EXPOSED! Shocking Number Of Drag Queen Story Hour Events Announced

Infowars tomorrow's news today back to the Alex Jones Show Owens lawyer sitting in for Alex Jones riding shotgun with me and I want to do show Biggs what happened here in Austin yesterday a drag queen story time but I also wanted to find this local news report or air this local news report because I wanted to see what happened because let me explain something pretty much by the end of the day I think every local news outlet did show up and record something I didn't see any other local news coverage though but we did have been this one local news story but nobody was given access to miss kitty litter except the local fox girl and I don't know if this is the local Fox report but it was interesting because they were literal and Tifa unmasked body body guards guarding miss kitty litter which by the way will talk about some other stuff we're learning about miss kitty litter but I wanted to see what their angle was and how they were able to get that exclusive interview when you had unmasked and Tifa literally if you went anywhere near miss kitty later they'd start groping you and grabbing you I have footage of them doing that to me but here is that and then I want to get Joe Bay's responses here is the local news report about the drag queen story time yesterday it was controversial online hundreds of people complaining to the city about the Albuquerque Public Libraries first drag queen story time this is a different one oh I'm sorry okay alright I'm sorry I'm sorry folks there's literally drag queen story times in in pretty much ever made every major city now I just assumed this was the one here locally this is from Albuquerque New Mexico I'm such a fool there is also one in San Antonio yesterday one in Portland over the weekend one in Atlanta coming up and I'm getting intel on all of them literally all these people are finding out about these after they see my coverage like holy crap this thing is everywhere so I'm sorry this is from Albuquerque it was controversial online hundreds of people yeah everywhere this thing goes people don't want public libraries only people don't want it are the leftist librarians dragwon the city refused to cancel it and in the end supporters helped make know you will sexualize your kids has ever seen news 13's chris mckay tolerant library reading event i wasn't expecting this many people no no it was a noticeably packed crowd a unique story time with colorful characters carried a lot of meaning for parents like sonia pace teaching tolerance starts early and i think it's a great way to support a community and individuals the city hosting its first drag queen storytime during Pride Month something they hope and watching too book reading and song singing by Albuquerque drag queens Vanessa Patrick's make one little kid see that it's okay to be different and that's worth everything that we put into it well hit with today's crowd the event hasn't been without controversy I'm appalled why are children being exposed to adult this is insane they showed up among a handful of protesters opposing the city event take it off take it off take it off I mean Joe this is just insane look I don't even want to say I mean I was at the gym today I don't want to say where I go for obvious reasons even though you don't wanna mess with me at the gym like everybody there's a fan it's like I can't work out at the time now oh my gosh are you serious where are you finding this okay this is like insane we're literally breaking this in real-time I didn't even realize folks there is a damn drag queen story time ten times a week Joe Biggs what are you what do you say about that you're Joey's literally eyes are like wider than mine right now Joe I can't even believe what I'm seeing here yeah I want to put hands on right now the generous fee to these children I mean well I mean what's going through your mind when your kid you know you're trying to figure out colors you're trying to figure out you know the names of animals and now the sudden why on the f4 we bring in guys your dress up in women's clothes with these raspy voices I mean what's next are gonna start teaching sexual education to the children I mean I think that's the direction they're trying to go into I mean they want to do everything they can to corrupt these young children's minds it's more easier to manipulate more easier to be acceptable accepting of evil and doing wrong as they get older I mean this is unbelievable they just found a website hold on pull that website back up the crew just found a website it lists all the drag queens store now this needs to be an info immediately one of the riders needs to get this on enforce comm immediately this is insane and folks they did a background check on the drag queens from Houston and they found out some of them were sexual predators registered we did a background check on Miss Kitty litter and the name that she gave me background check on that name came up that individual was arrested for prostitution okay so probably got dressed up and dragged and tried to sell herself out or himself out whatever but but Miss Kitty later won't address this and then that's what else we're finding out you can go look up a lot of these drag queen names Joe I found this out I mean this is a you know family audience here folks so just be warned what we're gonna talk about here I mean they're the ones doing this to children Ms kitty litter I bet you wouldn't be surprised to find out Joe that kitty litter is actually a sexual term a sexual reference for uh let's just say again folks family audience but this is why they're doing a Kids 4 but play kitty litter you want to play in the kitty litter you go okay so I think we've I think we've said enough MS kitty litter like what do you think these people are doing Joe like I said I mean if you can get into these youngsters minds at such an early age it's gonna be easier to manipulate them as they get older it's gonna be easier to a convince them wrong is right and then it's a lot easier to control corrupt people because then they're a little bit more susceptible they don't have good standing morals they're not gonna have honor integrity and things like that they're going to embrace all that as bad instead of trying to ward that off and I think that's why they want to get to these youngsters at such an early age it'll make it easier when they get become adults to manipulate them and do things like that to get them to do whatever it is they need sad truth I want to get in on the other side of this break with Joe Biggs I want to get into the aspect of the parenting because this stuff is everywhere now I'm actually shocked I mean I've heard Alex Jones others talk about this for a while it's literally everywhere Joe I called up we had the story in force calm I called up the local Austin Independent School District they gave $10,000 to bus kids to a gay pride parade now you've seen what goes on at these gay pride parades hardly a family event for children we've documented this as well she said they literally told me there's an LGBTQ initiative in Austin so they're bringing it to the schools they're bringing it to the public libraries I'm at the gym today and guess what's hanging on a flier on the bulletin board there when you're walking down the locker room LGBT tolerance blessings for kids they're having them at gyms now I mean literally Joe likes this how do you escape this stuff if you're a parent we're about to go to break but I mean like how do you have to think about this all the time now what my favorite meme out there is that one with you know like if you ever grab a cat you try to put some of this mouse does everything to fight it and it's just like LGBTQ Pride Month and it's got a person hold it trying to put in the cat's mouth and it's sitting there like with its teeth clan's because I mean that's what they're trying to do we're trying to reject it but they're trying to shove it down our throats every day it looks like we don't even care in corner we don't care if you're gay or whatever you are by that's none of our business just leave the kids alone Infowars tomorrow's news today we're high on in Pennsylvania you're on the air glad yeah so real quickly you know I own the elec secure Pro because I love my neighbors but I refuse to drink their heart medication well water some of the most polluted stuff in the country because you got glad to say you got all your neighbors medications that they're putting into a septic tank that then goes into the groundwater and you drink it's absolutely the number one thing anybody can do and by the way I forget to do this again man when I drink filtered water when I take the supplements my life so much better when I forget is I'm not mr. frickin health I feel it so so yes tell me about not wanting to drink her neighbors heart by the case well where I live and I think this is the same story for most of the country our water filtration is based on a reverse osmosis system that was constructed around the turn of the century and I have zero zero faith local reporting on the quality of the water and so I do all that I can do and I purchase my own filters well look at Flint Michigan their water is full of lead mercury poisons ecoli the answer is everyone if you're drinking water you should filter it and then I'll never get David Hogg those you know Alex Jones on c-span he goes little anti-gun guy because he says the water has toxins and then he sells a water filter yeah it's like saying your kids need vitamin C and then I sell vitamin C or Jones says the weed war shoes we walk in the snow then he advertises shoes yes exactly but seeing his little brain where everything is a scam he thinks I'm scamming people when it's a direct sale we have the best gravity-fed system selects appear in pro pure your apples and oranges but they're both excellent everyone needs that everyone should filter their water this is the smartest thing you can do it doesn't mean occasionally you don't think somebody at a restaurant but you need to filter your water your skin is your biggest organ you absorb it there you need filters on your shower or your bath exactly and then you look at what's in the water table it's insane

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