Hire an Attorney if Veterans Affairs Denies Your Claim – VA Disability Attorney John V. Tucker

I'm shooting this video the day after Memorial Day my wife and I were talking yesterday how unfair it is the veterans serve their country and the VA turns around and denies their claims for service connected compensation I'm John Tucker I'm an attorney that's handled thousands of VA service-connected disability claims for vets just like you I know that you're probably angry you're disillusioned you may even be ready to give up after years of dealing with the VA don't after you receive a denial you can hire an attorney and there's several things that an attorney can do to help you with your claim the very first thing we do when someone hires our firm is we get their claim file also called the see file at the VA we go through it with a fine-tooth comb to find facts that help your claim we may even be able to help you find an earlier effective date there's several things that we can get out of that claim file that the VA may have never told you and we are trained to look for that information attorneys that are accredited to practice before the VA have to take mandatory training we are trained in their rules and procedures we know their regulations and we use those regulations and their process to help you our goal is to get you paid we have a focus on getting your benefits paid as far back in time as possible we use the training that we have to have and the experience that we have in other cases to assist you finally attorneys are trained in evidence and a lot of times vets think if they send in their records from the VA Medical Center that's enough to prove their claim it's never enough just to prove service connection you have to prove events that actually happen in your military service evidence may need to be developed to prove that something happened to you while you served in the military you have to prove that you have a current condition and you also have to prove that there is a connection between the current condition and what happened in service that called a nexus statement we're able to help you get all three types of evidence and we'll help you create that evidence when it doesn't exist sometimes that's just a statement from somebody that can help you most of the time it's more complex but attorneys are trained in creating all of the evidence that you need in your claim you've served your country now let us fight for you call the number below and let's talk about your claim I'm John Tucker thank you for watching you

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  1. What if you are separated from supplimental 2ndary, and u need letters of nexus from dr 'syou cant supeona by yourself, and you died. From heatstroke how do you get in touch that served so long ago im a legacy case on ssdi im permanently dissabled from it but cant get a Nexus letter from a doctor 25 years ago they are long gone. Justlike the rest of my unit these were combat guys just like me ,, so this is reform feels like the same old run around sevice connection for bi lateral nerve damage to S1 a war was on , and im combat I finished my airborne boot after 17 weeks and a near death coma for heatstroke which now that i think about it Im tired and old and want closure! not a poormans pension. , and proove it before i die waiting !

  2. Can you do something for a Vet who took VSP and then had a VA disability rating of 60%, but I am being denied full 60% rating, because the VA is with holding my VSP until it is all payed back. I received VSP, but my VA disability is being withheld until I pay back the full of the VSP. I will not receive full VA disability until 2021. I got out of the Air Force in 2014!

  3. that is the only way a vet. can receive their benefits. because lawyers know the law and how to put it on paper. so the clowns of the va can understand it…

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