Hannity: Democrats haven’t done a thing to better America

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  1. Hannity do yourself and the nation a favor stop by selling "news' in such a biased way. Please become more balance. Just deliver the facts. The people who understand will follow you even more because they stand for truth. I love Donald and watch daily. These are amazing times.

  2. Hannity,  Please just state it everyday  . . .  The left is Socialist and Globalist . . .  It's all about Globalism andTrump is only targeted because he's standing in their way.  They hate everyone who is not supporting (or is fighting) their globalist takeover of the USA.

  3. whistleblower is having a gofundme page enriching himself maSSIVE OVER 200.000 $!!!! HE DID THAT TO MAKE mONEY!!! HE IS FRAUDULENT!!

  4. Sean, I have watched you since I was a little kid when you had "Hannity and Colmes". I have always cheered you on and darn it, you just make me proud! Your point always wins….😀❤

  5. Democrats have shown their corruption first hand. This will greatly harm their chances in 2020. If they would have gotten over Hillary losing the election and acted in a bipartisan way to support trumps agenda and to work for the American people, they would have a much better standing at the polls in 2020. They’ve fought trump all the way and wasted our tax dollars. I have been a independent voter all my life. The Democratic Party has turned me into a Republican. I wouldn’t vote a democrat as dog catcher.

  6. The world is laugjing at us. We need to snuff this out, or…. they will make further fools of themselves. Either way we win.

  7. Smelly Walmart people are usually Democrats who don’t work work all day and get all the benefits while in pjs not hard working republicans who actually work for their money !!!

  8. Democrats are going to fall hard. They don't know the priority of what constitutes a crime – they'd rather excuse Biden and son. As well as Hillary and Obama.

  9. We the People, live in the trenches created by our Politicians. For the first time, in a very long time, we have a President who takes his service to the people seriously. I wish newspapers had the same integrity our President has. I look at the results of our President and the lack of results the Dems get. They have done nothing but create lies, division and chaos. Trump 2020!

  10. House Democrats have passed … the Prescription Drug Pricing Plan, the Equality Act, Paycheck Fairness Act, Bipartisan Background Checks Act, Climate Action Now Act, Save the Internet Act, SECURE Act, Election Security Act, and a lot more … Get educated … Choose country over party 🖕

  11. The only work they have done is waste our taxpayer money. They like to waste your taxes then want to increase for wasting more. Get them out.

  12. Maybe trump should hire a good lawyer, because his hacks in the impeachments hearings really suck, especially jim jorda…maybe jordan should give up using alderol, it makes his mouth faster than his mind, just like trump..

  13. The Demorats will see how much this great county loves this President in 2020. This will be the end of the Demorats party.

  14. DEMOCRATS have caused their OWN DEMISE! NO intelligent voter will give them any credibility from this point on, and they have done it to THEMSELVES! PEOPLE ARE NOT FOOLED BY THEIR BS LIES!! I WILL REMEMBER THIS ALWAYS—SO WILL MOST VOTERS!

  15. Over & over Hannity keeps repeating, "Smelly Walmart people" everyday sometimes several times in a few short minutes! Why? If his reply is, "it's how dems picture Trump voters, then why is he using their deplorable term constantly to pound us day & night? Piensalo.


  17. ALL HAIL DJT!! ❤🇺🇸❤DJT
    Will go down as one of greatest presidents in our short history!! The silent is here! We have his back!!! Deplorable base is fired up!!!

  18. and you haven't given an honest news cast in years. the deep state, the boogie man …………………… how much did you benefit from the tax cuts eh?

  19. Hannity is SO Bias. I seen on TV Adam Schiff himself said Trumpt told the Ukrainian president to find dirt on Biden and a lot of it or he's not getting one cent in aid. Just like Biden LOL…

  20. Beware. Hannity is lying. He is trying to persuade you to ignore reality.
    The irony: everything he falsely accuses Biden of is exactly what Trumpf has done.

  21. Hypocrital that he says zero experience Hunter Biden and not recognize that all of Trumps kids qualify just the same for government clearance and politics.

  22. i keep saying two things… first, schiff is full of schiff.,.. second, the dems are trying to beat barr, durham and the IG to the punch

  23. we can see who the clowns are anyway……just one problem…..why do 90 % of politicians still believe in a story, about a magic man that built the universe and everything in it, in 7 days?…….and its only 6 thousand years old? with all the evidence that says different……how can you people be serious about running the country with irrational beliefs.pull your heads out of the sand and see the real world.

  24. Fair enough right now fox is about as true as were gonna get but I still reckon its fear based… Who bought it?
    Is it not still MSM?

  25. Welcome to commiefornia. They do nothing except lie, cheat, & steal. They are commie dictators . Our only hope is God & Trump

  26. It appears all those "do nothing" as dumb Trump calls Democrats have pretty much passed a lot of important programs that have lasted.

  27. The Democrats have passed over 200 pieces of legislation not taken up by the house. Hannity is telling a complete lie.
    Maybe the GOP hates every one and that is a fair argument. saying they are "do nothing" is stupid if you are not an idiot.

  28. The entire liberal democratic party continues to accomplish nothing for the legal citizens of this great country… except to collect a hefty paycheck at the expense of hard working legal citizens.

  29. For all of the Democrat morons:
    Impeachment is merely the majority of the House voting to bring charges. It does not mean removal from office.
    If impeachment occurs, a trial is held in the Senate, where 67 votes are required for removal from office. There is zero chance of that happening, so this entire process is a waste of time and money.

  30. STFU ARE U serious Trump didn't and DOESN'T do anything for us. U guys were out there playing golf, now ur saying that he needed help. Naw he got all his spoke persons other jobs lol. Sanders is governor of somewhere, Spicer is with, "DANCING WITH THE STARS." LOL

  31. You guys are stupid , i don't believe that still some people watching this show… but i can understand if you are villagers who are simple minded… look at how they deceive u… first america would b great if it controls the world , if we withdraw from Syria , and Europe, and only the clown in white house knows what his little brain is up to… now Europe is about to build an army that can compete with ours, iran is controlling yet another country , Huawei of china is advancing with other alternatives to us technology , north Korea precident is laughing now at ours …what is left of usa power ? If we have to go against china , we need allies , this clown is fighting every one including Europe ! How would we fight Chinese products if Europe buying them!!! Trump is only care about his personal ego , if someone tweet good about him even if it is rawhani he will call him friend ! Wants an evidence ? Look at what he is saying about Erdogan of turkey today!!

  32. We know you are desperate Sean hannity. So stop with the nonsense. You are poison. Learn a thing or two from Cnn. You don't have to be arrogant and rude.

  33. Republicans: we need to uphold the US constitution!

    Dems: look I helped this illegal immigrant and support silencing people, you all see what an amazing person I am?! You should all be more like me, even though you'll never understand me because of my trauma!

  34. What Democrats have done is bring to the attention of the American people. What a corrupt president and his Republican administration care about. One man one party above democracy and America.

  35. Go look in the dictionary for the word treason and you'll find the photos of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff embraced in a love hug…

  36. Well America both Dems and Republicans made you a millionaire. Enjoy Russia in your retirement. Putin loves making up lies.

  37. The majority of voting Democrats aren't evil. But, they are willfully ignorant of the facts, low information, low I.Q. lazy minded people who allow the Democrat leaders to tell them that the source of their failures in life isn't their poor choices in life, but rather rich white Republicans hate them for the color of their skin and want to keep them down. These DemoNcraFt leaders use their powers for diabolical evil, not good.

  38. There is no due process in an impeachment hearing. Only a moron like Hannity would imply there was. Sad that Hannity can not stand on facts, but relies on ad hominem attacks and twisting of reality. It seems he points out how he operates and assigns it to other people. Sad!

  39. Donald Trump and the REPUBLICAN party are destroying the United States.
    Impeach AND Remove the trash in the White House 2020 🇺🇸👍

  40. So Obama, Biden, Clinton, and McCain can interfere with Trump's campaign but Trump can't want Biden investigated for corruption because he's running for President?!?!?

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