenty six millions means additional seven million tonnes would be there so they are going for bigger buffer now and it will support farmers also and sugar industries also so that's what is so many details will come because these are very complex issues and many many problems are attached with that so that is all and we'll take additional things in the questioning thank sort keep watching it was a misery

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