Halsey: You Should Be Sad (Live) – SNL

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  1. Singing half naked on playback is not getting back on someone who broke her ass and heart. Just saying. You can hate me now but it's true.

  2. I wonder if shes just in a constant state of being turned on the way they touch her in this. 😂 God I love this woman.

  3. This song breaks my heart. When they are holding her up in the air and she is wailing out ayeyayaaye. There is so much pain in that!

  4. The Music alone isn´t enough these Days, you need naked Tits and Underwear and Bullriding. It´s sad how Artists prostitute themselves. Someday they gonna have real Sex on Stage to get the Audience. Sad, just Sad.

  5. Slut. Most porn is more subtle than this!. The song is bitter drivel maketed as "hip" when its bitter vacuous and hypcritical. Money drugs and cars she gloats yet thats shes chasing in Hollyweird and in the most cheap way. Selling sex.

  6. I'm assuming this is an attempt at contemporary "country " music" Why is it that "country" music always looks like a high school attempt at pop music from a rogue Amish person?

  7. 1. Did she really wanna wear this ?
    2. If she did she looks sexy asf like damn mama 😛😍😭. 3. G-Eazy dumb asf cheating on her fine as wine lookin like our beautiful liberty statue thicc curves 5. I hope youre happy Halsey and hope to one day meet you just so I can get advice from you

  8. my favorite part of this is how g squegee is basically known now as the “without me” guy that cheated on halsey like she BURIED his whole career and now shes thriving and dating evan peters

  9. She should avoid dancing…she is not a dancer and her overt sex in this performance is just desperate looking…put some clothes on… fake, play guns just look childish and laughable

  10. In an age where young girls are threatened from all directions, did this (talented and very beautiful) young lady really need to dress like this? What message is it sending out to our young ladies? A powerful song ruined in many respects by the dress (or lack of) and the poor choreography.

  11. Director: riiiight, so how hot 🔥 should the video be like?
    Halsey YES! 

    ME: Damn, should I be sad now? Whatever, let's do a Cover on that one 💙.

  12. So she dated a guy and everything was his fault, lol what about her song bad at love? She basically sings about what a nightmare of a gf she is 😂

  13. Objectification of the female body. Nothing new from the occultic elites who operate the world, particularly their immoral/mocking entertainment industry.

  14. No disrespect, she’s fucking hot but everytime I listen to this song with these visuals I start laughing so much 😂 it’s so awkward

  15. I most likely wrong but at 1:41 I think she forgot the lyrics or mixed it up with money's drugs and car idk I just noticed she looked up to think of something

  16. why do i feel emotional/know what she's feeling when she's singing this song but its never happened to me…. i've been single my whole life & im 20! like i don't know the experience what she went through but yet i know how shes feeling……….

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