Former VP Joe Biden delivers remarks on foreign policy | ABC News

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  1. Biden for president 2020 my favorite Vice President he was a great Vice President and he will be a great great great terrific president

  2. wow Biden is low energy. This is embarrassing. I've seen Biden give speeches when he was younger. He is a shadow of his former himself

  3. This pathetic speech confirms that Biden is a GLOBALIST – if he even understands what he was reading. He really comes off like a clueless, flubering puppet who has no idea what he's saying and @ 42:50 actually asks "WHAT AM I DOING?"

    WOW! This joker has been in government for 40 years and accomplished nothing good.

  4. Joe Biden is very ill, all joking aside he needs to retire and rest. 1 year of tough campaigning and 4 years of presidency would be too much for him. Hillary is lucky she didnt win, the 4 years might have killed her. It's a Democrat curse.

  5. ai ranh~ ma di tranh cu` tui vo chi` de thit cai thang` donal trum cho no vo hom tien chua tra` con` thieu ai ranh~ ma vo

  6. This guy has strung together lines used from the last 50 years of candidates. He stammers and slurs his way through a volume of words that 1) are not true, and 2) mean absolutely nothing!!! No Joke…WTF??? Try assembling any thoughts off what Biden said. Even the audience is wondering WTF!!!

  7. Lots of words that say very little. Vague criticisms against Trump that leaves one thinking, "What does that mean?"

  8. OMG. This guy looks and sounds like he needs a nap real bad. I donโ€™t think his dentures fit either.

  9. Whatever you want to say about Biden, the guy sees right through Trump.

    That is pretty refreshing. Most other Dems (Pelosi especially) seem to be falling right into his traps.

  10. Well thought out and presented. But then again I'm educated and intelligent. Obviously the only intelligent and educated person making comments here.

  11. I really wish Joe Biden's speech was more interesting when the content could have been presented in a much better way. The speech sounds like he is not looking for any acknowledgement from the audience. Trump is doing that with no content in his speeches. Speech does not seem like it will sink into laymen's minds. shocked that the PR team has failed to observe this. When will you learn if not now!

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