Fox News attends Kanye West’s Sunday church service

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  1. As I read this, there are 209 anti-Christi as n troll slave catchers trying to keep Black Americans as slave voters for the Democrats.

  2. Hello there my MAGA Zombies. So tomorrow we have the hearings and I want you to do me a favor. Please approche this hearings with an open mind, or better yet, close you eyes and pretend the hearing are about President Obama did all these nefarious acts. What would you say then? Put Obama in jail? You would! But Trump is not black so he gets a free pass.


  4. If this new kayne truly believes in god he needs to start with transforming his family. Im sure god would respect that. Smh i cant believe it though wow this is just to much. Poor kimmy out there with no morals ans her priest husband doinh the most. Oh god please let me not be so judgmental!!!

  5. God has a history of using VERY flawed people. I am praying for KANYE. I sincerely hope he sparks the revival this country desperately needs.

  6. This is a move !! Jesus said in the last days he will poor out his sprit upon all flesh and your sons and Daughters will prophesi

  7. Way to go girl! Kanye is the real deal!God only asks us to accept Jesus and give him praise! Salvation through JESUS! not works! JUST SAY THANK YOU JESUS FOR SAVING ME!!! ITS REAL!!!

  8. I'm not religious or a Kanye fan, but I sincerly hope this is genuine and not some sham. I'm ok with whatever people want to believe in, if it motivates them to be a better person.

  9. Well they will be the ones drinking the poisonous kool aid while someone like me will shaking my head and saying the words told you so

  10. How convenient people forget, that his 2nd HIT SONG is JESUS WALKS. He's also featured on a plethora of Christian albums, so this isn't a 'new phase'


  12. I have much respect for you all for putting more then 1:45 mins into this … God will definitely work on the most flowed ( I believe thats who he love working on!!! HE show HIS POWER the best throw us!) I also believe in order to really hear His "longing" for us , we must be broken, everyone. brake is different but it is definitely not a sprang or crack its a bone crunching knock out brake!! The one gentlemen said its just music… Singingg praises to Jesus is an Awesome way to worship God! Hallelujah๐Ÿ™ Glory to God๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ You never know what can come from "just" music especially when God have HIS hands on it๐Ÿ’ž when we are not sure of something or someone.. we pray and have Faith that God is truly in control and have all type of unimaginable ways of getting HIS children attention๐ŸŒน ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž May God's blessings and Love spread thoughout all of US๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  13. Great to revive thinking about our creator. Not great to promote incorrect "Christian" doctrines like "born again" or Sunday as a replacement for the Sabbath.

  14. The Apostle Paul was a converted jihadist preaching Christ everywhere and the authorities wanted to shut him up so he was enprisoned many places. He said, whether Iโ€™m free or bound, Christ is preached!

    1st bystander: Paulโ€™s been arrested again.
    2nd: bystander: What for?
    3rd bystander: For preaching Christ and Him crucified.
    2nd bystander: Tell me more about this savior! (Emphasis mine)

    After Matthew Mark Luke & John in New Testament (The Four Gospel accounts of Christโ€™s life), Paul wrote almost all the rest.

    God can use anyone, and Kanye has a lot of influence.

    Woodstock only happened once in 1969, and people are still talking about it.

  15. BEAUTIFUL. Great way to open the minds of the younger generation and for us who LOVE God. Bless the word with LOVE and UNITY. STOP the DIVISION.

  16. drumpf's supporters are a collection of the dumbest idiots in America. They need to leave and start their own country somewhere else. America is for real patriots who believe in the rule of law.

  17. God bless you Kenya West God bless you Kenya West for bringing people back to Jesus. God bless you sir you are a true American and your a true Patriot Sir!

  18. It's called the Awakening of our lifetime…Kanye bringing people together without the race card๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜

  19. If you all say, you love God and children of God? What do you all do for a living or do you want the government to provide for you? A lazy human is not with God, a profiteering is also not with God… and you Fake Holy Spirit is Fake…

  20. In that 7 years, I was not working and without a money… how was I able to live without being a slave and doing housekeeping job for other people?

  21. What? What? Do I hear Ilham Omar crying? She wanted all these people to become "religious scholars" as per CNN's definition of that, but they went to attend Jesus Chist related event.. Ooooo so sad, not.

  22. I think it's a good thing Kanye has turned his life around and excepts Jesus, however, Jesus was gathered by crowds of people to listen to true words of the gospel and watched as he cured the sick and lame and gave sight to the blind through his words and actions through hope and faith and love. Kanye is rocking out song lyrics and music like a rock concert that is why the attraction is huge. People need to open their bibles and study the gospels and the true words of God.

  23. I wouldn't trade any of these DACA recipients for a Donald Trump Supporter. Daca recipients go to school and do not want food stamps or welfare checks nor blame the government for their lack of ambition and preparation. I am sure that a few Trump Supporters are good people

  24. Find out why the dems are trying to hide the whistle blowers name Eric Ciarmella. Share this. Don't let them hide behind there lies any longer. Go to the Dan Bongino show episode 1100. Facebook is deleting our post to keep us from knowing the truth. Facebook is helping the dems in a coup to remove our president. If facebook continues to delete all post that are telling the truth about the fact that the whistle blower Eric Ciamella is part of a coup to remove our president than when the truth comes out all people involved should go to prison incuding anyone from facebook involved in helping in this treasonious act.

  25. I went to the laboratory on August 2015 to respond with the call of the Balinese professor, I printed a new mandala, this new mandala was tested on the distilled alcohol of the Japanese beer and a drop of this beer was tested in the chromatograph machine, the original beer has an AVB of 33% and the mandala treated beer is 28%. YHWH is inside the mandala… so I have proven scientifically that YHVH is God of Light.

  26. I told you we have a different God, you don't even know your Christian God's name. The ancient God is still the same with the present, the God of Light.

  27. Do you want me to test Jesus Christ name in Aramaic to prove he is the Son of God, I am the Truth, the Light and the Way? God provides evidence and science can be its language.

  28. So when you say God, I don't know your god unless you give me its ancient name. Also, God chooses whoever God wants to prove that Genesis, First, there was darkness and Second, there was Light.

  29. So how can you prove the Light from the Genesis until the Revelation? Through rap music, gospel songs and chosen quotes that favor your argument?

  30. So who is the False Prophet in the bible that you keep on ignoring, I don't preach until I have the empirical evidence that every word in the bible can be tested as the TRUTH, because it is man-made. Man and humanity is easily deceived by your own ego and self-illusion.

  31. Of course this is for real. Regardless of Kanye's motives. It's bigger than that. This is people finding salvation which is priceless.

  32. Any way to glorify God. Fantastic. Congrats Kanye. God, Family Country. God has always meant for us all to have a purpose.

  33. Salvation is not about feeling good that you attended the church service. You must prove it by yourself that God is Light.

  34. If I can prove it, so who chose me, is it Satan or Lucifer? In every religion, Light is in their holy book and teaching. You can't be universal by forcing other religion to believe in you, you will clash with them. There must be a universal unit of language that everybody can understand.

  35. You are only deceiving yourselves to argue that God works in mysterious ways… because that is not the Truth. The Truth is 360 degree fathomable, you can ask the computer scientist and how they engage me in cyberwar with their pi formula. And God the Light is still infinite and covers all 360 degree.

  36. Jesus at his younger age went to the Synagogue and the Pharisees were so surprised… because Jesus could answer questions.

  37. It is mysterious to you because you don't understand yourselves, the easiest way for you to understand is by feeling good though the Truth is very uncomfortable if you are a sinner and IGNORANT.

  38. You will feel uncomfortable with me who follows the 10 Commandments rigidly, you will feel irritated with my scientific language and quantum physics language.

  39. What is my genuine bible? I summarized the universality of the book and I simply discovered darkness and light, the unknown to knowing.

  40. For you God is a mystery, because of the unknown aspect of yourself, for me, God is knowledge with discipline and morality.

  41. There is no health without a balance of thought, an emotional being is by low frequency. You haven't spiritually experience TELEPORTATION. Jesus Christ teleported to heaven.

  42. Who among you can guarantee that you will be teleported to heaven when no priests and monks in the world TODAY, ever experienced it?

  43. Always remember where religion put Jesus. The Gospel is very clear, repentance, and Faith, and when you see the world go in and come out the same way, something isnโ€™t correct. I pray but I also study to shew myself approved.

  44. Yikes… Carmina Burana in a "Christian" service?! Good thing there is no God; sure he'd be thrilled to be associated with a piece based on epic poems about gluttony, drinking, lust and gambling.

    Education is King. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

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