Florida Gators fan discusses Current Events

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Holy Franklin Delano Roosevelt!!! That shizznizzle was funny as hell!! I'm a newb to your channel, so, yeah I'm ten months late to the party, but fuck it, I'm here now & here is better than there (not sure where exactly There is, but There didn't have this funny ass troll vid). Also a trip to read the comments from ten months ago. Shit sure has changed. SEC CHAMPS, BABYYYYYY!!! WOOOOOOO!!! PASADENA BOUND, BABYYYY!!! WOOOOOOO!!! This comment is too long…… BABYYYYYY!!! WOOOOOOO!!! ((LOL)) Any chance you'll give consideration to doing a Baker Mayfield (Johnny Football 2.0) parody? Peace.

  2. omG the White Trash President Donald Trump! you made me laugh so hard. Thank you!! it was a tough day, I needed a laugh today Uncle Lou!

  3. thinking it's funny as I have never seen more hillbilly type people in my life until I went to Georgia. I am a Gator fan but still find you to be hilarious. especially when Florida beat Georgia's butt and you went on a rant. by far the best lol

  4. This is my thought of a Tennessee fan. I would have said a drunk frat boy with chubbys for UF.

    General Voltard acts like my Cajun cousins.

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