Geopolitical Simulator 4: Cuban Democratic Rebels (4): Libertad o Muerte!

greetings comrades I am Admiral Andre and welcome back to geopolitical simulator for this is our fourth episode and if you remember from the last one which was only yesterday if the upload is successful we took the city of Santiago de Cuba from the regime but they are currently surrounding our brave and loyal Patriots with 46 level 2 tanks and 99 level 1 tanks I since the last episode I figured out what the difference between these vehicles is and it's simply the fact that this kind of model is a level 1 tank and this kind of more traditional tank model is a level 2 so that's even more dangerous so I think let us continue with the clock there is not much else we can do at the moment and hope for the best so I am very interested to see what the regime will do today I'm also a bit cautious now to fast forward because I don't know if the thing will actually stop if they start attacking us and I don't want the government forces running around in the city without me being there to direct action so that's the thing no stop right there so they just sent a bunch of helicopters to attack the city and we lost something I'm sure eleven thousand zero seven three I think it was eleven 6/7 something over I don't know I think we lost a couple of hundred people there to be honest but we also destroyed all of the helicopters so that's a good thing we're in absolute dire straits battle attack putting together a refugee convoy and the battle and then it's international news again now we're all those refugees we saw them going this way last time oh there they are are they leaving on a ship probably going to the US maybe I've never seen them actually get on the ship before but there they go good grief so how many people are left here 220 77 oh yes this is another question that I had because when I see the population I'm not sure if that means the population after the refugees left or if this was the usual population but now we know last time it was half-a-million so this is after the refugees left I'm using tropical 5 soundtrack today just to mix things up a bit so where are you lot going now Florida I guess so what do we do we have to wait now for our tanks I'm not sure if I want to buy helicopters really maybe we should actually it could help us possibly Rank 1 let's try how much money do we have left now is this true 409 million operating budget I think we've spent so much recently that it's more likely that it's the operating budget but in any case also this is something I wanted to share with you I saw this when I edited the video last time because we are now controlling territory we are actually getting an income every month now so we don't even have to ask for money anymore most of our money is coming from extortion ransoms and trafficking so yes we're an illegal organization so it's par for the course I guess and also territorial resources I guess that means if there's any minerals in the area that we control or stuff like that but it's just a city but I guess it still counts you know the economic activity of the two hundred thousand people still remaining so anyway let us try getting a few helicopters we can't get in here nothing I'm sure we could get it from the black market last time but please leave of two helicopters 18 million for each no I am sorry we can get 2 tank that money now level two tanks well we'll just have to wait I'm gonna put it in fast-forward mode or high-speed mode just so we see what happens have to watch this very carefully we're literally on a knife's edge here comrades and one of our loyal advisors actually said in the comments I think to the second video of just stop right there that we should do the rebellion the hard way now just straight go for the capital and capture it and well we have the hardware now comrades so that's six troops that won't be too much of a problem and there they go just pause it immediately now what I want to try actually is so it's literally just one stack of six can we fire our rockets from long-range and kill them without getting damaged ourselves obviously this costs money because the Rockets are not cheap but better than losing our troops there we go Patriots march forward bravely yes we'll see what happens okay quickly before they get to you and they're dead okay we didn't take any damage this time so this is a viable option if there's small groups coming into the city of course we certainly lost some Rockets there but we still have over 1200 so it's fine for others at and losing people right now so it looks like they're not really sending any tanks in I think they can do that but they're just not choosing to do that regime overthrow that's more prestige because each time we defeat them we regain the city and that gives us more popular support let's have a look at that yes yes yes okay now I see we are actually gaining sympathize last time it was for six now it's for seven so this is helping let's see what the government has seven I think was it not more than that before not sure okay there's a hundred and twenty eight level two tanks coming we're dead comrades how can we win against all of this but I still have faced in our revolución are they gonna send all of them straight into the city then we're gonna have a hell of a fight on our hands no they're just wait okay just pause they're sending three in small groups luckily this should be from the other side of the city now yes okay good thing is the Omni base is our idea so I'm gonna send all of our 4,600 Patriots and please fire your rocket launch yes actually no this is too much stop for only three tanks we're not gonna waste so many rockets just take a smaller group of 700 is that 700 Rockets being fired at once that's the other thing still too much we'll see we had 1200 Rockets now what do we have okay they're dead we didn't get hit and we have still 1200 so we lost only something like Tina rocket so it's fine they don't waste it right another victory for the revolution and they're splitting into lots of little groups again mmm-hmm reorganizing we know that they sort of shrink in size if they went into the city so we'll know if they try that they're just trying to intimidate us you see comrades you see what I'm telling you this Bastardo is trying to intimidate us but it will fail obviously well just wasting fuel 104 oh it's different stacks 271 and 99 and there's one soul true I wonder if they'll send that pure bugger into the city to die yep well now we see how much they care about the lives of the Cuban people well everyone in the museum please get your RPG is ready and aim it at that one single human being traitor try not to damage the civilian buildings and he's dead that's that then why would you send one soul person into the city well well it's fine this is just going to become a problem long-term because there's nothing we can do to get out just saving I said it to save every quarter otherwise it gets a bit too tedious takes quite a while to save right just pause I want to see if we can launch another uprising that we can't that's it we're trapped here now all that we have is proposed peace or surrendering of course we don't want to do either we're gonna need so many tanks and armored vehicles to attack these stacks that they're singing another 88 single star tanks oh okay well how long can we last comrades it's strange that they're not moving there okay stop there's three coming in again I could just keep sending hundreds of them in and wipe us out but they don't do that for some reason which is fine by me by the way of course let's have a look okay they're coming from the cells everyone in the bank please aim your RPGs and taste your RPG skills three level one tanks get em get em get em kill em kill em you see how the heat points tore up and they did great should be another 0.7% approval what can we do to expedite this matter not quite sure it's they're gonna keep doing this now we could possibly try again if they are like all in one side of the city to smuggle somebody out I doubt it will work because they have a an area of range around them 0.7 indeed trying to intimidate us trying to break our world should just be battles again battles complete success for the James Webb at least know what how do we get out of here we can't even do a diversion by launching an attack on another city now we have to go from here there's another 163 troops coming how many do they have this is where the 78,000 troops we saw before really start to take their toll I'll probably send one or two in again how many Patriots do we have still fine still have the mercenaries I guess that helicopter attack also killed our mercenaries they're sending a hundred in all right comrades this is more substantial now cause this is quite urgent right so they're coming from the south again is one stack of 100 I guess 100 in one stack is like the maximum number we have 1,300 here now the thing is I think we can use our rockets again because they're in one stack let's try it come on quickly that's it I didn't even get the chance to throw a grenade okay fantastic as long as we can keep doing this let's see how many Rockets do we have now they keep buying them of course given our target there so it's actually fine I don't have to micromanage there and we should get money every month more than we are spending hopefully foreign country spoils of war Network I don't think we need to do that again now weaponry actually what I should try and do maybe is to see if we can meet someone maybe a network who is it that gives us weapons I think it's actually diplomats maybe they'll be more inclined to do that now that they see were actually rising up here let's try it diplomats the Liberian will try all of them where Toriko oh that's the other one Belize right good luck maybe they'll also support a UN resolution now now that they can see the atrocities of this government of this bunch of maniacs it's just staring us down right first meeting have a coffee all right champ no first I love your country champagne will you please supply me with mercenaries wait first will you okay now they don't have the UN option will you supply me with mercenaries wait let's see if we can bribe him 50 it's not gonna go for it weapons no it's not gonna happen if he does he might send a few right Liberia coffee everyone has OSIS I love your country champagne bribery still a fifty I could change it but that's cheating so I'm not gonna do that will you submit resolution no he won't will you fund us okay might send more money will you supply us with weapons no mercenaries no all right they all reluctant to get involved I guess they're not sure of our chances yet but to be honest neither am i next day oh and there is another stack of 133 tanks how many tanks to these buggers have coffee I love your country champagne are you susceptible to bribery Aegina fifty maybe that's on purpose so that we can't bribe them will you give us a UN resolution no will you help us with mercenaries no weapons no they don't want to say no outright but that's really what it means but we should be getting a small amount of money soon okay they're sending silly level 2 tanks into the city prepare yourselves my Patriots right into the city it poses automatically everyone in the museum brace yourselves okay they're staying there $7,000 yeah it's just a token maybe I can buy a new bottle of champagne with it right Patriots do your thing Oh they fired from long range not good all right we wiped them out but we lost a few not good okay how many now they're sending more perhaps 10,000 900 yes this is starting to hurt I think they're sending more or no they're not sure what they want themselves mercenaries how are we doing okay I'm doubling that again let's stop now we count again just once let's get 46 my scenaries how are we supposed to escape from this this was a tactical blunder I think the problem really here is Santiago is so close to these military bases we really only have the one option and that is to grab Havana right at the start just more battles in the newspaper I guess what are you doing and another 60 level-one tanks these guys are really scared of us at least we succeeded in that they're sending three of them in again looks like they say in just a few from each stack right let's deal with it otherwise our troops will just keep standing yeah and they'll start shelling us right hit them I think these level 1 tanks can't hit us so easily from a range yes it's the level 2 ones we have to be scared of so we didn't suffer any losses there Santiago miyamura mi corazon how do we escape here comrades what is your advice how can we deal with a situation other than surrendering of course I won't entertain ideas of such proportions we still have two hundred and seventy seven thousand people in the city come on people what are you doing okay six more troops coming in what happened right there some of them died here let's just have a look what's happening without troops maybe they tied assaulting the city directly or something right same old story rockets fire you know the drill right ancient history please they're suffering some losses we could escape I'm gonna try again this is probably not a wise idea you see that on both of our flanks but let's try one of the mercenaries at least well I don't think actually mercenary can build a camp you don't see the option there we need someone who can build a capsule one brave and loyal Patriot try to escape the city please should we try and go south or north I guess north but it won't really matter it's a suicide mission dead instantly if we're further away the year government forces can't see us they only have a certain range around them this I also learned intimately with my Afghanistan experiment so if only we could escape it would make it so much more difficult for them to find us but I guess we are trapped here that shadow in the back is actually the Jeep that we move our troops in eight more of them if only we could now escape and drop an atom bomber right here we could wipe out most of the military forces Hey I guess those eight soldiers are gonna try or they'll just wait no they will pause and they shell us again very interesting every time someone enters the city lay attack her somehow in intimidation attempts I just love this tropical five music right come on come on we could a game trying to a direct assault but against our 209 thousand plus 143 thousand it's hopeless totally hopeless we need those tanks first and the armored trucks the technicals then maybe we'll have the chance at least for one of them to escape during the battle well we'll get a notification if there is another battle there is the refugees they're selling to Haiti it looks like might wanna rethink that or they're just parking in the middle of the ocean which is also not the wisest can we get anyone to protest this kind of abuse now we can't because we are now an active insurgency so we have fear of meeting options we can't do all of those stealth options of inciting other people to rebel is there anything we can do what about meeting someone we've never met before I think maybe the Brazilian maybe she can help us let's meet tomorrow morning don't know how we meet maybe just online or I don't know I'm sure they'll cut all of the communications in the city so I'm not sure how we're meeting for troops I'll try again okay we have a meeting coffee she likes it of course Brazilian coffee champagne I love your country she likes that will you find us so actually first put us in touch with Argentinians what so she won't doesn't the first time I bet someone I refuse to put me in touch with somebody else can i bribe you no no we disagree I don't know what we disagree on but anyway next battle same thing please use your rockets but 300 more tear or something I don't really know Spanish now what let's see missing the newspaper just more battle reports we have to really start thinking here I'm gonna try fast-forwarding to the next event let's see what happens I'm sure they'll stop the clock there all right pause so the next batch is moved into the city and it is for soldiers bravely trying to kill 11,000 mercenaries and armed revolutionaries so not sure well they got a rocket off there which is more than I can say for many of the others who have tried one more they'll just keep throwing them piecemeal what are we gonna do just wait wait for those tanks not sure when they all arrive anymore I just know it was many months next event cause instantly somebody died again on the outside there doesn't really change our numbers they send one soul guy into the city again are you mad or what he is gonna be at the receiving end of RPG fire he also I don't know if that was actually just the rocket and smoke exhaust from the RPG say but maybe he got a grenade oh I'm gonna put it on slow and then fast forward to the next event because it will drop out and return to slow speed at least that will give us time to react the helicopters attacking us again and something else inside the city again and a hundred of them okay at least they're trying something a bit more now everyone for here your Rockets will meet in the Town Hall Square or nearby anyway a hundred traitors come on fire what are you waiting for don't get so close to them heavy damage well I guess their enthusiasm makes up for that how many people do we have in the city now no more mercenaries but we did lose a couple of hundred people they're not good you have to fire your RPGs from much further away put the order in for the next batch of mercenaries maybe it's now July I'm not sure if we should try doing a recruitment campaign again maybe we should wait just have to get closer to those shipments here's another few helicopters attacking us and another battle alright what's our numbers at the moment oh we lost a lot I think in those helicopter attacks those are deadly comrades we are definitely running out of time here now they have st. eleven that's nothing but it's the helicopter attacks so we've lost that 2,000 people already I don't know could we have done this another way really again if we don't want to do at the instant way we had to withdraw from Havana and possibly try here but I don't think we could have gotten any troops out of the city because of the base right next door so the moment we do that they would have attacked us anyway so that's the thing and I don't think while we are busy attacking Havana and Santiago we can launch an attack on another city because like you saw we can't reallocate troops from the Havana battle so in the case of Cuba it might just be better to attack the capital and just get it over with unemployment risen to a whole 1 percent I guess all of them are in the army and sure they'll move soon they're just leaving these hundreds of tanks outside to block us I think if we can get those tanks and technicals in a relatively short time we'll just go out in a blaze of glory one big battle where we pull everyone out of the city and attack will definitely die but better than slowly being whittled away come on right same thing rocket attack okay he's dead 53% popularity okay slow-speed next events the only way we can get through the game relatively quickly forget the newspaper it's not irrelevant in our present situation okay another attack just stop right there don't think that changed the numbers again another two Rockets all right now that's definitely just the smoke and exhaust from the RPGs they didn't actually attack us there another victory and slow speed and next event come on come on where's my equipment okay next attack just stop there again someone on the outside was also killed how many do they have probably one again yep it's not even necessary to keep coming in here just let them handle it slow speed to the next event why is that battle not sorted yet okay I'll have a look at that message okay well not good not good somehow they bypassed a lot of us here I guess during the fast forward three tanks their level – oh okay we killed a few of them already without my management same thing quickly quickly quick what are you doing they're all dead all right they were just celebrating I guess rocket attack how many are left six inside the bank and the rocket attack the next one they won't do that by default that's why I have to direct them every time so anyone left yes and they're doing nothing about it get them please for goodness sake anyone else I think that's it but we suffered some serious losses no it's not the only they're attacking from all sides okay three three so they keep it generally small groups but definitely he's fast forwarding while the battle was happening was not a good idea and I guess everyone in the police station get that one might as well enjoy the music what we're being massacred here come on that one is well just look at it I should just queue up the multi water move again and a whole other batch as well right you not pull back here yes this is it Congrats I think we're in the major attack mill again they just keep sending small groups but at least they're doing more of them now you not pull back to the bank you lot stay where you are attack that one and then that one you lot are going back and then regroup and then all of you will attack see they're still firing just wait til they're together now that one looks like these two are coming down instead change your attack fire this one you have to micromanage this kind of thing to a very large extent next and they're coming back here okay that one's going too fast for us come back any other oh well it's the fun times now in Cuba right this one then this one then let's see what happens this is now Muerta comrades Libertad o Libertad o muerte don't just hold down on the ground just try returned fire machine guns are not gonna do much against the tank all right keep posing it you can just pose with a spice bar at my bees here no dead comrades they shelled the militaria courtesan they killed everyone inside in one hit it's all over it's over comrades so we must not congregate inside the buildings oh wow I predicted our death in three episodes we made it to four so I guess I can be proud of that but let's not celebrate our death so soon let's try and resist as long as possible I think they'll keep sending forces into the city now right Libertad luchador where go another batch wiped out I wonder if they can die inside the square as well I'm not sure if they bombard the square probably sending everyone to the bank now just five stacks left they're definitely dead get him Gary arrows alright so they have the east of the city under their control now everyone to the main square which is actually a circle you not stay there or actually go to the police headquarters they might try and come down this route here yes they are and they're singing more from the north luchador acuario way go did you act where I go I guess it's time to make my escape to Puerto Rico to visit that other person summer residence another one tank they're dead actually maybe we can repel this wave this one then this one in this one okay they're all going to the main square they're gonna be flanked as well everyone get to the main square that's where we make our final stand exciting times comrades well trying to think more of the lyrics from that song what is it called curvy arrow cancion del the Guerriero something like that from Guatemala it's actually a very reflective song of the sort of revolution in Guatemala so whole other story but that's where I know some of the words like luchador agario they're rapin up um what's the other thing I have to think Reyes Judith Reyes is the lady singing or a song you can find it on YouTube anyway keep fighting okay stop stop stop just after actually no no no no no no no no no no didn't mean to click on flee there's nowhere we can flee just don't need to click on the right stack there can't actually do it I'm getting a very strong sense of deja vu now for some reason maybe they're dead yes they are anyway all right you lot take this side horse immediately and you lot take the other side we're killing ourselves with rocket fire least we go out in a blaze of glory comrades okay anyone else in the West no but we still have two more stacks one soldier and three more tanks okay try your Rockets again no sense in letting this one get a grenade all right now everyone focus your fire on that one stack then we should still control the city but in a much weaker state and they're gone I wish we could capture those tanks but anyway the city is back under our control but a great cost so right now we have only 2,100 brave souls left and they're bringing 66 more tanks from the north and another 178 troops okay that seems to be it but still this is nuts they still have 295 level two tanks outside and another 234 tanks level one on the other side I guess let's see if we just get killed no need to make another episode if we die quickly and the next one all right we'll just have to use our time machine and go back in time or play a different country or different scenario then our 300 and there's the troops and another one thing mercenaries will you join us please okay one tank is entering the city probably from the northwest yes and now of course we have far fewer troops better watch out that they don't kill us in the buildings again we lost a lot of men and women of course we have lots of Patriots here that were killed in the attack on the military HQ okay it's done luckily they only sent small number again go on you bust our toes and from all of that fighting we only have a little bit more popularity anymore people joining us yes another 100,000 6.8 so they are dropping in numbers definitely they were seven million I think just now come on you lot on the South one whole tank older right leaf the city has another batch of 89 soldiers coming in or not I guess they decided to leave there well I did say this game is very unpredictable let's just see we have one under it may see it's just another battle on it board this popularity definitely fell now care of the refugee sporting victory doping doesn't surprise me the refugees are just out in the ocean dying you can see their numbers dropping so that's why you need to build a refugee camp as quickly as possible another battle is happening and it's again another token force of one tank but somehow they got further into the city this time nevermind stop go back go back go back go back go back you're wasting your time chasing it okay it's trying to shell the building again all right we got them out and attack not so close they like walk right up to it it's because of the smoke the order move mode again they move there and then they fire come on anything else should we just say in this episode now I think I'll end it on a cliffhanger comrades we're almost wiped out so let me know what you think if there is a way to save the rebellion we'll try to do it in the next episode if not then we'll just die in a blaze of glory alright that's it if you also have any further suggestions for other kind of scenarios to play in this game or other things we could try then I would certainly be very open to your suggestions but anyway see you next time comrades have a fantastic day and a happy week ahead actually comrades I was just thinking why in the episode here it's there's no point I don't think there's much we can do so let's go out in a blaze of glory let's just end it right here we can't fight against hundreds of tanks here anyway even with our shipment of tanks and technicals in the future so let's just get it over with let's just get it over with so everyone you are going to fight now and die actually let's try and flee but let's not tell anyone triangle the camp in the north and the lost mercenary you can attack that stack of tanks and so all over we took some of them and what do we have left anything nothing usually by this point they'll say you should quit there is no reason to keep fighting anymore seems everyone is dead yes we have nothing we have no fighters nothing anymore right let's see comrades we were wiped out actually I'll just see if we can forward until that I get the message that I'm executed if we get it their end of the conflict end of Xavier Chili's remaining resistance fighters every surrendered the soldiers have found the disfigured body of the of Xavier Chile's in the rubble at least I died fighting recognizable by the famous suede boots that he was still wearing and officially identified of the DNA analysis well comrades Castro won out in the game but we gave it a good a good show so anyway if you want to see a different kind of scenario let me know but in any case we'll definitely try something else again so thank you for watching and I hope you enjoyed despite the fact that we lost see you next time comrades

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  1. I wanna build the ISS in KSP but I have no skill, maybe my favourite YouTuber could build it. Thanks for the fun and keep up the excellent work

  2. Comrades, two comments: first, Youtube's content ID has claimed two segments of the Tropico 5 soundtrack I was playing in the background. This seems to be a common occurrence for Tropico 5, but not 1, 3, or 4, so I won't dispute it. Just be aware if you see an ad that is the reason. Second, despite what I say at the end of the video, this is not the end of our Cuba campaign. I, of course, have a trick up my sleeve.

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