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call Cameron taking his story to the beat tonight thanks for being here hi Ari thanks for being here thanks for letting me I'm happy to have you here now look I'm gonna get to your project before we do I'm curious about your view strong words for the president when you say he's a con man do you think that he knows what he's doing that he's lying and the people at Fox News are secretly concerned about that or they're along for the whole ride as you put it well I look as for President Trump his origin story in the 2016 campaign was that he was never a politician he'd never run for office that was patently false it's frankly garbage he ran in 1988 went up to New Hampshire did Aphex pleura Tory committee held a big event where there were hundreds of people he gave a speech to the news conference and gave interviews to reporters including me and in 2002 Trump did an exploratory committee and ran on the Reform Party ticket me actually went to the California Convention and got delegates so when he said I've never been a politician I'd never run for office that origins story about what made him different was a lie and he said he was a fantastic businessman and now we know that he wrote down billions of dollars in losses and it puts him in a club where he's not such a great businessman after all so yeah there's a con there going what does it tell you that he listens so much as we just mentioned to your colleagues at Fox News well they make a real distinction about Fox News you have a lot of opinion hosts like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and some of the folks that you mentioned and then you have a news division and there's folks there like Bret Baier and Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith and Jay Wallace the news president they worked their butts off to try to be fair and it's no secret that there has occasionally been some disagreements between the news division in the entertainment vision I have a lot of friends who are in the news division they work really hard to get it straight the opinion hosts are just that and it's not fact-based that's what front page live is about it's a progressive organization there's enough a lot of liberal folks that we're trying to appeal to but this is fact-based information Trump is concerned if it's a progressive outlet and you're leading it does that mean you were progressive that whole time those 22 years no I mean my first vote was for was for an independent back in the 77 and I voted for independent for president I voted for Republicans and Democrats at Fox I shot straight I made mistakes sure everybody does if the Washington Post has an article that we decided to focus on and they have a retraction or a correction will point out that there was a retraction election journalists do make mistakes sure I'm curious you mentioned some of those folks and I'm going to play some of them for you I'm curious whether you felt that that worked or whether there was a countervailing pressure hold on one second let me show let me show it some of the other folks now who in the Trump era also are pushing back which is consistent with the point you make let's take a look the President of the United States of America is prepared to commit a felony to get reelected the president has offered no evidence to support what he has said there's ample evidence this doesn't require too much analysis to indict the president that's incorrect he's been saying it for a while now but it's simply not true the behavior of the president is immoral deceptive and repellant Fox News knows of no evidence to support the president's claim go ahead access is a problem for journalists all over the place and when any organization gets too close to the President of the United States or politicians that's a problem it happened with the New York Times when Judy Miller was giving taking the word of Dick Cheney as opposed to everybody else when it came to the Iraqis having nuclear weapons it happened in the Lyndon Johnson administration all the time he used to have reporters come over and he talked to them all the time there's nothing wrong with access if it's used right the question is whether or not you're pushing an agenda or you're informing me or you're forming the electorate do you think the Fox News evening or some of the evening in your view has become basically a direct alliance a sort of a kitchen cabinet in providing basic services for for to help from I think I think when a president or when a politician gives a smack to a reporter for getting under their skin that's a good thing when they're getting bad a voice and Pat's on the back something's wrong our job I got a clue on that's going on I got a call you on that since you said that I'm gonna play Donald Trump on Carl Kameron take a look call Cameron who's a nice guy he said no they only have 1500 people you start counting above Carl because you get a lot of people here Carl your response and whether you think he's gonna continue to like you under your new project my response is that I was right that day he didn't have a big huge crowd and I'm right today telling the truth is more important than trying to be popular hmm well put in a fitting end and I think you know you've done a lot of work for a long time there are folks who might know about you only from your news organization and not from your own work but I'm happy check it out that's gonna be great there you go Susan this is gonna be the viralize news we've got this we'll only been up for a day and a half and we're astounded at the at the response and it's accurate it's the kind of stuff that really matters and we'll the 2020 election and the debate and the debates tomorrow check us out front page I I recognize the hustle that comes in getting the URL and multiple times at Carl you've worked in this field a long time we like having different views on this show I appreciate you coming on thanks man hey I'm already Melvin from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that

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  2. Peckerhead Cameron apparently those more than what the Mueller report said? it indicated no collusion but what does a has-been reporter know

  3. Russian Collusion lol like this dude Carl here even has a clue?. Colluded HOW? WHEN? WHY? And WHAT was done that helped him HYPNOTIZE MILLIONS of voters? As usual leftwing loonies spout off with no facts to back them up.

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  7. Carl is just another of the so call journalists that are consumed by their TDS. Watching the greatest president since Reagan drives em nuts. Mostly cause of their own failures. Same as CNN, MSNBC, NBC and the rest. Knowing that it is an absolute fact that Donald J Trump won in a electoral landslide. Still drives em nuts, mostly cause Trump whips on these idiots every day. #kag

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