Gutfeld on Trump's new asylum rules

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  1. Im sorry but i believe. The united states shouldn't take any people from other countries untill we can take care of the citzens of the. USA first. We have. To many citzens (children) homeless, hungry. And with medical needs that our government should be helping. first. I dont understand how this government can put all its attention on non citizens firzt.

  2. You still haven't dumped the idiot (Juan the Pawn) so I'm dumping you before he opens his pie hole. Vote down. Your YouSuck ads are easily defeated. Why does YouSuck show a list of recommended videos that I've already seen? Sux.

  3. He didnt change the asylum law you moron. He is enforcing the law. That is exactly what law says, the asylum seeker MUST seek asylum in the first nation they come to. Period.
    A president CANT change the law. This leftist creep lies constantly, I swear you have to be a moron to vote left.

  4. I have to say that I really like Juan Williams. And I am mainly a Trump supporter! Juan is not always "right" IMHO but he has such a gracious and gentlemanly demeanor/ And he holds his own in difficult rebuttals. This is closest thing that I seen to honest dialog in these incredibly tribalist times.

  5. The democrats want open borders.
    What the hell do the republicans want ???
    I think they want cheap labor…
    They had 2 years to fix it..
    They didn't fix it and lost the house.
    They had better get their act together.

  6. I know this comment is off topic, but I do wonder who will be President after Mr. Trump. I also hope all future immigrants will be required to learn basic English. God bless 🇺🇸!

  7. Guts, of course you’re backing this lunacy. Luckily for you, unlike trump, we do not incite violence. What we do is mobilize and vote. Kiss your hero goodbye.

  8. I thought the new Trump asylum rule was some democrats will have to undergo psychic evaluation to see if they are mentally stable and then locked up in a asylum for the insane

  9. juan is such a disingenuous liar. He knows the republicans never had the senate complete control. it is such a lie. having majority does not give you control. the rules of the senate were written so that socialism cant rule the day. It is not majority rules. it is a super majority. meaning you need 60 of 100 votes to do anything.. so with a very narrow majority, you are held captive by the minority party to get anything passed. hundreds of bills passed house, and sat in senate because it would never pass with the demonrats in the senate. This is a flat out lie, or he is completely stupid, which i dont think he is. there is no other option. He is either a liar, or stupid!

  10. The nearest country of safe harbor came from the 1951 convention on refugee status not Trump. That convention also explicitly states the criteria for qualifying as a refugee and it also explicitly states that refugees must obey the laws of the contracting state to which they are admitted.

  11. Gutless tells his audience Brexit happened because of too many immigrants. That's a total lie. He just wants to fan the fire of your cowardly Immigrant hate.

  12. The second they start deporting people just because they aren't white is the second there will be a civil war because people definetly won't give up their freedom even if they are colored citizens

  13. If Juan Kerr looks at the immigration numbers from around April 2019, he'd see (assuming he's not as mathematically inept/corrupt as I suspect), the monthly numbers are as high as the same months from 2016-2018 added together.

  14. Definition of squad. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a small organized group of military personnel especially : a tactical unit that can be easily directed in the field. 2 : a small group engaged in a common effort or occupation. squad.Jul okay they want to call themselves a squad I'm going to call them for COD yes the fish cod

  15. Hay, DickWadJaun, we have had to remove all of the RINOs to be able to get anything done. Wait until AFTER the elections and lets see what happens.

  16. Could we please stop calling them the Squad, unless you want to refer to their full description. The Nut Squad, would be more accurate.

  17. Juan Williams always falls back on the line "Democrats tried to get something done" but we know that is a farce because Democrats only plan is "resist"

  18. I all the immigrant footage I see, it's always overwhelmingly young men. Exactly why is it, that the MSM keep lamenting the plight of migrant women and children when they actually seem to be overwhelmingly unaccompanied, fighting-age men?

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  20. Juan, keep misconstruing reality… President Trump has given the Democratic House MANY chances to fix it AFTER the border crisis got out of control, mostly from the Democratics perpetuating 'How To' methodology and incentives for coming and staying in the US, at the demise of WE THE PEOPLE!

  21. Man I have always been a fan of Kennedy. From MTV, to her game show days, to now. This chick has always been sexy, and has always been smart.

  22. We need a ten year moratorium on all immigration except for Doctors, Scientists, Engineers ..etc…Finnish the Wall, and adopt immigration laws that benefit American's , not just Demokrats !.

  23. With TRUMP now in office we begain to see that these politicians have no idea how to do there jobs and never have . How scary is that Mr. TRUMP allmost on his own has gotten hundreds in this country USA and around the world in the deep state to unmask themselves and man are they ugly. TRUMP 2020

  24. International laws won't allow this to stand aside from mexico theres no safe country they cross, the reform doesnt use the term safe country… and when ppl are fleeing say El Salvador u cant expect them to file for asylum in Guatemala when ppl are fleeing Guatemala because it's a disaster… so again the only safe country the cross is mexico… so all this will really accomplish is overwhelming Mexican systems… I do agree with the idea but it's hard when theres only one country that can be used as a safe country… mexico will end up overwhelmed and people think the american detention centers are so awful wait until mexico is trying to deal with 10s of thousands of asylum seekers..

  25. oh that is great, blame the dems, blame the dems for everything,, blame the dems for your mother's corns on her left foot.. that is how rediculous this is..

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