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Alright people, we’re taking a break from
politics this week and focusing on the F word, that’s right, Food. They say you are what you eat and if that’s
true, a lot of us are half hot dog, half pizza and half ice cream. I know that’s three halves but we’re a pretty
fat bunch of people these days. Every week there’s a new diet to follow, a
new oil to avoid, or a new super food that’ll change you life. Then the week after that, we usually find
out this new revolutionary diet will actually made you gain weight, you actually need that
oil to live, and the super food does absolutely nothing. Add an endless slew of magazines to the countless
websites and blogs devoted to keeping you clicking on the newest fad and it becomes
almost impossible to figure out what you should eat. As those of you who follow me on social media
know, I’m in the midst of a little diet myself right now. I’m doing a slow-carb paleo diet which is
a slightly modified version of what former Rubin Report guest Tim Ferris helped popularize. Basically I’m eating only meat, fish, and
veggies, with no sugar and very limited carbs. I’m even putting grass fed butter in my coffee
to get an extra boost of fat and energy in the morning. As of taping this Direct Message, I’ve lost
about 5 pounds in 10 days. I’ve also punched 4 random strangers on the
street for looking at me the wrong way…but as they say, everything in moderation. Of course what you should or shouldn’t put
in your body isn’t just about weight. It’s also about your mind. And this is a place where the science is actually
pretty solid. The foods we eat, or don’t eat, can have a
tremendous affect on our brain itself, right down to our ability to think. As we’ve seen a spike in degenerative brains
diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s Disease, which are just two of the many forms
of dementia, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that fueling our brains with the right foods
and avoiding the wrong ones are a key to brain health. So much of what we talk about on this show
is related to to clear and critical thinking. While we may not think about how food is affecting
our brains on a daily basis, feeding our brains the right foods as as important, actually
probably more important than feeding our brains the right information. So this week we’re gonna learn some information
on what we should feed our brains so that we’re optimized to engage in intellectual
battles in the best way possible. Joining me to discuss this is an old friend
of the show and author of the new book Genius Foods, Max Lugavere. Now excuse me while I put grass fed butter
on an avocado sprinkled with goji berries

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  1. I had tasked myself with losing enough weight to fit back into my old dress clothes. This meant losing at least 50 lbs, which I was able to do in about 6 months.

    Since the purpose was simply to lose weight, and not necessarily for it to be a diet to stick to after the weight loss, my options were pretty open. I decided to stick to calorie counting and strictly reducing calorie intake. My mindset was simply "more out than in". Eventually, in the desire to lose weight faster, I resorted to very very low daily calorie intake (about 500/day). I achieved the results I was looking for, but it isn't a method that I would carelessly recommend.

  2. You ain't takin a break from politics, Dave. Doncha know that being a fat fuck is an act of protest against a repressive, superficial culture?

  3. Keto diet here, losing 2kg per week for 8 weeks now (I had a lot to lose..,). Fuck carbs – the food pyramid is downright criminal and people need to realize how much better following others such as paleo and keto is. Glad you're talking about it – Jordan Peterson talked about how much of an impact the paleo (I think) diet had on him too.

  4. It's also important to pay attention to how much you eat too.
    Even the most unhealthy foods are perfectly fine so long as you moderate how much of it you put in your body.

    Im fine with eating crappy food from time to time.. at the end of the day you gotta enjoy life right? or what's the point of having one.

  5. There is a good way to lose weight i discovered, have one of your relatives pass you a stomach virus and lay in bed with diarrhea for 3 days. I lost 7 pounds that way.

  6. Still waiting for Dave to "put Trumps feet to the fire". I see that the lies Trump constantly tells are rubbing off on you Dave. Liar.

  7. My regular diet:
    Moderate rice
    Occasional (very occasional) chicken/beef
    Moderate amounts of milk
    Fruit juices
    Vegetable juices
    My grocery bill: $60 a month at budget grocery stores.
    I also weight train religiously, and have a physically demanding job.
    FU guys who sit there and graze on junk while sitting home all day while hating yourselves for being fat.

  8. I've been doing intermittent fasting (16/8) mixed with a keto-ish/paleo diet and it's AMAZING. I also do the bulletproof coffee in the morning, and I feel incredible. My body is reshaping itself, and I'm eating delicious food without micromanaging calorie counts (steak, bacon, avocado, almonds, veggies, etc.) Been doing it for a couple months, and just did my bloodwork last week and came back right down the middle in everything. I love it.

  9. Dave I had to watch an ad before this video started. Granted it was Canadian government leftist propaganda. But an ad nonetheless.

  10. None of this is decent diet advice. You lost weight because you lowered your calories. Feeding your brain with ridiculous amount of artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol is preposterous, as that is literally a risk factor for developing Alzheimer's.
    Source your claims, and better yet – don't speak outside your area of competence.

  11. Hope you'll have the other side on.
    There's basically fads and super-food BS + two diets. Either less/no meat – or less/no carbs. They both agree in cutting sugar, fast food and eating more nuts – but disagree in pretty much everything else. With two huge blocks of interests and politics backing these up, with lefties on vegan side of the trench and righties in the keto/paleo one and hundreds or thousands of studies supposedly decisively ruling in favor of A or B.

  12. Best way I figure out how to eat was an information video on YouTube teaching thee viewer all  about type 2 diabetes. Was able to go from around 12% body fat to hovering around 7ish%. When start out on my journey of a better living style 70", 185 wt, 20ish% body fat and recovering from a ACL surgery. Only thing that changed since then is my body fat(gaining muscle) and lost 5 pounds. For the brain is all about self development these day. Try to do a book a week. Which is normally book and a half when slow and if a lot of busy time, two audio books a week.

  13. Diabetes, cancer, hypertension, addiction, sucrose lobotomies.
    Stop the high-carb low-fat consortia profiting from the obesification of America.
    Keto or death.

  14. Hey Dave – used to do keto and fasting, not bad at all for weight loss and I do enjoy the sharpness I got from prolonged fasting. However I don't if you don't any research into plant based eating but it could also be really helpful if your goal is health and weight loss. Plus I know you enjoy empirical evidence on things and there is a plethora of evidence suggesting going plant based is not only the most healthy diet but also best for the environment. I'm fairly conservative btw in case anyone is wondering with the whole apparent stigma with environmentalists and plant based eating and the right. Anywho I'd suggest giving it a look either soon or after your current diet. Either way best of luck Dave I'm loving your honest dialogue and videos

  15. You'd do better eating basically Italian/Mediterrenean food.
    I live in Italy. Our food is the healthiest regime on the planet. You
    stay away from ALL processed foods, you base your intake on high-quality
    grains ,beans, some meats and fish if you want them, and natural
    Italian cheeses, honey, and vegetables and fruits. Simple.

  16. I've tried them all.. Paleo seems to be the best for everything. Sleep, digestion, energy, no more bloating, satisfying, and I do use a bit of fruits, very small amount of treats. By treats, I mean Sushi now and then. Gluten Free toast. I make smoothies with Coconut Water. Cook Asparagus and other veggies in Coconut Water. It's great. No alcohol. If I treat myself to that. It takes a week to recover. I love the recipes that can be found for Salads with Steak, Cucumber, Radishes, etc..Make your own dressings. Very easy to do. Once a month or so you can have a bit of a treat without going off or all in. I can't stand the heavy feeling of Mexican Food anymore. But I make Taco Salads…With ground Organic Beef, Bison, or Turkey meats, cilantro, mango, avocado, mild chilies, etc…ProBiotic/Prebiotic Keep up the good work!! Have a grater near by. You can grate Turmeric Root, Ginger, etc..

  17. Rubin don't be a sucker to the Keto bullshit! Atherosclerosis WILL progress under this diet, as well as a number of other chronic illnesses. We are sick because we eat exactly what Keto centers itself around – animal fat and animal proteins. Whole Food Plant Based has by FAR the most scientific validity, this is a no brainer. I used to fight it too, I hated all the self-righteous vegan YouTubers, and all the doctors I found to be spewing do-or-die fear mongering, but eventually I had to concede to their overwhelming evidence.

  18. Vitamin C, vitamin D, sodium, sugar, Potassium. From there, it's about serotonin which is largely produced in the gut, by gut bacteria, at which point, tryptophan…..

  19. Soy is great. High in protein, & plant protein is healthier than animal protein.. Seriously. It's crazy that due to susceptibility to memes, a lot of people are missing out.

  20. As someone on the right myself…I have an odd thing I want this show to do more of…I want some intelligent left leaning people who are sane to make it one the show…just so I can get a sense for where they are coming from…or how they could possibly think the way they do…because as it stands I simply think they are bad people

  21. With glucose. The value of learning is overstated and kind of insulting, people are born with most of the information they need to survive.

  22. Dr. Hoffer an orthomolecular doctor, found he could reverse schizophrenia by giving the patients the correct nutrition that they were missing. Most often even depression is due to not getting enough B vitamins.

  23. Dave… Carbs are your body's most efficient energy source. Without them, after a couple weeks of this diet you're going to feel tired all the time because fats aren't as easy to convert to energy. Paleo and keto are stupid fad diets

  24. Finally a useful video. The PC, Identity politics, free speech mantra is starting to tire. Maybe if more people were actually decently nourished… society would be less polarised and rational. The mental instability and addictions triggered by the energy ebb and flow by the daily sugar/carbs and the caffeine infusions has surely made society more reactionary, chaotic, clouded, and hysterical.

  25. No, the information you feed your brain is far more important than the food. Unless you are 70 years old and still feeds on McDonald's, only then will the state of your arteries significantly affect your memory, cognitive abilities and motor skills.

  26. i am an archeologist and i would love to see the evidence for a combination of butter and coffee in the paleolithic

  27. Just a personal experience of a diet that worked well for me and what I recomend to anyone whit character enough.

    Since 2013 I do the 5:2 method, introduced by Dr. Michael Mosley and his TV-show. In short you put in two small periods of fast every week. The 'rules' are simple. The two fast days you can eat food up to 600 kCal (500 women) that day BUT you need to give your body a total rest-from-food-input for 16 full hours.

    In my case mondays and thursdays starts with just coffe at breakfast to save up for a decent luch of around 600 kCal. If I eat that lunch around 3pm I can have my next-day-breakfast 7am. In between (or during the evening as you slepp away most of the fast hours) I can drink as much water/coffee/tea as I want. Usually I drink about 1,5 litres tea those evenings as it 'fill' a bit in the stomach.

    By now I've done this for 4 years and it has become a routine not hard to follow at all. Just to have the character a coupl eof weeks will soon adapt your body and it's less painful than I ever expected.

    On the upside is that I can eat whatever I want. Cream and butter no problems. Then, as someone noted here, I try to get a good mix of every kind of fresh meat and vegetables and I guees tons of junk food is bad anyway.

    This way I lowered my averagre wieght with around 15 pounds, and stay there. I can eat anything I like (with common sense) and my body likes it. I was catched a biot by the theory that the human body do NOT expect continous food intake as the body is very much the same today as 30.000 years ago, when we couldn't expect to eat every day. Clinicla studies says that there might be good for many things. Blood sugar fall directly and some theory implicates that other functions is for the better as well.

    A diet with no sacrifices at all – as long as you get use to the hunger 'feeling'. By now I'm very use to it and it's no big deal at all. And two days per week I doesn't have to bother about making dinner at all. It seems to me as I've reduced the amount of food I eat 'normal' days as well.

    Try this Dave! It's 'rules' quite easy to adapt to and quite easy to mantain. I couldn't believe I've done this for 4 years by now.

  28. Discussions around food can get just as heated as politics! I'd recommend the American physician Dr. Michael Greger, M.D, and his recent New York Times best seller 'How Not To Die', filled with countless peer-reviewed studies and research.

  29. Critical thinking would tell you not to put butter in your coffee, Dave. I hope you're not falling for Dave Asprey's Bulletproof scammery.

  30. You want to lose weight, be shredded, and feel in control of your eating habits? Only eat dinner. No need to keep count of calories, what kind of foods you're consuming, and you get to enjoy delicious desserts. One meal a day has helped me drop my body fat down to 9%, increased my energy and productivity throughout the day (seems counterintuitive I know), and has made me realize how much I DON'T need food. Beware, my friends, it is not for the faint-hearted. Yet, totally worth it.

  31. Talk to Gary Taubes for God's sake. The dude's written three books on the dangers of carbohydrates and sugar.

  32. I am made of double big macs, double quarter pounder BLTs with extra cheese and no tomatoes, Junior Chicken burgers, French Fries, apple pies from McDonalds, Great Value Macaroni and Beef, Swanson Chicken Nuggets, fries, corn, brownies, apples, bananas, yogurt, chocolate pudding, butterscotch pudding, banana cream pie pudding, Five Alive Juice, Cola, Ginger Ale, Coke, chocolate Valentine's Day hearts, and Mars bars! 😛

  33. Every cell in our body needs sugar as fuel. Especially our brains need tons of sugar. The thing that is killing us, are processed sugars that get absorbed without digestion. Fruit sugars, attached to fibers, and carbohydrates that still have the fibers, like whole grain bread, are great for us.

    When you eat fat all day, your liver will convert it to sugar. And converting always comes with a price. Besides, if you live of meat, eggs and dairy, you will get clogged arteries in no time.

    Even though we can eat practically anything, our bodies are mainly designed for fruits, seeds and nuts.
    We have no physical traits or instincts of a carnivor and no physical traits or instincst of a herbivore.

    We need to cook our meat and vegetables before we can properly process them. We don't have this problem with fruits, nuts and most seeds.

    Therefore, we should limit our meat and plant consumption and eat as much fruits, seeds and nuts as possible.
    Btw, most things we call vegetables are fruit, like tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plant, peppers, etc.
    And things like grains, corn, rice, are seeds.

    For me the best website/youtube channel about nutrition is nutritionfacts.org.

    Have a blessed day y'all!

  34. Hey Rubin! Please invite Danny Roddy to your show!! He's legit on nutrition. … Also, look into Ray Peat's work. 👌😉🔥

  35. Let’s cut out factory farmed stuff. Why torture those poor animals? Absolutely no reason, on top of the fact that humane is easily available and much healthier (no weird feed, no torture)

  36. Haven't heard any of your content in a long time cause no podcast! Thought you were dead. Glad to see you're still here on youtube!

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