Hannity: Bloomberg had worst debate performance I’ve ever seen

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  1. This guy Hannity is a filthy multimillionaire brainwashing us, the real workers. Now he's already red-baiting Sanders, the oldest defense of the superrich against the mobilised poorer Americans. I've been a union member all my life, and every reform we tried to pass —like access to universal healthcare, workers' defense against arbitrary discharge by employers, —was opposed and redbaited by these corrupt shills for the rich —defending their insurance companies, the privileges of the owners vs the workers, and what not. Beware of this guy. — Dave O'Hanlon, Chicago, commenting on The Greanville Post.

  2. Sean Hannity – your a pseudo journalist – your rhetoric adheres to false, and nonintellectual moral substance – your espousing imaginative childlike fears of a US communist government – none of which is true (it's repetitive lies) – your ridiculous edit and twisting of facts intends to mesmerize, target Trump supporters of all classes – Sean Hannity your a propagandist pundit attempting to maintain listeners with deception as many are convinced to ignorantly resist, reject the dynamic truth of social humanitarian and economic prosperity – this critical launch under Bernie Sander's will involve removing corporate influences and control of our government, thereby forcing out corrupt leaders and enablers – Bernie's progressive democratic plan will overwhelmingly reinstate integrity to government, trustworthy leaders and belief to the people. (Truth is the basis of journalism).

  3. Bloomberg was probably never spoken to like that in his life. You can tell that being surrounded by people who have the audacity to speak to the 9th richest person in the world took him right out of his comfort zone. I imagine Bloomberg is constantly surrounded by employees, servants and general yes-men. He is going to have to toughen up if he really wants to be president.

  4. Money can't buy debating skills! Or even win over more than a handful of the 99%. The masses are struggling. Address their concerns.

  5. At 0:01 Hannity say's "former mini mike bloomberg." I think he accidentally left out the word mayor. I'm not judging, just pointing it out.

  6. Biden is going to be a vegetable by the end of this election cycle, he needs to drop out and retire from politics with dignity

  7. Calling them Sociopaths! WIN!! Correct! Boomers LOVE SOCIOPATHS and Narcissists, they can't get enough of them and can't stop putting them in charge of everything.

  8. Sean, you're way to old to be using the "literally" thing. No, Micheal Bloomberg did not get literally ripped to shreds in the debate. If he did there would be blood and flesh all over the stage. He was made to look like a idiot, which is easy because he is an idiot. But he did die or was even physically injured.

  9. We all know this is absolute BS right? That’s the joke…
    We are nationalizing land? I never heard Bernie say that. Slippery Sean is an adulterer. He paid the same lawyer who cleans up such financial transactions.

  10. What has happened to The United States of America where we speak English so that the American Patriots can understand Mayor Pete?

  11. Obviously missed al gore, dan Quayle and admiral treadwell vice presidential debates were hilarious..look that up and tell me one worse

  12. Why as a conservative ( I can no longer stomach calling myself a Republican) must I be represented  by either sycophantic turd-polishing poodles or cretinous duckspeaking attack dogs? Where are the statesmen? Where is John McCain? Where are you Lindsay Graham?

    Anybody in there?

  13. Stop and frisk? Hello if you're not dirty then no worries. But if you're cachting them with guns? Than what's the problem?

  14. I sort of felt sorry for Bloomberg, really. I mean all the other candidates just stoned him in unison. They are all so insecure they actually thought he was a threat. Just picture a bunch of children circled around a possum, throwing stones at it.

  15. Dear President of🍒 America juou jestes President z krwi i🍀 kosci. A czy Ty masz✌️ jakas ochrone? Bo jak to mowia-zazdrosc jest rodzaju psiego🍒🍀 wnet bedzie warczal pierwszy gdy glaszcza drugiego. 🤣

  16. I'll be honest to you all, they only thing I care is to have a president which can make me a legal us immigrant, I dont about anything else

  17. OPINION :



  18. wow this is like watching WWII propaganda. The US simply turned their propaganda machine onto their own population after the war.

  19. Fox news putting headlines from Politico up on center stage. These people are all fake gatekeepers. TURN OFF THE PROPAGANDA. TURN IT ALL OFF.

  20. it works in denmark but its denmark nobody place got that same ideas not ewen sweden ore norway but we pay for false refugees also real ones he he cool.its like the 5 stuges

  21. We thank you for joining the sociallsts communist pary Or didn'the demacrats tell you Bernie was marrie in Moscow Russia I think you fit in .Well if you get time. maybe you can see that movie russia with love .And quite trying to acuse President Trump .If you run with the comunest party your communest because you joined them

  22. Oh my, now I am really sad I missed this debate. This news review was just awesome. I have not laughed so hard recently until I saw this. Great entertainment. I will not miss the next one.

  23. The most embarrassing thing about this debate was all the raising of the hands. I thought I was watching a third grade school lesson.

  24. I love how ordinary people are finally seeing this is all just a mascaraed, the water you drink, the food you eat, Hell the concrete you walk on is all provided to you cattle, [We Own it] #"The Oligarchy" just a bunch of worker bee's who forgot a long long time ago what it meant to be human.. Left – Right, It doesn't matter you might as well argue over Burger King vs McDonalds .. Puppets Of Division ..

  25. Which democratic candidate is going to be the first to have a stroke live on the debate stage ??? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  26. You mean Hannity can't make a point without false equivalencies and logical fallacies? I thought Fox was worth a look recently but based on this frothing craziness I guess not

  27. I cringed watching this old man, Bernie had so much more energy and was much more articulate.. Bloomberg needs to retire for good..

  28. Are you FOX news fan clowns saying western Europe is communist?… because Bernie isnt promoting anything more than what is in place in most of the western world. So you saying we are bolsheviks? Or do you recognize the absolute lies of the host?

  29. Dumpster Fires are not genuinely progressive. These people are an utter joke. When your ideas are rotten you cant find anyone amongst a massive population to represent them !!! Says it all really ….. These people are actually unwell. Mentally they are completely bereft. They have no substance and it shows very very clearly. A bunch of muppets.

  30. None of this bonehead cockroaches can beat Trump in debates, I can bet Trump will grind them so hard, they will lose their mind.

  31. A couple of days later Bernie becomes the 1st candidate (democrat or republican) in history to win the popular vote in the 1st three states. He is not a pseudo communist. What Bernie is demanding for the people of US is already in place in most developed countries like the UK, Australia & Canada and all these countries are very much democratic and none of them has an economy as big as the US economy.

  32. You describe Bernie as "A Soviet style socialist who wants to eliminate all capitalism". That's total BS and you absolutely know it. Also, the "Honeymoon in Russia" was actually a business trip to set up a "sister city" (if you're not familiar with what that is, do your research – it's a program originally set up by President Eisenhower). Yes, he went after getting married (describing it as a very strange honeymoon) and it was during the time of perestroika and glasnost initiated by Gorbachev. Even Donald Trump took a trip to the Soviet Union one year PRIOR to Bernie (there are actually questions concerning what "business" Trump might have conducted there). So, get your "spin" and conservative propaganda under control. I hope you don't think your viewers are so dumb that they won't research your statements.

    You're going to have to do better than just the same old and tired "commie" attacks and insults. It's the 21st century. Have you seen the size of Bernie's rallies? I can assure you that those people aren't there because they support "communism". It's time that we ended SOCIALISM FOR THE RICH and started to INVEST tax dollars back into the infrastructure of our society. You know, like building a better healthcare system so our citizens aren't dying or going broke. Also, offering further access to higher education for those who seek it. I'm sorry if you're against improving our country because it would mean higher taxes for the rich.

    The stuff about Bloomberg is true. He's a former Republican, Crony-Capitalist, and piece of garbage. He deserved what he got.

  33. Sean Hannity is in total agreement with CNN? What is wrong with this picture? He likes Elizabeth Warren all of a sudden? Methinks Sean's true colors are coming out. He's a multi-millionaire who hates, fears, and is insanely jealous of a multi-billionaire who jumped parties to run against the president. I guess the capitalist credo loses some steam for ya when you aren't the richest guy around, eh? I mean, except for the president, who has far less money than Bloomberg. Hey, Sean, maybe he'll give you a job, you know, like all the other rich guys who gave you a hand-up in your charmed life. You were a bartender once? You mean like AOC? You were a carpenter? You don't sound like any of the guys who pounded nails with me. Why didn't you build your own house rather than living in a mansion someone else built? Were those rich guys cutting you a loan or making sure you had work when things got slow? "I was down to fifty bucks once!" you proudly proclaimed about a hundred times on the air. Golly gee, Sean, musta been awful tough on ya. Maybe you could write another book, get it published instantly without the slightest problem, and take another job away from a real writer who needs the opportunity far more than you do. Ya know, the guys who can really write, not go on the tube or the squawk box and blow their own horn. Tell ya what, Hannity, if I quit defending Trump, do you really think a hypocrite like you will keep him on top? I don't think so, not with the excuse for logic you are demonstrating here.

  34. What a refreshing change. Usually it's the rebublicans who are tearing eachother apart like mad dogs, and the democrats who are unified and presenting a strong front.

  35. Oh no! We might become like Denmark, one of the happiest countries on Earth with higher quality of life and longer life span, and higher incomes on average. The Bern is gonna drag you all along whether you like it or not. You can thank us later.

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