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what's up YouTube it's your boy honey AKA mayhem prints today we're doing something a little different instead of going out and doing some pranks today imma be reading off some funny news articles let's start with the first one article number one is about a homeless man 34 years old who was sitting in an office and next to him was a four-year-old boy and his mom so the man decides to lick his finger and stick it in the gear he fled the scene and later on was arrested I wonder stay I want I should have one Bell disgaea just so i can ask you the question like stir uh why why did you just lick your fingers ticket I won't understand like i would pay five hundred dollars just to understand i I want to hear the story behind this leg why would he be that's his long story short is the guys fingered the kids here so article number two is about a kid that parts in class and gets arrested I don't see what's illegal about that but it is pretty annoying I mean a kid from my class kept doing out by punching the throw some clearly drop kick him in the neck don't see why they arrested him I probably put the kid on a choke hold and wait for him to stop breathing that's what I would do I don't know fuzzy cop I've had to do so totally good alright so article number three is about a man that Sue's his cells boomerang it swings round hits his self so he takes this to court choices to the boomerang company and his lawyer advised him to sue itself walking in who do you like to sue um this man right here who are you pointing to your son how does it work what do you have to to lawyers do you have to hide your two words like one to work against a man that threw the boomerang and then another lawyer working for the man that got hit with the boomin like how does it work so anyways his guidance up 23 hundred thousand dollars which to me is crazy probably i'm going to buy a boomerang tomorrow my toss it around and hit myself article number four is about a man that gets arrested why he's getting his hair cut for fighting um this is what the man looks like one he got arrested i'm guessing that the only charged him have this article is about a woman in Florida that caused 911 after McDonald from Zara you know that's I do say you got to take desperate measures of desperate times if you guys like the way but the video this week let me know in the comments below and give it a big thumbs up I'm a child pose every Monday videos like this along the pranks and challenges yes please don't forget to Like share and subscribe

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