Getting intimate with Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer | TIFF 2018

Intimacy is a magical phenomenon to
begin with, and you see it every time you see Timothée and Armie Hammer having a
conversation on TV or on a show. You can sense that they’re very, very good
friends. “Tell everybody what the movie is about.” “Do you want to?” “No you take it.” “No you take it!” “No you do it!” And I think the whole milieu of
CALL ME BY YOUR NAME extends further out. People become very warm with each other.
Now is that my doing? I don’t think so. I think that the way the film
happened, it took forever to come about. And suddenly everything clicked because
they had to do it in a very specific time frame; it was only six weeks I think,
and so everything had to be done very intensely, and so there is an intense
sort of feel about the film. And when that happens, I think that people are
essentially rather uninhibited with each other. They don’t put masks, they’re not capricious,
they all want to make it happen, they don’t have much time, so … and they all
work together. And I have a feeling when I looked at the people on the set
working, everybody was so involved and I think that many of the actors, the two
actors in particular, were having a great time. They were enjoying themselves on
their rides and bicycles — there was no sense that this was just a job. It never
felt this way and when you hear them talk about their experience of the film,
it was just warm and intimate and friendly. “And we get out to this sort
of like patch of grass and he goes, ‘Okay we’ll rehearse right here. Let’s
just pick a scene, let’s do scene 71.’ And he just kind of arbitrarily throws out a
number, so we go ‘Okay, great.’ [makes page-flipping sound] We go to our page — we get to the page on the script, and then all it says is, ‘Elio and Oliver roll around in the grass
making out.’ And we kind of look at each other and we’re like, ‘Alright, here we go. That’s why we’re here, let’s do this.'” And people love the book, people love the
script, people love the place, people love the house. It’s very hard to say who
created the intimacy, but it’s there. I mean the scene with a volleyball, when
they’re all playing volleyball, it’s a minuscule scene of no importance.
But it’s the first time that Armie touches Timmy, and that’s the first time
they touch, but at the same time you have a sense that this is a group of people
who play volleyball together, later they’re all going to dance and swim
together and it just resonates throughout the whole place. So you have a
feeling that people being close is not incidental in this movie — it’s part of
the story itself.

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  1. this author destroyed my existence. how dare he write a book like that? and how he ended the book? god, he murdered me.

  2. Call me by your name-book is honestly one of the most beautiful books I’ve read,André Aciman truly created a masterpiece

  3. i've never felt anything like what i did while watching Call Me By Your name by watching any other movie. thank you for that experience !

  4. What created the intimacy is-as Timothée and Armie would say-is "the luck of the universe" that brought together Luca, Armie and Timothée for this project. To be quite honest, I liked the book but didn't love it (and this is my first time ever where I prefer the movie adaptation of any book). I also read Ivory's screenplay and watched interviews about how he wanted a different version that I didn't like. While I'm glad he was awarded, it's Luca's vision and work that deserve all the praise.
    To me, it's Luca first (who's barely getting the recognition as the mastermind behind this successful adaptation) then the 2 incredible actors. I'm so happy for Timothée for getting all the recognition he deserves but feel bad that Armie isn't. But then again, for such a low-budget movie to get where it is now, I'm also grateful.

  5. I think if it were other actors the film would not have the same impact, even if it was Timmy and another actor would not have the same emotion, intensity or chemistry

  6. As an avid follower of this movie. What I think made everything so perfect and flawless that resulted in an authentic intimacy was the fact that all the actors were fully immersed in the location and were purely having a great time filming the movie. I agree with the author, that this kind of intimacy was the ultimate goal for such story and no one can be certain as to how and who created the intimacy but one thing is for sure, is that, the actors did a really good job portraying their respective roles altogether with the cinematography and haunting music by Sufjan Stevens and the genius direction of Luca G.

  7. Another aspect of this movie that may have a direct effect towards the audience thus giving an intimate ambiance on the film is the orientation or manner of deliverance. I believe that everyone who saw the movie would say that the pacing was kind of slow, but in actuality, it was just the right pacing for the viewers to relish all scenes and be able to immerse and absorb oneself thus creating a feeling of inclusion. It is as if the viewer is seeing everything live. This is why most people would say that in this movie, you will be able to hear, feel, smell, see and touch or experience everything first hand. Now, Intimacy was achieved through these senses.

  8. We can all articulate why this movie became iconic! ..but I really believe it's the magic of the universe!'s events , situations and decisions that worked together! It's aciman! It's James ivory! It's Luca! It's italy…it this two actors! Armie and Timmy! All the risk and gamble to make this film the patience to wait for everything to happen ,the right time the place the right people!…everything fell in the right place!!
    Aciman was correct when he said you can see the intimacy of the film ,not just by the actors performing it! but truthfulness, of how armie and timmy reacts to each other not as characters but as human beings, it's sincere it's heartfelt!💖💕

  9. literally cried my way through the end of the book, it was so heartbreaking yet beautiful in a gut-wrenching way, Andre Aciman is a great author. Also, Luca is a genius! The fact that he knew Timmy and Armie would be perfect for the role with out doing screen-test! Really shows his ability as a director.

  10. It’s the comment by the author of the book himself when he discusses the volleyball scene and says, “When Armie touches Timmy for the first time.” 🤔

    It should be “When Oliver touches Elio for the first time.” 😃

    And it was Luca did… he’s the one that created the intimacy on set.

    Luca should get more credit for allowing not only Armie and Timmy to have being the bond to make the movie but for every one on set to make it comfortable to make the movie happen the way it did in such an intimate way

  11. The End.. make my heart Broken to many pieces! Damn.. make it vol2
    Call Me By Your Name (II) :Your Name Is My Name
    I hope it gonna be real!

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  13. Am I crazy or…? is he shipping Timmy and Armie? Lol … I must confess he's not the only one jijiji🙊

  14. Yeah and there is chemistry between Timmy and Steve Carell now for Beautiful Boy, but unparalleled by what he had with Timmy for CMBYN.

  15. Andre Aciman ships them so hard he wrote a second book. "Find Me" is on pre-order in Amazon now and comes out October 2019 lol

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