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Geopolitical Simulator 4: Cuban Democratic Right Group Government (7): Restarting with 2019 Update

Geopolitical Simulator 4: Cuban Democratic Right Group Government (7): Restarting with 2019 Update

greetings comrades do you have a take I think it's a consequence of the time walk we have experienced it's probably the result of missing with the timeline we seem to have jumped over to a new parallel universe and I am of course referring to the 2019 edition of power and Revolution geopolitical simulator for this was released yesterday sometime on Steam but as I said previously it is available on the website of this game for Windows for already a long time so it's not really new but it's new for Steam and I've never seen or played with this before so I was thinking you know it's a tough choice but I think we're early enough in our campaign to actually restart I know that's not really a great thing to do but we've only really done one episode of taking power so I think we can do that because I don't want to miss out all the new features and perhaps bug fixes I'm not too optimistic about that but who knows so let me show you a few things first I'm just gonna turn the sound a little bit down here anyway so let's have a look at this 2019 Edition they say that you still get the DLC that you've bought from the previous version because interestingly enough this is a standalone game this is not a DLC to the previous geopolitical simulator for so of course I still have the Gordon spy and I still have the 2018 Edition but I'm not sure how that's a eleventh for this one I'm sure this one has all the same features and more so really the big thing is God in spy and also possibly if you like the modding tool there is a modding DLC as well but I don't have that because I'm not really good with that sort of thing let's have a look options there's some very interesting options here that I am not sure if were in the previous version of the game if we have a look at game options all the usual stuff but at the bottom it asks if you want to include real historical results in election result calculations that's important because this is again a thing I learned from a saint and a summer and his channel is no longer active but you can still check out his videos on Canada apparently if you run in a litany in an election in this game you obviously your performance will dictate the result but if you start with a very small party that has never historically managed to get a lot of support in elections you're never gonna win the election in the game because one part of the calculation in determining who the winner of an in in it why can't I say an election anyway one part of calculating who the winner is is the real historical election results which they plugged into the game so that if you disabled you can actually have a lot more variation in the game and also a lot more possibilities for building up small parties over time and eventually winning so I'm going to disable this do not include so I don't know how this is gonna impact Cuba but we'll see autosave is quarterly I'm actually going to turn it off it's a risky move but I've noticed there's a desync in the audio and video in recording if I have an autosave I've always fixed that so far but it's just easier to have it off maybe we should leave it on now I'm so manually say by sync if I feel as they need the rest I'm leaving the same back let's just see if that actually took their do not include all right right so the rest we leave we just go to world simulation new game exciting isn't it comrades I know we've been doing new games now this is the third time but I think it's really a nice thing to have the new version of the game so of course we'll do the same thing we'll go for a revolution also it's interesting there's some new scenarios here and do you sometimes get the feeling that the world is heading towards a cliff from which is gonna fall because the game very well captures that angst enos that exists in the world now for example the chaos 2030 scenario very interesting nations have turned in on themselves world is more uncertain than ever access to nuclear weapons new states have been created unprecedented economic crisis etc etc maybe that will be our future but I hope not so that's one thing also I don't have the 2017 version of this game and I think that gives us more scenarios to try but maybe I'll get that one day I don't really see the need for that but what we want is a revolution so we'll click that we will click Cuba of course I'm not sure if the details will have changed possibly no it still looks the same growth unemployment 11 million all right now we choose the Cuban Democratic action still the same I think we had four before but now we have only three maybe I'm wrong but we'll still start with the same amount of Fighters two hundred and fifty million dollars now instead of two hundred and forty five which I guess is more logical I'll still be Javier chiles still have the same birthday and as you see all this is still default but this is what I mentioned at the start you can actually play with Cuban pesos if you want but that won't make much sense to me so I'm sticking to dollars right let's get into it yes you get this message at the start it's just saying your names and so on are fictional so of course no one needs to get upset in a salon and the fight against alcoholism are much more effective than the changing of governments hmm possibly on some level right but ignoring a lot of other things okay this is all the same stuff so I'm not going to listen to that we'll be getting all the same messages it's the same guy 50 toes again general and all of that so I guess the game is the fundamental game is the same I do really hope they fixed some of the bugs but I'm not very hopeful but at least it's an a couple of new features so why not play with him one new feature is we now start in 2020 which is interesting then it also makes kind of sense because previously we were messing around in 2019 so it's a new angle so we our evolution now starts next year also they don't have Castro anymore they now have Michel Lopez Laurell who is of course Miguel Diaz canal so the new president of Cuba but we hate him as much as the old so we don't care now don't worry we're not gonna do the whole revolution over we're just gonna attack her then and get it over with actually we can see here we still have the same option only Havana which I had hoped they had fixed but unfortunately we don't have the option to launch our first attack in other cities yet so what do I need to do let's have a look from the securing of the network it's not necessary we just can attack straight away none of this stuff really matters for us now it's the Communist organization the party names have changed I noticed that I just started briefly as South Africa just to see what happens right so that's basically it and does the enzyme work it works now so we can listen there I don't think all countries have that so it's gonna continue playing in the background for a while I'm just going to purchase some rockets I'm not sure maybe then I should get the infiltration or the securing of the network again just 1 million I want to keep the rest in my pocket there just so we can wait till the Rockets arrive that's all and then we attack don't care about anything else at the moment I want to see if I have husband again should be interesting now one of the very good new features is we actually have a look at global threats here on the bottom so this shows you again the whole anxiety is facing the world right now overpopulation actually has a smiley face with South Africa it had a sad face so I'm wondering that maybe means Cuba is not overpopulated so I'm wondering if these are sort of concerns per country probably so for some countries global warming will be a greater concern you can stop playing that now thank you for example Maldives and Pacific island nations and so on so I guess this does show how global issues are affecting your particular nation sea levels and a ocean acidity will be a concern for Cuba of course because we're an island here the world is in at the highest rates I sometimes feel in real life as well that we can't get to the pressed climate refugees cybercrime deforestation dietary risks endocrine disruptors etc etc but this adds another dynamic to the game do we have any rockets yet nothing let's speed it up just a little right is the first newspaper let's read that it should drop us out of walk and no astronauts Ronald drunken regime's campaign because this is 20:20 so he's facing reelection now all offenses will be systematically and mercilessly repressed you see the devil is too loose here in Cuba so we are doing the right thing comrades I know I'm asking my comrades to die repeatedly for the same cause but I still think it's ways worthwhile 78 now I saw I wish sometimes I can rename the characters because I'd like to put subscribers in there in my cabinet but I don't know if that's possible we'll have a look in a moment so I have my actual comrades with me right new newspaper I think this is all international yes no need to worry about that somehow is a bit more popular through a liquor tax we're not gonna give him a lot of time to increase his popularity I just want enough Rockets newspaper China terrible car pileup near Santiago de Cuba it's its toll from hour of uprising wave speed maybe again I think this is a game where I learned from a saint in a summer in one of his videos he explains like the newspaper reflects obviously the stuff that's happening in the game but what exactly is not clear so I assume again here it means road infrastructure is not up to scratch so um I'm gonna start making notes again comrades I think it's worthwhile this is stuff we can see other ways but I'm just gonna say in P that newspaper Road pileup alright continue next page worried about the morale cannot satisfy the needs not enough purchasing power that's a more general problem but we will try and fix that in Rockets 290 that might be enough we'll just wait a little bit longer newspaper kosovo china china discovers the RF di chip scientific world comes to the boil doesn't sound very pleasant independent Sundance Film Festival etc etcetera let's hope the world doesn't fall apart in the next few years comrades tax on industrial pollution it doesn't really help his popularity newspaper what do you call the newspaper in Spanish or what is the name of a Cuban newspaper would be interesting then I'll refer to it as their Mongolia a car ride in the 21st century style sunlight agency mm hmm sounds nice could use that now maybe middle of February should we bother getting mercenaries I don't think so there's enough loyal and fierce Patriots to overthrow the government right newspaper Chandrayaan is a complete success with Canada for some reason maybe they sponsored it or something more than half now proofs of the head of state 58% again legislation maybe we should strike now I'm partial to strike on my birthday let's do it do that 19th of March already building a popular a popularity cult here nothing particular let's continue also I wanna see if the labels are now fixed on the comparative Maps Chile stop there let's just have a look security and police Hey it shows police when you click on police what do you know commandos commanders all right thank good grief they fix that so some bugs have been fixed thank you ever 'some you have restored my faith much time comrades are you ready do you have your fucile I think that's a gun xi japan discovers the one gigabyte Internet oh man long time before Cuba can dream of stuff like that all South Africa yes I still have my phone neckline but hey it works right legislation on homosexual rights now what is he doing is he suppressing it is II see I don't like that I'm not sure but obviously we'll play a bit more of a Liberal Party because we are the democratic forces almost a and something is happening why is it cause there well stop it's almost the time of my birthday as well right oh it's passed already our disappointment happiness increases in Cuba well I was drunk on my birthday I will pretend that's why we're striking today now we have enough Rockets so we are going to launch an attack on Havana hopefully I haven't made it too much difficult more difficult and actually have more troops there now I think maybe it's just a quality of the troops I'm not sure but all right let's see what we can do as per usual comrades you lot please proceed to that Junction down there you lot Massacre everyone in the police station and you lot Massacre everyone in the parliament fun times around for everyone level one tanks the Battle of Havana has begun alright I'm gonna put them ok let's just let them clear the exit they're gonna put them on the multi order mode just strike that one yeah but see now the troops are coming in the meantime you can see who has grenades so I'm gonna have them launch their rockets at this group as well if I can get them and stop right usually I don't like the multi water move just want to see anyone else with grenades it's remove the most dangerous troops first right nice got a lot of them at once you want play go right nice my comrade seems to have improved their skills it's the repeated battles we've had to fight for the same reasons take that tank they've massacred everyone in the Parliament in the police station so you lot now proceed to the TV station I think I still want to make my speech and you not proceed down to the bank we have a withdrawal to make an account to close continue we're go good has certainly a range of an area of effect there now I want to put the multi mode on again strike that one strike that one strike that one and that one and all of them have fun looks like they're actually hello they're probably fighting on us already yes they are that's why we're having some real losses there all right all right comrades I don't want to lose you all so just line up everything if that's not good ouch they hurt a lot more look at our board Congrats lying in the dirt no stop I'm mourn for you comrades I will build statues in your honor blow up the military barracks will rebuild it later jerem wish collateral damage I'm afraid gotta break some eggs to make an omelet right oh good grief am i starting to become a dictator already Coco Coco Coco get him get him get him get him right we've killed the whole rest of the army they're fantastic good now you lot please proceed and Massacre this 95 troops here actually get your Rockets ready I think they've definitely upgraded the level of dangerousness of the government forces especially the tanks television is taken do the speech please hey Suz there we go same thing I guess dear compatriots I address you from the studios of them I think we've seen that already just want to see if it looks a bit different get the museum or should we leave it again now we're not gonna loot the museum they're not that evil they can kill that one and they're still coming up here so they can divert to the mansion of Lopez Laurel speed up please and just Massacre everyone thank you and also get to thee it up states residents will converge there like usual you can still see that's the only place with an enemy troop in it when was the us ish we are hoping a little here getting there massacre yep seeing a lot of blue skulls ish it's a bit of a problem anyway capture I'm gonna capture your heart Corazon you know this manner of speaking her right can you help them I we have some new recruits new newspaper the Battle of Havana still some bugs like that somebody's attack on Cuba refugee convoy again extreme poverty making progress that so right looting of the bank police HQ we Massacre a few people here etc etc different a same story bit of a clunky things though anyway one get him so we'll take a while not sure if more troops help speed it up maybe March the 23rd so we've been fighting for four days now almost there you are finished some more reinforcements coming our way just like last time please help them show them the error of their ways adios amigos so sad just like they said in tropical one and there it is we are back in power comrades after a brief interlude victory yep name of my government I officially inform you are surrendered traintastic and we are now an official army but we're more than that again all the cities of glue and handover should happen in a day or two again I'll have to put the cabinet together again but it's not too much of a trouble lamination of their infiltrated secret agencies thank you so it was still worth reinforcing our network okay you can give me the keys again and that's it viva viva la revolution revolution I guess it's not a Syria enough to Cuban democratic action Cuban conflict I have surrendered TV address again by me same story is gonna present end up I guess it is indeed gracias amigo that's now myself 1200 civilian and military casualties twenty-two million dollars on the whole I guess they exclude the cost to the bank that we looted and I still need that handover to happen it's again 1.1 million fleeing so any moment I guess probably the 27th yes the former organization is now legitimate party serving the government gracias amigo pause right there it's my new advisor Jose Luis azuki's so hey soos is out of the picture again Holloman changes color either all of them have been arrested so now we're basically back where we were I'm gonna say for now again congrats and I'll be back in a second right we're back again comrades now at least we know our victory is locked in so let's have a look what else can we see here let's look at the parliament right where the Democratic right group so our name has changed now Democratic right group we have a right political tendency but of course we can do whatever we want in our decisions we have all the seats that's how it should be I guess a number of sympathizers 4.6 million that's not bad at all so let's see just want to see again the cabinet of course this has to be done again can I rename people yes you see they still hate me now it's because the whole thing hasn't settled yet now I can't not even with the garden spy oh well you're in my heart comrades even though I can't put you in the game okay I think we'll have to wait just a moment that everybody likes me they realize we have really won and then I'll do the cabinet appointments again is a model okay she likes me I would like to meet her please not on a Sunday let's make it now let's make it on a Sunday you'll meet when I say you meet the truth but I'm just getting used to power then the next one says we have been taking care of the ecology which of course we have not been doing because we've not been in but I like hearing good things so please meet me tomorrow as well in the afternoon our popularity has gone up quite a bit because of taking power totalitarian as misto there because we did it through illegitimate means but what else could we do thank you and do they like me now do you love me do you worship me am i everything you dreamed of where are you part in power yes now they like me you see okay comrades I'm gonna just do this again I'll do it manually I'll see if I can throw in a few custom choices again and I will get back to you in a moment well – so far I got the judge to become Minister of Justice again and who is this guy now good grief Oh forgotten already somebody in culture I think a novelist or a historian for education I think that's appropriate also he's quite popular so let's see if I can get a an artist again for her culture that would be nice a singer maybe really let's let's look at the filmmaker okay she hates us this one likes us 81% popularity that will help us yes some sometimes you can convince the sort of civilians if you will to join us right now I'm just gonna go back to our party again another one ecologists in the environment post that's a good thing okay for the rest I just went down the list of our own party it's almost I just pretend like it's a party list like you would normally get in in South Africa for example and you fill the posts according to seniority on the list of course they all love me so that's fine so yes we have a few people who are more specialized and you can see they're the ones who tend to have higher popularity as well except the judge but that's alright so again we have a nice mix of people and a lot of them are quite young so it should be a nice dynamic situation here right form a new government no we just did that I would say now what's the next order of business let's just let the thing run for a little bit and now of course our Foreign Affairs will say tool again just like before the u.s. is neutral that's a good sign at least Trump is not hostile to us and Venezuela loves us do they still have the same leader yes they do might not be true in real life for too long but who knows okay let's see what happened here Catholic community wants me to attend Easter celebrations I'll do that should have canceled the stuff that they did this is all stuff that the previous guy instituted airline ticket tax oh well you've changed the deal on ecological issues great it's a good good thing okay same business again as before maybe I can just take care of that straight away let's see how many troops do we have again 354 I want to see what the comparative table says not for Venezuela for Cuba thank you eight thousand four hundred and eight and nineteen now those two things don't correspond in the least now how do you make sense of this comrades again they don't develop an explanation of what this means is it hundreds thousands is it literally eight thousand okay so I think I change that because now we see China's two million that would sound accurate fool at least for the game newer and more or less for real-life United States 1.3 North Korea just behind good grief so then I would take this as the literal number now so this they also improved eight thousand four hundred and nineteen soldiers but can somebody then tell me why maybe that's why nature sold on here it's make sense of this thing career soldiers are three hundred and fifty four conscripts of 1476 and the total is eighteen thirty it's not that stole reservists obviously much more than that so where is the rest where's the other seven thousand strange oh well this is something again if you know the answer please help me and everyone else in the comments right so I think we can improve the number of career soldiers again to a thousand wait cancel because I've spotted the economy what did I do didn't do anything uno mas gracias $122,000 is not too bad and it helps us secure our position and employment a little bit right we'll see what happens they should like that a little bit and secure the army anyway let's have a look National Committee offer a coffee militants can be proud of you champagne you're charming and she really loves us so I would like you to speak I leave me in public again you don't want to do this too often because the effect wears off people get tired of hearing of you the whole time so but for the start let's do it speak highly of me thank you and that's it so hopefully that has a nice effect though has passed that was the airline ticket thing we still don't see the military coffee militants proud champagne happy radiant and he really loves us who you okay no I'm not gonna have him speak I live me we'll just leave it like that we know we have another friend if we ever need someone to speak on our behalf but we will stagger them a little not too often Friday's the military so liberties are negatively affected militarism is negative because we appear militaristic but defense and employment are helped governments a little sad face not sure why maybe it has to do with the militarism but on the whole people like that and it just makes the military happy because I don't want to cool now and they are with us to the death now again like before and there's another uprising so it's the same story same story it's the pacifist Union now see this makes a little more sense so maybe they fix this as well kind of because it still happens the exact same time that we improve the army recruitment but a pacifist Union makes scenes because they would be against more militarism so I kind of agree with that they will hate us of course but I'm gonna put it down let's see if they have more choices here a peer on TV I'm not gonna do that bring in police reinforcements I'm not gonna do that deploy soldiers to strategic locations want to really help it we'll just use the same number of troops they are in the city at the moment so it's just the army again you see look at this mass of people right here we don't have the police to deal with it there's a few there the rest is all soldiers no no no no no send the troops they have to understand who's in charge of Cuba now were they on good of course newspaper Armed Forces the throwing back Parliament changes color war is over newly appointed by chief of state it's all the new ministers and in new face in the government it's all the new ministers unemployment drops to 0.75 percent we don't have enough people in this country Cuban government has turned the page a vision demands a lot of work this is why it works uprising how we have Chile's Chile's stamps out the only ones what stamps we'll be the only ones on sale from now on hmm that's it did we get a popularity boost yet from that lady doesn't look like it dividers put them down please nicely get it over with they asked want on them obey again they start to flee make sense for a pacifist barriers it's not gonna last okay pause so here we get some other things there is the uprising in the background in a nutshell commandos are the future so they're just saying we need to invest in commandos for the army so something to keep in mind but I'm not gonna write that down if we expand the army again we can look at that just to keep in mind right ICTs are important for development that's of course true broadband internet 4G mobile all those things we'll be looking at that in time let's just put this rebellion down riot it's not really a rebellion right so we also got power just at a bit of a difficult time because it's the end of the first quarter so now we get the date from the old government 1.19 one billion dollars of date but it's nothing I can do about that first victims popular uprising there is the statement in the press so it helped to offset the negativity from the rebellion of the riot a little bit at least so it basically cancels itself out so that was a good move on our part to charge it's all over and I look at this I think what is that mean modern problems require modern solutions basically China discovers the Hyperloop train so they were the first to get to it see now we get more of this kind of stuff which I like now we see but more of the dynamic aspect of the science in the game research and I have to say this research tree and stuff I've never messed around with this I'm not sure if you can do anything in this I guess it just happens automatically so we might discover nuclear fission in the next year or two hmm don't worry I don't think we're going that way we have other priorities at first right so the first thing that I really have of course written down is the road pileup thing I think we might need to invest in that but let's just for the sake of argument look at our budget and all of that again so deficit 33 12 33 where did I see that just invented it good grief they visited the GDP is nine point five two percent so it's a bit much we have to bring that down as a percent of GDP it's only 36% that's even better than last time because we didn't wait so long Cerie billion dollars of public debt structural deficit is 7 percent of GDP that sort of the average that we tend to have over a longer period of time so we have to fix that a billion dollars in deficit but it's it's not catastrophic yet so just have to avoid that have to bring in money then currency let's have a look at this inflation has been going down it's currently at 3.40 6% interest rate is lower than that I think I'd like to raise that to about 4% okay I'm not an economist but I think it's good practice 88 million dollars budget cost I well I have to just keep inflation in check then what else can we see a right growth forecast is slowing down over the last few months but it's still very healthy at 2.75 percent so it's a good thing you know in South Africa we barely get one or two percent if we're lucky and that's been going on for years and years so it's really not good main production is to fuel and tourism this will still be my main priority people have to come to Cuba and spend their dollars and yen and euros and pounds because it's a new Cuba sugar of course tobacco for the cigars of course stole somewhere in there but the thing is I don't think I want to strike any economic deals right now because we are so down on unemployment is almost no one to be absorbed into the workforce if we start growing more than this at the moment interesting dilemma Trevor's faced this before electric is still the same still looking very healthy trade balance is very negative we'll have to have a look at all of these things in more depth but I think again just with the sake of not sitting through two long episodes I'll end it off here comrades but don't worry we're not going to do this again it's third time's the charm but obviously we have to try the new version of the game this should be fun so I'll see you next time leave me again suggestions or ideas or things like that and certainly now is a good time to try the game if you have before because like we see some bugs have been fixed and of course there's a lot of new content as well whoops social fracture hmm probably from the riot oh well see you next time comrades have a fantastic Friday

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  2. Comrades, I've been waiting for a few days to upload again but our power problems are so frequent – we have power cuts every 5.5 hours day and night – it interrupts my upload.

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