English Grammar – Past Simple & Present Perfect

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  1. all engvid teachers are great, but when you see a Jame's video, you feel like you have been teaching by a buddy (Was my present perfect continuos tense correctly used?)
    thanks bro

  2. He is a kind of energetic teacher, but he speaks too fast for students. I think he should slower down his rate of speaking.

  3. you are very nice person , i really enjoy when i watch your videos .
    i come to USA before one year ago and i still have some problems with grammer but you make it very simple to me . keep going man

  4. Notice we can use simple past without being specific, if the action happened a long time ago. For example: "A big solar explosion created the universe."

  5. The only one video on entire youtube which clearly explains what's going on with this two different tenses. No more confusions thanks to you. Incredibly good.

  6. James, you are not only a great teacher and handsome man, also you are a guy from Toronto who likes soccer! 10 out of 10.

  7. OMG… i whise i have a teacher as you at college !!!! you are really a good teacher, id like to teache as well as you do one day… bye bye take care

  8. Is the sentence "How much coffee have you drunk so far today"? grammatically correct. I mean it's surely a present perfect continuous, isn't it? And btw. Does the "perfect" in "present perfect continuous" stand for the finished time or the finished action in the sentence?

  9. I've studied English for years and just Now I feel like I really understand Grammar!! Thanks a lot. Tomorrow I have an appointment to give a model lesson of simple past. I'm happy I was lucky to find your channel

  10. example
    question :
    have you watched the movie?
    answer :
    i've watched the movie OR
    i watched the movie yesterday at my home
    Can you guys tell me which one is true and false.?thanks

  11. 1. I have encountered this problem several times.
    2. I encountered this problem several times.
    What is difference between sentence 1 and 2?

  12. thank you sir i was having problems with my homework so i went on youtube and type it in and i see your video  so i watched it and it helps me a lot thank you so much 

  13. Heloo 🙂 Can you please give an exemple on "why we use present perfect, How many times and how long " please 🙂
    Thank you

  14. Thank you James ! It's realy clear now. I've been encountering problems with this point for years….Now, it's fixed ! thanks !

  15. In my language, there's no difference between past times. It's really hard to spot a difference between these two times. Thanks for vid

  16. Nice video, and you make it with a very intresting way. But I thing you should make it again with a better sound (like other videos) and 0:49 because is mising one "l" from the second sentence XD

  17. Thank you Mr James Excellent explanation. Its clearer for me how to explain this to my students. Congratulations for the great vídeo.

  18. you know ima nine year old
    from another place i study english with grown ups cause i knew english as a baby (watching cartoons) and our teacher uses you a lot and i just dont know the diffirence between the two tenses i thought I'd check you out and it helped me a LLLLOOOOOTTTT

  19. Hi, James! My name is Flávio. I'm Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro. I'm an English teacher here. Nice Videos. Have you already been to Brazil?

  20. Hi Mr. James. Thank you for your videos . I've learnt a lot with them. But I have a question about the topic "present perfect x simple past". If I say: Did you do your homework? Or Have you done your homework? Both are correct and they just have different meaning, rigth? Could you help me, please?

  21. I was looking for james's vedeos about tenses and when I found this vedeo I've noticed that my language is not weak. actually, I'm standing 🤣. Oh by the way james i'm big fun of you. I hope you are reading my comment at this moment and whispering: " this girl could be an amazing student of mine" 😁

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