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  1. The rules of the present White House ….. You must do and say what ever Trump wants you to do and say, even if that contradicts what you were previously told to do and say.

  2. She is going to go through some (unpleasant) things ….. It would not have been pleasant things. Only Gangsters talk that way ???

  3. Getting all the idiots hopes up in the comments. Can't wait until this is over, can't wait until the 2020 elections to see more crying… F'n EXCITED.

  4. There's only ONE Question that matters most, Did President Trump commit any impeachable offense beside ButtHurting the Democrats feelings…? NO everything else is irrelevant Case Close bye Democrats.

  5. So this "strong woman" is testifying that her feelings were hurt?? Is this a joke? The Dems are placing their hopes on a Human Resources complaint?

  6. Nunez is right, the Dems invented these trumped up charges out of thin air! It's not like the president did something truly awful like get a BJ from his secretary.

  7. The democrats impeachment charade is being exposed to the American people. Marie Yovanovitch confirmed she had no evidence of any quid pro quo, no evidence of any extortion and no evidence of any bribery. She was removed as Ambassador because of her political bias against President Zelensky and her loyalty to former President Poroshenko who tried to interfere in the 2016 elections while she did nothing.

  8. Yovanowitch is a poor excuse for a woman. Sold out a long time ago. Just allows herself to be used by the rat Schiff. and others along the way. Unqualified from day one.

  9. She said she didnt have the power to effect anything in Somalia? Then why would she be viewed as a "threat" to the president

  10. NBC biased TRASH NEWS as usual! — NBC Reporters without honor! Hearing was all "hearsay" once again with no proof of anything. Give us the truth for a change.

  11. You just can't possibly make this stuff up!!! Treasonous Treacherous Trump used Twitter to intimidate a witness during the EXACT moment she was testifying about being the victim of his intimidation antics, while other news was being reported, simultaneously, that one of Trump's cronies – Roger Stone – was being convicted of WITNESS TAMPERING! Reality TV doesn't get any "realer" than THIS!!! #ThisIsINSANE!!!

  12. It’s really funny watching the right play down everything and the left play up everything. Someone needs to make a news network run by robots so we can get past the bias on both sides.

  13. she couldn't face the fact that she wasn't very good at what she did and she finally got fired for it typical leftist nut bag

  14. Trump supporters, please explain this timeline. Trump makes a call to zelensky asking that he investigate the bidens. The money earmarked by Congress for the Ukrainians is held up by Trump. Trump finds out the whistleblower complaint is going to Congress. Two days later trump releases the funds to the Ukraine. Thanks in advance trump supporters!

  15. It does not matter to me what they find now. You do not get to dig through the President's stuff until you find something impeachable. Talk about fruit from poison'd trees.

  16. Poor Ex ambassador is so full of hate because she was fire. Call the labor department lady. Her anger has nothing to do with impeachment. She is not so honest bc she is willing to lie in order to retaliate against the president.

  17. President Trump..free speech or not…refrain your speech. Democrats…get over yourselves. All of you grow up. What a ridiculous set of government politicians they are. Both parties. Trump is a " bully " and the other party is socialist or worse. The republicans are starting to resemble those that wish to rule the world. No room for any of that B. S. in our or anyone else's government.

  18. This is a "dog & pony show" to embarrass our president and to waste our American dollars we work so hard for and contribute willing to keep the American Republic safe.

  19. So the ex Ambassador didn't like President Trumps foreign policy and she got fired. How is this an impeachable offense again? This is a farce and complete waste of taxpayer money. Get back to work swamp creatures.

  20. It’s very difficult for people to take a non biased approach to the situation. Many people refuse to look at what is wrong for another to do and what is right when making a decision.
    Historically he is one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had in this nation. The office of the president of the United States has been slandered. And people want to be blinded by a false sense of loyalty by a sycophant who honestly couldn’t care for others. When you’re the Commander and Chief regardless of what’s happening keeping your composure and integrity is what’s important. If you’ve ever worked Federally you understand that Integrity is a corner stone of the values which we strive to live by. He has no integrity to do the right thing no honor to at least not attack a public servant and many others in public. A good leader wouldn’t do that. Andrew Johnson was impeached because he jeopardized American security. Nixon was trying to further his own self interests instead of the American people’s. And Clinton did a horrible thing in the office of the President. And now this after our elections were tampered with. Our elections which were a integral part of the founding of our nation. The right to vote which so many people have fought and died for was ruined by a foreign power. Now this president wants to use his office to give himself a leg up on another American citizen. Regardless of what the Biden’s have done. What if it was you? Imagine having a foreign government investigating you , potentially sharing this with other nations and then sharing it to your own president who wants to impede your goals and not have a fair chance in the matter. It would be horrifying if that happened. No I am not a republican. No I am not a democrat. But I am A American. An American who has fought in two countries for this nation of ours and I refuse to have someone in power do these things. If anything like this happens in the Military you are disciplined appropriately. UCMJ etc. Being American and not Democrat or Republican matters at a time like this. Look past party lines it’s time we actually did something.

  21. You guys been trying to get trump out since day one. Is this the hail Mary? I admit I dislike something's about our president but the good out way the bad. Let's here the good and bad things Mr. President Trump has done!! I'm curiouse what you people think. Also who's the person you would like as our president. Do they do no wrong or are they human?

  22. This woman ambassador has lied 2X

    This is a must watch vid of how MSM lies to YOU

  23. Barack Obama fired all Bush appointed Ambassadors in 2008, so when are we going to see his trial?, I tell you when, NEVER!! The president of the United States has the right to fire or hire any ambassador for any reason, even Yovanovitch knows that. Also, did I hear Adam Schiff say, "presidents Russia conspiracy theory"?. so it wasn't a Russia conspiracy theory when they were investigating it for two and a half years?, that's because democrats have been caught colluding with Ukraine and Russia in 2016. I used to be a democrats, but these sissy coward democrats led me to walk away, they are disgusting and should be kicked out of politics altogether.

  24. Wow. The guy behind the GOP Special Counsel has the fattest head I’ve ever seen.
    He looks nuts! No wonder he’s GOP.

  25. So Republicans say she is a strong woman they don't think she was intimidated! I'm confused now if a regular person said what the so called president said anyone would feel a bit intimidated now the President of the United states said bad things can happen now to her this is her own president while in another country says she's bad news how else can you take it! The leader of your Government seemed to be against you I mean how else a normal person supposed to take it! Can any one imagine your President just basically green lit her!!

  26. Yovanovitch used US funds & US federal employees paid with our tax dollars to illegally monitor specific US citizens who supported Donald Trump, then lied under oath to Congress that she remained non partisan. Will Congress prosecute her for lying as they have others in the past?

  27. For those of you wondering why she was fired to start with need to ask why she denied Viktor Shokin a political visa and then State Department did the same thing after the box full of documents suggesting DNC collusion with Ukraine to interfer with the 2016 elections. Yes, the United States did seek prosecution of Russian that interfered, but never actually investigated the leak nor the media paid much attention to the 4 Ukraine men that where charged with Election tampering.


    09:18 Oh yes our government did go after Russians for meddling, but the Ukrainians did too of Ukrainian citizens


    Yovanovitch was part of a system set in place in the expectation that Hilary would be elected, not Trump

    Do your homework people, the mass media is only going to tell you parts and pieces to fit a narrative that later gives them a piece of the pie, not he whole truth.

  28. Stop leaving Andrew Yang out on the polls, you guys are starting to seem racist. Continue like this and I will tell many producers, Djs, and musicians to boycott your advertisers. I won't stop there either, I will also spread the word to international musicians. Word spreads quick in the music world….

  29. Horrible Interrogator: Marie Yovanovitch, do you know or have any information that President Trump did something illegal.

    Marie Yovanovitch: (meekly and barely audible) no

    Horrible Interrogator: Marie Yovanovitch, why are you here testifying today?

    Marie Yovanovitch: Because Trump hurt my feewings…

  30. Funny that the president can sit back and put blame and shame on others. Then have others back him up while he hides behind them. Trump is a coward and a hypocrite just to name 2 of his many flaws

  31. A large number of these comments seem to come from people who are confused about the relevance of the Ambassadors testimony since she wasn’t in touch with the President.

    Her testimony proves that these impeachment hearings are not, as Trump claims, about one phone call with Ukraine’s President. Rather, the smear campaign by Guilliani , Trump et al, to rid themselves of an honest, experienced and professional ambassador, who they felt stood in the way of their corrupt plans. They were part of a MONTHS long campaign. Her testimony destroys Trump & co defence that the impeachment hearings are about one “perfect phone call”, rather that the phone call was just one part of the corruption of American foreign policy and the intimidation, smearing and unjustifiable treatment of a non-partisan, loyal and professional ambassador trying to do her job of advancing legitimate US foreign policy.

    She illustrates the level of corrupt intent of a shadow foreign policy regarding Ukraine, by the presidents PERSONAL lawyer (& criminal friends) at odds with official policy. A months long shadow foreign policy that was not being conducted for the good of the country, but for Donald Trumps PERSONAL benefit.

    Trump helpfully demonstrated the intimidation of witnesses in these hearings by attacking the Ambassador on Twitter whilst she was giving this testimony, even after the transcript of Trumps call with Ukraine’s president was released – in which he stated the ambassador would soon be “going through some things”. This is witness intimidation, obstruction of justice and abuse of power that would have any two bit criminal charged by law enforcement. As it is POTUS, it simply lengthens the number of articles for which he can be impeached.

  32. What fake reporting. This video is like copying all the good plays by a losing football team that was defeated, putting it all together into a highlights video and announcing to everyone who hadn't watched it live that they had won the game. Such fake news.

  33. Yovanovitch is a CIA operative people! Her testimony shows there still is NO impeachable offense. She's acting as a disgruntled Ambassador.

  34. This is an impeachment hearing?!
    It sounds more like TV drama. None of these questions are relevant to anything more than personal feelings( which are not germaine in an impeachment proceding). They are counting on the public not knowing that.

  35. One branch of our Government is trying to overthrow another branch and the media says nothing. This is the most tyrannical thing I've seen in my lifetime.
    Nobody in the media has any principals or ethical standards.
    Thank God for President Trump. If Hillary would have been elected none of this corruption would have been exposed.

  36. God I'm tired our gov't division. Stop acting like children and do what's best for everyone. I hate to break it to everyone but, when it's all said and done we still have to live together. Stop the hate and try to work together

  37. THE PRESIDENTIAL IMPEACHMENT Her Excellency Marie Yovanovitch, Ambassador of Ukraine opus in connection with Pres.Trumps of an IAF. On trial and facing ouster, Found guilty on charges of perjury and of justice, brought by the U.S. House.

  38. She reminds me of the kavanaugh’s accuser. She is doing the same Ohhh he intimidated me, oh I was scared, and the 😭. So fake. Is more evidence that she was in cahoot with the corruption of Ukrainian and Obama!

  39. This witness is genuine but her feelings are amazingly unimportant when it comes down to large scale policy decisions. Focusing so heavily on her personal feelings is unnecessary. How many men would these congresspersons ask those same questions? We would be dumbfounded if the previous witnesses were asked "how did you and your family feel?" It is not a normal line of questioning and shows a very sexist agenda.

    Most of my friends are women. I am proud of them because of what they have done in their lives, not because they are successful AND women. I can pretty much guarantee that my friends would be insulted by the act of lowering the bar and resorting to this very strange discussion of emotions. We are well rounded adults in this country who know love, courage and passion. Women and men both can be emotionally stable and understanding what you feel is key to mental stability.

    But foreign policy is a subject where analysis, logic, and evaluation are way more important than how a person feels. Intelligence is when someone can defer immediate gratification for the longer term gain. This is not Oprah or Dr. Phil, this is a public hearing at our nations capital. Please treat this intelligent woman with respect.

  40. Her parents “FLED” Russia and Germany. She grew up speaking Russian! She “STUDIED “ at the Pushkin institute in RUSSIA!! All of her early studies were grooming her to be a diplomat. What American do you know who grooms their Russian speaking child to be a diplomat and for what reason? Which country is she devoted to? Final question: who wants to “study” in Russia when their parents “had to FLEE Russia?

  41. Who intimidate people?
    Criminals and dictators!!!
    In this beautiful free Country? No way!!!
    It should never happen!!!
    We citizens need to be seriously concerned!!!

  42. I much rather watch a chicken fight than watch a bunch of imbeciles trying to impeach Trump based on emotional problems. Take your happy pill and get over it. They are manipulating her through questions. I find no actual facts in this whole conversation. As always they use Russia as a result. I am curious how many presidents were elected because of them. It is a comedy act and they will pull out anything to go after him. I guess the next person being questioned will be Eptsein😂or his best friends the Clinton Family.

  43. "Marie Yovanovich didn't care when the Bidens made millions from Ukraine. She only cared when Trump started asking about it."

  44. Always women trying to take or get a rise out of Trump. It's all part of the plan to gain an action from Trump and make him look like a sexist.

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