Hannity: New documents shed light on attempted coup

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  1. Bill Clinton asked Loretta three questions, 1. Do you love your family?, 2. Do you enjoy your lifestyle? 3. Do you have plans for a long and happy life??…..if yes to all three then you know what you have to do….end of conversation….

  2. Stupid democrats want taxpayers to pay the debts of stupid children that don't want to work to repay their own bills….Someone please take Elizabeth and Bernie to the HOME and get them a nice bed, and some checkers to play with….

  3. so who will cover the debt these children owe? oh yea the working stiffs though more taxes or the colleges will close because professors will not do their job for free.

  4. how can so many smart people …be so blind to what Trump and his gang at fox news is doing to this country..the lies that they can make up and tell on here  blows my mind   Hannity and Trump will bring down this country

  5. All of these news outlets preaching in any way shape or form about Russia is only to take light away from Israel and how zionists are at the Helms of our government… There should be no dual loyalty allowed whatsoever in our government..

  6. It's so crazy that the student loan debt pays for the same people (teachers/professors) that are brainwashing the people (students), that borrow the money and don't pay it back. In other words they are taught UNACCOUNTABILITY.
    It's happening now folks.

  7. Your country is corrupt. You just proved it. You liked Obama when he was in power and now Trump. What does it tell the world? And so over 90% of media i corrupt.

  8. Wealthy corporations should start paying their taxes. It's been rumored for years that's it's trillions of dollars that aren't being collected.
    As someone who's self employed, I get destroyed with taxes, but yet they're just showed to go on because they provide jobs? It's not like it'll bankrupt any of them to be fair.

  9. information on other sites is completely opposite to fox…the evidence that people are hysterical against your president is due to total opposite narrative…WHY? THIS is the divide and conquer method overtly

  10. Very troubling , problem I'm having is which "news" can you believe . All of these outlets are clearly pushing an agenda . Why if all of what Fox pushes is true is no one being charged with… anything . The CNN side keeps pushing stuff that obviously isn't true . So since there doesn't seem to be any news that is unbiased , how does the public find out what's really truly going on !?

  11. How far you gonna stretch it before you,ll start executing them traitors ! What difference at this point does it make when Nuremberg is on your way miss patron Hillary

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