Getting A News Article About Your Story - Tutorial

hey guys what's up in this video I'm gonna give you guys one strategy on how to get your story posted on a bunch of news articles here's a bunch of news articles that I've been on as you can see quite a bit it's pretty good exposure it's all in AFER's your skill as well as freedo so what I did to get my articles was a lot of people just reached out to me just cuz I'm a YouTube brand and they saw that and they went ahead have reached out to me with the article so that's one strategy like growing a youtube brand and presence so that news writers would reach out to you and want you to share your knowledge so that's very one of the main and easiest strategies to use but if you're more located you don't have a youtube channel here's a strategy that I'm going to show you on this video where you can go ahead and reach out to all these writers pitch them your story and hopefully you know one in say 50 authors it email get back to you that's over the god and from you know type things such as say entrepreneur you can get your news and they're gonna open up all these tabs 1 2 3 4 as you can see these are all just like 14 hours ago there are tons and this is just for one key term entrepreneur different articles so for example this author Thomas smell you we needed help me find his email so we let such up Thomas so go is Twitter LinkedIn founder of Fe international so that's that so let's see who the finest email Thomas may be demon but Twitter website and maybe there's somebody pinning up everything so you just want to just open everything until you can find an email well how do I reach out to them if we online all right and then now I guess this is his website so now let's try que canta and if you can't then you can just give up and get the next article next on rhythm by purchasing no emails here hey you got open up her this on like open up at Facebook they got your profile yeah she has a man hell yeah good thing I found and mail alright so this video I'm gonna go ahead and put together that email that I'm gonna blast to all of the emails I collected over the author's so you always want to write something in terms of what I can do to benefit them also that is our code now I'm gonna go ahead and blast it alright so I'm on my fourth the draft of peach females and I'm gonna go ahead and send another say 40 emails out using an education I'm gonna show you that yeah each Imam getting better and better I don't get another mountain I just start mail merge awesome app by the way it's like MailChimp but it's really helpful when it comes to situations like this convenient doors to another motivating story and you're gonna make it delayed tomorrow I'm gonna make it 2:00 a.m. Sydney time so don't get it at 9 a.m. American time awesome so it's all spectrum now hopefully you guys enjoyed the info so far what I'm going to show you next is a list of all the emails I was able to collect I was able to collect a few hundred and also I didn't go ahead and do this myself what I did was I hired a VA to go ahead and scrape these emails for me so that's definitely something you can do personally as well but if you're looking for salting guide you step-by-step 101 who things like this definitely sign up for my mentorship application elite in the description below but check out all these emails yeah let's check out all the emails that have been collected I'm pretty good and good sites so I hope you guys liked that tutorial I gave you literally everything is something practical and this is something you go ahead and apply right now so hopefully you guys enjoy the video if you have any questions whatsoever put it in the comments below slide to my DMS leave a like if you found about it I love that see tomorrow peace out

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