FCC Chair: Net Neutrality Fears Debunked, Yoda & A 5G Future | Ajit Pai | POLITICS | Rubin Report

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  1. I was for Net Neutrality before it was spun into the crony capitalist government sanctioned monopoly that it ended up as. Just consider this, who were the ones that pushed for it the most? ATT/Time Warner/Charter.

  2. Props to Rubin for bringing this guy along. Most people dont even want to listen to what he say to say because "hurr durr Liberal outrage"

  3. How the hell can a law that regulates internet not be updated since 1996? That's insane! 1996=33.6bps dial ups, 2g phones, internet was something for geeks.. not something vital for everyday life.
    In 2019 going without internet today is like going without roads, phone and living in rural Alaska in 1996.

  4. To arrogance to put a churchill quote on his laptop startup and have the mindset as churchill was talking about him personally.. that's like psychopath level narcissism.

  5. His mother saw how Deepak Chopra leveraged his medical degree to make millions of dollars selling lies as a modern guru (scammer).

  6. Just goes to show you the power that big tech wields when it comes to manipulating the opinions of the masses. How many retards bought into the whole net neutrality thing? The smear campaign against this man was despicable.

  7. Routers should never be interfered with. When you allow someone to change the order of packet priorities, you create problems that can be felt immediately. Call it whatever you like, it should never be legal for an ISP to dictate what user has priority on their network, as the majority of the time, they will only be routing the packet and not sending them.

    You may not like the idea because “the free market is better”, well unfortunately there is no engineering evidence that modifying a router’s priorities is beneficial.

    It’s just facts.

    The only reason this even became an issue was for ideological reasons. Routers and Switches don’t give a shit if you are Microsoft or the US Military. Even in a best case scenario, it creates packet bottle necking. Yet another FCC chair who has no Engineering skill to do his job.

  8. Hahaha lets go Ajit Pai! Back when the net neutrality hysteria was going on, I was 90% sure that nothing would change. Hilarious how sites like Reddit were losing their shit and now have erased their memory of net neutrality.

  9. The main issue with the Market approach is that ISP don't have substantive competition: they have used government to force out of the market most of their competitors. Thus they should be treated as utilities. I can respect his desire to let laws be made by congress though: the main issue with most of the regulatory US industry is that they make regulations (laws basically) without congressional input. ISPs are at best local oligopolies if not municipality negotiated monopolies: they shouldn't be treated as other tech companies.

  10. Maybe I'm just dense, but i only listened to this to learn more about Net Neutrality. At the end i don't feel like i did. I think I'm learning more via the comment section..lol

  11. I almost skipped this one because it seemed less interesting than some, but it is extremely informative and relevant — this is great stuff!

  12. Watching on my Fire Stick, but had to run all the way to my lap top just to say……..I think Ajit Pai has a crush on Dave! hehe 🙂

    And Ajit needs to go on Joe Rogan

  13. I was wrong Ajit… i apologise my dude.

    I got conned by fear mongering.

    But pls don't do another Christmas memes video. That one i wont forgive you for.

  14. What the hell. I thought this guy was supposed to be the devil. He actually seems alright, and knows what he is talking about. GJ Dave.

  15. Really smart and chill guy, I'm glad someone like Pai is going to be in charge of rolling out 5g. Can't wait for the speed!

  16. Behold, FlimFlam Man. He wants to let newspapers merge with tv companies because he says it doesn't threaten monopoly anymore? So is this a feat of futility because he is sincere or malevolence because he doesn't believe in what he is saying? For a high flying lawyer, he is rather self contradictory. His only saving graces are his sharp dress sense and his fast-talking jive mastery.

  17. I find it strange that the same people that are advocating for net neutrality are the same people that say YouTube/etc should ban people.

  18. Get Michael Moreno. He’s exposing corrupt collegiate debate and YouTube is on the verge of censoring him for it. Get his name and story out.

  19. The reses candy… I haven't laughed like that at you in a while. And Ajit is the wrong kind of "Indian", but joke received.

  20. My son who is back at Google was strongly for net neutrality, but I couldn’t understand why. I hope he checks into this interview.

  21. Great interview. Timely subject. Interesting guest. Imagine the marketplace is so much smarter than the government. Unlearn what you already learned. Brilliant.

  22. That is a smart man. At the end, when Dave talked about a "free" government platform his response. "Government isn't positioned for it" and "when people talk about free, sometimes it actually costs way too much". He is DEFINITELY NOT A DEMOCRAT!

  23. Welp having been one to have been on board with keeping net neutrality in place and feeling strongly against repealing it, i have to say i was wrong in that view and happy to be so. Didn't consider anti trust and anti competition laws at the time which are in place to prevent the 'internet doomsday' everyone was warning of then. I may actually go back to those that made extensive videos on the matter and see if they are willing to reconsider their positions on the matter. Lastly, the content here is absolutely top notch and the honest discussions are incredibly refreshing to listen to.

  24. Remember how there was supposed to be a public discussion about Net Neutrality and the FCC only allowed comments in their website that they hid and wouldn't reply? He is not for freedom of the market or ideas. He comes out over two years after and talks to the dumbest libertarian friendly interviewer and people eat it like cereal.

  25. I am not comfortable with the fact that it is an independent agency. We do not have free speech on the internet and it is this agency that should have the public’s back protecting our first amendment. From what I see, they fail at protecting our most fundamental right.

  26. Remember when every obnoxious subreddit pinned net neutrality doomsday predictions to their front page?

    Where are they now?

  27. You can learn more about a topic in a single 1 hr show like this verses 3 months of 3 min bits on the news that dont explain anything.

  28. Being in the telecom industry, I have heard reasoned arguments for and against NN. But, like everything else that gets sucked into the political dimension, it all became a huge proxy argument for government reach. Team Blue is always for anything and everything that they think will increase the control of government over the market. Team Red is against it. And they are always against each other.

  29. Net Neutrality was one of the biggest scams of our generation and dumbasses who think they're smart were getting paranoid about it and how necessary it was and opposing it would be the end of the world. Thanks Ajit Pai for standing upto principles. You got a lot of flac for this. Thanks.

  30. “OMG I thought net neutrality was good but Dave Rubin’s dumbass guess convinced my gullible conservative brain that it’s bad man. I mean, it was probably a liberal hoax or something? Yaaaaah, conservatism!”

    I’m genuinely feel shame when I remember that I was once conservative.

  31. seriously Dave, this piece of human garbage?! should we trust a guy that is in the pocket of telecom companies to be objective?!

  32. He's not a big fan of Disney's Star Wars? Yeah, this guy is okay with me.

    He says he liked Rogue One and thought FA was okay which translates to TLJ sucked ass.

  33. He never clearly explained the Net Neutrality issue. It was asked directly, he answered that the options were to be regulated under one article or the other, then went on to just blab on without any concrete answer. Smart people are great, but it’s aggravating when they have so much to say that they are incapable of any solid coherent answers to specific questions.

  34. Having someone from any government say the word monitoring in regard to internet is scary. Ajit. Explain how you do not pick who winners and loser are based on policy. And how politics effect your self proclaimed public servant status.

  35. K, so:
    Small creators on youtube, and elsewhere, will be able to compete?
    ISPs wont be able to stop certain “expressions” if they dont like it?
    Everything will be available to everyone?
    Remember, “Market economy” can be used two edged. Just as democracy is capable of abolishing itself, and no inherently always “good”.

  36. the best thing about this interview is how it uncovers the incredibly bad thinking that Ajit runs on and it exposes him for the lies he continues to make such as acting like 5g is some kind of fix for rural internet

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