Extra – A Fox Stole My Camera …

I’ve been having some issues with rats in
my Polytunnel Garden recently, and I decided toast up this little bakery powered security
and wildlife camera that I had been given to try out, to see how many rats there might
be, and more importantly to find out whether any of the neighbourhood cats were coming
around to help out with the rats. When I came back to get the camera, it had
disappeared. A few days later I found it about 50m away
from where I had left it, and it was a bit bashed up, but I was quite surprised by what
had been recorded! So, a fox had come into my polytunnel, probably
hunting for the rats, and instead found this white egg shaped object, which it picked up
and ran off with to try to break open. The outer casing for the camera was torn quite
a bit, and there are a few scratches on the camera, but it seems to be working fine, and
I’m delighted to find out that there is now a fox hanging around my gardens, to hopefully
help deal with the rats.

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  1. I see foxes and martens as well on my trail cameras from time to time. Foxes are great rodent hunters. I highly recommend buying second hand cheap trail cameras on ebay, I bought 3 for about 30€ each. They do their job nicely and I use Eneloop AA batteries to power them, which I recharge using a solar panel 🙂

  2. I've heard a camera adds 10 pounds, but I didn't think you that was because you ate it! BTW, How much does a camera add in Ireland, a stone, 5 kg, .714 stone, 4.54kg, what?

  3. Do you not have your own cats RED? I would be a bit concerned with rats in my garden for the obvious reason that they can spread disease. If you do not have cats I suggest getting a couple. I was having raccoon problems on my farm until I bought a maine coon and bred it with my siamese. Now I have six ninja assassins in my garden! All my cats are pitch black. Literal ninjas! They had a stand off with two raccoons a few weeks ago and the raccoons lost. They haven't been back since. Had to get my cats rabies shots but they whopped some raccoon butt.

  4. And thats why people that claim that most animals are all about smell are wrong. They are not. It looks like an egg and thus he tried to eat it.

  5. That is so cute! Thank you for sharing and welcoming your new foxy neighbour. If you have more aventures dealing with it/them I'd love to see a video about it.

  6. Hey RED, do you happen to know any apple breeders/growers relatively local to you? I've been searching around for rootstock and scions. Amazing vid by the way, I love these exclusive peeks into other worlds. Cheers!

  7. I wonder if the cat's even help with the rat problem, since cats will kill anything they see i could see them making the problem worse by killing snakes and other animals that eat rats.

  8. Never knew a fox would be good for rodent populations, much less be visually appealing to appetite either! Interesting footage. Thank you for sharing. Be careful out there!

  9. Heh, of all of the hours of thoughtful introspective video on your channel, I bet this one hits big for you.

    Also, Happy Thanksgiving from the old country.

  10. Just curious, do you harvest the broccoli and cauliflower leaves for consumption? They are edible, and it would improve the efficiency/yield of the gardens.

  11. I use live traps and drown them (have buzzards/red kites in the area so dont put down poison). do you think there would be benefit by doing something similar but leaving the deceased rats near/in the poly tunnel as a reward for the fox to come around?

  12. Funny!
    It's measures and counter measures. So many different entities looking for the best food source with the least effort and all in the same spot! All of the different plans and plots…..😃

  13. I cant wait to start seeing recommended videos appearing about a cunning Fox that teaches assorted woodland creatures how to steal wildlife cameras.

  14. Didn't even bother to wear a mask. Been thinking of getting a camera for my small garden but then again, maybe I don't want to know who all is visiting.

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