[NO EXIT BROADCAST] [MONSTA X’s NO EXIT BROADCAST] [We’ll reveal each member’s innermost thoughts!
Psychological test!] [My past?]
[Let’s find out their past lives! Hypnosis test!] [Today’s topic!]
[Psychological test & hypnosis!] [Believe it or not]
[You’ve probably dreamt of your past life once]
Whether you were an animal or… – I was a goblin.
– I was a king. [I’m the king!]
I just thought of something. – Stone. – A pebble this big?
– No, a rock. You mean this small crushed sand
found in the beach?
[I said a rock…] – A big rock. – Pebble? – Gravel.
[Other members are defining
Hyungwon’s past life.] -Why are there rocks in past lives?
– There are such things. [A mysterious and fascinating world of past life!]
– They sometimes appear!
– When I get hypnotized, and someone asks me,
“What were you in your past life Wonho?”
I respond by saying, “I was a rock.” [Noisy] – When someone asks,
“Wonho, what do you see?”
and I just say I see rocks… – That’s wrong. – I can see water in front of me. – It really exists!
[Let’s just say you were idols, not rocks…] [Suspicion may disrupt
the result of the hypnosis test] Don’t be too suspicious about it
and just feel comfortable. [Put away your suspicion and]
[let’s get to know your present and past lives.] – Understood.
– Understood. Your personalities are depicted in the paintings. [An essential course to get to know MONSTA X.] Don’t we need to bring him back? [The MONSTA X that you know?] I want to leave but I don’t have the courage .
[A poignant past life experience!] – I want to stop. – What?
– I want to stop. [It starts now!] – He’s here!
– Hello! Nice to meet you~ [Director of Seol Gi-mun Institute for Mind]
[Professor Seol Gi-mun] What are we doing today? – Psychology…
– Experience past life. – To know the enemy and yourself.
– Huh? – To know the enemy and yourself.
-Wow~ Please raise your hand if you think
you won’t get hypnotized. I’m scared of getting hypnotized. How are you scared of it? It’s scary to know that
someone can read my mind. You’ll find this place uncomfortable. – Yes [Shy].
– What should we do? This is a time for you guys but also [a time for fans to know MONSTA X.] – Shall we start?
– Yes. – Good. We’ll start with psychological test first.
[Let’s know oneself first before taking the
hypnosis test!] – You guys look ready.
– Yes. Let’s start with the first question! [Question]
[If you go to a cafe,
what kind of drinks will you order?] [Scenario 1]
[1. Ice coffee 2. Orange juice 3. Coke 4. Tea] Ta-da~ Please show us! [I want to order~]
[Owner! I want 5 ice coffee and 2 orange juice.] Two members wrote orange juice,
and the rest wrote ice coffee. Please put it down~ I’ll explain how your choice of drinks
reflect your character flaws. If you chose ice coffee, [Those who chose ice coffee]
[are very strict with the rules] They’re sensitive about past stories. They hate talking about the past. They cannot stand reopening old wounds. – Next is~
– Orange juice. [Is there a difference between
the five members (ice coffee)
and two members (orange juice)?] The five members are dull
like the color of coffee. We’re fruity. You’re romantic.
[A fruity and satisfied smile] [Those who chose orange juice]
[have a strong sense of identity] – That’s me~
– That’s right [Agree]. [Self promotion in the modern era!]
That was accurate! – They are sensitive to their appearances~
– [Jooheon] That person sitting at the end! You guys didn’t choose other drinks,
but I’ll briefly read them. [Those who chose coke]
[enjoy having fun and are irresponsible] They often hear that they’re difficult
to get along with. [Those who chose tea]
[think relationships are important] – Ah! I should’ve chosen tea… [Sad]
– They dislike hearing gossips about their families, relatives and close friends,
and feel uncomfortable about it. Let’s move on to the second question~ [MONSTA X goes back to their childhood
by taking the psychological test.] [You’re walking down the street!] [Scenario 2]
[How will you carry the bird,
monkey and snake with you?] There’s no answer to this question. Just write whatever you think it’s good. Please show us~ [Minhyuk] [Kihyun] [Wonho] [Shownu & I.M] [Jooheon & Hyungwon] The bird represents your child. – It’s your child.
– Child? [Surprised!] [Wonho] So my child shows me the path? The monkey is your wife. – It’s your wife.
– I carry the monkey. You’re causing inconvenience. [Romantic Kihyun]
[Easy-going Minhyuk] – Money!
– Okay, it’s fortune! Money. [The snake represents fortune]
I wrapped it around my arm! [Ride on it] [Wrap it] [Hang it]
– You’re riding on a fortune! – Gold chain~ Let’s see who has the best drawing. [Overall evaluation]
– It’s me! – Tell us. My child will lead the way. My wife is wise and intelligent,
so she helps me communicate with my child. [Another interpretation]
[A dad who can’t communicate!]
You don’t have good relations with your child. [Another interpretation]
[Wife plays the role of translating]
– He’s a foreigner! – Ah~ Foreigner. [A painting with different interpretations]
He’s a foreigner, so she needs to translate. Do you know what the problem is?
I’m riding on top of money. [Roll the engine! I’m came with money!]
– So I have a lot of wealth. – Right. – That sounds pretty cool. [Agree]
– We say that you’re sitting
on a cushion of wealth. – You’re not siting on a cushion of wealth,
but you’re riding it!
– That’s right. [Envious look]
– I envy you for that. – Anyone else? – Me!
– Yes. – I carry my wife and
wrap money around my arms.
– Hang in clusters. I have my child on my shoulders,
and I’m feeling free… [A father with his child on his shoulders]
– That’s heavy! – It means I’ll support my child. No, your shoulders feel heavy. [Sacrifices for his child]
[Represents modern day fatherhood]
You’ll have your child on your shoulders. – I admire you. – What if your shoulders are small?
– Your shoulders are small… [I’ll go to the gym and train!] [Kihyun loves his members]
[I’m not going to be the only one attacked]
Can I interpret Minhyuk’s drawing? – Wait! – He’s holding his bird by its collar.
– That’s right. I’m not holding the dog by its collar!
The leash is holding its feet. The snake represents money. – The snake is wrapped around his neck,
and because of money…
– Gold chain. [His life is threatened by strangling!]
– He is being choked by the neck. [An argument that’s hard to refute]
– That’s how I understand it. – Excuse me! – Anyways, money symbolizes…
– No, you’re wrong! [Pressured Jooheon]
The snake around his neck means
he is wrapped with money. [Strongly denies!] The monkey is left freely. [Viewers’ can interpret on their own.]
I won’t say much about this. [Headquarter of Service Center
deals with the problem]
Let me explain how I interpret my drawing. For the bird…
You can’t let your child loose. [It’s necessary for my child’s education.]
– You need to educate your child,
therefore… – That’s right. – I tried to express that
– Right. I have gold necklace dangling on myself.
[That’s a very generous interpretation] – A lot of it.
– That’s right~ My wife is next to me… [I can’t think of something to say!] My wife isn’t like Kihyun’s wife,
and doesn’t cling on to me all the time. – I let it free. [Easygoing couple]
– I don’t hold onto it. I don’t carry my wife,
my wife is cuddle up in my arms.
[Emphasizes their good relationship one more time] [Criticizes self-absorbed,
romantic orange juice team] – Orange juice (team)! They talk so much.
– So hot. [Strict ice coffee team] [MONSTA X psychological test]
[Minhyuk – Struggles with finance, loves his child,
let’s his wife loose.] [Kihyun – Loves his wife, sacrifices for his child]
[Wonho- No financial worries, smart child,
wise wife.] [I.M – Fortune, child and wife all go separate
ways… Liberated.]
[Shownu – Poor but loves his family] [Hyungwon – Happy and ideal family life.]
[Jooheon – Struggles financially
but loves his family.] Draw these four elements –
mountain, tree, house and road.
Exercise your imagination and draw whatever you want. Please show us! [Reveal] [Minhyuk] [Kihyun] [Wonho] [Shownu & I.M] [Jooheon] [Hyungwon] The mountain represents your personality. [Kihyun] He has a difficult personality. Look at that pointy mountain! You have a personality
that’s difficult to get along with. – Just what I thought~!
– That’s sharp. – You’re very accurate teacher. If the mountain is wide and curved, it means you have a gentle personality. – Isn’t that a wave?
– What’s this? It’s a hill. [They’re showing off their messy drawing]
[Looks mushy] Let’s talk about the tree. Tree trunk represents your ego. He doesn’t have ego. If there are a lot of branches, it shows that you have a lot of curiosity
and can’t stay still. This person likes to move a lot. [Expects Minhyuk to have a lot of branches.]
Did Minhyuk draw a lot of branches? I have three! [Minhyuk’s branches don’t
reflect his personality.] If the trees are drawn together, it means you’re strongly attached to people. If the trees are drawn apart from each other, it means you’re disinterested in
interacting with other people. If the roads are winding and narrow, it means you’re worried about the future. If the road gets wider,
it means you’re optimistic about the future. This is how you understand it. If the houses are drawn small, – it means you feel mentally unstable.
– I’m unstable. [Wonho] [Small world] Do you have a chimney in your house? [Most members drew chimneys] That represents the harmony in your family. [MONSTA X Psychological test]
[Minhyuk – Great personality. Beagle-like.] [Kihyun – Don’t touch him, he pricks. Chic guy.]
[Wonho – Friendly personality.
Worries about his future.] [I.M – Chic personality but likes people.]
[Shownu – Straightforward and strong ego.] [Hyungwon – Come visit my house. 16 windows.]
[Jooheon – A bright future beyond the small hills.] We just finished the psychological test. [Second part] Hypnosis time! – Are you excited about getting hypnotized?
– Yes. Why are you excited? – I’ve never tried it before…
– You’ve never tried it? What would it be like? You probably have many questions
about hypnosis. Even if I explain this to you, you won’t know unless
you personally experience this. Let’s try this first.
We’ll do a test. Clap… [Confused] Louder! [Hands are hurting]
[MONSTA X members are obedient] Stop~! Do this. Your hands are feeling warm. [Shaking] Put your hands close to each other,
then keep them apart. Close your eyes. Imagine that both hands
are getting closer to each other. Imagine that your hands
are pulling each other like magnets. [My hands…] Imagine that they’re stuck together. [North and south pole]
They’re getting closer to each other,
and getting stuck together. They’re getting closer to each other,
and getting stuck together.
[Smiles] When I tell you to put your hands apart, because of this hard feeling, [A person who is hypnotized
can’t pull their hands apart] Your eyes are stuck together. Your eyes are stuck together
because I applied glue to your eyes just now. Because your eyes are stuck together, even if I tell you to open your eyes,
you can’t open them. [All seven members are concentrating!] Please pull your hands away from each other
if you can.
[Who got hypnotized?] [One by one, some have pulled their hands apart..] Open your eyes if you can. [One person is not moving]
How do you feel? – Yes?
– How do you feel? [A serious frown]
Doesn’t he need to pull his hands apart? – Still…
– It’s okay. How do you feel? I can’t pull my hands apart. You can’t pull them apart?
How about your eyes? My eyes too. Why’s that so? I’m trying to pull my hands apart
but I don’t know why… [Hypnotized state] You were the fastest one
to react in the beginning.
[Shocking!] Good. What’s your name? I’m Jooheon. [He’s conscious but his body is not listening!]
Good. Your neck is frozen. Feel your neck getting frozen. Your neck is frozen. When I ask your name,
your voice won’t come out. [Concentrate] It’s frozen. Now, what’s your name? [Really?] What’s your name? Your voice doesn’t come out.
You can’t speak. Nod your head if you can’t speak. [Nods] [This is their first time seeing Jooheon like this.] Try to make him talk. Jooheon. [Talks about food…]
It’s lunch time, let’s eat. [Doesn’t move] [Argh!] [Jooheon feels unfamiliar to other members] [He’s hypnotized but doesn’t want to fall]
Stay still! [They haven’t seen him like this!] 4 hours have passed.
He slept for 4 hours. I’ll wake him up when it’s 5 hours. I’ll ask him how long he slept, and he’ll tell me 5 hours. [Why doesn’t the hypnosis work on me…]
You’ll feel your stress relieved. It’s been 5 hours. I’ll clap three times. He’ll wake up after three claps. When he wakes up,
he’ll look like he woke up from a good sleep. I’ll clap three times.
1, 2, 3! [Focusing on him!] [He has tears in his eyes]
He woke up. His head is moving. Please get up. Please give him a round of applause. [Confused] This is really amazing… That’s right. Please tell us how it felt in your conscious state. When I was sitting down,
I couldn’t pull my hands apart
after they got stuck together. [Hands and eyes stuck together like magnets]
I couldn’t open my eyes when you said my eyes were stuck together.
When you asked my name, I was conscious. I tried to pull them apart, but I couldn’t. What about when you were on the ground? It felt uncomfortable. – You couldn’t move.
– I couldn’t move. Good job. [MONSTA X feels amazed like a child] The reason why we do this is to pull out [Hypnosis therapy] [Change a hypnotized
person’s mental and physical functions]
our inner potential. [by using a method that brings positive effect.]
We use this to do psychological treatment [It’s widely used for psychological treatment
and psychoanalysis.]
or improve memory. It’s an example to show that we can use it for
useful information. Let’s move onto Hypnosis Part 2. Hypnosis Part 2 is about
traveling back to past life.
[Look forward to Part 2!] [Please look forward to next week’s episode of

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