Go Backstage With LAX as They Main Event Rebellion | Full Documentary: "Diary: LAX"

[Applause] [Applause] going on our 16th show of the month we've been pretty wild then of course going on so it's crazy that we go through all these things I remember one day I came and I was I had like a like a hardcore match as a backyard wrestling isn't hardcore right but uh I went through thumbtacks and I didn't I was like a bitch I was like yo I don't want to take him out here I want to go home do like in the shower so like you know the water hits it or whatever and I get home and my sister stood me out and my mom saw my back with like thumbtacks and shit it wasn't what happened whatever would happen with any puerto rican mom that is fine bug it out see here what I was doing [Laughter] I've been in pitch this not even a little bit sure I know we couldn't quit down we wanted to because we'd be letting down people at the source they would understand with you know given circumstances or whatever not that he wants us know but um you know it's like those dudes are such a huge inspiration to us and they motivated us it away that like we can't even explain so for us to just like give it up and be like ah whatever you know what I mean it's like I mean you I feel like it would be slapping them in the face and those dudes are like our dads so which is the homicides to hit squad can everybody turn around and appreciate the cap and gowns over there it was third bro I'm a huge 13 lesson I am emailing needed went public in the last two periods that he got games and the the ones before the breads has a milk lines those dirty teams are way too much money money yesterday and there's a retro shop downtown one minute smaller in the secret doors of my my girl is like you need to stop already I have to and then what it is is that I keep them in the box yeah so the box takes up so much the insane one here just status that twenty six twenty years in the box when I look at this you know it comes to me to mine when I think it was like an ECW match was it I think maybe Bubba ray had it on like on on dreamer and he's holding in and dream is just like bleeding like a pig and I don't know where Bubba ray just like braids and it was to me I was like well I got a Solomon pokeball which is pretty much a deconstructed sushi and I got some Japanese movies so I could do something with this mop of my hair mat just like this the nerves are especially tough because you know the rest that we're gonna take and we're gonna take some crazy risks like even here we don't know exactly what we're gonna do yet but we know where we're gonna try to up the bar and and do something crazy and especially the lucha Bros we're always trying to innovate to try to do things that other people don't do so and then when you add a ladders and chairs and tables they can get crazy so yeah definitely I'm gonna definitely have a moment to myself later on I'm a fat kid on the inside so I like then angels always like yo the ill hater man no hater y'all you'll eat all this crap then uh eat a whole bag of gummy bears or whatever you still got a six pack I put in work you put in the work and then he'll be like oh you don't put it no work it's it's it's dope man it's a good year it's just like that uh that validation like yo you know tag-team wrestling is it's still poppin it's gonna go we've been fighting for that for a long time you know it's a good feeling to be honest like my partner always says like when we started he was like yo I always knew we were gonna make it I always knew we're gonna and me I had such a small mentality when it came to this I was just like I was just happy and satisfied that we were getting to do what we love to do like whether it was at a on a small stage whether it was on a big stage it didn't matter to me and the fact that we busted our asses and got to where we're at some of the highest stages possible to know what we love to do and supporting our families and all that good stuff like it's awesome it's it's still surreal to me he's lying he's lying about everything see what I mean it's dopant past few years have been fucking amazing like I keep saying it's a drug you say that woman that had trouble and it hits you it's like no one we feeling he's lying see I was talking about you and that'll be true well yeah 100% man you use a trance-like state you just get in the zone try to psych yourself on slime because you know everything is gonna hurt and suck a hundred percent people people always say the one question of course when we travel and everything we and airports is is rustling fake it's like how can I fake falling 10 feet in the air you know it's a song I feel fakers with derogatory term in wrestling to us as just cuz we know how we feel every single morning now got maps like this I know I'm gonna feel miserable tomorrow on Monday but yeah we just do it we do it for that moments in the ring in the ring we're gonna love it but the next day we're gonna be like why are we doing this oh please tell me how do you think a grown-ass man 315 pounds jumping off the top rope and landing on another man tell me how you think that because I want to know so that I can do what I'm doing wrong so that I can do it right definitely I have to think about am I gonna be able to walk out of this cuz you know what I mean am I gonna be able to continue what I'm doing all the time it weighs on you because anything could happen it's always the simplest things that that Russell does get hurt it's never the crazy stunts like your poverty has do crazy stunts today and will be perfectly fine it's like a guy getting kicked in the shoulder and over suddenly he's out for six months or eight months because he's just the wear and tear that we burn our bodies constantly just taking crazy moves and then I think the travel plays a huge part in it more than anything because you'll go and you're only really wrestling for 10 15 minutes or 20 minutes at the most but then you have like a nine hour travel back and you're sitting down and they're you know you're not meant to sit down for 910 hours it takes a toll on your body and just if you don't have a good posture and stuff you start developing really bad muscle imbalances and stuff like that but yeah man all the time it weighs on me it's um and it grows more and more like as my son gets older and older my connection with him definitely goes and yeah it's a little scary at times like there's certain things that 2 years ago that I feel like yeah let's fucking do it and now I'm just like maybe I don't know but uh for a match like this I definitely take way more risks that I'd normally I try to walk on we'll see what happens now such a dope suck the way they have it there in these moments when I'm just chillin like taking everything in before the shows it just always takes me back to when I was a kid like never in a million years would have thought that I'd be doing this growing up rustling was always my escape from the reality I was living him and you know at that time as a kid and you know my teenage years were some very dark times in my life so wrestling was always my escape from that a lot of it had to do with my whole life and things I had to see and deal with while I was at home with my mom and stuff like that so my mom was a teenage mom my mom had me at 15 years old and you know she had a struggle and grind it out and figured things out she was a child herself like I always like to say we pretty much grew up with each other literally and so the same way she was figuring out how to be a parent she was also figuring out life and there was a lot of times where she didn't put us in the greatest positions she didn't put us in the greatest environments and I remember as a kid being so angry at her for that because I'd be like yo your mom you're supposed to protect us you're supposed to you know what I mean and she did she you know but like there was some moments where I'm like you know what I mean and as I got older I began to realize like you know she was figuring it out too full term for that but um yeah a lot of that came from seeing what she had to go through and seeing her struggle and seeing her be abused and and that was a big thing for me like that's why I got into a lot of the things in the street and the gang life and all that stuff because I did anything not to be hope you know I did anything not to have to see my mom get her ass kicked every night I did anything not to get my ass kicked every night so yeah that's why I was so angry I was angry at myself I was angry at my home life I was angry at the world just like any teenager you know what I mean I used that to channel that this this person that I play on TV wrestling gave me a hope wrestling was like it showed me that there is another way there is something else there is you know something positive that I could do with my life that isn't gonna land me in jail or dead oh yeah and you know with my my trainer like you said his name is Magic Andrew Morgan he's up from Staten Island we spoke and I told him how passionate I was and I told him I wanted to train and he was like I'll training but I want you to get your diploma first and yeah it was like that's the most important thing and I am forever grateful to him for that because you know yeah he cared he was one of those first people at that time of my life that actually showed that he genuinely cared about me now fortunately rustling a lot just my bad there's people that will just take your money to get him to go on the right path it music could it could've went exactly the other way he could have just been like yeah take his money he would have dropped out of school and who knows where he would have been definitely would happen here yeah shout out some magic forty-four please especially in matches like this these things are so unpredictable you know anything to happen it's crazy because like I feel like when my daughter gets older she's gonna go back and watch all this crazy stuff and be like what the hell were you doing she's a very proud daddy's girl you know like the other day like last week she had show-and-tell at her at her school and she I was on the road so I couldn't go but she took one of the impact calendars with us in it and I was her show-and-tell and it was so dope like my girls sent me a picture of the board where they have everything hung up and stuff and it's so dope like it's a picture her in the middle with the calendar and then on the side it says that's poppy conan and feel monkey my daddy does wrestling and yeah it's cool it's so dope to be able to it's so dope to be able to look my daughter her face and be able to tell her that she could do anything that she wants it's a great feeling and actually mean it like you know like your parents of course they're gonna support you and they're gonna yeah you could be anything you want but I could fuckin say it and I could mean it like you could be anything that you wanted and to me that like all this shouldn't worth it yo what's up follows Bow Wow use the Saugus back you just said where the show because I'm videotape I'm trying to cut some candid shit right now okay okay I feel pretty good you know you got a pretty big mansion yeah yeah I do so this gentleman right here yeah this this gentleman is one of the reasons why LAX is even a thing in this thing I don't even say it it's true true Oh bleh baby okay I say this though yeah last week was fun yeah always we got the rest of each other in England how's that awesome amazing crazy amazing but tell me how you're feeling tell me what's the feeling I'm anxious I'm excited yeah we got but you know yeah you leave it out there you do the same yeah always sex God right here yeah so she's gonna flatten my hair for me so I look all pretty yeah I'm gonna look like a Puerto Rican Greg Flair that's here's a midget King you look like all the girls I went to school with a Harlem alright you better stop dude you look like Porto Rican macho man so it's Porto Rican nasty I got you Johnny watch I don't get you don't even feel like I didn't get time to kick off that just came back from England opposite yeah what's the option having shit right here but I just I know myself getting – tonight you go out there and you do what you were bred to do be champions danyoung gainer data is real getting done por que somos LAX to live and die in LAX we are LAX 5150 Astana birthday eaters worse yeah we just did a promo right now to hype up the match tonight's our last match and so it's it's a pretty good combination and I think it's the first time in two years lax has been in the main event so that's an extra-special all their matches have been good the promos have been good and this roster here in this company right now is very very talented everybody's gonna go out just just do the show so they know that they're the last one they got to do something extra special you know I think there's always every wrestler has inside of them like you know they want to hear validation from other people so they'll always come to me to say how was a match even though they knew it was good you know I'm like bro it was great you know Thanks you know but uh you know I don't give her as much as vice as I used to because they don't need it anymore you know but there's still that down because I don't like getting so amped up and then you're gonna wait so I gotta do maybe the match right before so you got 15 20 minutes and then you just get out the gate in two just go for it bump so you know a little anxious but uh I'm calm now way more relaxed enough that discipline you know you want to go out there and and start performing you know your body is just riding up the winding up and winding up and it needs to go out there and release all that built up energy and what happens is after the match a lot of times you still have that adrenaline pump going you know good show and I think they're gonna top it off you know with a great match they're gonna go out there they're gonna tear it up Olga's out there [Applause] yeah for two years main event we finally got it let's do it oh yeah week one New York stand up try not to fucking die we got lead to the helicopters [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that's not food I do really okay okay what's up what hurts everything how's the hip listen ciao good at the end of the night everybody's really tired and everybody's hurting you saw the very physical matchup that was that took place somebody could have really got hurt and that's you know how much they love their business they're willing to put it on the line they're not professional stuntmen but they put it out there on the line cook they want to please the fans I just braced in wet it was an area that was like okay awesome yeah it was when us hitting always to us a heated ground to him he was jumping off a rope loved it so much they can give every single thing that you have and that's a shit that reminds me that almost really look our domestic that's our floor it's almost yeah you know when the adrenaline goes down you start to feel all the the things that you hit and match honestly better they're not I thought it would be some things didn't you know quite going the way we want it but overall we're happy with it and yeah it's just crazy to be matches like that I'm kind of I'm over to give it back I just want to have good old-fashioned wrestling matches man do some comedy yeah stay away from the tables and stuff but kudos said it to Phoenix yeah things could have went really bad for him but um he still got up and walked out he's a beast [Applause] and moments like that girl you think like oh shit it wasn't even I get hurt going through the table but then I looked over and I was just like oh man please some he's okay but he was still moving so [Applause] you don't see the referee throw up an axe I wasn't cool ah my goal is as an old man my retirement plan you ever seen King Aquinas I'm gonna live in my son's basement I'm gonna be the crazy father that lives in the basement and that's that's my goal just gonna smoke weed and play video games that's why the retirement plan my son's my retirement plan so if you're watching this son 20 years from now gonna make some good money you know this for your dad all right good I was just glad that we all walked out that was my biggest thing like I just wanted us all of us to just be able to walk to the back I don't know after matches I'm just like I felt like my brain was just scrambled eggs for a little bit because I was just like fuck like we really just did all that shit and they're like you know your Adrenaline's pumping your height you're ready to go and so my mind was just and then when we got to the back of his just so crowded so I feel like that was the main thing for me that it was just so crowded that I couldn't think I couldn't breathe that couldn't like nothing so that's why I was just like you just can't give me a minute you know it's kind of giving me anxiety a little bit I was like yo I just need her like chill and my little cut was sitting right there and I was just like in a little bubble all in all man it was awesome and I'm glad we're all safe in and good and to have the locker room come out after the match and all that stuff it was like truly special moment man because like that was like our 14th match with the lucha brothers and to be able to it's not it's very very rare when you have two teams constantly be able to top everything that they've done in the past both in wrestling when you have good mattress with people it's pretty hard not to build relationship and uh when you click with someone in the ring it's almost like an instant connection and because you're trusting that all the person with your life because anything can go wrong at any time and then with dub we just built that bond with them and now we're just it's great and a little bit of fact we should have talked about this earlier so these bandanas you'll see us wearing at all times we wrestle rock and roll Express the games are bandanas after the match I was just a significant passing of the torch and they didn't have to do it it's not something we talked about it's just we had a great match with them and they were in the moment it may tighten around our wrist and forever grateful mance and rock n roll Express to me they're still doing it at sixty plus years old and that's insane and I hope hopefully one day we can do it at 60 something years old but I'm really gonna have to drag them out of bed oh I'm not a pussy this is all so surreal to me because you know my life could have been a totally different thing so every time we do something for coming over he's like me what are you doing this – yeah a positive one I came to the pointing what we were wrestling and there was a point in his career where I was getting we were getting enough validation from the right people and things started to click and I was just like we're gonna make it like I this confident we were gonna make it I mean we're gonna make it to the point that we are now and we're gonna make it beyond the point that we are now and we've got to become global names global stars and we want to be inspirations for people that grew up like we grew up for Latinos for just anybody you know what I mean any kid that just has a hard time just take away race and culture just there's people all different races all different cultures that are going through shit and it first someone like us someone from his background someone from my background so then now travel the world we get to wear tights and travel the world and that's amazing and that's something at a certain point that I knew we would be able to achieve but it's always been and he always thinks back at the way his life could have went just one bad decision it could it went a completely different way you wouldn't be sitting here he'd probably you know for lack we probably be in prison you know but he was able to turn his life around and he's a dad and now he has a four-year-old little daughter Tom and what to do we're just two Puerto Rican kids from New York that had a dream with my balls and cheese [Applause] that's Santana naughty

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