Expert describes state of Canada-China relations

Gordon Holden is the director of the China Institute professor of political science and adjunct professor of the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta and he has a long history in the Canadian Foreign Service and he joins me now professor Alden thanks for joining me today to talk about this situation appreciate your time thank you very much let's begin with the frank talk from the Chinese I guess we got today of the most overt indication so far that no one in the Chinese leadership will be speaking with Justin Trudeau about the diplomatic freeze between the two countries until Huawei Executive among wangju's released how should the Canadian government be responding to what sounds like an ultimatum well it's an ongoing ultimatum and we knew already that for example a mister Freeland was unable to speak with her Chinese counterpart Wang Yi and now we're the Prime Minister's busy been given the same stiff arm it's a public rebuke which is and my view more serious than a private through channels rebuke or at least put off it answers the question which some been saying pick up the phone and call Chinese president Chinese don't operate that way of particularly not with what they view as a smaller power it certainly is a smaller power so what would be the consequences of bowing to the Chinese demand to release Hmong wangju well to be honest I don't think it's actually within the gift of the Canadian government at this point the Prime Minister lacks the power legal authority to pick up the phone and ask the justice of the extradition hearing in Vancouver to release her you can't just a Canadian Prime Minister can't just call the judge and say and call it off there will be a couple opportunities one is that the extradition court itself could release her or what has concluded the Minister of Justice has the opportunity if he should show choose to determine this was a politicized process and then rejected although that would have serious consequences for our relationship in the United States another possibility would be that the US would simply draw the extradition request there with President Trump that's always a possibility I suppose well I guess that's interesting because Justin Trudeau will sit down with President Trump next week from today in fact is it something that the Canadian Prime Minister can raise with the US president or if or another way of getting at it I guess is to just is there way to gauge how serious the u.s. is about a pushing through with the extradition process or perhaps considering dropping it if it means they can get a trade deal with China do does that come up in their conversation do you think I'm certain that the hmong / huawei case will come up certainly and the Prime Minister is has the ability to do that he can't call the judge but he certainly can't speak to Trump my nephew is that the US authorities and I was in Washington in April a pretty hard set to proceed with extradition the question mark would be present Trump who is a wheeler dealer he speculated twice now about deals that might be made regarding Huawei it was recently is this week he mused that perhaps that something could be worked out with Huawei no he could have been referring to while we're being shut out of the US market he could have referring to a possible arrangement visa Vee his mom he's someone who values family very highly I could even magic our might identify with the daughter of the founder being detained in Canada but that's my speculation I have no idea what he'll do and he's very hard to predict yeah no kidding is it I mean is it or or do you want to get a sense of how as you say how tightly wedded he is to the notion of following through with this extradition process so that Canada knows what it's in store for that there's no likelihood that the US would back down and I guess if that's the case where do you see the story going if if the release of these Canadians being held in China is predicated entirely now on releasing Hmong wangju how does this thing resolved well if the Americans and particularly President Trump is determined press on with the extradition request then I believe we're in for a very very long minimum months potentially years judicial process where things would not be able to be normalized I feel particularly badly for the two detainees were being held in difficult conditions but there's also Canadian farmers businesspeople who are suffering and that means indirectly Canadians are employed on those farms and in those businesses who are suffering from the de facto Chinese economic retaliation against as I say de facto because they never do us the courtesy of identifying this is being done because of mom right but those sanctions are real let's finish on this we we have this Globe and Mail story now floating around it's says former prime minister john crichton is floating that idea of having canada cancel the extradition process and releasing mrs. hmong that would put them in line with what the chinese are demanding what's your reaction to that and how do you think that affects that that story is out publicly how do you think that affects Canada's argumented look this as a rule of law issue with no political involvement I think it would be very controversial in this country and I'm not an extradition lawyer I'm not sure precisely given that's been lodged in the court how that would be accomplished until the hearing is ended and then under the extradition treaty there are ways to to do that now saw Parliament sovereign they can change laws that can change regulations Canada has the sovereign power to to change course but where you would improve relations with China you'd harm relations in the United States and I think it would be domestically a very hot potato all right Gordon Holden always appreciate your perspective thanks again for tonight it's a pleasure thank you you

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  1. The long term intent of china in attempting to subvert the legal process in not just  Canada is clear and very dangerous to freedom loving countries.

  2. 5 Eyes agreement is that the little eyes will kidnap and detain anyone the US says. With the thinnest of excuses. There is nothing here to be surprised about. This is what Canada agreed to. Now the US is pressing Canada on the Dairy farmers. Give them up. The US will sell you milk. Welcome to the Empire. "I am altering the deal. Pray I do not alter it any further." Darth US.

  3. It's a lesson to the world not to insult the Chinese…which Canada did not hesitate to arrest her .
    Let's see how many billions it will cost Canada.
    Remember overseas Chinese GDP is equivalent to Japan

  4. Canada need to get permission from the pupet master It the 'rule of law'. If pupet master say o.k let Ms Meng go than Canada let her free. If master said no we detain her.

  5. There is a loophole in the procedure of arresting Meng . The judge should use that as a reason to release her and as soon as possible. US will not lambast Canada , as there is ample reasons for Canada to release Meng due to the negligence of the police.After that, Trudeu shall make an arrangement to meet up with the Chinese president about the 2 'spies'. Remember, politicians should learn to do the right things , not learn to do the political right thing. In this case , do the right thing for Canada and not do something that will hurt oneself by helping an ungrateful fellow.Check on the betrayal of US towards its allies.

  6. China has taken the stance not to negotiate with kidnappers. Canada did the bidding for US and snubs by US in trade

  7. Time to finally stop buying Chinese products.  The West needs to take back our production capabilities and jobs. Time to isolate China and make sure the Democrats that are paid off by China are not elected.

  8. Perhaps PM Trudeau could exchange the ban of the Huawei phones in Canada for the release of Weng's extradition?

  9. Trudoh was banking on other countries to team up against China given he is the golden boy worldwide. Unfortunately for him, everyone just looks at him like a pathetic idiot. Now, he has to bow down and beg Trump to bail him out

  10. Also where were these so called experts when Canada decided to detain Huawei lady? If this current situation is a big problem for Canada, why no one can foresee this? If Canada decided to take a position to stand on the US side, they did not think about the consequence?Apparently it seems these experts know nothing and are really useless. Bunch of idiots.

  11. It was so silly to seize her in the first place, she was on a stopover to fly to Mexico, should easily skid her and let Mexico worry about the Extradition.

  12. Trump will ask for something in return and Canada cannot give what he wants. Asking for this favour will see water splashed on his face. A grave mistake has been made. Grin and bear it.

  13. These sort of kidnapping dont just happen. They are planned at the highest level. So afterward, to claim that it is all rule of law based. It is so disingenuous. Its like punching someone and then saying: it was an accident!

  14. China does not need to negotiate with Canada's lame-duck President. China has a chance to sanction Canada, for example by not buying Canadian goods.

  15. Come on guy, please don't use the "Rule of Law" as an excuse for Canada. You are having a laugh, aren't you! Trump operates as a mobster like, he got Canadian to kidnaps Huawei 's daughter for ransom in his trade talks with China. No political interference my Ass!

  16. An expert you say…Not a peep about our precious little Queen Elizabitch of Canada or our Constitutional Democratic Monarchy. Expert BS'er for sure.

    No… Its all the big bad Americans fault. Anybody swallowing this tripe CPAC is feeding here deserves to choke on their own gullibility.

    "Its the US's fault" is a classic PCO word weapon of British interests and after 154 years of hearing this absolute lie, no one with an ounce of common sense believes that in the slightest.

  17. Canada is a lawless country ruled by US rule of law. China is right not to waste time and energy talking to brain dead Canadian diplomats.

  18. Just do not understand these people's logic. When Trump first mentioned to use Huawei as a bargaining chip, these fools were mad at him with rule of law argument; now Trump is using Huawei as a bargaining chip for the trade war, these fools decide to go begging Trump to intervene. Dumb as a rock. Politics in Canada is so funny. LOL

  19. this interview and the  assessment of the guest was objective and balanced. The situation is tense for Canada either way, they are collateral damage and a casualty in this trade war. Legally trapped, they missed the opportunity to release the CFO when Trump politicised the arrest, effectively telling the world Ms Meng is held hostage for trade negotiations. I think that was a defining moment that changed the narrative for Canada from having acted on the extradition request to being complicit in the kidnapping of the Huawei CFO.

  20. Canada you can not just kidnapped some one with an instruction from the US without even having any poof of wrong doing. Canada are you trying to be a dog of the US

  21. Trump is trying to save us from Chinese dictatorial fascist authoritarian hegemony. ( weaponized tech slavery) and all he gets is grief , Canadian media and people aiding the enemy.??

  22. If Canada capitulates now and let’s Meng go,the casualty will be Canadas relationship with America. Bite down on the mouthpiece and pay the Canadian farmers,Trudope….terrible statesmanship all around by the Gender Crusaders,fire them in October.

  23. Canada should not just consider its economic trade with China, but also stand up together with the US against China’s human rights issues. There’s no internet freedom in this country at all, and people there have no access to truth.

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