Hannity: Dems would still hate Trump if he cured cancer

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. The CommieFour have done more to divide America than unite. But perhaps that is the an Obama strategy to divide and conquer

  2. He has been saying this for over two years. But the only people that have gone to jail are from the Trump Administration

  3. Everyone keeps saying the Dems are over the edge and will do anything but they still don't realize that the Dems will not stop until we have a civil war and totally break their stranglehold on America. I'm ready for it. I have a personal goal of 40 to 1.

  4. Hannity keeps beating this drum but I am not clear the message is moving any further along. Reasonable people understand that the Squad is in themselves racist and campaign from the POV of racism. They are standing on a weak platform and when someone challenges them they automatically pull the race card. The press/media/social media follows along to bolster. My concern is that too many people only get one side of the story and are marching lock step with the progressive dems. The very fact these 4 got elected shows that there are many in the US who buy into this. The media makes it all seem that what they profess is somehow what the majority of Americans want and it you are not for it, you are somehow deranged. The Propoganda from the Left has been strong and insidious and I am not clear that we have not already reached a tipping point.

    So we all hear that "We are getting closer" to putting the conspirators in Jail for the FISA abuse, etc, but I see very little movement in reality. It is my contention that the Right and the Left are really together in all of this or this would move a whole lot faster. I watched the Republicans squander an opportunity when they had a super majority to make significant changes but failed to do much of anything. Most all of them hated Trump but when the people spoke, they seemed to fall into place….begrudgingly. The "Swamp" is real. Only the voters can change this since I do not think the change will come from within….

  5. Trump is finished! Impeachment will come for him for his racist remarks! Wait…you mean Mike Pence gets to be President if Trump goes! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! TRUMP2020

  6. The Hollywood crowd seems to be jealous of President Trump, the envy is written all over their faces when they attack him. Democrats are such ugly people on the inside.

  7. Trump calls out politicians that he thinks hate America…by using un American phrases like β€œgo back to where you came from”. This makes total sense to our small minded president. Way to go America. Trump 2020.

  8. I bet a lot of you anti socialist on this comment section are enjoying your SOCIAL security benefits as wellπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. dirty unhygienic tlaib has forgotten to wax her upper lip, her after 5 shadow sticks out like dogs balls

  10. All hate from the Dems 100% of their work is against your president so no work for the people just hate and spending your money not doing the job you voted them in for. Desisting.

  11. Well we are definitely at the end… they are finaly arived at racist. The last step. To total meltdown of the DNC. Question is; will we the people in mass reject the MSM and vote these radicals out in mass. Answer: Game, set, match. Trump 2020.

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