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Fierce Turkey-Syria-Russia battles escalate; migrants flood EU border – TV7 Israel News 28.02.20

Fierce Turkey-Syria-Russia battles escalate; migrants flood EU border – TV7 Israel News 28.02.20

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; Fierce battles between the Syrian and Turkish
militaries in Syria’s northwestern Idlib region are currently ongoing, after a deadly
strike that killed 33 Turkish troops rapidly deteriorated the situation. Russia is deploying additional forces to Syria;
amid the rising tensions between Moscow and Ankara. Israel reportedly conducts deadly strikes
against Iranian-backed militias in southern Syria. Fierce battles between the Syrian and Turkish
militaries in Syria’s northwestern Idlib region were reported throughout the past 24
hours. The situation quickly deteriorated yesterday
evening, when the Syrian army, backed by Russian air-support, conducted a massive bombardment
of advancing forces that were later identified to be Turkish troops. While both Damascus and Moscow insist that
“the Turkish troops who came under fire in Idlib were among (Jihadist) terrorists;”
the Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar asserted that the Turkish operation was “previously
coordinated with Russia,” and in spite of repeated calls to stop the bombardment after
the first strike, the targeting of Turkish forces persisted. “As you all know, our troops that are deployed
in Idlib to maintain the ceasefire, prevent migration and cease the humanitarian tragedy
in the region were exposed to a heinous attack. Our 33 heroes were martyred, 32 heroes were
wounded. This attack was carried out even though the
locations of our troops were previously coordinated with Russian troops on the ground. Unfortunately, the attack continued after
we have warned following the first strike.” The Turkish top defense official earlier highlighted
ongoing talks between Ankara and Moscow over Turkey’s demand to open the Russian-controlled
air space in Syria’s Idlib region for Turkey’s armed and unarmed drones. Yet, after the deadly attack occurred against
the Turkish forces, and despite Russia’s persisting objections, Turkey launched a wide-scale
retaliatory bombardment against Syrian forces, which is still ongoing. According to multiple confirmed reports, the
Turkish attacks against the forces of Damascus have been precise and deadly, consequently
forcing the Russian-led offensive to regroup on several fronts. Meanwhile in Moscow;
The Russian Foreign Ministry accused Turkey of baring responsible for the deteriorating
situation in Syria’s Idlib region. According to the Ministry’s spokeswoman,
Turkey breached a memorandum of understanding that was formulated between Presidents Putin
and Erdogan, which consequently led to the latest deterioration. She further noted the fact that Turkey was
actively aspiring to protect a territory that has become a bastion of the Jihadist terror
organization, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. “We would like to comment on the current
situation in Syria, in the territory of that country the attention remains on Idlib, which
has become a bastion of the terrorist organization Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. One of the main reasons for the deteriorating
situation, we consider the breach of the Russia-Turkey (Sochi) arrangement from September 17, 2018.” The Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman
also highlighted the fact that Turkish forces orchestrated numerous attacks against the
Syrian army from areas where the Jihadist organizations are operating, obliging the
forces of Damascus – with Russian air support – to retaliate against the Turkish army. “Attacks were also recorded on Syrian positions
by Turkish units. Starting from February 3rd, more than 40 shillings
have been recorded, resulting in close to 20 casualties and over 40 wounded among the
Syrian military personnel. The attacks took place in a region where terrorists
attempted to attack government forces. It is obvious that under these circumstances,
the Syrian Army is forced to give a decisive counterblow, with the help of Russian air
support, who is conducting the operation “Dawn over Idlib” directed exclusively against (Jihadist)
terrorists entrenched in the de-escalation zone.” Amid the rapidly escalating tensions between
Moscow and Ankara over Syria; Russia has deployed additional Navy frigates, equipped with Kalibr
cruise Missiles, towards the Syrian coast. In what appeared to be a so-called ‘flexing
of muscles’, the Russian Navy frigates sailed through Istanbul’s Bosphorus, this morning. Meanwhile in Brussels;
NATO Director General Jens Stoltenberg called on Russia and Syria to immediately halt their
Idlib Offensive. During a press conference this morning, Stoltenberg
also highlighted NATO’s solidarity with Turkey; yet stopped short from indicating
whether the military alliance would come to the aid of its member-state. “(NATO) Allies condemn the continued, indiscriminate
air strikes by the Syrian regime and Russia in Idlib province. I call on them to stop their offensive, to
respect international law and to back U.N. efforts for a peaceful solution. This dangerous situation must be de-escalated,
and we urge an immediate return to the 2018 ceasefire to avoid further worsening of the
horrendous humanitarian situation in the region.” In spite of NATO’s declared solidarity with
Turkey; a senior Ankara official revealed to TV7 that a decision was made to allow illegal
migrants residing in Turkey “free passage” to Europe. Shortly after his statement, which was made
on condition of anonymity, information started to circulate across Turkey, which drove thousands
of migrants to march in the direction of the country’s border with Greece. “I heard the news and that is why I came. I want to go to Europe.” Amid the influx of migrants, Greece immediately
beefed up its border security, in a clear effort to thwart the illegal penetration. In light of the closure, many migrants gathered
along Turkey’s western coastline, where they prepared to board motorboats heading
for Greece. “We are going to Greece, we have packed up
and arranged our money. We came here to prepare our boats. We will prepare our equipment. We will get into (the boat) and go to Greece
from here.” It is important to mention that our sources
on the ground have confirmed that most of the people attempting to infiltrate Europe
are migrants from the far east and Africa, rather than so-called Syrian refugees. In spite of the clear influx of illegal migrants
from Turkey toward Greece; The European Union continues to maintain that
there is no change in Ankara’s official policy vis-à-vis illegal migration into Europe. “Information or speculation of migrant movements
in Turkey; I would like to stress that there was no official announcement from the Turkish
side about any changes in their asylum seeker, refugee or migrant policy.” The EU commission Spokesman further asserted
that the deal with Turkey, in which the European Union pays its significant amounts of money
for the purpose of thwarting an illegal migrant influx into Europe, still stands. “So from our point of view the EU-Turkey
statement, which was conceived to manage the irregular migration, this deal, this statement
still stands. And, we expect Turkey to uphold its commitments.” Turning now to Washington, where;
The U.S. State Department accused Damascus, Tehran and Moscow of blatantly lying about
the root cause for their offensive in Syria’s northwestern Idlib region – insisting that
it has nothing to do with counterterrorism. “It has nothing at all to do with counterterrorism. The Assad regime’s interest in Idlib has
nothing to do with fighting terrorists that are there, and everything to do with reestablishing
control over territory and subjecting the civilian population there to the sort of brutality
we’ve come to expect from that regime. And the same goes for the Assad regime’s
outside enablers. They’re not concerned about fighting terrorists;
they’re concerned about reestablishing hegemony.” During the press briefing, the U.S. State
Department’ Coordinator for Counterterrorism announced new sanctions against the leader
of the Iranian-proxy in Iraq, Kataib Hezbollah. As part of the sanctions, the United States
designated Ahmad al-Hamdawi as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist, because of his
direct responsibility for attacking U.S. forces in Iraq. “Today Secretary Pompeo has taken decisive
action against Iran-backed militias in Iraq by designating Ahmad al-Hamidawi as a Specially
Designated Global Terrorist (or SDGT). Hamidawi is the Secretary-General of Kata’ib
Hezballah (or KH), a group that is responsible for numerous terrorist attacks against U.S.
and coalition forces in Iraq. That includes the December 2019 attack by
rockets on an air base near Kirkuk that killed American Nawres Hamid. The State Department designated KH as a Foreign
Terrorist Organization and as an SDGT in 2009 for attacking American troops and our allies. Today, we are intensifying our pressure on
this terrorist group. KH remains actively engaged in plotting terrorism
against U.S. forces, our partners, and innocent Iraqi civilians. By committing violence at the behest of its
patrons in Tehran, KH has revealed its true agenda: undermining Iraq’s sovereignty and
independence.” It is important to highlight the fact that
Kataib Hezbollah is a part of the so-called Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces – or Hashd
al-Shaabi in Arabic. This organizations is currently funded by
the Iraqi Central Government in Baghdad. When asked about this fact, which could raise
questions about U.S. funding for the Iraqi government, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker confessed it to be “deeply problematic.” “Kata’ib Hezballah is a member of the
Hashd (al Sha’abi). It is a constituent group, it’s funded by
the Government of Iraq. This is problematic. It’s deeply problematic. And we are certainly concerned about the Government
of Iraq’s failure to protect the U.S. diplomatic facility and other facilities throughout the
country.” Turning now to the Syrian border city of Quneitra,
where; Official Syrian media outlets reported last
night that Israeli helicopter gunships attacked positions held by Assad’s army in Quneitra
and other locations on the Syrian side of the Golan border. According to the reports, three Syrian soldiers
sustained light injuries. This attack came just several hours after
Syrian media reported one fatality in an attack by an Israeli Unmanned aerial vehicle in Quneitra. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported
that the person who was killed was a member of the Syrian Resistance for the Liberation
of the Golan Heights, which is a local militia that is supported by Hezbollah and Iran. The IDF spokesperson’s unit did not confirm,
nor deny, its responsibility for either of the reported strikes. For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

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  1. NATO/EU supports Turkey Yet Turkey floods migrants to bombard Europe. One evil institution deserves another (both satanic)

  2. So.. what now Mr. Erdogan you bought SAM S400 from Russia Perhaps as a token of friendship and abandoning of F35 program!

  3. Here is the Turkish answer to the Syrian regime:

    Noone can joke with Turkey.

  4. They flood europe with people and then what?
    Why dont this war maniac stop or bring all their war machines in one place wher there will be no civilian and there they fire at each other in full force….

  5. As a Turk; i can clearly understand why u guys hate that Arabs.. we r similar situations in this middle east area.. just we r lonelier.. but i understand u Israel…

  6. Democrats aint using their money and energy wise enough, just wait another four years to compete with the Republicans for the presidency. The world needs men like Trump to kick people like Assad in the face with their boots as he already did before when Assad used chemical weapons. To my knowledge he never did it again.
    By AbdAllah

  7. Turkey is pretending to be major power when they are clearly not. Recently they went against all four major world powers for walking Muslim immigrants, China, India, Russia and USA. They should thank NATO.

  8. The Tsar Putin and the Sultan Erdogan are fighting and testing each other in a theatre of war….Syria. The King of Syria Saddam is powerless to stop them. What's he going to do….throw chemicals at their soldiers like he does at his own people?

  9. America has no business giving funding to Iraq's Government.
    We in America should never be releasing any funds to Iraq's government especially after what happened.

  10. Turkey and its dictator want to drag Nato into a war. They knowingly put their troops into a position where they will be attacked. Turkey wants the US and Nato to do all heavy lifting. Then Turkey will grab all the territory. Which is what Turkey wants….expansion of its borders.

  11. We all Indians Hindu want Turkey schould Destroy,Turkey is Pakistan and Chin Brother and also help to Islam Jihad,Turkey support Israel enemies Phalestine and Turkey want to entree all muslim migrant in Europe and Convert into Islam Contry,Turkey is Dangerous for world,we honble request to Israel,Amreican and Europe Govt don't support to Turkey,Long Live Israel and India


  13. Jesus christ Is the only HOPE, for all the humanity…..
    He will give real peace for those who seek him….".PRINCE OF PEACE ".

  14. I don't care what russia does to turkey now. turkey should be expelled from nato after what they have done with these migrants. As far as I am concerned, russia could invade turkey today, and I would not care. I consider what turkey has done to be a direct attack against it's nato "allies" and Europe as a whole. turkey can burn in nuclear fire.

  15. God tells treu Mozes in Deuternomium 30:5 why the Jewish people lost God's blessing and spread them all over the world without homeland Israel. But in the end times he will bring them back in the land of there fathers. More then 1800 years the Jewish people
    Had no homeland..then 1948, a nation was born in a day.. Jesaja 66. Deuternomium 30:5 is the 5708 vers of the Hebrew Bilbe…
    And 5708 is in gregorian calender …1948…! This can do only the living God YHWH, The God from the Bible. Its the same God who tell us that two third will except the falls messias when he make a false peace agreement with the islamic world, and the rest. John 5:43
    Zacharia 13:8…one third will survive, this is the part who will except The lord Jezus. Why cant whe see what is happening…the Bible tells us exactly what will happend. Shalom people from Jacob, i pray for you. Whe, (also europe, america) will suffer like nothing else in history, the great tribulation. The last world kingdom before Jesus comes back is a worldwide islamic kaliphaat. The Bible say so. God bless you.

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