Grand Canyon accident, ongoing issue with legal disputes and medical bills

A 25-year-old Korean man fell off from a cliff
in Grand Canyon in December and still remains in a coma. The hospital administration is pressuring
his family to transfer him to Korea, but with prohibitive costs that go over the million
dollar mark, a legal dispute has begun between the family and the travel agency that arranged
the trip. Seo Bo-bin has the details. A Korean man in his mid-20s has reportedly
slipped into a coma after falling off a cliff in the Grand Canyon on December 30. The 25 year old man, surnamed Park, studied
in Canada for some time before deciding to visit the Grand Canyon prior returning home. Park is reported to have hired the services
of a local travel agency, when he suffered the accident. The exact cause of the fall still remains
unclear . Park’s family as indicated their desire to
bring him back home after the hospital had pressured the family to transfer him to Korea,
but the cost for his transfer alone is 1-hundred-80-thousand U.S. dollars. This adds to the astronomical hospital bill
which has topped 8-hundred-86-thousand dollars, which includes various surgical procedures. Amid this situation, Park’s family and the
travel agency are currently involved in a legal dispute over the responsibility for
the accident. Park’s family insists that the travel agency
should take partial responsibility for the accident, but the agency claims it is not
responsible as Park suffered the accident in a restricted area and while being alone. As the situation grows dire for the family
and for Park himself, a petition has been filed online stating that the scale of the
incident has surpassed what can be handled by an individual, thus intervention by the
government is needed to bring Park back home. Seo Bo-bin, Arirang News.

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