Five Creepy Facts About The Madeleine McCann Case

that's more breaking news for this morning we're just hearing the de search is underway from three-year-old British girl who's gone missing in the Algarve area of Portugal and she went missing last night hundreds of people have been searching for the girl and that search continuing this morning so we were trying to get as much on that was fought for you as soon as we can it's been 11 years since little Madeleine went missing and still today there has been no progress on her case she is still missing and presumed dead if it wasn't for the dedicated effort of some of the kindest and most caring people on the internet we wouldn't even be discussing this case today a little bit of digging by the community has revealed a lot of shady activity and questionable responses by Madeline's family and their connections to very sinister people and that you must have been asked this a million times which she wants to know as a mother of a young child herself why you felt it was okay to leave the children while you went out to have some three days question keeps coming back on a van said it many times but people still that's right I think we we have answered it and yeah personally I feel we've been persecuted enough it has already been speculated that Madeline's abduction was more of a trade and that she was sold off to a child sex trafficking ring and the messed-up thing is as crazy as these theories are there is more evidence to support these theories that there is the official story of Madeline's disappearance now there is evidence that Madeline's death could be associated with loss of blood we know that the smell of corpse order was found in 12 places associated with the Mekons in the apartment in the car on kids clothes etc blood or body fluids were found in five of those locations we know the first set of results seemed to be a clear indication that the body fluids were from Madeleine albeit from law copy DNA now 11 years later the case has been reopened and we can finally look back at some of the strangest and freakiest facts about this disturbing case number one Madeline the mannequin if you are a parent or even an aunt or an uncle this first clue should be very evident the Mekons never spoke of their daughter as a parent would about their own child it seemed like they didn't look at her as if she was their daughter the way they described her who was almost materialistic in manner and their obsession with her and I quote perfect features was disturbing okay spin around darling oh yes I can see your wings she wasn't really beautiful baby actually I sound like the most biased parents on the planet she was just really compact and just a really kind of nice round perfect head and you know and then then she opened her mouth I know every parent will obsess and gloat about their child's beauty and cuteness but the way the Mekons do it almost seems somewhat mechanical as if she wasn't even human but instead a product her perfect little form perfectly shaped head and perfect little facial features say yes daddy actually stop my head round the door and just lingered for a few seconds and thought how beautiful she was and that was the last time I saw the last time Madeline's father claimed he saw her was when he peeked into her room and I quote admired her perfection that was always the main focal point when the Mekons discussed their daughter how cute and beautiful and perfect she was no fond memories of the things she did just how she looked and what she wore this obsession can be seen in every interview press conference and even in Cape Mekons new book called Madeline she looked so gorgeous in her little t-shirt and shorts pink hat ankle socks and new holiday sandals they were obsessed with her looks they loved to take pictures and film her modeling and posing there is also this one picture in particular that kind of strikes me as bizarre it is the one they picked for her missing picture it is a zoomed in picture of Madeline her eyes wide like sources with a gaping mouth staring blankly at the camera it's not a joyful picture it's a picture that shows her as helpless prey or a deer caught in headlights why other McCullum's so obsessed with this one picture if they are actually predators then it would make sense that they liked pictures of children looking their most vulnerable predators like their prey but still that's just odd however there are other indicators that suggest that her parents were and still are predator take a look at the way Madeline's mother reacts to talking about having to wash and bathe her own daughter and then after they've done the usual kind of toilet teeth and we went through to the bedroom and read another story if you're happy and you know it this to anyone who has a child younger sibling niece or a nephew would be a pretty plain thing to discuss and we wouldn't avoid words and speak so clinically about something so ordinary and we most certainly would not feel awkward discussing it but Madeline's mother bounces awkwardly around the topic of just brushing her daughter's teeth giving her a bath and getting her ready for bed this shows us that she has a particular feeling for this activity one that makes her feel awkward when discussing if she is a predator then bathing her own child would be a sexual activity which would mean that it was awkward to discuss in an interview and she would distance herself from these feelings but making the activity sound more clinical the natural but the most damning piece of evidence is in Cape Mekons own book titled Madeleine which describes exactly how she thinks of her daughter I asked Gary apprehensively if he had any really horrible thoughts or visions of Madeleine he nodded hating Lea I told him about the awful pictures that scrolled through my head of her body her perfect little genitals torn apart page 129 of Cape McCain's book what same parent would think of their child's genitalia in a moment of crisis or even at all nobody at least not a parent who is genuinely concerned for their child a normal parent would be thinking about how scared and alone their child is and hating the fact they cannot help but in Kate Mekons case instead of thinking about their child's well-being her mind is instantly drawn to her own daughters and I quote perfect little torn genitals that's disgusting what mother would write this about their own four-year-old child this line is something you'd expect to read in some sick and twisted erotica not an autobiography about your child's disappearance this is just scratching the surface of all the tell-tale signs that suggest the Mekons are predators but we have enough reason now to believe that they are so what must we look at next number two the day of may the night Madeleine disappeared her parents conveniently were not looking after her they went out for dinner and left their three children ages three and under all alone in a little apartment in a small town in Portugal something was strange about that night and even professionals agree that both Jerry and Kate McCann had some sort of knowledge that something was going to happen that night their vivid memory of the moment before she went missing the way they recalled her last moments and described it in fiction like fashion the way they looked at her and the way they treated her it was like they had something planned for Madeleine if they did know what was going to happen they'd need to prepare groom their child and drug her so she wouldn't freak out being left alone with a stranger or strangers and give the potential future customer easy access to her the authorities believed that the twins were on some kind of sleeping medication they remained motionless in deep sleep all the commotion and hysteria and didn't even stir when handled by other strangers it was Kate who first proposed the theory that Madeline was drugged by her kidnapper but it seems it may have been more of a tactic that if the body was found explained away the sleeping drugs that would be found in her system but her story didn't add up she heavily emphasized the point of how sleepy Madeline was that night suggesting that Madeline may have been drugged before she was put to bed in that case it would have had to have been by the parent who drugged her and if the Mekons are predators they would have experience with drugging their children before abusing them so if this is true we now have little Madeline groomed drugged and left in an unsecured location pretty much ready for collection they allegedly had planned a dinner date with someone that night I would like to point out the importance of everybody who interacted with the family that night because if this theory is correct then they are also suspects so who did they meet for dinner that night three other families who went with them on this trip all four families had children who were too young to be left alone at home let alone a hotel room this particular night a bunch of children were left unattended and I'll explain why this is important in a moment but now we have a reason to believe that the macaws are predators that their children were drugged and groomed when left vulnerable the night of Madeline's abduction it seems like it was all set up the Mekons didn't travel alone they went with three other couples and none of them had planned for their children to be left with family relatives or friends during their trip all four couples decided to take their infant children with them it is very difficult to plan a big family holiday let alone four four random families who all have infant children this kind of planning would be very difficult work holidays aren't like school holidays everybody doesn't get the same time off people have to ask for specific time off and hope that they get it so each family would have had to plan months ahead for something like this to happen that would have given them plenty of time to actually look for someone to take care of their children while they were away why didn't they that is a very important question to ask also who are they it is alleged that these three couples were friends from University and invited the Mekons to come on this special trip when they met the Mekons are both doctors and parents of three children wouldn't anyone assume that their life would be a bit too busy to maintain such an intimate friendship with a bunch of people of course it is possible but highly unlikely perhaps they have a shared interest and this holiday was planned for a reason these couples could have chosen any holiday location any they could afford to go anywhere since most of them are doctors and they chose this tiny little fisherman town somewhere in Portugal they deliberately took their children with them took turns at looking after and even bathing each other's kids why did they unanimously decide on this specific location praia da luz portugal algarve portugal is not a popular holiday destination but that is what some people may find appealing about it according to some it's a good place to escape to if you don't want to do anything else except for lay on the beach and stay at your resorts but it's not really a place where families would choose to go holiday the town has been described as a boring residential concrete jungle that is populated with snobbish locals so they deliberately chose a place which has almost nothing to do is not kid-friendly and is extremely residential they could have gone anywhere done anything but they chose this tiny little town in Portugal why did all the couples perhaps have a mutual friend there there were many faces – Sir Clement Freud he's remembered as a popular broadcaster as a Liberal MP and as a gourmet but some have very different memories of him for Sylvia Woosley he was a predator who won the confidence of her parents so he could abuse her just 500 meters or 1/3 of a mile from where the Mekons were staying lived Sir Clement Freud the grandson of psychopathology sex doctor Sigmund Freud Clement Freud not long after his encounter with the McCann family was exposed as a wealthy and powerful pedophile in a hard-hitting documentary there this to some may seem like just a coincidence the Mekons were actually invited multiple times to Clement Freud's 1 million dollar mansion for drinks just shortly after their daughter was allegedly abducted during one of these visits Kate McCann ignorantly confessed to one of her kinks by claiming that Clement Freud joked about her promiscuous behavior which made her blush and giggle he gave me one of his looks and a giant glass of brandy and managed to get a small out of me with his greeting so Kate which of the devout Catholic alcoholic depressed nymphomaniac pots is correct this line alone confesses that she is a nymphomaniac a woman who cannot control her sexual urges what is even strangers that Freud knew this about her beforehand but that's not all only 200 years away less than a quarter mile from when Mekons were staying lived another wealthy sexual deviant or rather Sottero maniac who has been accused of multiple counts of bestiality and rape his name is Robert Moore at Robert Marat took a particular interest in this case and decided to help the Mekons by acting as their translator Robert was also one of the first suspects Madeline's body was believed to be buried under his gravel driveway I traveled to prior to lose with my team and from the 16th of June to the 28th of June conducted surveillance of the property known as caso Liana and earned by general ret Portuguese and British police initially searched the property known as Kessel I honor but were unsuccessful in finding the infant's remains entering the property and using a ground-penetrating Moeller machine I established that the infant was buried approximately 500 millimeters below the surface of the newly constructed driveway and next to a row of uneven trees Stephen birch a South African real estate developer and self-styled investigator says he found what could be a burial site below the surface using a ground-penetrating radar Burch who has invested $50,000 of his own money investigating the case has asked Portuguese authorities to excavate the area and three experts contacted by HuffPost crime agreed that this would be the appropriate action birch contends that the location where his suspicious gain was taken was not searched properly he claims it was covered with vegetation and debris from construction materials and it would have been impossible to conduct the scanning on the rubble I am in possession of photographs taken on may 15 2017 during the initial search of the MU rat property together with a photo taken five months later of the same yard when comparing the two photos one can clearly see a pile of building with a wooden plank lying on top of it both photos show the same pile of rubble in exactly the same condition in the rear of the Marathi yard substantiating the claim that the Mirai property was not searched properly the office of the prime minister of Portugal sent Bert a letter on the 10th of September which included a response from Almeida Rodrigues head of Portugal's judicial police according to the letter authorities examined the same location with ground-penetrating radar devices in 2007 and did not find any areas of interests Scotland Yard detectives and Portuguese police were provided with hard copies of Birch's radar scans the agencies examined them and thus far have declined to probe or excavate the location however Madeline's DNA was found in Mirat villa just shortly after Marat was removed as a suspect tests confirmed that samples of hair and body fluid found at the villa were of Madeleine McCann and despite this new evidence no charges have been made so we have two high-profile perverts one which is now known to have been a violent pedophile linked to this case and still it gets creepier number three the Podesta and pizza gate connection the worst conspiracies and in were you know culminated in the so-called common Pizza episode in which a guy whose I know who volunteered to cook at a fundraiser for Hillary who runs a pizzeria you know upscale pizzeria in in Washington DC was accused along with myself my brother and others of running a child sex ring out of the pizza parlor John and Tony Podesta brothers and administrative members of Clinton's Democratic National Committee believed by some to be a part of a high-profile pedophile ring in the United States also became linked to the case when the Smith's family reported seeing a man carrying a barefoot Blanka aged three to four in like pajamas they claimed that the man did not seem like a tourist and was uncomfortable holding the child despite claiming that the man held his head down the description they gave off the man or men they saw carrying the girl made the e-fit machine output an image that looks identical to the Podesta brothers in 2006 John Podesta email got hacked and even more sinister emails were found linking the Podesta brothers to the McCain case on top of suspicious alleged code words for pedophilia all emails from and to John Podesta during the disappearance of Madeleine were handled by Podesta Secretary John Podesta was believed to be somewhere abroad during this timeframe according to Victor OHS Libertad an anonymous FBI informant claimed that both John and Tony Podesta were in fact in Playa del luis Portugal on the 3rd of May when Madeleine McCann went missing according to him they were staying at Clement Freud's mansion while he was abroad although this claim holds little to no merit the truth is what really links the Podesta's to this case is far more sinister let me introduce you to a technique called parallel construction parallel construction is a law enforcement process of building a parallel or separate evidentiary basis for a criminal investigation in order to conceal how the investigation actually began an example of parallel construction would be if your cell phone is unlawfully tapped to track your activity and whereabouts at tea time during which you committed a crime because this is an unlawful means by which to link you to the crime you commit it at tea it would not be admissible in a criminal court proceeding thus a separate lawful and thereby admissible chain of evidence would be developed to show the court that at tea you committed the crime on the basis of strong inductive evidence it is virtually certain that the Podesta brothers are involved in child abduction and the Efus are an example of parallel construction there are three obviously shady features of the official eafit story worth keeping in mind one the e fits were suppressed for five years – the witness testimony there were bay Don is dubious and three the private investigation company that helped produce the Efus is being hunted by the Clinton appointed DOJ what likely occurred is this John and Tony were being monitored unlawfully possibly by the NSA or some other intelligence actor who ever found out what they did wanted to leak the truth to the world but could not reveal that means by which they found out thus they created the e fits as parallel evidence another way to tell that this is a possible leak is the mole that is placed on the opposite side of Tony Podesta's face it creates a modicum of error for the sake of maintaining plausible deniability but to determine whether or not this is parallel construction we'd have to investigate a little deeper and examine the facts the TUI fits were commissioned in 2008 but not released until 2013 by a fraudulent Irish X mi5 GCHQ detective Kevin Halligan whose company Oakley International was hide by the Mekons to look into the case of missing Madeleine his associate another X mi5 spy Henri Exton produced the actually fits o'cl international was based out of 2550 M Street Northwest Washington DC this address is also the office of Patton Boggs Washington's most politically connected law firm and lobbyist organization when Kevin Halligan first moved to DC in 2005 he hired Patton Boggs to help his new business it would be accurate to say through his close connection with Patton Boggs Kevin Halligan was more than familiar with the Podesta group Tony Podesta on Tommy bogs of patton boggs he's a brilliant guy who's invented what a lot of us do Nick a lad co-chair Patton Boggs on Tony Podesta Tony and his group are the right people at the right time in the right place Tom Boggs invented the lawyer lobbyist model and Tony perfected it they are probably the two giants of the modern practice there is no one else in the same zip code in 2008 the year that the Macan Podesta liked efforts were created and one year after Maddy disappeared the Podesta group's profits jump from 10 million to 30 million why did Kevin Heligan Commission the e Fitz in 2008 why did a random Irish eyewitness Martin Smith remember Kevin Halligan is also Irish come out of nowhere to suddenly remember months after the disappearance that he saw a couple of mystery men near the Mekons apartment that as per the e fits looked to be Podesta like he also stated that the men kept their heads down so how could Smith have generated a carbon-copy visual of the Podesta brothers why did Martin Smith then just as quickly withdraw his testimony that being the case why were the Podesta Heifetz still used in the BBC crime watch TV Maddi special televised in October of 2013 in 2013 Patton Boggs and I quote underwent layoffs and partner exits amid a 12% drop in revenue and entered merger talks with Squire Sanders what dirt did Kevin Halligan and patton boggs have on the Podesta group and/or the whereabouts of the Podesta brothers in May of 2007 why did Kevin Halligan hide by the Mekons to investigate their daughter's disappearance produce 'if it's closely resembling beyond reasonable doubt his clients patton boggs biggest rivals who persuaded and why Jerry and Kate McCann to put their faith in and pay five hundred thousand to a random Washington DC based detective who mysteriously reached out to them telling them he could find their daughter was Halligan actually bribing Jerry and Kate over something Mulligan's charm and skill has already persuaded Andre Hollis our former US Drug Enforcement Agency official to write out an $80,000 check to holidays company Oakley in return for a 10% share holding was Hollis being bribed over something to I digress why in March of 2004 was Kevin Halligan handed a rare US Department of Defense security pass and last but not least why was Jerry makan pictured laughing and joking his way around Washington DC home of Podesta and pizza gate in July of 2007 less than three months after his daughter disappeared there is a clear connection between the Podesta group and the McCain case a very very bizarre connection when you take the pizza get allegations into consideration the pizza gate scandal was not made public up until the email leaks in 2006 the connection between the Podesta brothers and Madeleine McCann was made nine years before that Scotland Yard put a 5-year embargo on the 'if it's number four the condemning evidence regardless of all the circumstantial evidence there is enough hard evidence out there to put this case away for good I've pointed out the freaky facts about the case but there is still the ignored evidence which proves that Madeline's parents knew how and when she died one there imbedded confession which actually confesses that she died by falling in November 2016 Richard D Hall interviewed Peter Hyatt a highly respected expert in statement analysis Peter explained when we speak the process of constructing sentences in our mind involves deciding which tends to use which words to select from our vocabulary and what order to put them in this mental process all happens in a fraction of a second if somebody is constructing a sentence from their exponential memory example recalling something real that actually happened to them the process of word selection follows particular patterns and characteristics which can be easily identified by a trained statement analyst if however a person is fabricating and being untruthful when they speak the natural cognitive process of choosing and ordering words is interrupted because the mind must censor and insert artificial information in a very short time period this means the language of somebody who is fabricating is characteristically different and can be picked up he has analyzed in depth an interview that Kate and Gerry McCann gave in 2011 and throughout the entire interview both Kate and Gerry it appears shows signs of deception his analysis concluded that Madeleine died in the apartment she was drugged and sustained injuries incompatible with living by falling to the ever-changing story the initial story has changed multiple times kate claimed that the abductor jammied the gliders open went in through the window and kidnapped Madeline there were no signs of a break-in and nobody else's DNA was found at the scene except for Kate's the story then changed to the kidnapper walking in and out of the apartment through the front door and a false eyewitness account was made for one of the Mekons friends claiming that they saw somebody with dark hair carrying somebody that looked like Madeline at the time of the abduction they tried to pin the kidnapping on a hotel staff member and when that didn't work their story changed a little more and they blamed it on the maintenance man both men were later cleared and the eyewitness account was believed to be fraudulent this hurt the case for the McCann family but later a Scotland Yard detective claimed that a man matching the description given by Mekons friend Jane Tana who was carrying his daughter home that night he released a picture of a dark-haired man wearing the same clothes standing in the same pose this statement was proved to be fake but the detective was never charged for the miscarriage of justice 3 Jane Jerry and Kate statement on what happened on the 3rd of May don't add up there are many in discrepancies both Jane and Kate claimed that Madeline was playing tennis with them but the details of Jane's story do not match Kate's suggesting that both of them are lying about what really happened the Mekons released a picture three days after Madeline disappeared to try and prove that Madeline indeed was playing tennis on Thursday the 3rd of May however hotel staff turn atre coercing Madeline playing tennis or by the pool and claimed that the clothes that she's wearing in the picture on the one she wore on Tuesday the 1st of May which is backed up by a timesheet shown that that is when Madeline's mini tennis group was playing after further inspection it was evident that the EXIF data of the photo had been changed making it impossible to prove what days the picture was taken for Jerry Mekons and Robert Moretz phone were both switched off at the same time for 32 hours from 344 p.m. on the second of May to 11:40 p.m. on the 3rd of May after Madeleine was reported missing five Robert Murat arrived early in Portugal on Tuesday the first of May six hotel staff recall hearing a little girl cry and scream on Wednesday night the second of May kate confirms this in an interview but admits to ignoring her cries and claims that this is when the kidnapper first made contact with Madeleine Madeleine and the twin slept in a room at the front of villa 5a Kate and Gerry believed their shuttered bedroom window overlooking the carpark and Street was closed and locked every half an hour the parents would take turns to check on each other's children we thought that was the best thing and it seemed to what absolutely sane and then have any problem right on till the first morning when Madeleine says why didn't come when the cried last then look at that sword I think somebody had either tried to get into the room or was in the room and woke them up before I just seems too much of a coincidence that she made that comment and then what happened that night looking back now you think that could have been your one chance to save her as as soon as I discovered that mother not been taken you just just hit me straightaway what she'd said that morning oh my god someone try the night before 7:00 Madeline's hair and body fluid was found in Moritz Villa but written off as insufficient evidence to continue investigation eight canine units detected the scent of death in the Mekons hotel room and bloodstains were later confirmed to be from Madeline this evidence was also ruled as insufficient this is the first time that you give us a big interview not being old widows not being a widow since then so now I feel free to ask you this directly how can you explain the coincidence at the scent of the cabbage of category felt by British I'm not sure maybe because I'm desperate for people to help his friend Madeleine which is why we're here today the majority of people are inherently good and I believe the majority of people and brought only good people to help respect this message nine lahmacun family rented a car two weeks after Madeleine disappeared k-9 unit's detected the scent of death in the car and DNA tests confirmed that blood stains that were found in the car were off Madeleine Robert Moore at paid for the rental but did so under the name of his soon-to-be ex-wife this was also ruled as insufficient evidence and ten the parents have the pajamas that Madeleine McCann wore when she was allegedly abducted they were stupid enough to hold up the pajamas during a press conference in hopes to jerk some tears from potential donors they claimed that the pajamas were from the youngest sister but the pajamas were too big to fit the one-year-old toddler at the time and Gerry's brother even later confirmed that those pajamas belonged to Madeleine how the hell could they have the same pajamas she wore when she was kidnapped it matches the description given by the witnesses that claimed that they saw someone carrying a little blonde girl did the kidnappers return the pajamas to the family isn't this proof enough that the Mekons are involved there is nothing normal about this case and that is obvious but if there are powerful people behind this they would try their damnedest to cover it up and that brings me to the last freaky fact of Madeleine Mekons disappearance number five the cover-up never has a missing child case piqued the interest of such powerful people and never has a missing child case cost this much to close 12 million pounds is the estimated money that went into this case but for what eleven years and nothing found 11 years and no new suspects eleven years and no arrests eleven years and nothing it is obvious there's 12 million pounds weren't spent to help solve the case they were spent to do just the opposite despite the outcry from the hundreds of thousands of people who want justice those who volunteered their time and money into investigating this like mr. Burch to help bring justice to this little girl but still they refused to investigate 12 million pounds and nothing has been done despite the arsenal of evidence the amazing truth a community has gathered nothing something is being covered up and it isn't just the tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists who think Sir John's dorka former Deputy Chief Constable my gut instinct is that one big secret is being covered up I have real suspicions we are not being told the truth : Sutton former MIT murder DCI I was told by someone very senior that Grange would be very narrowly focused away from suspicion of any wrongdoing by the part of the Mekons Craig Marr a former British ambassador I have direct information there more than one of the British diplomatic staff found becomes less than convincing and the story's very inconsistent guilty as hell Wendy Murphy former US prosecutor I'm not buying it when do you hire the nation's biggest defense attorney PR firm and refuse to answer questions this whole case stinks you know that there's something wrong when the general public shows more emotion and empathy towards the missing girl than her actual parents using the evidence and facts given in this video I could come to a conclusion that is even more logical than that of the official case but I will leave this to your imagination what do you guys believe really happened [Applause] hey guys I just want to use this opportunity to pimp out my patreon if you like my content and want to support me you can do so by heading over to my patreon page and making a pledge even the smallest amount helps so you can pledge a dollar if you like or you can pledge a little more to unlock some other patreon tiers a $5 pledge will get you a special thanks in the credits a $10 pledge will get you listed as a member of the crew and those who pledged $20 will become producers and receive special perks thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed the video you

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    the mainstream media is not allowed to point at them or they would because of now whisper this they got a S-P-R I-JU-T-ON in early june 2007 the bastards,we all know it is only the guilty like ryan giggs and david furnish who want supper in a junction

  2. my theory goes a bit like this, i have thought they could have been paid to be on a drug trial and that is why they got so much support from the UK heavy weights or kate was just stashing some unused drugs from her job as an anesthetist. i think Maddy's liver just gave up as these drugs are not meant to be used routinely and just built up to dangerous levels. they pushed their luck with the dose exactly because of what maddie said about mummy not coming when we were crying at night, i think kate subconciously mentions maddy saying that because she knows that is the reason she upped the dose. another bit of evidence to support my theory is that when the mccanns returned to their house with a detective there was a chart on the fridge the detective asked what is that and they said oh its just a chart for "maddies sleeping patterns" she has trouble sleeping,yeah my fkn arse! lots of kids have trouble sleeping but i know of no-one who has ever made a chart about it. I am pretty sure the chart was to keep an account of doses,when the police returned to the house the next day the chart was gone and has never been seen again

  3. Poor Madeleine. This case is so sad. I just want Madeleine found. The people who are responsible for her death put in prison for life.

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  8. The noise the dad made when his daughter spun around was disgusting.

    Seeing this and realizing there was inconsistency in their timeline….
    I am thinking the parents were involved somehow for sure. Before I was not so sure.

    My question though…if the parents are involved…why try and keep it in the spotlight?
    Did they enjoy the attention? Or is it an act?
    Why write a book that helped in no way?
    If something happened to my son I wouldn't care to do all the interviews and press conferences.
    They seem to have done a good amount.

    According to the parents they didn't want to use the night crèche available because it would interrupt the kids sleep.
    But it looks like the twins slept pretty deep…which does make me wonder if they were giving their kids something… if They were that drowsy.
    (The twins were tested later on and it came back clean..but it may have been too late anyway)..

    Kate is also trying to make a bigger deal of her daughter apparently waking the night before and crying.

    Toddlers tend to wake and cry sometimes. Her trying to make it into more is weird. It doesn't sound uncommon either. Her daughter asked why didn't you come when I cried(and it sounded like one of her siblings even woke).

    The only time I have seen kate show emotions is when they were "critizing" them and considering them suspects.
    And they don't ever admit to it being wrong of them to leave their kids.
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    Its excuses.
    "We are responsible. We don't neglect are kids."…

    If they were responsible they would have never left them alone.
    Its as simple as that.
    If they were in a different country I could see endangerment charges being brought against them.

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  10. the very fact the parents left 3 children, 3 years and under alone, in a apartment thats not their home, in a country that is not their home country, makes the parents guilty as far as I am concerned. How does a parent, who genuinely loves their children, do that? Answer: they dont

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  13. I don't know why the McCanns even took their kids on vacation with them. The kids were put in daycare every day, all day long, then left alone every night while their parents dined. They should've either left them behind at home, with grandparents, or hired babysitters for the nightly dining. At the least, they definitely were guilty of child neglect/endangerment, and any other parents would've served jail time. They're lying POS's. They never showed ANY emotion or sadness. All their interviews were very flat.

  14. I don't know why the McCanns even took their kids on vacation with them. The kids were put in daycare every day, all day long, then left alone every night while their parents dined. They should've either left them behind at home, with grandparents, or hired babysitters for the nightly dining. At the least, they definitely were guilty of child neglect/endangerment, and any other parents would've served jail time. They're lying POS's. They never showed ANY emotion or sadness. All their interviews were very flat.

  15. But the cadaver dog evidence doesn't support a kidnapping; it supports Maddie's death. I wouldn't put it past the McCanns to sell their daughter into a sex ring, however. The remark about Maddie's genitals is bizarre. Every 3-4 year old has perfect genitals. When my sons were little, I never sat around and obsessed about their genitals, or made any suggestive remarks. The McCanns are weird, and guilty as hell of something, whether it be covering up Maddie's death with a staged abduction, or selling her.

  16. This is so sick. As much as I would love to hear of each adult responsible for what happened to this little girl…. Tortured in unimaginable ways…. Put in prisons where it would be know that every single adult responsible would be … Well let's just say they would be given to the prison inmates with only 1 rule…. No matter what she must stay alive, no killing her. However, if there is one Fact I do know, is even though it may seem like this poor inocent little girl will never get the justice she deserves…. And unfortunately it may take many many years to manifest…. KARMA is the one justice system that will test the patience of millions of people who have been fallowing this case over the past 11 years….. BUT karma is a justice system that no amount of money, poor investigation, not be "cleaned up" by the most feared elite people in the world. Each person involved ESPECIALLY THE PARENTS WILL FACE what they have done, and it will happen at the perfect time, Karma's time. It's so incredibly painful for so many to wait and wait and wonder why this poor little girl can't get justice….. I honestly have never literally hated people I didn't even know until now. People who are having a hard time waking up to the reality of there people in there position as doctors and people of power are not doing horrible things like this to children and the brave influential people who had been investigating rings like pizza gate , who ironically were said to have committed suicide THE EXACT SAME WAY IN ALL ASPECTS Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell….. Who I've asked myself over a million times…… The exact same way? The timing? No, no I strongly believe that because of Chester's past, and passion for making it stop, and the fact that these two brilliant artist, very successful artist who very much knew Hollywood and learned secrets that many people would have a hard time coming to terms with….. No. No fucking way. I apologize for the length of this post. More so I apologize to Chester and Chris's families for my idea of what may have happened. Linkin Park still is my absolute favorite band and I'm 37 yrs old! I in no way mean to upset families or fans or any form of disrespect….. This story is …. I just can't wait until all the sick Hollywood stars , and …. Anyway, I'll end this with: I can't wait to see when everything comes out for the public and fans to see.

  17. I am searching for tears in Kate's eyes. Just rewatched the entire Netflix special and
    a bunch of YT videos, found many clips of her crying but never any tears :zxm,

  18. Let me start by saying my prayers go to Madeleine she is an angel, now them pieces of trash that call themselves parents they are the epidemy of scum I hope to god they rot in hell because there is no place in this beautiful world for excuse my language assholes like that if Kate was here in front of me I would kick her ass and I don't think I would or could stop I love kids and I'm a mother of 4 she should eat the word mother because she couldn't even compete with the word.

  19. When they say “they took her”. It is most likely they drugged her to fall asleep. But they got the drugs from a dealer. And did not pay the back so they took her. And they treated her like a object.And then they picked a picture when madeleine looked drugged. The parents also could have been in a group of dealers and stole drugs. Also they could be sexual predators. And the fact that they are worried about how she looks. They really didn’t care they are predators. They left them alone. But when they discovered she was gone they were so obsessed with Madeleine that they left their other children in the same place where they’re victim was kidnapped. They left her alone drugged and in a un secure environment WITH UNLOCKED DOORS. And the parents are doctors so they should sure know how much drugs to give. They must have been pretty rich because they are doctors. But they choose a un safe place.

  20. Now you know why hillary broke the law to destroy all those emails.
    We’ll find the truth over her dead body.
    Trust the clintons at your own peril.

  21. I think they're guilty of neglect via Madelaine's death being caused by a bad reaction to the medicine they used to put her to sleep for the night, and then they got rid of her body, but the "evidence" you pull out for them being pervy "predators" — the words they use, the way they talk about their kids, the "clinical" verbiage, etc — is pure horse poop. In fact, a parent WOULD think about their young child's "perfect little genitals" possibly being "ripped apart" because, believe it or not, that kind of unimaginable horror actually happens far more often than most of us would like to believe, so OF COURSE these nightmare images would cross their minds.

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