Ex-acting ICE head unloads on Congress at migrant detention hearing

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. If our politicians had half the passion they display for people entering illegally for some of our own problems like homelessness, gang violence, poverty, addiction, teen pregnancy, mental illness etc … we would be a better nation. What’s the point of having a country then if you want to open it up and let everyone in? What’s the end game here for the Democrats? Crazy

  2. The democrat party and the ‘squad’ is actually BRAIN DEAD 😂💀🤣. All their views contradict each other it has me cryinggg 😂. But hey I guess that’s what their party cares about the most to win… pathetic

  3. Yeah they say it's like a concentration camps, then go home, in concentration camps they didn't get to just go home. Congress can help easily, but they don't want to help they want to let undocumented people across our country from who knows where, after these people already had asylum and we re safe in other countries. Insane liberals!!! Yeah a bunch of undocumented people running around, that's not scary.

  4. Yeah, I'VE seen the conditions these people are kept in….The homeless Americans could only dream to have such conditions. Why don't they show us these disgusting, inhumane conditions????? What I saw was not what was described here. Everything laid on for these illegal aliens, food, diapers, medicines, blankets, tooth brushes, toilets with, TOILET PAPER….. etc etc…What part of breaking the law and the consequences will these people address?? WHAT inhumane conditions, post a video???????????????????

  5. Shame you Shepard Smith do not care about America any longer Trump Loves thisCountry the Democrats have created this by Obama,this woman is part of the problem

  6. What is hilarious about child/parent separation on the border is that it was Obama's policy not Trumps. Wasn't it Owen's who toured one of those facilities and said that living conditions were better than majority of homeless facilities in America. They are being treated for diseases on tax payer dollars, fed and housed on tax payer dollars. So what is so inhumane about that? The left has no more platform to stand on and are grabbing for life rafts.

  7. Such fabrication
    As for the separation, if any American commits a crime, guess what they get separated from their family, these ILLEGAL immigrants are commiting a crime so they get separated that simple

  8. "Hold on sir, I don't want your rebuttal. I'm grandstanding and I don't want you to make me look bad"

  9. Cruelty?…
    Then sacrifice your funding to transfer there…alltogether…
    Well their origin country must be willing to accept them right away but why still in the camp?

  10. Ok we have homeless veterans where are the democraps on this issuse . No health care no help . Trump is helping

  11. 😆 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    “IT’S MY TIME!!”

    It’s like watching kindergarteners bickering

  12. It takes money to fix the problem, money that the dems refuse to vote for…so they have no argument…just grandstanding.

  13. Rep. Connolly acting like a child. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! It's my time! It's my time! Someone needs to change his shitty diaper.

  14. Vaughn remains uninformed and should be remanded to the 2nd grade to learn how to gather factual data instead of spewing inaccuracies. On the other hand: BRAVO Homan! The nimrods trying to bully, grandstand & showboat all for self-aggrandizement and promotion should be sent home to explain why it is that they do not feel the need to represent their constituents interests and discover how to 'fix' what is wrong. This congress seems to be loaded with political Bozo's (regardless of party) who seek the limelight rather than actively push for the needs of those who elected them; getting our system back on track to serve the people. A good start is to push term limits & provide the same health care program the public has – put the brakes on the gravy train and that should get rid of a lot of dead weight…….it's a start

  15. Where's the footage?Where's the pictures?We are all supposed to take the word of anti-American tool's who can't even take care of the homeless Americans and Veterans who get spit on,It's a JOKE!!!

  16. take all tax money that goes towards pride parades each year and put it towards this..let's see how the leftist think of that.

  17. Have you ever seen such self-serving clowns such as congressman Connolly. He literally took his time to rant and rave for the cameras, didn't let the former acting director respond and then left the hearing. He yells at Homan that he's not at the border, that he's in a hearing room. Then Connolly proceeds to leave the hearing room before the whole thing is over. You can't make up the level of hypocrisy these people in Congress display.

  18. oh well, we do know, it is LEGAL now for US representative to NOT KNOW the law and PUSH ILLEGAL policies using official government position? On behalf of AOC I would like to WELCOME ALL US CITIZENS to the new era! Enjoy…

  19. They cry and scream about conditions but they refused funding to improve said conditions. That's the democrats for you.

  20. filthy filthy democraps….they are USING this issue , trying to make it Trumps fault. Get those losers out of our government and put people in power who are going to do the job. There should be NO ONE in any detention center….ALL of them should have been sent back to their own country the same day they were caught.

  21. Emotion should be kept out of politics, you hear him say their in our care, well in sure he has a big house, take them home or leave adult situations to adults

  22. I went to HS with Mexican when I was living in Victoria, TX, and they're the easiest people to get along with. One time they all fitched in for me when I didn't have money to buy lunch at the field trip. If u made friend with one or that person saved your life you will understand.

  23. This man Tom Homan is real patriot. I love this man. And everyone must have to accept it whether he or she like or dislike Donald Trump but Trump is really doing good for his country following his words "America First". We all need such a patriotic leader.

  24. dont know why congress is outraged with him….he's following the laws written by them. he should be outraged with them for not fixing the issues quickly.

  25. The conditions at border is caused by decades of not securing the border. Trump is just doing his job, unlike most of the presidents before him.

    Blame also needs to be placed on the people who willingly crossed the border illegally. They knew the risks that they were taking. They put themselves in that position and have only themselves to blame.

    When a U.S. citizen breaks a law and goes to jail, they are seperated from they're families and forced to live in deplorable conditions. Ilegal aliens do not deserve better treatment then U.S. citizen's. We should all face responsibility when breaking the law, the same.

    May sound harsh to the weak at heart but it is what it is and they knew they were taking a risk.

    Nothing is free.

  26. Just think about it. It's the BABY KILLERS crying foul whilst at the same time doing their utmost to extend the crisis!!

  27. Total BS. The Dems want the "blanket" law passed to cover up women's indiscretions (as if they represent all American women!) to legalise abortion (= killing off babies!) instead of exercising discretion before the act!
    Its the same here! Instead of preventing a crises they precipitate the crisis! The Trump administration welcomes LEGAL immigrant's!

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