France shooting: 12 dead after gun attack at satirical magazine HQ

At least 12 people have been killed and 10
injured in a shooting at the headquarters of a magazine in France. Two masked gunmen reportedly stormed into
the Parisian offices of the satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo. Police have confirmed that one journalist
and two police officers are among those who died during the attack. Four people have been
seriously injured. A manhunt is under for the killers, who are
heavily armed and escaped after a shootout in the street with police. French President Hollande has called the attack
a barbaric act and France has now raised its national security level to the highest notch. The controversial publication has been attacked
in the past for publishing a cartoon that made jokes about Muslim leaders. It also caused
a stir after publishing a series of satirical cartoons of Mohammed in September 2012.

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  1. This a series of events from Sweden, Germany, Belgium and France. It will start a massive wave of attacks and counter attacks between Islamists and local nationalists.

  2. The BBC in UK are more or less saying they more or less brought it upon themselves for printing picture of prophet. Sickening.

  3. The Muslim god is Isis. Who really is the queen of heaven who really is the virgin "Mary" who is also known as Saturn or Satan

  4. They need not live in western countries! The racist card should now be flipped. This should be a wake up call. Why do foreigners take offense towards western culture when knowing beforehand the differences? Religion is horrible and manifests evil and justifies ignorance. makes no sense to continue pussy footing around the problem. They bite the hands that feed them and leech without shame. Wow, the cunts who sold out the west are always far from danger never dealing with the implications. The 3rd world disconnected poverty stricken prideful ignorant mass feel entitled more than ever. France is beautiful and much loved! Worth fighting for.

  5. I would completely disagree with those who have done this terrible action and who ever supports them because it  doesn't represent Islam at all. This is because if Muhammed (saw) was here he would not have done anything but only look at them with sadness and pity then turn around and ask God (Allah) to guide them. and all Muslims should follow his action " I witness that he is the messenger of God (Allah) and he is the one of the prophets who where sent by God (Allah).

  6. What in a world is happening?!
    How they got there hands on such weapons?! who did this?
    Something does not add up.
    Well, frame it to the Arab and Islamic world so to speak!  Neo-nazi, far-right-wing etc now have something boast about. And here is something odd which I think no media may cover and I quote: "Norway's prison authorities say they have seized over 200 letters from mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik to prevent him from setting up a network outside jail." –
    I do condemn this terrorist attacks, likewise I condemn Charlie Hebdo Magazine for what they do, but not to a point of killing them along with artist(s), nay. 
    This matter should be looked into, and no room for false claims as I read on YouTube and other sites by few people who want to vent or to inflame (trolling comments). Anything said about Islam Negatively are either: Islamophobia (prejudice), trolling, venting, or simply ignorant.
    I do however hope the people do not get careless especially the Western world. Any things said that are  not facts or otherwise is  ignorantness, illiterate hooligans.  Such ignorant people could be Bill Maher fans or "Anders Behring Breivik" fans even. By wise or otherwise a hooligan.
    Peace from Morocco.

  7.  Religion is horrible and manifests evil and justifies ignorance. makes no sense to continue pussy footing around the problem. They bite the hands that feed them and leech without shame. Let's leave them at east with there religion, just send back to own country!

  8. Maalik Islam: You are a coward. Real men fight other men face to face but you and other cowards like you hit on the back then hide inside women's skirt. Europe, USA, Canada, Australia keep all the law-abiding citizens who respect your laws and citizens. Please kick out the nasty ones who disrespect and destroy your laws. Stop playing the goody goody tune.

  9. Don't kill in the name of Islam
    What they did is wrong. It Called revenge
    People and it's forbidden in our religion.
    Our prophet (pbuh) did not choose this method of killing for revenge you all should know that. I am surprised

  10. Now we wait for comments like "Those are not representatives of islam! They aren't true musilms!" yes they fucking are! They do it in the name of your god and you people don't even try to comdemn them, you don't try to face the problem you have with your fucked up fanatics that kills people for any reason. All you ever do is saying "Islam is not like that!" and "Thats offensive to muslim people!". It's not only about your religion but your culture too, you are not civilized and always gonna be hundreds of years behing western civilization.

  11. Of all religions in the world it’s only Islam that promotes violence and killing of people. Can anyone explain to me the true meaning of “Allah”? Based on the evils Muslim people have committed against innocent people around the world in the name of “Allah” I get convinced that they are not serving the true GOD but “Satan”. They assume the role of GOD by punishing people using crude methods such as chopping off of limbs, beheading, stoning and killing. Is there anyone in this world including the Muslim leaders who is free of sin? Do all Muslims support killing of people in the name of Allah?

  12. Just Ban Religion Full stop,then you want have these problems, don't these idiots understand that all Gods Are Dead, or are Fakes!!

  13. Wow the Assassins got away…it's like the beginning of an action movie where the villain commits a horrible crime and gets away.

  14. Did I just hear on tv that a nut was robbing a bank while the police was dealing with terrorist? Don't tell me folks no matter who they are will take advantage. They just said again on MSNBC that there was a gas station help up. This was Jan 9, 2015 I just heard this on tv. Ferguson it's not right to loot, but others make than same moves in their own way.

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