GOP’s Ongoing Vote Suppression

let sprint one one of the cogs although voting as the hope to has a course been systemic uh… voter suppression the republicans have engaged in since
two thousand ten and uh… which range from and we uh… you have covered
this probably better than any individual in this country in my estimation and i
think we need to i’m reading everybody’s um… the range from the redistricting that took place under
a a republican legislators this two thousand ten census probably the reason
why there’s no chance for the next the house election cycles for democrats
to take over the house and barring some uh… turn of events although that’s
always possible the systemic attempts to change voting
lies in about ten or eleven states across the country that have met with varying degrees of
success let’s start there because there has been a while all of several court rulings that have
basically squash a lot of the attempts by republicans to suppress the vote yet with a situation with voters
depression is not star as it was our year ago we had a court decisions
block or temporarily stall of voter suppression laws in about ten different states and that
signifi because that also includes crucial swing states so
voter i_d_ laws have pins stalled played with concert in
pennsylvania they are not on the books of voter
registration cutbacks have been overturned it florida uh… early voting limits have and uh… overturned it in ohio an
intel really have the landscaper boaters oppression wall
still are very concerning because thirteen states to have new voting
restrictions in place is not as bad as it has bad now when i
was reporting on it uh… for the the past here are two years and and that’s a good
news the bad news is that even if the law it has been over current it doesn’t mean that there’s not going
to be a significant amount of confusion resulting from a law it doesn’t mean
that people won’t turn out because they believe that they need to provide either
they don’t actually need it doesn’t mean that they would have been able to
register to vote so that they are ineligible to vote for
their store a lot of problems resulting from the clock but it is better than it was a year ago that seems to be the story at the very least in pennsylvania there seems to be an of campaign by the state and abad pennsylvania literally misinform people about uh… what’s going on there think advertising appropriate misleading
i i mean i say internist all prayers that you need i_t_t_ but they’re still
running at the same format have at their end before they tried before which basic
that heidi shall i deduct patriotic to quote unquote shawwa decided hey why
don’t you have it sally lanny davis let me know what they take
what they think they have been into orbit is because of the confusing aspect
of the ruling televisions because the computing weight that the state is doing
it but the judge bakeries said all workers some enact righty but voters don’t have to show it and essentially that’s what the t_v_ ads say as well dot but the important thing is are voters
could understand even if the poll workers at a time for
i_d_ that they don’t need to show that he had peaked actually can vote without i d like they have put it in
every previous election pennsylvania history the a_c_l_u_ and other voting
rights groups just by old i neither injunction with the
judge who blocked applauding the state need to take down there to
advertise it just confusing people c it’s uh… it’s a whole obscurity i mean it’s it’s into in some ways it’s just it’s stunning because you know you like
to think at least on some level that there’s some state to be bureaucrats who
say stuff like you know what my job really is to make sure that the vote
goes well and death they they are putting out misinformation i mean it’s
it really his uh… misinformation there’s a story out there
to that mount pleasant journal of the newspapers run by a truck total media home by richard mellon skates gap we who we know is a long time right
winger um… is writing is writing headlines there’s one illegal
dumb look at a headline from last thursday in one of those uh… skates in
the newspapers the headline news photo i_d_ required
for november election i mean digital type exit question the
our people just misinformed or articulately misinforming people uh… and i don’t know if we know the
motive of all these people buddy there was a lot of attention given to this ruling which said voter i_d_ is not required i mean it was
the national story everywhere and has the baby at this
point shouldn’t go what the law isn’t so it’s very
disconcerting that we keep seeing uh… to have uh… by conservatives
supporters of voter i_d_ to make it seem like there is the law in the box when in
fact there is not yeah i mean it seems irresponsible to get that wrong right i mean this is a you know we’re
talking a newspaper that is specifically writing a story on
this it’s hard to imagine that they didn’t quite that this law had barely a it is it is
our graduating newspapers that mistakes all the time out by uh… you keep you
kind of wonder what the intent is here at the other thing is that huge amount of attention to the ruling
to even though it was a national story high and even though it’s become a lot
of attention that at the photo i_d_ law has been a at least temporarily blocked
pending a full trial after the elections uh… i still believe that there are gonna be
a a fair number of people in pennsylvania who believe that they need
i_d_ hired for the question is though are dated doctor show up those idea
these naku show up uh… because they feel like they don’t have at the right d
or will the better to get to them if they’re going to be able to vote ido for
example a fat pig groups that i spent time with who were helping people get i_d_’s word out helping to tell people that you
don’t need a tidy date if you can’t but you don’t need it
for this election so there is this voter education efforts is going on but we don’t know that uh… region of
people in five and that’s why uh… i wrote this new pc about of the
election protection after for twenty twelve but i think that’s gonna be
really critical because even states where voter suppression lost have been
overturned there’s still likely to be a lot of confusion on election day and
that’s why it’s really important that people who bill the law and can help
voters uh… be out in force because if they’re just going to be part of
confusion either instead for the past new voters depression was or in states
that have repealed voter suppression wrong right an outlet let’s talk about this
because our the i think that there is going to be that this whole or uh… true the vote as though it’s old is going to ask for the vote i think they’re gonna be some some very very nasty instances uh… involving this group over the you know i don’t know where but you’re basically you’ve got to be frothy astute of the
most lytic fringe being organized and funded by
billionaires century to go out in some instances
their job is basically just har rats people as far as i can tell will tell us about roosevelt so treboh started in twenty two edit was
organized by the party party and recall it was too rude out so-called voter fraud by
challenging voters at the polling place either they started houston texas inherits county and bay exactly what they did is they
put a white conservative activist in predominantly minority of voting areas
some sharks and socialize you that airlift self uh… all was uh… uh… pretty kali in that number of complaints
of more than fifty complaints were filed above identities activist in harris
county twenty ten it didn’t get a lot of attention because texas was in the swing
states uh… in twenty ten so it was
international story now they claim to be trading of millions of quote-unquote poll watchers otherwise
known as voter challengers i don’t think they’re going to get to that number
that’s just an enormous number but i do you think were going to keep id optic in these
four challengers and the thing is if you look at the largest this is what’s
disconcerting according to the bread and butter thirty nine states allow polling
place challenges and only sixteen require complete
documentation debate to challenge so take forever chapel if i think she would
line sam anti-gay to a poll worker clinton i think cmc
targeted undocumented immigrant or uh… uh… valid wrongly casting a ballot clearly you’re not but for for purposes
of argument you are you would automatically have to cast a
provisional ballot in florida in two thousand eight two point one
million provisional ballots were cast and sixty nine percent workout it
babbington thirty one percent warrant telnet and we’re talking about a state likely floor dot with a long history of not
counting every dollar so trough of low could literally go around hundreds of thousands of voters in
florida anticipated that you’re eligible to vote and now they’re going to have to catch
the provisional power and i think that that’s a very scary
situation because not only good that liters some ballots not being taught at
the capitol lead to longer lines at the polls which is going to lead to fewer
people voting about the could’ve possibly lead to outcome uh… being the way that we can see your
return situations like we saw in two thousand
with hanging chad should these provisional ballots because she did not
be counted what their voter fraud what they’re not voter fraud simply because seventy party activists
decided that he didn’t like the wasilla blocked and that they must be eligible
voters i think is troubling to think about what is convenient during
early voting on election day now my understanding is that at least in texas
and i presume uh… in many other states and it’s one
thing to have okay i show up here uh… and i have uh… i have documentation showing like a look
i have sam cedars uh… uh… i have this uh… affidavit from sense either saying i’m
not a half a citizen so one thing to need to show that it’s another thing to go up and say like
hiking high i will attest i had no documentation but i will attest that i saw i document that said the same cedar was not a um… was not the legal immigrants or legal citizen or whatever it is and that’s another to say that there is
absolute legal liability on on your part tubes in challenging the in other words you can just go willing million taxes at least write and tell me
if you know about this and other states and say under challenge i don’t have to sign an affidavit i
don’t have to pledge that i this is the best of my knowledge it’s just that’s what i’m doing now and you know at that back but that
you know i don’t know the pacific of a lot it in every different state uh… the but implemented states the
burden of proof is on the folder dot the challenger to prove who they are and that it doesn’t make a lot of staff uh… because e if you’re voting your
you’re already i registered to vote you’re already are
devoting roleplay you’ve already cleared some process to be able to vote challenger haven’t cleared any progress i mean anyone could be a child turned out they
they take it into the polling place and i think they are official hole worker now that scary thing is is that
true the vote inflated like new mexico is urging its
activist to become g_o_p_ poll workers so some of these people react to this could
actually be inside the polling booth as official
representatives of the republican party which could just lead to further chaos disease eats and so there is pushback on this they an election protection uh… tell us about that yellowbook the lawyers committee for civil rights
and weeding that election protection coalition which includes a lot of
different groups including uh… civil rights groups like the n_ double a_c_p_
and and good government groups like common cause was launched after two thousand they’ve
arrived at the eight fix fixed our vote hotline and i i i think the work they’re
doing this year is going to be really
critically important there according to add thousands of volunteers are there also staffing that hotline a lot of stated ait looked at their website basically in
real time during the was caught in primary enduring if there were two usko
sorry there was called to recall election and enduring that recall
election the photo i_d_ lot was caught in which is now that block whatnot on
the box but still you got a lot of called at the
hotline which you can see in real time other websites saying poll workers acting people bright keys or students polka dot eligible to vote certain polling precinct invented the volunteers with the
collection production coalition were able to tell voters listed are allowed to vote you don’t need a
deed of our other able to go to the poor person three witnesses a mistake what do
you have to realize about paul workers is that average occasional paul worker
in this country is seventy two years old they’re mostly retired people sometimes they are going t given misleading
information uh… out of balance but most of her other
disconnected misleading information because they don’t know why what the
updated lawyers they’re all default it’s not just sit there all the time i
mean the other issues it’s not like these people are full-time employees is there brought in there isn’t a
tremendous amount of money spent on training these people um… and they’re brought in at uh…
the last minute and basically given poor information and
you know probably a uh… like a seventy five page booklet here it
is uh… don’t forget tomorrow you’re gonna be the poll all of you gonna be work in the polls i
mean it’s it’s a it’s a broken system because we have been burned pepper act
up and it doesn’t even have a statewide trading propor worker they uh… it’s county by county and there’s no guarantee that the county’s ambica donot reading
about the voter appeal i mean they’re there they’re required to give my
understanding is one trading upper elections cycle so it’s not like finally the lower struck
down the arrived in pennsylvania and then this tape that okay now we’re gonna treat all the poll
workers in what the locklear they haven’t got back ento there’s a pretty good chance that poll
workers are going to be given giving out wrong information on election day and uh… it’s critical are that voters
be aware of their rights um… and i think the election protection collision
can’t dedicate all of these problems but i think the
fact that they’ve been preparing for this uh… for quite a long time make me feel a little bit better about
the integrity of the vote uh… mine might lawyer matthew as we column on this
uh… sent out an email to uh… to his fellow your friends uh… but where can people get
information if you’re an attorney you wanna be part of this election
protection which people describe eight six six our vote hotline yet it also has also worked out of it i think it has a terrific our vote dot
org uh… jagged features eight-six six our vote uh… dot or guide others to be a bunch
of different training that i was at the first reading the gate in virginia a few weeks ago but i i dealt they’re
doing uh… fifteen trainings in that state
alone and i think pretty much in every battlegrounds baker’s going to
be a trading the their active in in twenty states and he can’t on the
weapons c what they’re doing it that other dog
partisans side obviously uh… theo bala campaign is
also that going to be knocking a pretty major uh… apparatus packet focused on the
non-partisan effort because i think it’s important that the vote uh… p nonpartisan i think it is
serving uh… how much uh… they the g_o_p_ how to get the weighted their right to
vote this country which is basically something that both parties especially
why should be equally committed to help holding now and my understanding is dial that
number urged you’re ana matically eligible for
a new black panther vote membership card and then you get to
admitted into the secret post a corner societies i write yet what what happens
is that the uh… organizing for america which is now vinu outgrowth of a coroner
uh… well it merely give u_s_ i had to step out trading on how to commit voter fraud uh… which by the way and not his being
illustrated it i had been a very uh… clear ways by republican political
privileges are not so you know we haven’t talked about it buddy ahold etc you know i i want to get to the um… to the debate but his um… it turns out uh… a corn is just another way to say
the republican party uh… a for these people it’s shocking i mean republicans made all these incredible
occupations both of them quite true about a quarter of the day that led to
the group which was basically one of the most effective if not the most effective
twenty organizing group in america being shut down up by congress uh… so it it clearly influenced not only republicans but also
a democrat comes as a democratic congress it ended up shutting down acorn now your turn around indicated a
republican political operative paid by the r_n_c_ inbound other states like
florida forging voter registration for forms edu
still working by the way this mandate since perot doing g_o_t_ the activity for
conservatives in more than thirty states even though he’s been showing to to have committed voter
registration fraud in florida and probably other kid and then you have a
situation pennsylvania die in virginia where another person employed by g_o_p_
voters tristen form trash for some by bill and resend trash voter registration
forms brithday before they work you are are
the daily work to do it at the belt that was the cut-off in virginia so you have
a situation where republicans have forty-two voter registration forms after changed names on board a
registration forms ab trashed voter registration forms none
of which any corded what a court date is basically poor
people employed by the organization they put mickey mouse circle that for
other voter registration form by the way to make more money what it points out of
the regularities bakke them bar barely to election officials they weren’t cock
committing voter fraud v reported the irregularities that where they are
to the elected officials the g_o_p_ people are getting cock doing best breaking the law and getting caught
doing which is a very different saying and they’ve been screaming about voter
fraud in voter registration fraud for the better part uh… they only had four years ed
garsten lobby plaza under the the pretense a stop in describing while
they’re the only ones were actually commiting really need to understand this
dynamic with to the extent that there was any
improprieties done by people who work for a corn he was to register
non-existent people as a way of getting a quota and getting paid more money what that would never or hammer ever impact the vote unless
somebody came into the the voting booth and said my name is
mickey mouse my registration should be there now uh… acorn stopped that
process but nobody was gonna come in and say my name’s mickey mouse their difference here with the what the
republicans are doing they’re taking legitimate registrations that day probably collected onto the guy eyes of which is helping people register
when they see how people have affiliated their registration or they these people will not help them at the
pool all’s they destroy their registration so
that when that person shows up to vote the prep the election official says
you’re not registered that mean that is night and day in terms of of the
integrity and the rights of people to vote we added you regarding acorn are going
to help america vote act of two thousand two you already to show some sort of proven by peter first-time
voter registering to vote so not photo i_d_ but you need to show utility bill
or bank statement or something white backup making about would have to
prove term helped and i i i gave her a pill with his name audit summit disney world and be able director of you wouldn’t necessarily
live at disney world anaheim ads and there’s probably dire to out there who
would mean themselves mickey mouse uh… and actually have changed their
name to that but i don’t think that’s what that is the issue here uh… dot but but the point is that he
he would be very very difficult for the people that uh… were wrongly
registered as a corn version of the body i would play it likely impossible for
them to actually cast a ballot what you have done by the republicans here is trashing
registration forms or forging down it awaited your purpose tickets and fred
taking voters as you mentioned people register to vote believe that they’re
going to show up in cap the ballot and they’re not going to be a the role
of now because of what republicans have died disenfranchisement that so it really is
uh… night day end i think it’s attempt fortunate that
uh… a corn was basically copper dot twenty-fourth seven on fox which then
seeped into the mainstream media coverage uh… edited g_o_p_ voter
registration fraud ghetto doesn’t seem to be being taken nearly a serious well i like
to think that if andrew bright part was still with skew the just uh… justin raged at this republican arielle menninger

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  1. Amazing what a terrific pain in the ass it seems to be to vote in America. Here in Canada, it's super-easy and flexible… also, run by a non-partisan agency (Elections Canada).

  2. voting in the US is entirely pointless anyway. Not only is their an electoral college voting system, but the banking and oil industries are the real presidents of the country. All your voting for is which puppet you like best, no President makes their own decisions.

  3. I'm talking about the US not Canada, in the US they are completely controlled by corporations which is slowly becoming the case here. Look at George bush and Obama, Obama is supposed to be this liberal thinker who is supposed to bring an end to bush policies and he did the exact opposite of what he said he was going to do.

  4. I realize that and I'm not really arguing the point, just more suggesting that presidents and other politicians are guided to some degree by other factors beyond the interests of their corporate sponsors. BTW, Obama hasn't done the "exact opposite" of what he said he was going to do, although he has backtracked in many respects from what peopled "imagined" he was going to do.

  5. Obama has prolonged the war in Iraq, prolonged the war in Afghanistan, didn't make any effort to make a universal healthcare system and what he did in place of that is force people against their will to pay private companies for terrible standards of health insurance. Recently he has also been responsible for illegally forcing people out of their homes in order to build the tar sands pipeline. He is George bush all over again.

  6. I think that's a bit of an exaggeration. Also, it completely ignores the hostile political environment that he has to exist in. Is it his fault that even his modest health care reforms are labeled as being "socialist" and just shy of Stalinism? Blame your own massively stupid electorate for that sort of nonsense.

  7. his health care reforms are capitalist, instead of the government providing a minimum standard of care he is forcing people to pay private organizations who have a reputation of denying people proper coverage. He is a capitalist pig working for the interest of big business.

  8. It appears to me that whenever the Republicans break the law or pull dirty tricks they think that IF THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG THAN THE DEMs must also be doing the same thing. So many times you see the Republicans get caught in their dirty tricks and their defense is "Well the DEMs are doing it too." They can't comprehend that everybody is not as crooked as themselves.

  9. People who work at the Board of Elections are ignorant as well. In the pivotal election of 2000, I was living abroad for the first time, and I called the Board of Elections in NY to find out how I could vote from Germany and they told me I couldn't if I didn't live in the US. I would have to have a current address there. That was false and if they had forwarded me to Absentee Ballots, I could have registered.

  10. Jornalists have lost the rite to inform people as far as I am concered. People need to completly boycott all forms of major media until they get their act together. This is really nothing new btw.

  11. Obama isn't stupid, he's a clever con artist. The world opinion of the us hasn't improved, here in Canada we still think Americans are a bunch of primitive idiots and the same goes for the rest of the world, its just that Obama is a more likeable person than George Bush.

  12. I never said Obama was stupid??? I said GW Bush is. I´m Canadian too! I do however think (because I live in Europe) that the world opinion of the states has improved a little. And it has. A little. And Obama is a con artist but, so are the rest of politicians.

  13. I never said you said Obama is stupid so calm down. I know every politician is a con artist but I hate it when people say that to justify what Obama or any other politician does. FFS if they're bad they're bad don't make excuses.

  14. "Obama isn't stupid" totally calm dude…..I haven´t justified anything Obama did, just made a joke about how stupid GW bush is.

  15. SIR your video above is completely and fairly accurate, however I take issue with something you have posted in your video responses section titled "The Final 2012 Presidential Debate. RESPECTFULLY this is not true, PLEASE see and spread the word for Gary Johnson v. Jill Stein, in THE FINAL PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE for 2012 to be held on 05-November-2012 on line via Free and Equal Elections Foundation. Check it out and spread the word! Thanks….

  16. When those people at Acorn filled out forms with fake names… what did that really do.
    the kid writes down a fake name,, say,,bill smith.
    well a bill smith would then have to come in to vote.
    so they guy would have to write a list of all the fake names he wrote and then have people come in saying they r them. – never happened!

  17. This is rubbish. Both Repubs and Dems alike are both constantly breaking the law. Both for the most part supported flooding this country with illegals to get more voters in their camps etc. Stop being such moronic ideologues. It's a worn out ploy and cartoonishly transparent.

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