Five Little Heroes - 60 Minutes interview (and News Report)

the five children you're about to meet are extraordinary five little heroes who put themselves in harm's way to save their mother's life from an armed intruder what makes this story even more heartbreaking the armed intruder was their dad we all know the shocking statistic one woman killed by her partner every week in Australia but somehow it takes the personal harrowing story to drive home the full horror of this national tragedy usually the stories are told by women stories of survival and resilience we never hear from the children the silent victims of family violence but tonight the story from the eyes of five incredibly courageous cubes it's a case unlike any other face to face with their father who's armed with a rifle while their mother is on the brink of death five children who show courage and smart far beyond their years to save their mother's life if not for the bravery of these five young children they would not have a mother to visit the outs anything all don't no more operations are all done to Rachel Moore each in their own way is her hero for together they saved her life Jayden 14 Cameron 12 ten-year-old Kaylee and the babies four year old Zayn and his two-year-old sister Samantha you know I think about it um yes do it mommy said to Cameron gets their own director I'm going to die before winters and hospitals although Kane's great and fine but it really wasn't she was fighting for her life she died only five five times she died five times they bring their back one day Megan I think a lot of miracles happen that night I'm so proud of lunching amazingly the night of April 11 last year Darrell Fields has one thing on his mind to kill his ex-partner and the mother of his children Rachel Moore there's no doubt about that I was dead hunted Darryl came through the door with a gun trapped he'd call it me and short just went hang by the man who says he loved her the most scared I've ever been in my life her young children witnessed it all go fill it daddy and he said you don't have a dad anymore and transform into superheroes who knows choking my mom so I had him off the temple and I brother took over to save their mum's life where did you find the strength to do that I'm the physical strength I don't know finding the inner courage to overcome domestic violence like you've never seen before Rachel wants to share her family's horrific experience because with domestic violence as rampant as it is their story could be anyone in that moment what did you think was going to happen to you I thought he was gonna kill me I knew I was going to be shot I knew I had to take the bullet and I knew it had to be me because I didn't want him anywhere you like it as it is for so many the beginning was so different rachel says she fell in love with a gentle patient man and for seven years they were happy he listen about things I was upset about and talked me through and he's genuinely and absolutely lovely person and no one would tell you different but three years ago Darrell's relationship with Rachel imploded when he viciously attacked her a victim of domestic violence in a previous relationship Rachel immediately threw Darrell out I could see all the kids faces and I just said I promise that's it never again I promised you'd never for the next two years their separation was amicable Rachel raising her young family on her own until one night something snapped inside Darrell drove home and when in turn the TV on for them was going to start Roman Baths and all that and that's what I heard him I know it's him screech into the driveway what do you think prompted him to attack you that night alcohol Rachel rushes her children to a bedroom in the dreadful world of a woman who have experienced domestic violence before she knows what's coming or at least thinks she does did you have any idea the extent of the attack I knew it was going to be worse than the last one in my head I knew because it always gets worse and I knew it was going to be bad but I did not expect to have a gun in no realm of existence could I ever believe that he would have a gun huddled terrified in the room with their mum a Jaden Cameron Kaylee Zayn and Samantha we heard him going through the house like we could hear his feet stomping on the ground mate we could hear him walking through it and it was really scary she just looked at me like a psychopath like sort of stuff and I thought it was possessed and it'll look like him sighs were black Darryl was dead drunk and murderous you stood at the door for a bit and then he put up a gun um and he had he had that aimed a mum for a while I remember saying how God in my mind we're all like screaming and stuff and tell him not to shoot and stuff like that but he did anyway he didn't think twice he listed the gun cocked it put a bullet in and straight away to fetch okay I could see any wanted to kill me you want to be dead and he didn't even hesitate he just pulled it up and shot and mum to saw backwards Darryl's shot hit Rachel shattering her left arm I just recall putting my hands down and trying to push up but there's nothing did you know that you've been hitting now not really a immediate I've got it just felt like I'd been punched and I couldn't work out also why I was flipping but now I know it is but I am one just imagine the terror in this room that night but instead of being crippled by their fear Rachael five children literally left into action as one their only thought was to save their mother's life and without any regard for their own safety they instinctively mobilized into the most extraordinary little army actually thought that's it I thought it might have been the end for the whole family for my brothers and sisters as well maybe and to have those thoughts flashed through your mind what was that like I guess my body just decided I'm going to do what I can to stop this no matter what I have to do what did you end up doing well when he had the gun pointed at my mom I ran forward and algorithms and disarmed in Cameron's was the first heroic act that night as Jarrell went to reload Cameron disarmed him taking on a grown man twice his size but there's a little you need to know about these little heroes how the money didn't do it was honest day he was my friend Cameron's older brother Jaden I do share a room with sin and your sister Kaylee a child active thank you once and as part of their acting lessons Rachael's three eldest also trained in fight choreography and martial arts how did you know disarming we do flight keurig free lessons for our active and I guess it was for that I got taught like two weeks early I think I'm sure you never thought you'd actually have to do it in real life did you know general having disarmed Errol Cameron had the foresight to then throw away the gun but inside Darrell was still trying to kill Rachel he just didn't count on Jayden he went over her and grabbed her by the foot and dragged her over to the other side of the room um and then sat on her started choking us and I'm like trying to rip her eyes out and stuff I just hopped on his back and started choking him and I hit him a couple times I think and then I'm Cameron running after it hid the gun and punched him in the side of the head and he landed on me so I couldn't get out or anything because it's too heavy so I just put him in a chokehold in the midst of this mayhem four-year-old Zane knows he must protect his little sister from the violence he takes two year old Samantha and hides her under the bed that bit breaks my heart why does that break your heart he's so little that he had to do this we were at all aware of the great fight that the kids were undergoing on your mail idea apparently I had passed out once I was shot and the next thing I remember was his eye gouging me obviously and filling their hands and them stopping it and then that's all I remember until my daughter picked up my arm and me I just remember her what I feel like when she was carrying me carrying me outside and hiding me now it's Kylie's turn to act this tiny ten-year-old draws on an incredible strength of body and mind to spirit her mum to safety somehow she knows too she has to stop the bleeding and so bandages her mother's shattered arm I got her far distance away from him so that is he went back for that the boys could stop him and you know your mum had a really terrible injury what was that like for you to be wrapping up around and trying to help her when you could see all that blood it was quite disgusting and airy I feel it too that she would um died before the ambulance got there because they took a long time did you ring them I rang the cops and and done the pointing this way and um I said my mom's been shot and she sat down and what's wrong and I'm like my mom got shot and then I gave it to Jamie because I knew that he would be up to something so he got onto it and told her so then she got all the people after that frantic phone call to police all that Rachel and the kids could do was wait and hope hope that Daryl Fields wouldn't attack again and hope to that Rachel could survive her massive blood loss time after time a desperate Cameron ran down the driveway looking for police looking for anyone to help and I could just feel the wind pushing against my hands I falls down the driveway and I kept on running back up to check on mum and down and out and then found them and I said Danny you're down here come on down here and my mum's down there she's been shot um don't worry I disarmed them it's other guns under the balcony it's all safe to go up and they said all we need right procedure calls stuff like that and the side engineer me and stuff was that difficult when you knew your mum needed help so so quickly and so I hit list I just wanted to run back up there and I kept away allows me to sit down there annoy my mom's in trouble of this what did you do did you try and convince them to let you go yeah I just really I thought that that interview and I could run back up the fear that that was the last time I got to see us a couple weeks what's that mean hi he unconscious I knocked him out with my feet right in that state of terror where did they get the presence of mind to do a big kid I don't know I think I would have the guts to do what they did I really don't think I would have so what do you think drove that love for me loving beasts I just wanted them gosh I just wanted the matter there but now I think God they were there I think God for my children saving my life Rachel lost 2/3 of her blood by the time she was taken to hospital and very nearly lost her arm too so that news what was that like for you area the biggest part was not the vanity not the oh my god I won't look nice it was how am I going to hold my daughter now we're going to run the house with all the children and winner just three weeks after being shot and after 15 long complicated operations to keep her arm that artery kept pumping Rachel still has the fighting spirit with your children so clearly inherited do you expect to get full usage of your hand the doctors say I'll get this this this but I now get one it's unfathomable what Rachel and her children have had to bear and while they say it's getting better of course they're still struggling to understand how such a violent act could come from someone who is meant to love them someone they love so dearly Jane when acidic it's getting better really hisses a little bit yeah yeah ah that's Oxford um cuz it was could get um beforehand yeah I'm gotta go might build stuff for the backyard but I'm can't really do that now yeah tough as well and he used to take us to from places and she was really fun and nice but when he did day it was kind of sad yeah so you never thought he was capable of doing this then no guys okay not really well can I get you some tissues and some water will they make you feel better mmm I think they're now even more older than they should be one thing I always wanted for the kids was to be young for as long as you can it was ripped away from them he took it all and so what's in its place fear it's there every night we all haven't also just they lost their dad as well they lost the Med that they thought was strong it would always look after them how do you explain that conflict of emotion how do you explain it somebody who does love them can in fact do this jealousy rage and that alcohol fuel violence that's just I can I don't know how to explain it because I don't know I don't know how he did for now this young family can live easier knowing Daryl field is behind bars he's pleaded guilty to attempted murder and when he's sentenced it's expected he'll be there for a long time while it may be hard to ever reconcile how their father could be so dangerous these little heroes have also learned of the incredible courage they each possess and the power they have to break the cycle of domestic violence do you think they were empowered by what they were able to achieve that night counsel said that they're just hoping beyond what you think they just showed strength and a bond with each other that no one was going to break up do you think that your mum would be alive if you weren't there in the house at night probably not because he would have been able to reach for a second bullet or maybe he would have just shot her and she would that ones who died so what's it like to know that your safety mum's life now I feel pretty good very happy that she's alive and she made it I don't really think about me saving their life I just think that she's alive that's all that matters one day and to help Rachel into her family rotary Australia has established the Rachel Moore family trust detailed aronia we tried to kill his ex-partner in front of her five children has been sentenced Rachel Moore was shot in the arm that narrowly avoiding death 7 News spoke to Rachel and her family who feel guilty about sending the man they once loved to prison Skitch on his first walk in a new neighborhood a fresh start for a family that needs one he stood there for a bit and I just possessed he was Darrell fields murderous drunk armed with a shotgun ready to kill most blank expression that I've ever seen him have and I said you don't have to down anymore I just remember feeling like I'd been punched and smelling metal Rachael was shot in the arm Cameron and his brother wrestled the gun off their stepdad who is today sentenced to 12 years it looks like he did he wasn't surprised or anything he wasn't upset never going to be long enough is it fields also had family in attendance they left swiftly and emotionally no I'm sorry mate except that we're all very sad now coming but despite visiting his stepdad in prison today in court Cameron wasn't even acknowledged if every story I think he did yeah oh he definitely did and like many domestic violence victims they're the ones who feel guilty I felt sorry Freeman just horrible amount of emotions that you can't control I feel as if I shouldn't feel guilty because of what he has done but for some reason I do what Cameron uses the experience as motivation he's pursuing an acting career I've got great news about a film that I'm pinned for which means sorting out contracts and my visa is about to come through Rachel now focused on the kids and a fresh start if I'm going to dream and that's all that matters to support the family you can donate via rotary Ben Murphy 7 years

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  1. you have to wonder how much this harms the kids, telling the story again. cementing stories in place is what creates PTSD. is this even good for them?

  2. Sitting here crying, what an incredible story of human spirit. The martial arts should be mandatory for kids in the US since they have to protect themselves, their families and friends from gun violence every day and everywhere they go: school, stores, parks, parties, festivals and their own homes.

  3. This story absolutely broke me! .. The Anger .. Rage .. Despair .. & the sheer Will to get in there and help this desperate family! .. No woman or child should ever have to endure such horrors from someone who supposed represent a Loved One .. May this SOB rot in Hell! .. God bless you and your beautiful children

  4. Awww her babies are so beautiful. Made me cry seeing her older boy cry. Poor darlings hope life is getting better for them now. Brave brave children

  5. 💟💞💟Those kids are absolutely amazing! They ambushed their 'dad' without a moment's hesitation! All of them are amazingly strong, brave, and exceptionally special. I hope, wish, & pray for as much healing and peace for this extraordinary family as possible. A truly special family…!!!💟💞💟

  6. What lovely children. Aren’t they married? Why is he a partner instead of ex husband. It reminds me of a cowboy. How’d they partner.we don’t use that here in US. We say ex.

  7. Strong kids! My g! So touching❤ And I love that cameron are wearing nail polish. In this society that to me is another proof of his corage and strenght❤ They are so strong!! Good rolemodels for other children!! So polite and beautiful❤❤

  8. What is the song in this video? Anyone know? These children are INCREDIBLY BRAVE! Love conquers all!!!

  9. Beautiful children. So mature for their age, pretty mum too.!! Their dad broke their hearts, hope time will dissipate some of that pain.

  10. 😔😢What amazing children ❤️ Guided by the love for their Mum, they United their strength & saved not only her life but the entire family 👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻 God Bless them 🙏

  11. Beautiful family. I thought I recongnised them but thought nothing of it till they said they were actors! Such a brave and tremendously couraging children and mother.

  12. I broke down when the older boy started crying. Incredible children. Such a heartwarming story. Prayers go out to there mom and there family.

  13. To the brave and wonderful children: Please, don't feel guilty! This man chose to do this and you all had not one thing to do with his terrible choice. You all hold your heads high and know that you did everything perfectly and you are little heros for saving your beautiful mom. And to the mom: Oh, but you have the most brave children I have ever heard of! And none of you should ever feel guilty for what he did. He chose that. Not you guys. Your children are true heros and must love you very much! You are blessed. Don't let guilt that belongs to him, not you guys, take any of that away. Blessings to you all!

  14. Rachel is a very lucky mum indeed . The kids are just the bravest and most awesome little warriors . 👏👏🏽👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  15. It’s sad that they had to see their father do that to their mother. Those kids had to grow up before they needed to.

  16. 15:57 that wasn’t right of her. she pushed for those tears. she egged him on. i would never do that to a child after what happened to them.

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  18. All those children are so eloquent and have such presence. She may not have been good at choosing boyfriends (we don’t know about her childhood) but she’s obviously been a very able mother. Best wishes to all of them. I hope I don’t sound unfair, but maybe no more boyfriends for a bit. Those children have through such a lot. They need to heal, and that takes time.

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