France paralyzed as thousands of workers launch general strike against pension reforms

thousands of workers in France took to
the streets to protest against President Emmanuel macron
proposed pension reforms the eiffel tower was shut down and most of the rail
lines in Paris were disrupted on ji-yong tells us more Frances largest general strike in
decades has shut down large parts of the country in the latest protests against
president Emmanuel macron pension reform plans according to French police more
than 800,000 workers nationwide launched a general strike on Thursday calling for
macron to abandon the reforms there were even violent clashes between protesters
and police in some cities more than 10 metro lines were closed in Paris and
only 10% of trains operated as railway workers joined the walkout many schools
were also closed and about 20% of all flights going into and out of Paris and
other large cities have been canceled workers and friends are angry about a
proposed pension reform which would see them get reduced payouts or have to
retire later currently france’s pension plan has 42 separate systems with
variations in retirement age and benefits the official retirement age is
currently 62 but some special schemes allow certain public sector workers to
retire as early as 50 however for the sake of equality France president
Emmanuel macron wants to create a unified system where everyone’s pension
would be calculated the same way he aims to implement a points-based system where
the employees are awarded points for each day worked which would be
transferred into future pension benefits today I demonstrate for the next
generation because when you see that we have worked all our lives I have worked
43 years I have a 1200 year pension I doubt that younger people will have a
pension like we currently have if they want it they will have to work until
they are 70 years old it is untenable the protesters claim they would be
shortchanged as a proposed reforms would removes many of the pension benefits for
certain jobs like lawyers and railway workers on ji-yong arirang news

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  1. Retire at 50-Yeas-Old,… I can't help but think for once that Macron is somewhat right here.
    Paying out all these pensions when they turn 50 isn't all that sustainable.

  2. #gaysfortrump2020
    France is doomed. Marine LePen needs to be voted in next time.
    Though I agree with Macron here, it’s to little to late.
    He has been cursed by his own hubris.
    He doesn’t have the guts to step down.
    These riots have been for on reason or another now over 40 weeks in Paris. Inexcusable.

  3. If France reduce retirement pension, I guess others gouvernment will do the same, by saying "Look even French people make efforts". Crazy world !

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