Gutfeld on calling Trump supporters a cult

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  1. Dana, stop being so snarky it's very Unbecoming. Being a captain of a cheerleading squad like the Raiderettes or in a sorority is not a cult. Happy 40th belated birthday Emily, your legal expertise and resume speaks for itself . 😉

  2. They say we are a cult (they don't even think about the fact that loving him might have something to do with the fact that he's objectively one of the best presidents in US history) yet they are the ones that also blindly hate him despite his success as president and lie about everything just to get him out of office because he's not a leftist. I think the ones that hate him and his success for not being one of them might be more cult-like.

    Then there's "he's using mind control" yet they also call him stupid all the time. Last time I checked, you can't be stupid and control the minds of most of the people in the US. So, they are only showing how stupid they are.
    They are just pissed that the people stopped letting them [the leftist media] control their minds.

  3. Zombies vote Democrat every time regardless of who the candidate is! Only people that think rationally will vote for President Trump because of President Trump, allegiance to a party regardless of sounds like a zombie to me!

  4. CNN: you mean Cults need nincompoops?, Cult News Network?, Cult NO News?. Love your show. Be nice to Juan, he tries really hard.

  5. I enjoy Juan's opposing political views and I respect them. However, allegiance to a political party is the stupidest thing I have ever heard him say. You have to critically review what is said by any politician and only vote for the candidate that will serve your and the Country's best interests. Blind obedience to a political party was demanded by the Communist and Nazi's systems and has proven time and again not to work. America is better than that. Americans are better than that. Thing for yourselves or some politician will take over and tell you how to thing and what is acceptable speech or put you in jail or worse.

  6. A cult of personality.   A cult that thinks for themselves.  A cult that knows right from wrong.  From winners and whiners.  A cult that has common sense  vs no sense at all.  That salutes the flag and kneels in prayer.  That walks on a side walk, not crap on it.   That sides with the police and not the criminals.  That believes in the sanctity of life not murdering the innocents.  That believes citizenship is and honor to be earned not given too because you illegal crossed the border.   A cult that believes in the constitution for all not just one set of people.  A cult that puts it's country and citizens first not the dictations of dictators.   A cult proud of our country not apologists.   Make America an Occult again!.

  7. Golly GEE, AND ALL THE TIME I didn't realize I was part of a CULT, when I just listened to logical arguments by a person who actually knew how $$$$$$$$$$$ really works, and used his knowledge to make it work, FOR WE, THE ORDINARY PEOPLE! And now after only 3 years in office he has enlarged His "cult", by making more jobs return to the USA,

  8. I don’t understand why people stand behind the liars, thieves and unethical politicians of any party. Why they worship actors and singers and spirts players. why they think someone else is always better or greater then they are. Politicians are servants of the people not above nor bellow the people. This mentality is thought in school and is cultural trademark of the US; they always need a hero to save them

  9. They should run the non stop quotes of the media all saying the same thing day in day out since our President came into office. They never report real news they are like a bunch of parrots. They must get the word of the day from the Dems and then all day we hear the lies! How embarrassing for them. For all the lies they keep telling the truth keeps coming out showing just how corrupt they are. They should all be fired.!

  10. 1.
    a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

    "the cult of St Olaf"

    a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members.

    "a network of Satan-worshipping cults"

    a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular thing.

    "the cult of the pursuit of money as an end in itself"


    a person or thing that is popular or fashionable among a particular group or section of society.

    "the series has become a bit of a cult in the UK"

    Trump supporters fill all 3 of these definitions.

  11. Is this supposed to be comedy? Maybe the right should start a Hollywood of their own, ….in Moscow. And obvious to get on Fox you need a whiny sneer voice. Carlson, Gutfeld, Piro, Ingraham. Ever heard of elocution lessons- voice lessons, Fox ?

  12. The right is a cult…Says the group who tries to silent dissenters, wants to disarm their opposition, wants government to control every aspect of our lives, sees no moral issue with 100% tax rate, and believes wealthy elites should determine how resources should be distributed. Also no amount of overwhelming evidence will convince them they are on the wrong side, bc their ideas have never really been tried. Yeah ok.

  13. If Democrats are saying it in lock step, then they realize their followers and their party have become a cult depending on a personality type. Assigned too each race and gender, but confirming too each of these groups. Getting out of life with your races or genders thoughts bands you get their circles of friends.

  14. Who writes their phrase of the week? Just a question because I haven't seen 10 working brain cells in the group, someone on the outside has to be writing this for them.

  15. Once again, the left is projecting. It actually is a cult/religion, but, as usual, they dont understand the right, and try to define the right as they understand themselves. Though I doubt they admit this to themselves. Carlson has been hitting this a lot, but I think that David Mamet summed it up best-
    "Liberalism is a religion. Its tenets cannot be proved, its capacity for waste and destruction demonstrated. But it affords a feeling of spiritual rectitude at little or no cost."

  16. The left biased media acts like a cult. They simply regurgitate the same stories they tell each other, without any research or evidence it's all based on their feelings for Trump.

  17. Cult members, people who are abused over a long period of time yet continue to stand by their abusers. Sure sounds like democratic voters!

  18. If I had to compare a movie to the Trump Presidency, it would be "Happy Gilmore". I don;t care what they (Left) compare me to. GO TRUMP!

  19. OMG ! LOOK at :35 it looks like a swastika goes across the screen , this is cnn footage , it was not added by fox !

  20. It took so many years to see that the GOP is a cult? They've finally found their messiah, their 'chosen one'. Worship of mammon is running rampant in their constituencies, especially among the evangelical so-called 'Christian' Trump supporters. How did the USA manage to pack so many hypocrites into one malignant politico-religious package?

  21. It took so many years to see that the GOP is a cult? They've finally found their messiah, their 'chosen one'. Worship of mammon is running rampant in their constituencies, especially among the evangelical so-called 'Christian' Trump supporters. How did the USA manage to pack so many hypocrites into one malignant politico-religious package?

  22. They're projecting again. It's getting to be kind of sad. This just strengthens my resolve to vote for President Trump.

  23. well if it is a cult i am truly honoured to be part of it,calling the kettle black here this bold headed twit who if anyone is part of a cult he is.

  24. At some point 51% of you learn to ignore the Democrats, let them meltdown alone – instead of taking you down with them. The other 49% of you are the Democrats.

  25. 3:30 You have to get rid of Juan Williams, this guy is a political mole who lies to us incessantly – and you pay him to do it.

  26. A free independent mind is the American way. The comrades at CNN are shocked to learn the poison they swallowed has a antidote.

  27. Hey Juan. You IDIOT! Trump was going where the Republican Party promised voters they would go but never did. Our party caved in to Liberals at every intersection…we finally got a fighter, so yeah… we did the sane thing and followed him versus the DNC Copy & Paste RNC.

  28. I'm in a cult?..because I refuse to watch those assholes? If they would report the truth I would watch..well..not lemonhead or shitzer

  29. Calling Trump supporters a cult is funny coming from members of the Church of Clinton, Warren's Spirit Warriors and Bernie's World Wide Convention of Socialists and Communists.

  30. Cult is synonymous with Country now eh?
    I've always wanted to visit the cult of France.
    Keep going democrats. Leftist outrage = TRUMP FUEL

  31. Our founding fathers risked their lives to create a form of representative democracy. Two Supreme Court rulings transformed our representative democracy into a plutocracy. A plutocracy is a government of the rich. Those two Supreme Court rulings legalized bribery. The upper class can legally buy influence/representation with large campaign contributions. This turned middle class Americans into citizens in name only. A true Conservative would work to restore the representative democracy that our founding fathers risked their lives to create. There is a presidential candidate who is trying to restore our representative democracy by ending legalized bribery of our politicians with a constitutional amendment. He is a true Conservative, not a phony. Please watch "The Saving American Democracy Amendment" video and decide for yourself.

  32. I feel I am being lied to by my faith. I wonder if the church, whose authority I have never questioned, is there to serve God's purpose or its own. I was blinded. I believed I was helping to do God's work, I got swept up in the whole thing, and you don't even know what's going on until you take a step back. Christians believe that God is working through them, and I believed it too until now. I was afraid to think for myself, but now I see they are moving AWAY from God and they have been for some time and I don't want to follow them down that path anymore. I can't keep calling these witnesses liars when I see the truth in their faces.

  33. This months timeline for Trump supporters: Spies, Russian Bots, Cult member and MKUltrad. So much to live up to, I'm barely keeping up with spy, this is too much pressure guys. Can we stay with spy or Russian Bot for a while? It's much more exotic.

  34. Of course they're a cult… they treat trump like mormons treat Joseph Smith. They won't even allow for the possibility that he is what everyone who has actually dealt with him says about him: that he's a corrupt idiot… willing to say whatever gets him applause at his white people / token minority rallies.

  35. With this guy's lisp, and the other guy that shows up all the time with the eye patch, I'm starting to question whether fox understands that TV is something both heard and seen. More blondes please… they may be mindless tools, but at least they're not terrifying to look at or annoying to hear (assuming you tune out their words). Also, the guy with the eye patch should be required to dress like a pirate. Now That's television!

  36. They say we want to work together. THAT IS A LIE! They just want you to vote for them, so they can stab you in the back. LYING DEM TURDS! juan williams SUCKS!

  37. I love how everyone clearly likes Juan and can all disagree with him while keeping it respectful and funny.
    Juan is one of the very few media Dems of the old school. We rarely agree but I respect him because he respects us. 🤠

  38. I know you have to have a Democrat on the panel but at least tell him that his arguments don't have to be crazy.
    A lot of Americans like myself,a registered Democrat, feel like Shiff and his gang are abusing the impeachment option. The argument was dead after the third hearing. They must know it is souring even their own base.
    They have again got nothing really accomplished for another 3 years.

    We Americans can't sit around waiting. Maybe their lives are good and their paychecks are sure. Three years is like an eternity for someone who cannot find a job. Or have no means of getting retrained if they can't go to college to get a degree. Older folks like myself have it a lot harder because the brain just does not work as good as it did 30years ago. That is just a fact of nature.
    We need jobs. We need trade deals. We need the food stamp program to do its job and help those who don't have enough money to buy groceries each month.
    Democratic Socialist party says they care but yet again it's all about the politicians. The people suffer again under their rule.

  39. Will it still be called a "cult" if Trump wins the Popular Vote in 2020? You're pretty much calling a majority of America who supports the President of the United States of America "a cult".

  40. You can always tell 'FAKE NEWS' by their repeating words often repeated over and over. TRYING TO SCARE US INTO SILENCE?

  41. Democrats calling trump a cult leader and supporters of cult members is funny because that's exactly what the Democrats are.

  42. How is it not a cult?

    Trump has been an absolute disaster as president.
    As a human being he has ALWAYS been absolute garbage his entire life.

    His followers see him as perfect.
    the best memory, the best eye site, smarter than everyone, better understanding of the military than ANY general, he is absolutely perfect in their eyes.
    Jesus was no where near as good and perfect as Trump is as they believe.

  43. Would you just take a look at the faces of those that point towards TRUMPERS as a cult. They should look into the mirror soon. AMEN to the RED in the red white and blue. Keep beating on JUAN with the truth JESSIE WATTERS. 🇺🇸👍✌🙏

  44. That’s because the Republican Party has failed us until Trump came along! Maybe not only the Democrats need a deep look at themselves but so do the Republicans!

  45. The only mind control that's going on here is the Lefty news media lying for the Democrats. The sad thing is, millions of people believe them.

  46. It's not as though Trump supporters are blocking contrary opinions like YOUTUBE does. If ever there were a cult it's Leftist CONTROLLED media like YOUTUBE. YOUTUBE is so terrified of people thinking for themselves they control the content they are "allowed" to see. The very definition of a cult … control what people are allowed to see/read. YOUTUBE = CULT.

  47. OMG…a Cultist professional on cnn…allow me a seasoned psych.professional
    the left is dangerously close to cult of personality en masse..Devoid of intellectual processing…very sad……Independent thinking not victimhood clearly the left are in victim mode ongoing tor almost 4 yrs.Or their masters at fhe top are hiding serious criminal activity.they are pathetic…

  48. If the GOP has become a cult, what do you call the party that is determined to protect the rite of child sacrifice to their idol of convenience?

  49. Leftism is a cult.
    Most so called advocacy groups are usually radical leftists, intolerantly pushing a leftist agenda, at the expense of the group they pretend to advocate for. The left is projecting again. They are obviously using cult tactics to control people. Liberal? lol… That ship sailed a long time ago. Leftists are radically intolerant. Like cultists.

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