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Help for Homeless Veterans — Social Work Professionals

Help for Homeless Veterans -- Social Work Professionals

veteran homelessness it's a complex issue with a variety of contributing factors several people in the community are in a position to help veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and you are one of them I guess that first night of being homeless and out there all alone was like how did I end up here I have anywhere it's a call home so that's when I realized yeah you meet the definition of homeless and because you have a child and you don't have anywhere to go homelessness often plays a role in veterans encounters with social services personnel early identification can help change of veteran's life a lot of social workers have a lack of knowledge about the VA system as well as the veterans so they're not very educated as to ask that question and but it's a very important question to ask the one thing that I can remember that definitely got me on the path to getting help it's when I heard there was my social worker and you know she tried her best to help me and I even now I still feel like you know there's somebody somebody's guardian angel you know since sent her to me to say she's gonna help you and she's gonna make a difference and she did now people care there's somebody that's paying attention and care although you may not recognize them as a veteran you probably encounter veterans every day as a social worker taking the time to ask if they served in the military and make a difference in their care and in their lives had anybody that asked me had I ever served time in the military you know that quite possibly would have made a difference because the data asked me that question I could have told them listen I served in the United States Army social worker she asked a question are they military and are they receiving VA benefits I have been educating social workers to ask people are they military and it's very important because a lot of them don't know that they can receive VA benefits or they can even go to the VA if you encounter a veteran who is homeless or at risk of homelessness take action call eight seven seven four two four three eight three eight chat online at slash homeless or make a referral to your local VA Medical Center the VA offer a lot of services to veterans that are extremely helpful to the veterans such as substance abuse they offer individual as well as group therapy they offer PTSD inpatient and outpatient they offer her vej housing which is a housing program they also give the veteran a social worker to help them in their process whenever we're in the car and and my son asked me are we going home mommy you know the best feeling is being able to tell him yes baby

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