Episode 527 How to get on the News with Current Events

Episode 527   How to get on the News with Current Events

how would you like to prophesy to speak to be heard in your community in your state on the news to be on TV with a message well I'm going to teach you today how to feed the beast this is the voice of resistance those who forsake the law praise the wicked those who have hold the law resist them welcome to the voice of resistance is your host Randall Terry we do a daily television show you're watching it right now and in the media world whether it be television radio newspaper and now internet there's an expression we've got to feed the beast or the Beast must be fed what that means is that news media especially since the advent of 24-hour news cycles where there's just constant need for news on CNN Fox etc that it's a monster hahaha that must be fed it needs news and you'll notice sometimes when there is a drop in things that are happening nationally or internationally that seem to be of way the importance that they'll do human interest stories or they'll talk about a bear that wandered through a neighborhood or they'll talk about some feel-good thing that happened a little old lady who was in dire straits and kids raised money for her and and gave her this check so that she could buy tires for her car and groceries for her covered the point is the Beast must be fed and you can be a part of the feeding frenzy now it's it's kind of a mutually abusive relationship and let me use some of what's in the news today to make my point how you can be involved in becoming a part of the debate and how you can be involved in setting the debate Edward Snowden strikes again alright that's one of the headlines because he worked with the Washington Post and gave them about a hundred and sixty thousand emails you can find this online and the Washington Post was given this cachet of data that the NSA was looking at all right they were after certain bad guys but as they spread the net for these bad guys they brought in if my reading of the story is correct over 10,000 Americans who had absolutely nothing to do with terrorism nothing ok so the NSA goes through all these emails and some of them are of children mommy's kissing babies some of them are love letters some of them are about heartache some of them are about betrayal some of them about illicit things some of them are about heartbreak poetry mundane analysis of life just on and on life on line life in cyberspace so the NSA keeps it all they didn't delete any of it they read it they showed Snowden showed the post how many NSA people logged on to read the private correspondence of people who had no connection whatsoever to terrorism none all right this really is big brother alright so that's in the news you'll be hearing about it on talk radio etc Obama is big brother but it's not enough for us to wring our hands and maybe it's not enough for you to just feel bad or even to blog but you'd like to be somebody who's on a talk radio show or who's on your local evening news how do you get there feed the beast give them something newsworthy so let's just take the Snowden example this is something you could actually do this week if you've got a federal building in your area of any kind or your your US senator or your US House member has an office a local office go there all right that's number one go there for one hour and get six friends ten would be better 15 would be awesome and then make signs hand paint them or put labels on it but they don't have to look like the afl-cio produced them and they're you know flawless there's something gritty there's something earthy about local people so you make signs that say Barack Obama is a traitor the NSA is big brother stop the spine we call on congressman so-and-so to end prism prism is one of the programs that it's spying on all of us all right so let's say that you're going to have it on thursday at eleven in the morning on wednesday morning send out a press release to your local television stations and your local newspaper well how do you do that call up the station say could I please have the newsroom somebody will get on the phone and say how can i send you a press release and they're either going to give you an email address or a fax number more than like a little bit an email address so you send them the email that you've typed up what does your press release say it says local residents gather to call on congressman Smith to end NSA spying all right and that beast has to be fed your local news station has got to have news that night they've got a block of time they've got to fill and if it's a slow news day there's not a lot of killings or bank robberies in your area that might be just the ticket they might say you know what send people out let's cover this and so you send out the press release 200 250 words typed out saying what you're going to do why you're going to do it what you want done you send them the press release then 20 minutes later you call back and say did you get the press release oh yeah that's right here and say okay well we're going to be out there with a group of people tomorrow at congressman so-and-so's office demanding that he vote to suspend prison hope that you can join us and if you'll do this and the Beast needs to be fed you can be the person on the evening news that looks into the camera and says our government has betrayed the Constitution and is involved in illegal activities against US citizens and we want our congressmen to fight to stop it that's called a sound bite okay now suddenly you're reaching 10,000 or 100,000 people in their home on the nightly news and you are defining the debate you are prophesying you're being a public advocate on something that's in the news right now and if you do it consistently you might find yourself at the helm of an organization or an ad hoc committee your community that's making an impact and driving the debate and spreading the truth I'll be right back god bless you hey everyone's been asking me when's unstoppable coming out on DVD well it's here and i have created my own deluxe signature version of unstoppable that contains not only the movie but over five hours of additional curriculum and study guides for your family it's perfect for your homeschool educational facility small group bible study and family devotions and i'm going to share with you some of the spiritual warfare that's surrounded the release of this film this box set also includes extended scenes new music videos the inside scoop on the whole Facebook controversy so what are you waiting for I made this special version with my family in mine and I know your family will be blessed by it too unstoppable 2 point 0 deluxe signature version available only here at Kirk Cameron com I can't wait for you to experience what's inside a four-year-old came across the border from Mexico to America unaccompanied there are now reports of dozens maybe scores of people carrying very infectious diseases including tuberculosis there is one report of 500 people a day being brought in buses and then let go Obama is orchestrating this crisis there's no doubt in my mind that way he can intervene and be the hero and if Republicans want to stand against it then they're the villain all right this is all political using these poor souls as fodder but what's the endgame and how can you be involved in the end game now remember the Beast television news radio news local newspaper news the Beast needs to be fed right and you'll notice that a lot of your local news these days is piped in from the outside that's because the budget cuts locally and oftentimes because there's nothing locally that's going on that they deem newsworthy well you could provide that you could be the local news that's covered in your newspaper so let's look at the immigration crisis do you think a wall should be built do you think that a border wall should be across our southern border so that we can at least stop this flood of illegal immigrants and protect our border okay if you believe that do you want to have a part in the debate not just in your living room or your church or your civic club but in public well if you want to be a part of the debate the way you can be involved in this mutually abusive relationship which I call the my relationship with the press is give them something newsworthy I invite you to do a new search of my name put my name in quotes go back as many years as you want you will see that well I've been on 60 minutes 60 minutes to 48 hours ABC NBC CBS nightly news I've been interviewed by Oprah I been interviewed by Donahue I've been on Hannity & Colmes and then Hannity and on and on and on and on a simple numeric reality is that i have been covered more in the press then virtually any pro-life leader in american history without question i would be in the top five okay in the top five americans who have been covered in the media in america in the last 30 years been interviewed personally by dan Rather I mean I can go on and on so I know what I'm talking about and I would like you to have your moment where you're defining the debate where you're being covered where you're driving the agenda where you're the news story that's in the paper in the morning and then that's what the local talk show guys are talking about maybe they invite you on the show to be on for five or ten minutes to tell what's going on what did you do this one so we see what's happening to come back to immigration we see that we have dawdled and not built a fence we've not protected our southern border and now we are literally being overrun by millions and millions of illegal immigrants the Democratic Party wants to basically give amnesty and citizenship and working papers and now big corporations who want cheap labor are saying yes it's time for immigration reform it's not the average worker something average Republican not the average working Democrat who wants this but it's our corporate lords who want cheap labor they close down our manufacturing and they sent to the Pacific Rim they set it to the Pacific Rim closed down so many of our manufacturing bases but now all this cheap labor is coming in they like they'd like to have some of that cheap labor they don't have to pay those illegal immigrants what they have to pay auto workers in Detroit or in Flint Michigan let's say okay so you're sitting here you're watching all this and you're fed up with it have a protest have a demonstration and a press conference in front of your US senators office or in front of your US House of Representatives office go through the steps that I've told you write a 250 word press release type it on an email explain what it is that you're doing what time will be there thursday at 11am here's the address of where we're going to be here's my phone number if you want to contact me okay and you send the press release and say we're going to be there I at eleven o'clock on thursday morning demanding that congressman so-and-so vote to build a fence on our southern border we are being overrun by Oliva illegal immigrants we are in danger of infectious diseases we don't know how many of those coming over the border are Muslim terrorists I mean make your case and then have your demonstration have your gathering in front of the congressman's office and have your sound bites ready nice concise 10 second or 12 second newsworthy Clips where you say the truth that we are being overrun by illegal immigrants and if they are giving voting rights then America as we know it will cease to exist that's your sound bite okay that's your sound bite and you'll be on the news and it'll be these local angry residents that want the border protected and you can be a part of the debate you don't just have to watch it going on you can be a part of it you can drive the debate you just have to be willing to be out there and in front of people and if you'll feed the beast in this mutually abusive relationship I say that as a joke you give them something worth covering they cover you okay they might like you they might hate you but they're still going to cover you because they need the news and if you do something newsworthy you will get covered you want to discuss immigration with tens of thousands of people do what I'm telling you and you'll drive the debate in your community you you my wife and I for five years have been grinding our own wheat and baking our own bread from scratch within two hours you can have fresh wheat in your hand and then piping hot bread come out of the other the most nutritious and delicious bread you will ever have and we do it for under a dollar a loaf call Paula's bread and find out about this grain mill and the mixer and how it can save you money and change your life what is the purpose of righteous government and when is it appropriate for people to revolt against their government I answer these questions and many others my book the sword which I wrote when I was a federal prisoner Rob shear the owner of green leaf Press says this is one of the 10 most important books that a Christian can read today if you want a book that is timely and timeless in its principles regarding government and revolution get a copy of the sword did you know that JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy beat Richard Nixon in 1960 by about a hundred thousand votes in the popular vote did you know it was that close I mean you think about that that's an average of what about one vote per precinct or something we're already talking presidential politics Hillary is the presumed frontrunner I mean she is the frontrunner for the Democratic Party and the presumed nominee should she decide to run Vice President Biden would love to be the next president and he's so far behind Hillary he couldn't catch up to her if he had Rockets on his feet but Hillary is vulnerable and if you would like to be involved in trying to derail Hillary let me tell you some ways you could do it now she's in the news her book has been a colossal flop she's gotten in interview situations where she had to backtrack on whether or not they were broke and what her responsibility wasn't Benghazi how sorry she was so that didn't go so well but the simple fact of the matter is if you're a Democrat you love Hillary you're not going to buy the book because you want bread and circuses right I mean come on if you support Hillary you want circuses you don't want to all that intellectual stuff and she put in that book give me free stuff I don't have to read something I just want to be able to sit in front of my TV and watch yeah I was great anyway enough enough feeling I'm kind of people but if you if you're suspect of Hillary and you'd like to see her defeated okay get in on the action the Beast must be fed right I've been using the last few days if you're just watching this one episode to talk to you on how you can become a part of the debate in your community through the news you could be on television you could be in your newspaper you could be on local radio stations you just have to do something that's newsworthy so how can you drive the debate with Hillary well you have to do a little bit of research but the simple way to do it is this go to the local Democrat headquarters in your community alright with six or ten or twenty people friends okay people that you can call and say look I need you to join me we all don't like Hilary right yeah we don't want to be present all right let's go down and let's hold up signs that say anybody but Hilary or we don't want Clinton part 2 or Hilary is a baby killer put that on your side because she supports the murder of unborn babies via abortion or say to vote for Hillary is a sin against God to vote for Hillary is a sin against innocent blood to vote for Hillary is a sin against babies or a sign that says no Christian can in good conscience vote for Hillary okay if you do that and you do the steps properly you will be covered in your local news eight times out of ten what do you have to do pick a time two days out right a location preferably the Democratic headquarters in your area pick a pic the news outlets that you've got to contact call them up say hi I'm Bob Smith or I'm Mary Jane Smith and we're going to hold a protest against Hillary in front of the Democratic headquarters and we hope you come and cover us where do I send a press release so in the press release 200 250 words you put the time the location what you're doing why you're doing it a few quotes about how bad Hillary is what your signs will say and they'll give you the email address you send it and then you call back half an hour an hour later say did you get my press release they'll say yes say I hope that you can be there tomorrow it's going to be really good and you go and you hold your press conference you hold your protest you have the signs hey hey ho ho Hilary has got to go hey hey oh ho Hilary just say no and give them some footage give them a few sound bites and you can be a part of a message that wakes up people's conscience I mean do you realize how many Catholic Christians and how many evangelical Christians voted for a Barack Obama you realize how many tens of millions of the same exact people are poised right now to vote for Hillary even the crickets cry out against this it's the joy of doing in segments on TV outside here all right please be a part of the fight don't just watch it be apart I'm right back does our lord jesus christ the king of kings and Lord of lords have authority in the political realm the judicial realm economics education the answer is yes and does he want his servants to be the leaders in those realms again yes if you want to learn how you can be a leader in the power bases of America get the series taking back the gates we have put together what we call an online University for you now that's a highfalutin way of saying that we have a pretty significant library of material books tapes videos that are there for you for free why are we doing this because America is desperate for new leaders because this material could help you to become the leader that you and God want you to be check it out enjoy where have all the protests gone where's all the fire gone part of it is being dissipated in cyberspace I was a child in the 60s and in the 70s and my parents were very politically active they were involved in some protests and I watch the evening news with my mom and dad night after night after night so I cut my teeth in a world where if you didn't like something you publicly protested against it this is before cyberspace cyberspace and before the dissipation of the human soul in the blogosphere our videos from this program go far and wide literally across the world and there's a great outlet that we have that carries our episodes once or twice a week called conservative we promote them they promote us it's a great relationship and I looked this morning at one of the episodes we did recently one segment on Ruth Bader Ginsburg and there was over a hundred comments over 100 people watched it and then commented back and forth with each other I was honored and I'm happy for people to express their opinion but the downside of what could be called micro casting not broadcasting i broadcasting is what we're doing here it goes far and wide its broad the danger of micro casting which is where it's really tight and small is that the energy is released the anger is released the frustration is released and six or eight or ten people however many people are reading the blogs that go back and forth they're communicating with each other and it has value but the spirit is dissipated the soul is dissipated and then there's no energy left to put together a good old fashioned protest in a press conference out in the hot Sun in front of a federal building or in front of a democratic headquarters are in front of a congressional office and hence the debate is being driven by people like Wolf Blitzer at CNN I mean I want you to drive the debate I have experience I will teach you but I can't put fire in your soul right the wind of the Spirit came on Pentecost and everyone could feel it but the fire touched down on people we need your soul to be set ablaze so that you spread that fire publicly you

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