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Full Panel: Democratic Establishment Fears Sanders Nomination | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Panel: Democratic Establishment Fears Sanders Nomination | Meet The Press | NBC News

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. Trump promised to "drain the swamp" – instead he pardoned white collar criminals – and made the swamp even bigger. Sanders is the only hope for the 99%.

  2. "Democratic Establishment Fears Sanders Nomination" you sure? Maybe Democratic Establishment Fears Coalition Sanders represents.

  3. Lol Hugh Hewitt sounding as out of touch as carvill lmao Pete winning South Carolina? He is polling at 0.001 with minorities he has no way to get there. Bernie is going to start running away with it after super tues baby!

  4. If you don't want Trump for another 4 years, get ready to get behind the lead Democrat, whether you like it is not. Warren has already shifted. I believe she has conceded mentally and positioning for VP or cabinet post.

  5. Todd Chuck's contempt for Bernie and Americans that support him oozes out whenever he talks about the man. There isnt much time left for Democrats to stop Sanders? Hello, we are voting because we dont want to stop him Chuck! You may not like him, but it's supposed to be your job to cover him fairly.

  6. Bernie is the pathological liar that never has a real job in his life. He even doesn't know how to answer how he can pay for all the free stuffs he promised. Even if he takes all the money in the world which he couldn't—that's not his money, it's not going to be enough to cover. his proposals are not going to pass in congress or senate. So what's he going to do about it? he'll be the do nothing bernie. why don't he start sharing and give away all his money and houses to others! he's a millionaire and still taking money donation from others working class people. What a crazy liar hiprocryte! Over 30% Americans vote for socialist. It's scary. How are we as a nation get here? We should be concerned.

  7. CNN, MSNBC, and the far left media with 24/7 Trump hate and fake news have radicalized people's views of government. Now they can't figure out how to control the angry mob they created.

  8. It’s only a disaster to a political party when the party is not for its own voters…. let that sink in… just a snub of the will of the people…. is this panel even newsworthy? Who are they marketing this drivel to? The beltway? Massive donors?

  9. The media mercenaries and DEM establishment suddenly forgot Trump and their goal #1 is to stop the only candidate that is winning!!! Anyone can explain why?

  10. Another reason people support Bernie is because he has been supporting the same policies during his lifetime. The man had a vision about all this and here we are in 2020 where he is getting support from everyone.

  11. ALL the ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM and MOMENTUM is on the Progressive side ! What does the establishment have to offer ?
    Biden and Bloomberg… lol ENOUGH SAID carville !

  12. absolute losers. lol so the dnc is basically openly admitting they have controlled who the candidate is. always cared more about the party than the people

  13. Chuck Todd thinks all Bernie supporters are similar to brown shirts in Nazi Germany. He's fooling no one with his blatant bias and his nonstop anti-Bernie propaganda.

  14. GREAT NEWS: Yale recently published a study confirming that Medicare for All is awesome. It would be LESS expensive than our current system, yet cover more people, with better coverage, and save 65,000 lives per year. Below is the link to the file, published on The Lancet. You have to make an account to view it, but the account and the file are totally free. You can also just read the excerpt without doing anything. Please share the file with everyone who will read it; the media will either ignore or slander it, so it's up to us to disseminate it.

  15. so who is MSM endorsing? clearly not Bernie! Bernie is too radical to win in 2020. He's too radical to be the president. Raising the minimum wage to $15 is one example of his foolish policies. The inflation that would cause would be disastrous. There would be massive lay-offs which would trash the excellent unemployment numbers going on now. Businesses paying minimum wage cannot double their payroll expense without drastically raising prices on what they sell to BE in business. A double minimum wage would force people out of business, lose millions of jobs, and the price of it all goes to the consumer. Minimum wage jobs were never intended to support families and they should NEVER be expected to. The presidents job is to protect and create high paying jobs, not send them to China and force American businesses out of business. Happy meals would still be 99 cents if high school kids working fast food were still paid $3-4 an hour. Minimum wage employees are not worth $15 an hour, and we need those low paying jobs for entry level workers and menial unskilled jobs. Socialism is dictating how much an employer has to pay an employee. It is none of Bernie's business.

  16. Wait a minute. I just had an idea.
    What does the so called "deep state" think of Sanders and will the "deep state" do something?! 😁🤷‍♂️

  17. If the democrats don’t nominate Bernie Sanders because of back room numbers fiddling they’re going to alienate his supporters. Then, just as in 2016, they will stay home on Election Day. Without Bernie’s army, there’s not enough undecided voters to outnumber the obligate republicans and win in The electoral college; it’s that simple. Certainly, there will be pushback, dark money groups are going to run attack ads by the millions, but Bernie’s army will stand. Sanders 2020.

  18. 5 wealthy people sitting at a table trying to figure out how there party can stop the popular candidate from winning so they can run the second or third place candidate. Because there bosses don't want higher taxes.

  19. Follow the money……Sanders want money out of politics….I imagine the bulk of money goes to TV ads……. Corporate media may not want this….

  20. I’ve never heard the Democratic Party ever utter the phrase “how can we stop the front runner, the one who the people are choosing” until Bernie. This is why nobody trust MSM and the DNC. They are basically saying forget democracy, forget what the people want, how can we get what we want instead.

  21. The establishment and "elites" should be defending the peoples will instead of plotting to undermine it. Voting is the system we have decided upon to implement change without torches and pitchforks. Democracy is literally protecting the owner class from angry mobs of peasants whose only option for revolution is violence. It is insane to trivialize and/or undermine those safeguards

  22. Look how sad they are 😂… it’s like they lost their mom…. they are so afraid of sanders they would rather vote for trump . 😂

  23. James Carville is a political hack. The pendulum had swung so far to the corrupt right, that it has no choice but to swing dramatically to the almighty left. Bernie Sanders has that fiery passion that can't be matched. Bernie Sanders is the true voice of the masses. Texas for Bernie! Bernie for President 2020!

  24. The Democratic Establishment is in a tizzy because they realize for the past 20 years it has been a winner take all governance (majorities in both houses and a presidency). This year is an opportune time to seal the deal, however they fear (and I have to agree with them) that Sanders will have no coattails. Down ballot candidates, especially in purple or swing districts will have to distance themselves from Sanders lest they be labeled as commies and socialists. Bernie represents the opposite of coattails, hence the likelihood that even if he does win, there will be no governing majority, thus nothing in Bernies' platform will get accomplished. That is what the DNC is fretting. Not only that, but Bernie is the one candidate Generalissimo Trump would love to run against. Elections ultimately are about emotions, not policies. Surely one can picture the anti-socialist bombing the Republicans will put on full display once the general election takes form.

  25. Love that Chuck Turd…he's always trying to show everyone how "smart" he is. We'll be
    sure to let you know when (or if) that happens, Chuck U.

  26. Hey Chuck, do you see that Bernie is the front runner now?

    I know we all remember when Chuck would run oppo polls on Hillary.

  27. The Republican establishment had similar ideological fears about Trump in 2016 (just like how establishment Dems currently fear Sanders) yet Trump won in 2016. Sanders might win in 2020.

  28. James Carville just called many, many American voters fools to their faces. Well, there’s a message that just might galvanize an opposition to the corporate wing of the party! Please keep it up, James, and insult Bernie right into the White House!

  29. All establishments fear the Bern!!! Bernie's policies will end the control the greedy rich have had since foerver. They all have had their hands in eachothers pockets for so long, it's exactly why the greedy republicans are protecting trump. No lobbyists this time.. Bernie will not be potus for corporations… Power to the people!!
    BERNIE 🇺🇸 SANDERS 🇺🇸 2020

  30. I am so, so, so, so glad that the elite establishment that shoved Hillary Clinton down our throats is scared. It means the tide has turned and the older generation that had become bought and paid, and complacent to the real needs of people are on the way out. If they are scared of change then move out of the way. Change is the only constant.

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  32. Are you kidding yourselfs, no way is bernie beating Trump … Lies lies and more lies… See you all in Nov. Tell me then bernie is the man… Better yet just wake up, you must be dreaming…

  33. 4:40 Chuck asks "Is it too late for the democratic party to slow down Bernie Sanders? Wow, its could be news to many that Bernie Sanders is running against not only Donald Trump,, but also the democratic party as well as the mainstream media.

  34. Bernie Sanders beating Trump…Bwhaaaahaaaaahaaaaaa. Right. Among democrats maybe, …and only by a 2/3rds majority.1/3rd of democrats would rather vote for Trump than Sanders. (I'm one of them.) Carville nails it.

  35. Wow to even discuss how the DNC could stop HIM. That's zing hieling. All you rich folksshiting your pants cause now your gonna have to actualy pay taxes Insted of doing your right off scams. Boo hoooo.

  36. These people talking ARE part of the establishment. Terrified millionaires against THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. What more proof that BERNIE is the clear best choice. GO BERNIE ❤️

  37. "is it too late?" asks chuck todd… mind you chuck is the one pushing this narrative, that it's too late… these corporate lackey's and their flailing is laughable, not even an iota of being unbiased now.

    msnbc should fully come out and endorse bloomberg, all these primetime flacks lean that way because of their personal financial interests.

  38. Keep on helping out the republicans by calling him a socialist instead of a democratic socialist. You're all pretty stupid by being against the only one who could actually win from Trump.

  39. It is absolutely insane to hear a tv host publicly discussing how the democrats can stop their own cadidate whose policies are mostly mentioned in FDR's time

  40. Lets be honest. A lot of bernies policies in a utopia where money is infinite and everyone is healthy, educated, well fed and made as much as everybody else… maybe it would work. Now heres the kicker. Everything that he wants to make free (drugs, school, hospital stuff, etc) will cost 3x more than our current national budget so how will they fund it??? Taxes. Who gonna get taxed for it??? The wealthy but, what happens when they run out of money or the taxes get so rediculous that even the rich go broke??? And if we were paid equally, what happens to the people who are money smart and manage to get wealthy??? Theyll probably tax you right back into the hole which means saving money is a punishment. Cant buy nice things if you cant afford it.

  41. Hugh Hewitt trying to explain why poor people should vote for the candidate he wants. He’s basically saying “this is who you should vote”. No one is listening

  42. I don’t like trump, but I rather vote for him than Bernie. I joined the military and earned my free school, now some punk gets it for free. Want to take away my job in the oilfield….


  44. Bernie is a democratic socialist. That is not the same as a socialist. The fact that the media ignores that is baffling

  45. Bernie just points out the problems but his solutions are completely unrealistic and would crash the economy. We would see a depression that makes 2009 look like a speed bump

  46. Pretty pathetic Chuck!
    You’re acting like you’re not an actual part of the establishment!
    Unless you change your direction, you’re nothing but a part of the establishment problem!

  47. I don't understand why its such a dirty word to say Bloomberg is only running to stop Sanders from winning. Not just winning the Democratic Nomination, but the White House. Bloomberg benefited from the Trump Tax Cuts, so in no way is threaten by a Trump reelection. But its the threat having to pay the same taxes as he did in the 1990's that started all this. Unfortunately for Bloomberg is that he has forgotten which party his running in now, since his answers sound like he still thinks he's a Republican.

  48. I am seriously disappointed in MSNBC – your bosses are no better than having Trump back in power as long as they get their tax cuts and any other benefit that lines their pockets…there is zero interest in the public or the growth and well being of your nation…some people are trying to heal the world and do the right thing for everyone and now it is abundantly clear that democrat or republican want a candidate that will protect their self serving, greedy financial interests…The term capitalist pig is really starting to make sense now.

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