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– Were you aware of, ‘The
Goldfinch’, this is obviously a huge bestseller, critically lauded book, how aware were you of it?
– Yeah, well, every time I went to an
airport it was there. It was one of those books that I’d never, y’know, it’s
one of those ones you see and you go, “Huh, maybe
I’ll pick that up.” And then you look at it and you go, this is a very big book, actually. (all laugh) – Help me put it down!
– I dunno if I have this kind of time! – And I’ve only got an hour flight! – Guys, it’s good to see you both. Congratulations, you’re in a
very eagerly anticipated film, ‘The Goldfinch’, of course, is the movie. A lot of eyeballs on this one. A lot of expectations. I mean, you’ve been in films
and projects with expectations but, does this feel like a little bit of a different set of baggage, et cetera? Good or bad, for this one? – It was definitely
the first dramatic, big movie I’ve been in before. I’ve been in horror movies and comedies, or whatever, but this was like, the first dramatic thing. But there’s a lot of humor in it, too, it’s not like it’s, just sad the whole time. But, it’s a tragic story. – Unique opportunity in
this one, in that you both are playing the same character. Different time periods in the film, two different time periods
that are throughout the film. Talk to me a little bit about, like, have you guys spent much time together? – No, we haven’t.
– No, we didn’t. – I mean, we spent like,
what, half an hour talking in New York for pre-production? And then like, an hour the
next day or something– not even, I mean. – I don’t think we even
talked about the job. – No, we didn’t. It was just about, yeah,
just about what we’d done in the past. – You talk about this being,
kind of, new territory for you. Was it tough to figure out the first departure for you? Like, were you looking for something that was much different than
‘It’ and ‘Stranger Things’? How did this one come around? – I mean, it’s the exact– it’s the polar opposite
of those two things. – It couldn’t be more different, yeah. – But, I mean I was just– I was just really excited
to do the audition, ’cause I got to play with it, and I got
to do my own accent, and I went on YouTube, did my own work. It was my– it was the
first time I’d done, like, for-real character work and stuff, so, I mean, not that I don’t actually act in my other, in my other things. But yeah, I got to really have fun with it and then John, the director was like, “Oh, do it again.” And I did it again. And he was like, “Again.” And he was like, “Again.” Went to LA again, and then I met Oakes. I’d also heard about the project for like, a year or two years before that. It’s been around for awhile. – Yeah, it’s one of those
that people have been, wanting to see on the screen.
– Yeah! – And it’s a tough one
to adapt, obviously. It’s not the typical coming of age story. Why do you think people connect
with this material so well? What do you think is
gonna separate this from, we’ve seen many coming of age stories, but this one’s certainly
unique, in some ways. – Well, I think we’re especially actually connected, the two of our characters, they’re loners. And I think everyone at
some point in their life goes through a bit of
loneliness or is a bit lost and is trying to find
their way through life. So when you have a story like ‘The Goldfinch’, where the
characters who are all trying to find their place within the world that they live in, I think people just generally
do connect with that. Because it’s something
that we all struggle with on a day-to-day basis. You know? – And even– I’m almost
giving away too much of it, but even the adults in ‘The Goldfinch’ are also trying to still
find their purpose. It’s a coming of age for everyone. – Congratulations, though,
guys, on ‘The Goldfinch’. I know a lot of people are
very excited for this one finally getting to the big screen.

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  1. Love both actors. Finn and Aneurin are so talented. Can't wait to see them bring Boris, my favorite character in The Goldfinch, to life.

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  3. Do I need to read the book before watching the movie? I haven't read the book yet. If I have to do read, my school has the book that I could borrow.

  4. I think Asa Butterfield looks more like Aneurin, it would be awesome if he had got to play the role. (i'm not saying Finn isn't worthy of it but they dont look alike)

  5. I'm so proud to be a Finn wolfhard supporter. He's so talented and he deserves more recognition. He's been in IT and Stranger Things, he's gonna be in IT2, the goldfinch, the turning, ghostbusters 3. I mean, WOW he's also in a band and he works with Saint Laurent, at 16 years old. He's so really downy to earth. I hope Hollywood will never ruin him

  6. I'm Hungarian and I'm looking at the interview but it's hard because I can't decide if I can look at Finn face or the inscription 🤯

  7. they are both extremely talented- im mainly excited to see aneurin in this, i fell in love with him and fionn in dunkirk, cant wait to see him in a drama like the goldfinch (huge boots to fill and high expectations after loving the book)

  8. I think the casting for this movie is brilliant. At first I was a bit sceptic about it but as I've seen both trailers, I realised they'd made an excellent choice with the actors.

  9. I’m going to have to wait till this movie comes out on dvd cause it’ll break me when I watch it as I can relate quite a lot to it.

  10. I really liked what finn said about it being a coming of age film for everyone, even the adults are trying to find their place ^^

  11. It makes me happy that Finn’s got a good film career already, all the other st kids (apart from Millie) kind of surround themselves in stranger things etc whereas Finn is really trying to be a ‘proper’ actor. Plus he’s got his band as well. He’s definitely my favourite out of all the cast.

  12. You have no idea how excited I am for this movie I’m reading the book right now and the story is so heartbreaking

  13. Also, the fact that they haven’t seen each other act or even so much as talked about the part doesn’t speak well of their preproduction work as actors. Say, Meryl Streep studied facial expressions and phonetic peculiarities of another actor (a male at that), to better impersonate his mother. That’s what I call preparation. Reading the book by these two wouldn’t hurt either. We’ll see how they’ve managed.

  14. stop talking about stranger things!!!! finn wolfhard has a life other than stranger things, let him live without always associating him with that show