I guess the running man's thanks very much for checking out this video this video is all on a PvP event that I did last Sunday it was organized and arranged by happy bombs who's a twitch streamer he's a really nice guy I'm gonna link his channel in the description below along with a couple of other people's channels of who I played with in my team but onto the event itself it's called true colors and it's a really really nice idea for a PvP of them unlike most events it doesn't involve discord or teamspeak you have to use in-game chat to play and it makes it more of an organic PvP kind of environment it's really really nice so you don't know who's gonna be in your team at the start you spawn across the map at a set time and a given an hour and a half to loot up and get to the first zone so you start as a new spawn all you know is that you the color of your own team so for this particular day I was in Team Blue and if you look at these these colors here I'm just showing you on happy bombs whose website there's blue and you can see how the colors are signified there's also a team green team pink team yellow team red and team purple I think there was 6 or 7 players in each team 70 thing 7 players per team so basically you spawn randomly across the map you don't spawn with your team you've got an hour and a half to get to the first zone and then from the end things start to unfold so in terms of the zones three teams had to get to Vishnoi within an hour and a half and three teams my team being one of them team blue had to get took a globe though but within an hour and a half and then you meet up and you're allowed to PvP in the first zone you have to hold there for 15 minutes inside that play area but you're only allowed to use pistols and melee weapons you're not allowed to use big guns like primary weapons and such like only pistols and melee weapons after the first zone is over you then have to make your way to the second zone where all teams converge in one area the second zone for all teams was cracy no and then if you're lucky enough to have made it past the second zone the very final player here was an especial castle which is the New Castle close to la 14 oh so that's how the event worked once you've got to the first zone pvp was open but pistols only as soon as the first zone ended and after 15 minutes you're allowed to move on to the next area that's it open play you can shoot any gun you like anyone's fair game any gun however you like it's a really really nice event I really enjoyed it I hope I do this video justice it was kind of tense at times to say the least so we're gonna pick it up just as I'm on the coast waiting for the event to start and we'll crack on from there hope you enjoy this video guys thanks a lot for checking it out I'll catch you in the next one look you boy oh what's up no wait what you want I was busy oh I space her pee space herpes yeah no not herpes herpy the only one singular how would you catch space herpes that sounds like you'd probably get in trouble I think yeah yes you would something's woodrue me something would probably fall off though wouldn't it in the cold atmosphere of space you know things freeze very very quickly hang on just point me in the way you're going again yeah it's gotta be pretty close you're going that way hang on let me just go here let me just stand here right yeah good luck alright good bearings good luck space herpes my day you go thank you Herbie can we go now can we go yet drinkin can we go now can we go I don't know usually so usually there's an admin announcement can we go can we go can we go now can we go look here we go can we go can we go little dog can we go can we go can we go can we go can we go did you pee first at least I did Jen go and then more – yeah I covered both bases don't you worry oh well that's you've got it you gotta make sure you I make it three o'clock dude why aren't we I'm going it's three o'clock I'm going it must be timing you go as well dude they've gone over there look we're standing in the ones to the left of gun I've tried to come around the back just in case somebody was in front of me and come here now all I'm looking for really is scopes possibly a shotgun so I'm gonna quickly check this house and then check those sheds but if I find a PU scope I'm not going to check the on the skit sheds we're off might check them a hunting scope I guess is a possibility but I guess we can use that as rag so it'll take that a few rags these doors are open which suggests they've been looted which sucks you know people have already got here these are all looted it's been looted already maybe we started late oh that's that's kind of handy as is that but yeah this is already been looted I don't know if I really want that it's a little bit heavier but I know that's a new spawn stop I'm guessing someone's already been in I don't need to guess anymore do I all right let's go over there's no point looting the rest of it I'm not we've got to get somewhere where nobody's been there's a blue guy he's hopefully the one that looted dinghy he's just turned around as well that's cool hello oh you I'm Rambo vivia Rambo heyday Rambo I'm Paul nice to meet you did you lose starts to write n nice did you know I got there someone it's bigger than us yeah alright where are you planning on the guy next to I don't know man everything that I was thinking of the guy that is ahead of us looted okay well I was thinking of going to the summer count at the barn I was thinking of going to the summer camp at south of Novi and then straight to VMC what do you think yeah that's good that's half a decent sign nobody's been in the medical building but I guess perhaps nobody would need to think this is looted dude the doors are all open fuck should we just skip and check that one on the right let me check a couple it's worth checking a couple of something might've respawn but yeah we're not the third we're not the first people here so close there's nothing we need to go somewhere else but where should we go to PMC we're going via let's just go straight to the MC I'm sure it'll be fine I'm good to go there we go as the loop shit we're going everywhere from someone's already been that's the loop entry okay well we set off when they they are a denote some people sometimes sneak in a little bit early right you never know but we'll see how many players are in each team at least six I think I think it's probably more than that but at least six six teams or six might be about right somebody's shooting at VMC dude is that all that's that right we got to go this way if there's someone the red team to the right about zippers behind 20 okay he's got a lot he's got a nice big gun in his hand as well yeah all right we need to try and get to the barracks before he does that barrack in front is looted it's just quickly checked you never know these in barracks see these barracks on the left here the other side of the road past these garages maybe they've not been looted it we might be able to get in there dude you loo that one close all that Luke closed all the doors when you're done I don't know if it's been looted or not it's open base who's looting and leaving a K max to be honest okay yeah I've just picked up another one import a gimmick yeah my parrot looked like it'd been looted yet it looked like it had been looted but but our your doors were open inside waiting well the doors oh no but they head towards the wall and check the first green tower dude I'll do the next one up the wall oh there's a guy in front now dude fuck that let's run let's just run we need to grab the repeat loop dude he's gonna bow payable to this thug he's gonna beat us to the barracks we could rush to the death man the tents have got not with the tents don't have great loot though do they and now he's seen it there's a lot of dents there's the big plan well you do that then do you loot the tents I'm gonna loot some of the greenhouse you do the tents we can meet back in clog louver if not dude just loot the tents maybe head over towards the ATC when you're done I'll try and catch you there he's obsessed with the tents this guy I think he's going to run all the way to the tents and that's going to be looted – I just need somewhere wet which is guaranteed to be looted if it has to be green towers so be it but I'm gonna at least get a UMP mag oh no you know I'm gonna be able to have a UMP I might get an FNX I can't keep going after loot that's already been taken I might as well go somewhere I know nobody's been look at that Oh what's not to like their property won't be too many m4 is in there in the event didn't listen to me did he should have stateroom he I've probably showed you enough towels now ray can you get the picture the loot was fantastic we're gonna pick it back up in a second as I join back up with VV Rambo I did meet him again I ended up finding two AKMs and m4 and a UMP with mags and scopes for most of those so I picked them all up because going back to Google over we're going to have teammates there of those some of them are going to have struggled to find a primary weapon I managed to find a lot of primary weapons so I took them back with me all of them all of the ones I could make use of so like I say to aks one UMP and an m4 and I took them back with me to go globo so that my teammates could have primary weapons – if they didn't have them already we're gonna pick it back up just as I meet VV Rambo and it's like 15 minutes or so 20 minutes until we need to be back at good glow though yeah I did Oh what did you get how was your trip tree SKS's and one UMP oh nice okay okay I got I got I got two AKMs and m4 and a UMP nice it's a bit of a pain with thatno pistols but hopefully some of the others will have pistols and we've got guns have you got many SKS rounds yeah no I have not pretty much nothing I don't need to unload the aka mega how many bullets in the a k mag oh just keep the a came a tree cake keep the a k mag dude and have this duty pew header you have that and that there's 20 rounds there you can have that with the mat use your mag and there's 20 more bullets but we need to go we can sort this out when we get there really we should go I'm hoping people will be around the well but I don't know let's let's hope so man what I'm hoping is that we are going to meet each other they're going to have missiles we were going to give them yeah and that's the beautiful world the perfect world there were seen there is everybody's there and hey man do you have a pistol no do you have a pistol no but everyone is looking at each other with a Taser named force I just seen a blue guy guys to the right down there yeah I need to go to the well you go and grab him dude I'm gonna go to the well I needed hello please tell me some of you some of you have pistols yeah I haven't got a pistol I have got a spare hey I have a spare a km with a mag and I have a spare UMP with me and yes we need a match for this I need a mag for this well yeah come over this way as a pistol pistol oh very nice thank you right Pierce up the HP before I am sure yeah I'm yeah so that that wait I don't have many spare bullets there's only two on the ground that's all I've got but there's that in there does anybody why just me I have the after Pierce Bever SVD yeah okay well that's cool and anybody got an m4 mag they don't need maybe the battery you can eat a gun no hopeful you go yeah you can have that they gave it its name anyone oh thank you for cheating wait am I in the wrong side wait wait wait your team sure Tim shoots him which way did he go has he not run out of the zone going that way man that's what you call leaving it later small is blood at the next if anyone's going there someone what's happening I think there's someone else good job hey shit goes let's go along someone great I'll grab the a K and put it in my backpack for now oh he's got a lot of a K rounds as well he's back thinking suppose that's what happens if you leave it that late I've got it what's the plan after we're gonna head straight down that bush line south away from here as soon as I clean house right in front of me by the blue Caravan push you know where we were it's not worth the risk it's no I didn't hit any of those shots but I had enough shots and I had enough shots to take a chance but we we batted them away there's no point getting too close and now they know that a lot of us have got pistols they won't come back just sort of want him in the team window and flank and one team in the he's gonna get killed down there come come back what are you doing over there get back here and stay a fucking help hey hey SPD's and fucking god knows what as soon as three minutes around if you've got a leather sewing kit your investment won't fix him think of that 800 meter short show and you're gonna get with SVD this is pristine they didn't touch me alone let's go down this way we're good speed do you ready fucking sv how did you find a heli you cheating bastard hey where was the hell each other he was in the admins hand that tp'ed into him with the fucking out look at that line of lineup blues there looks cool so good be mindful of the church there could be a whole team there for a we know that's that's to the right of the sewing factory somewhere near there stilted red still it watching to it watch windows only only shoot if you've got a guaranteed kill because once we fight one sweat have you got any food I've got some tea I see a purple I see a purple it just shot at me he's in that he's in the tan defensive house on the left-hand side of the road HB where are you yeah I'm here there might be a shot there might tan house opposite side of the road yeah the next house from the police station top window there's someone peeking okay you may get a shot I got the hell of it you can see from here but he can see you so if you want come behind the fence try and get an angle on it from the road somewhere you can get an angle on it and then I can he's still there oh just just find a different angle to peek here and I'll run across his line and you can shoot him will distract him or something I'm behind us team behind us in the field near the road good yeah cross the road towards Northwest go one got one alright one's dead and they in the treeline just up like 50 minutes from the road whereabouts are they they're pushing back they're pushing back dude come with me let's go north let's go north of it and try and come around the side of them if you get an angle from here this might work even you okay no you shooting yeah I killed one another one nice one maybe go a little bit further kick with me I'll try and provide your close-range with the m4 and I'm trying to flank a bit more beast kill anyone they're running into town and not to are not to where are they where's the Winchester rounds give me the winning he hasn't got a scope very diluted that for follow that push line there's someone in the house okay what colors red well fuckin her they were the last raids good job dude GG go good job good job Shelly I killed three I thought they should all be dead soon he'll get one SPD in the face there he's on Luud and this guy was in there just you know to blue in the house I just took a shot on the townhouse I think I hit him but I don't think I killed him when is there the reputable five now behind in the trees behind in the trees behind in the trees towards Devil's towards Devils Carson yes team green they're in the trees right guys I think we should move what else is down there in the valley we're in HP but just on the edge yeah but they've got 10 minutes to push it again we got time they're gonna push us though I'm gonna go bury that was right across and fuck okay they're leaning the police station police station as well I'm here back whip it weird right in the middle of TTIP we're just gonna have to help hold a house I reckon this redstone tonight let's do it redstone or defender for that true and there's two x's too but i'm yellow health now I can't take a hero while I'm in the red still coming in we see them about 100 meters in front shots on us they help me the church any idea on where they are HP they cross in the field now what to the church hit one yeah up the hill I hit one up the hill up the hill killed one we've lost Beauty to where we were though so they're going to the church yeah yeah I'm killed one one badly injured there's two going to G yeah I missed the final shot don't step to your left unless you have to they're going to shoot ourselves though we've lost two now few ticks gone as well what guns do hey it's on the floor okay in a UMP hey Kerry UMP I think there's only two up over by the church in green this one are they by the world you do it by the wall another two you going to church and besides the blue mountains is for I think I just got one a good shot and someone on it yeah yeah I'm I could have hit you though so that's not shooting I saw him flinch hundred percent I think you dropped I think you dropped around the edge of the wall but they were north I think we should push north and get in one of the other houses cuz they know we're here I don't this house is so we can go I feel like they're they're coming round this way we should we should not leave ourselves open to the flanks to the north and I think we should go north I'm gonna go now yeah I'm gonna come with you maybe don't come this way where I came the zone here let's push up to this barn house the zones two minutes away still they're going to be in the log cabin probably or the pink house I'm going in this barn house for a sec phase two stayed yeah we're in worry long as you don't go north of the gun house we're okay he's down there dude yeah yeah I think he said so it's just us three now four elements tilted yes she is in Reds doing really well just be very wary there's someone aim in North who's that gone north at Shelly she's got Shelly Chucky's got the gun Phoebe Sophie did you want to yeah barn house barn house barn house definitely sorry look happen look happening there in that look having seen someone in the window hit one he didn't die but he's here it's Green Team Green I can see the bullet hole in the window it was dead-on but I don't think it killed him there could be in some bushes behind look well so drink up here drink up in here what's the plan we go over shit it's me that there was one in the town house I just missed my shot I think that one appeared in the town house window again he's dead got him if he's not dead he should be I hit him in the head and he only had to skate helmet on so I'll be okay to run across them yeah it'd probably ease the one that's been peeking I can keep an eye on that window go if you want don't take too long though because we've got no comms hp's body did UT back in [Laughter] Sam 10% 110 % worth I think I killed the guy that killed him I think I killed him just get straight north into the valley into the valley let's get into the valleys I can't do an a Welsh accent put the guys in the locker and I left I left a well at weigh it out for a bit because they won't know that we're not waiting to shoot them will they I just saw a dude I've stopped for a second Asura guy left-hand Terry was on the right edge is one on the left hand tower yeah correct you know skulking around a bit yep yelping speaking I think it's Philip what picking the left hand tower every side of the right we still got 25 minutes but I don't see them standing up I guess we carry on we know what tower they hold him but there'll be others holding other towers into the one they so we need to they start getting down I think it could well be an absolute clusterfuck where did we go hello hello ello ello yeah okay good one where are they where are they he was on the left hand side in the opening between the main tower on the left eye so there's like a little compound I've definitely killed one he died no a nice job hundred percent dead I was running off I was running off fucking cells out almost crossing the track the river down there I didn't realize you'd stopped so it's okay if you're getting kills you keep going some beam so which still left hand tower were they well you got me in Toronto oh yeah they're the stairs there right right the tower right at the main tower okay I'm alive I'm here I'm here twice I'm da

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  1. Hey Paul really was good a amazing video I would love to see more of these I really enjoyed the the team fighting in the towns was something I never thought dayz could be like opening my mind to how good dayz could be on pc since console has no community server

  2. Ur doing great mate I love your videos and I hav to admit ur pretty good at dayz n pretty good with Co ordinating where the Enimies are wudnt mind gettin in a few firefights along side you. The one thing is definitely upload more videos man 👌😜💯

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